Connection and configuration of the Roter Zyxel Keenetic Start

In this instructions, we will consider the connection and configuration of the budget router Zyxel Keenetic Start. ZYXEL routers have a Russified simple and understandable intese, and are also equipped with detailed instructions in Russian. Therefore, their configuration will not cause difficulties even in novice users.

The router has a standard integration similar to devices of other manufacturers. On the rear panel, the blue port of the WAN for connecting to the Internet, four LAN ports, connecting the power supply, the power buttons and reset buttons.

We connect a cable coming from an Internet provider or ADSL modem to the port. One of the ports of the LAN with a yellow patch cord, which is included in the set of the router, is connected to the network card of your PC. We connect the power supply cord, and the unit itself is 220V to the network. Turn on the router with the button on the back panel. Indicators on its front panel should light up.

ZyXel keenetic start. Распаковка, настройка интернета и Wi-Fi обзор.


On the front panel of Zyxel Keenetic Start are LED indicators to control the operation of the router.

  • Power indicator shows that power supply is
  • Port indicators from 0 to 4 show the activity of ports. 0-this is the port of WAN, 1-4-LAN ports
  • Wi-Fi indicator is responsible for the activity of the wireless network
  • The Internet connection indicator in the form of a globe shows that there is a connection to the network at the moment
  • The last indicator shows whether any device is connected to a USB port of the router if such a port is present in your model

When the router is turned on, at least the power indicators, the WAN port and one of the LAN ports should light up. If none of the indicators burns, check if the power button on the rear panel of your device is disconnected. If the indicators are burning, you can proceed to the setting.

How to set up a router

The Roter settings Zyxel Keenetic Start are carried out through the device web. To enter it, you will need those indicated on the label glued from below.

For zyxel routers, the address of access to the web-intese looks like or my.Keenetic.Net. Enter this address in the line of your browser and click Enter. The entrance window to the panel should appear. Default login and password. Admin/Admin.

If your provider is configured to bind the connection to the MAC address, then you need to set up from the computer on which the Internet has been connected and configured before.

Fast settings

In the latest versions of the firmware in the upper right corner, there is a button “Fast Netfried Settings”. If it is present in your firmware, with its help you can run a quick setup master. He will help you step by step tuning the Internet connection.

In the first window, you will need to indicate the MAC address if your provider requires this. MAC of your PC, to which the Internet is attached, you can find out by entering the IPConfig /All command line. In the conclusion, we are looking for an “Ethernet Ethernet adapter”, the “Physical address” line displays the MAC address we need.

Next, we will consistently introduce the IP address, if necessary, as well as a login and password. These parameters should be provided to you by your provider. After all the steps are completed, the router will show all the settings you introduced. Check them and, if all the parameters are correct, click on the “Web Configurator” button. The settings master will apply new parameters and offer to replace the standard password for access to the web-intese device for a new. This is worth doing for security reasons.

Manual setting

If your firmware does not have a quick setup or you need to change individual parameters, you can set your router manually.

Connection to the Internet

Open the web-integer, go to the “Internet connection” item (the second button on the toolbar at the bottom of the page) and get to the page “Connection to the Internet and other networks”. There will be a list of all connections on your device. But if you haven’t tuned anything yet, then there will be only one item on this list. “BroadBand Connection”. It will be marked with a red icon, which means: the connection is not configured. We click on it twice and see a settings window in front of us.

There is a convenient opportunity on ZYXEL routers. manually appoint a port of WAN. This can be useful if, for example, due to the thunderstorm, the port by default failed. If the port works, there is no need to change something.

Below you need to enter the data provided by the provider. Mac, Login, Password, etc. D. Then press the “Apply” button. Internet connection is configured. The badge opposite it should become green.

This method works for most providers, however, in some cases, for example, when connecting to the Internet from Beeline or “you will need to make settings in another way.


Some providers use PPPOE, L2TP or PPTP protocols to connect to the network. Consider the configuration of such a connection using the example of PPPOE.

On the Internet settings page, which is displayed in the form of a globe, go to the PPPOE/VPN tab and click the “Add connection” button. The settings window will open, in which you need to select the type of connection from the drop.down list. In this case, it will be pppoe.

Below you need to enter a login, password, IP address. All these data must provide you with a provider. In the “Connect through” field, select “BroadBand Connection”.

After all the necessary fields are filled, click the “Apply” button.

L2TP and PPTP connection are set up similarly.

If your provider provides a static IP address to connect, which is rare, you need to configure such a connection in the iPoe tab.

Setting Wi-Fi

The wireless network on your router works by default, additionally you do not need to configure it. The name of the network and password (network key) are indicated on the label on the bottom of the device. It is not necessary to change them. However, if you decide to do this, use the “Wireless Network” button (the fourth on the toolbar below). On the “Access point” tab, change the necessary parameters and save changes.

If earlier you have already used a router with standard wireless network settings, then all devices that use Wi-Fi connection will need to enter a new password.

Some users confuse the menu items and try to configure the wireless network on the Internet connection page in the Wi-Fi tab. This is a common mistake. On this tab, settings are made if your router receives the Internet via Wi-Fi from another router or access points.

IPTV setup

If the IPTV on your device did not work automatically, it also needs to be configured. To do this, go to the “Home Network” section (the third button on the lower toolbar) and on the IGMP Proxy tab, put a checkplace opposite the “Enable IGMP Proxy” item.

This is enough for the IPTV function to start working on your device.

Change of access password

In order to change the login and password of the administrator of the device, you need to perform the following actions.

We go to the “System” page (the penultimate button on the lower toolbar) and find the “Users” tab there. If you did not create new users, there will only be in the list Admin. Click on it with a mouse. The settings window will open in which you can enter a new password and save changes. Be sure to write down the password so as not to lose access to the device.

Change of factory password

For safety reasons, it is recommended to change the factory password. By default: Admin login, password 1234. In the router integration, you must go to the System tab, then the password. In the “New Password” field, enter a new password. In the next field it must be repeated. Next, we save the settings by pressing the “apply” button.

In the bottom of the page, select the Wi-Fi section.

  • In the window that appears in the Network Field (SSID), enter the name of your network (any)
  • In the Field Use Connection Protection, Select WPA-PSK WPA2-PSK
  • In the Net Key field, enter your password for access to the network (any)
  • In the channel field: select Auto
  • After filling out all the fields, click the application button.

Network connection setup

Wi-Fi setting on a router

In the bottom of the page, select the Wi-Fi section.

  • In the window that appears in the Network Field (SSID), enter the name of your network (any)
  • In the network protection field, select WPA2-PSK
  • In the Net Key field, enter your password for access to the network (any)
  • In the channel field: select Auto
  • After filling out all the fields, click the application button.

Setting up the Internet connection

Select the Internet section, then the iPoe item and click the Add Inte Weer:

  • Use the connector. Fick on the one in which our Internet cable is stuck, in this case the last port
  • Pass the tags VLAN ID. put a checkmark in the same place
  • Turn on the integration. We also put a checkmark
  • Description. For example, Internet
  • IP address and Mask subnet. Leave empty
  • Get a DHCP address. We put a checkmark
  • This is a direct Internet connection. And then we put a checkmark

Setting up the L2TP connection

MTU SIZE: 1460.9. Put the point on Attain DNS Automatically.ten. Place checkmarks in the last five fields as shown in the picture.

Where are the settings of this router

You can enter the settings of the Zyxel Keenetic router according to the network cable.

  • First: connect the provider cable: a patch cord to a router in a blue connector. It may be called the “Internet” or “Wan” connector “Internet” in some models ZYXEL. “WAN”
  • Next, you need to interconnect the router and the device on which the input will be entered into the control panel of the router. To do this, connect the network cable to the LAN connector (located behind the router, yellow and has a note “Home network”).
  • The other end of the cable must be connected to a computer or laptop. In the first, the desired connector is located behind the processor, in the second on the side of the device, next to the USB-sharing.
  • Now check the connection. If everything is connected correctly, then a badge will appear next to the watch panel on the working screen, in the form of a monitor with a yellow triangle.
  • Run any browser.
  • Now find the inscription on the router: my.Keenetic.Net. (or IP address web configurator
  • Enter this in the address bar of the browser and click Enter.

A tab with the settings of this router will open in front of you.

You can also configure the Zyxel Keenetic router through Wi-Fi. This requires a mobile gadget, the model of which supports Wi-Fi. Next, follow the instructions:

  • Unlock the device and enter the main gadget menu.
  • Find in the “Settings” menu.
  • In this section, click on the “connection” item.
  • Turn on Wi-Fi, and look at available networks for connection.
  • Find your network, enter a Wi-Fi password, then connect the device.
  • In any browser, type my.Keenetic.Net (or
  • Click Enter.

So you will find yourself in the settings of this router.

Connection and settings of the Roter Zyxel Keenetic

To connect a router with the Internet, follow the following instructions:

  • In the address bar of the browser, enter the following numbers:
  • The system will ask you to enter the login data (enter the word “admin”) and password (enter 1234).
  • After the correct introduction of the data, the router page should open.
  • In the field with a red frame, the default router network parameters are indicated. Until they are needed, so you should start other settings.
  • In the column “Internet” you need to select the “Connection” tab. Next, fill out all the points as indicated in the table:
  • Next, confirm the new configurations by pressing the command “apply”. Go to the Monitor tab. Here in the “Internet connection” section, connection parameters should change. If everything is done correctly, then the IP address will change from 10.251.0.XX. another.

Connecting the router to the Internet

Connecting the Keenetic Zyxel router to the Internet is possible in two ways.

Most often, the Internet enters the dwelling through the cable that the provider conducts. In this case, the connector of this cable must be inserted into a special port. It is located from the back of the router. All Keenetic models have a port of color in color from other ports. Usually it is blue and named WAN.

You can also connect the Internet via a mobile modem. It is connected to the router using a telephone cable.

Before connecting the Internet network to the router in any of the aforementioned way, make sure that it is connected to electricity. This is evidenced by the luminous indicator.

Connecting to the control device

You can control the parameters of the router using a personal computer, laptop or modern gadgets. The router is connected to the PC using the LAN cable, one end is inserted into the port on the router, and the other end into the connector on the computer.

To connect the router with a smartphone via Wi-Fi, make sure that the control device has this module. On a smartphone or another gadget, this can be checked in the gadget settings. The “connection” column needs to turn on Wi-Fi and connect to its router. This will need to enter a password.

Connecting home devices to a router

The connection of home devices with a router is carried out using the LAN cable and Wi-Fi network. Using a cable, you can connect several devices, their number depends on the number of appropriate free ports on the router. As a rule, there is only one cable in the kit, so to connect several devices you will have to purchase additional. The wire connection provides a better data transfer speed. For this reason, using a cable, you connect devices that require a powerful signal. These are mainly personal computers and television prefixes.

The Internet connection via Wi-Fi is very simple. It is just required to include Wi-Fi on all devices supporting it. After that, you will need to enter a password from the network.

Zyxel Keenetic 4G as an amplifier Wi-Fi signal

And, finally, the last version of the Internet connection is when the router takes it via Wi-Fi and distributes it, is called a repiter or repeater.

This mode is activated in the same place-in the “System” menu section and is called “on the wireless Wi-Fi network”. If you use the Internet from a neighboring cafe, then this is exactly what you need. When activating, you will have a new Wi-Fi Client Client in which you can see a list of available networks, connect and configure the connection security.

Wi-Fi Router Zyxel Keenetic 4G as a router in a home network

After the Internet, it is necessary to configure the local network. both wired and wireless. we remember that the router has 4 LAN entrances, which means it can work as a regular router and supply the Internet to computers through ordinary patch corities.

Here it is necessary to do everything as in a screenshot. to assign a range of IP addresses, set IP for the router in the server mode. If necessary, then you can manually assign a specific address for its MAC identifier for a particular device.

Connection via web browser

You can enter the Zyxel Keenetic router. Any web browser installed on the computer is suitable for this.

It is recommended to perform the initial tuning through a cable connection, since a wireless connection can work unstable. It is also recommended to first connect one computer to the router, set up, and then connect the remaining devices.

In the parameters of the network card of your PC, set the checkmark in the item “receive an IP-address automatically”. The network connection icon in the lower right corner of the desktop should become active.

To enter the web-integer in the address bar of your browser, type the router’s address. You can clarify the IP address on the sticker at the bottom of the router. From the photo below, you can see what IP address should be indicated in order to go to the Router Zyxel There may be other options, for example, sometimes used to enter the router or my.Keenetic.Net. Standard login and password are also indicated here. They will be needed to enter the web-integer. In the future, it is recommended to change them for security reasons.

If the address is entered correctly, the window for entering the login and password will open.

Enter the required information and click “enter”. After that, we find ourselves in the main menu of the router, where the network settings will be made.


First you need to specify the type of connection. We go to the section “System”, paragraph “mode of operation”. By default, a cable connection is selected here. Ethernet. If you do not use another connection method, you don’t need to change anything here.

Dynamic IP address

If your provider provides access to the network by dynamic IP address, but after connecting the Internet on your router, it does not work, then additional authorization of the mass-adures is required.

We go to the section “Internet”, “Connection”. If you have already tuned the Internet on a computer, you need to choose the option “Clown Mas Address”. If this has not helped, contact your provider’s Support. It may be necessary to register your device on the network in manual mode.

PPPOE (Rostelecom)

If an authorization is required to connect to the network (for example, your provider uses the type of connection PPPOE), go to the “authorization” section.

In the drop.down list, select the desired type of connection. In this case, pppoe. Be sure to put a box “Disable the IP address of the WAN-Inteate”. In the relevant fields, we indicate the login and password provided by the provider. The rest of the settings do not need to be changed.

L2TP (Beeline)

If your provider uses the type of connection L2TP, the algorithm of action is similar. In the “authorization” point, select the desired type of connection, enter the server name, login and password into the corresponding fields.

We leave the remaining settings by default if their change is not provided by the provider.

Setting Wi-Fi

Zyxel Keenetic wireless network is already tuned and should work. Access options are indicated on the label in the lower part of the device. However, if desired, you can change the default settings, as well as turn on or off Wi-Fi.

To do this, we go to the web-intese menu to the “Wi-Fi” point. On the main settings tab, you can change the name of the wireless network, enable or turn off Wi-Fi, and also configure the signal power.

Next, go to the Safety tab.

Here we select the encryption method (authentication check). By default-WPA2-PSK. This parameter is not recommended. And enter your password (network key).

The IPTV setting on the Zyxel Keenetic router is not required. this option is already working by default. You only need to specify the port of the LAN, which will be used to connect the prefix.

If you do not have a prefix, you don’t need to configure anything.

DHCP setting

DHCP is a service that allows devices when connecting to a router to receive an IP address automatically. This eliminates you from the need to configure a network connection on each computer manually. DHCP is on and works by default.

To change the default or disconnect/turning on the service parameters, we go to the “Home Network” point. “network organization”.

Here you can change the IP address of your router (IP address of the Internet center), as well as manually indicate the IP address range that the router will be distributed to customer devices. To do this, remove the checkplace “Form automatically” and set the range manually. For example, you can even limit it with two addresses. one for your PC, the other for a laptop. Then no one else can connect to the router more.

You can also fix for each device in your home network a specific IP address. This may be required for the correct operation of some applications. In the subparagraph “rented addresses”, indicate the device mass-address and write IP for it.

Port Sampling (Port Opening)

Setting up this parameter may be required to work some programs using incoming connections. For example, a torrent client.

By default, incoming connections on zyxel routers are prohibited. For them, you can either manually configure the passage (redirect) of the ports or simply resolve incoming connections.

In order to open the ports on the Zyxel Keenetc router, go in the “home network” menu must be allowed to redirect the ports by setting a checkmark at the corresponding point. And then manually prescribe the settings. To do this, you need to know which port and which protocol your program uses.

UPNP setting

If you do not know exactly what ports you need or you have several programs that use different ports and protocols, you can allow incoming connections in UPNP settings. Then the programs themselves will be able to allow the necessary connections.

In order to turn on the UPNP on the ZYXEL Keenetic router, you just need to put a checkplace “allow UPNP”.

However, it should be remembered that this can be unsafe, because in this way you create a potential loophole for malicious programs.

password change

In order to protect your network from hacking, it is recommended to change the password and login on the zyxel keenetic router, and not leave this default settings. You can do this in the “System” menu. “Password of the Administrator”.

In the opened tab, just enter a new password twice and press the “apply” button. After that, the router will reboot and you will need to enter a new username and password to enter the web-integer.

Wireless connection

If you need to additionally install Wi-Fi on the integration, click on the Wi-Fi section and install the mark at the “Access point” item. Then you need to click the element “apply” and wait for the use of parameters. As a result, the installation of custom options will be available. To change them, you need to select the subparagraph “Access point” and set in its dialog tags on the lines:

Настроить wi-fi роутер TP-Link для работы с Билайн и ТВ Билайн

Additionally, you should come up with and write in the Network (SSID) cell, the unique name of the router network, and the password for it in the “Key” cell. At the end for the channel point, set the value “6” and click the “apply” button.

Setting a wireless connection

If interestingly read the setting of the router D Link Dir 300

Connection and configuration of the router TP-Link

Connection and configuration of the router D-Link Dir 615

Correct settings of the router on its own

This is the setting of the Roter Zyxel Keenetic ends. As you can see, it is not so complicated to force her other people. If desired, you can also configure the IPTV reception if the provider provides it. For this, the settings have a special subsection, however, as well as for creating a DHCP server.

Setting a wireless network

Changing the main parameters of the wireless mode on the ZYXEL router is made in the Wi-Fi menu menu. Compound”. Here you can set the name of the network (also called SSID) and establish its visibility. When installing the “hide ssid” flag to connect to Wi-Fi, you will need to not only enter the security key, but also specify the name of the network.

The parameters “Standard” and “Channel” can be left unchanged. This is due to the fact that the default uses the standard “802.11b/g/n “, which provides reverse compatibility. Even the old devices of the “N” standard will be able to connect to such a Wi-Fi network. Automatic selection of the channel allows the Wi-Fi to the router to independently look for the least loaded frequencies, riding the user from this need. When using a router in small rooms, you can reduce the signal power.

In addition to the section “Connection”, when setting up Wi-Fi, the following points of the ZYXEL menu are used:

  • WPS. allows you to control the fast connection function. When activating this mode, you can connect to the network within two minutes after pressing the “WPS” button on the device case. For such a connection, you do not need to enter a password of a wireless network. You can also use the PIN code indicated on the Wi-Fi router.
  • Safety-in this tab you can choose the type of encryption used to protect the data transmitted via Wi-Fi. A wireless access key is installed here. It is recommended to use the “WPA/WPA2-PSK” mode. It provides high security and has reverse compatibility that allows you to use this encryption on outdated devices.
  • Blocking. here you can set one of the two modes of filtering devices: “White List” and “Black List”. When choosing the first option, the possibility of connecting will have only those devices whose MAC addresses are listed in the table. Other customers will not be able to connect. If you choose the second mode of operation, access to Wi-Fi will be able to get any device except those whose MAC is indicated in the table.
  • Clients. a list of devices that are currently connected to a wireless network. For each of them, the MAC address and data transfer statistics are indicated. Client Mac can be used to be entered in the white or black list in the “Blocking” section.

Important! After changing Wi-Fi parameters, do not forget to restart the router so that the settings come into force.

Advanced ZYXEL settings

To block certain ports, use the filters menu. TCP/UDP ports “. Typically, to solve this problem, a firewall (inter.grid screen) is used on a client device. But the ZYXEL Internet center allows you to change the lock settings immediately for the entire home network. The mode is activated by installing the “Turn on the Network port filter”. You can add or delete locking rules in the table of blocked services.

In the “System. Operating mode ”You can choose one of the following connection options:

  • Through Ethernet. a standard wire connection used in most cases.
  • External 3G USB modem-Zyxel router is connected to the Internet on 3G, using a separate modem, which is inserted into the USB input.
  • External 4G USB modem is a similar option, but instead of 3G, the 4G standard is used to transfer data. In the case of a screenshot, it is available only for the Yota operator, but other firmware also supports work with other communication operators.
  • On the wireless Wi-Fi network-the Internet connection is performed through another router. The router acts as a relay, expanding the coating area.

You can configure remote access to ZYXEL in the “System. Control”. Separate ports are set for the web-intese and settings in command line mode, and the “allowing access” flags activate the ability to connect to the router via the Internet. For safety reasons, you can set the control session of the time. the time interval, after which the session will be automatically completed if the user does not perform any action.

note! To access the ZYXEL control panel from a remote computer, enter your home IP and port number through the colon. Example:

configure, wi-fi, router, zyxel, setting, l2tp

Wi-Fi Router ZYXEL by default retains reports of all system events. You can get acquainted with them in the menu “System. Magazine”. On this page you can also disable the journal. With this, you can slightly improve the speed of the router. But in the event of errors, the diagnosis will be difficult.

If a USB or external hard drive is connected to the USB input, you can configure its work in the USB-Application menu. The most common use of external drives with a router is the organization of network disks or home media servers. Another useful function of the ZYXEL router is the ability to download files through the Bittorrent protocol, without the need to turn on the computer. You can configure download rules in the “USB application menu. Torrents “.

When connecting the printer, it is possible to set the print server in the corresponding menu tab. The inclusion of a computer for printing is also not required. Using this technology, you can send files to print even from a smartphone connected to the Wi-Fi network.

Access parameters for FTP can be configured in the “server ftp” tab. It can be either local (visible only to home devices) and global, with the ability to connect via the Internet. If you open the Internet access to the FTP server, it is recommended to configure user accounts. If anonymous access is allowed, the data on the connected drive will not be protected by a password and will become publicly available.

note! Using a USB hab, you can simultaneously connect an external drive, printer and 3G modem to the zyxel router. If current strength 0.5a is not enough for all these devices, use a hub with external power.