What to do if you drop off the settings on Android

If you reset the settings to the factory, which will be removed on Android. the question that faces users during a rigid reset of settings. Mobile devices operating on Android OS include a function that allows you to fulfill the information in unforeseen circumstances. Hard Reset is a short procedure resulting in the cleaning of the device.

There are two ways to perform system discharge. They differ significantly, but perform an identical function. The result of cleaning is the complete deletion of all files, except for the system. Not only files, but also accounts, contacts, messages, everything ever stored on a smartphone are deleted. If possible, it is advisable to maintain at least part of the information deleted. Despite the possible losses, users are discharging. There are programs that can return files, but they can lose part of the data, so it is easier to prevent losses.

Connection to the network

The next step, the device on Android will offer to connect to one of the Wi-Fi networks available to the user.

Before you configure the Internet on the tablet, you will need to wait for scanning access points.

After that, by pressing the finger it will be possible to select your own network and enter the password that protects from unauthorized access to personal or corporate Wi-Fi connection.

If the network is not found or the level of its signal is too small, you will need to arrange a tablet near a router.

With a successful connection, the device will remember the network and the next time it will automatically enter it when it is in a radius of action.

By pressing the continuation button, Android will inquire about the issuance of a permit for the use of Wi-Fi connection for a more accurate location of the tablet, as well as the use of these data for geo-turreting in the results of the Google search.

The latter means that the user will be offered primarily by establishments, for example, restaurants or shops near his location.

If the use of such functionality is not interested in the inclusion of options does not need.

How to make Hard Reset on tablets of different manufacturers:

1) Samsung

  • At the same time, clamp the buttons: “Home”. the central button, the volume change key “”, and the power key.
  • We are waiting for a couple of seconds when the Samsung logo appears, then we wait until the Recovery Mode starts.
  • We release previously clamped keys.
  • With the help of volume keys /- We go to the line Wipe DataFactory Reset. To select a item, we make a short click on the power key. Next, we do everything according to the workpiece.

A way, if there is no “home” button, or when the key combination does not work

  • We clamp the two keys: reduction of the volume “-” and power
  • As soon as you see the Samsung logo, the power key can be released. While hold the volume button. When a lying Android appears with a sign of exclamation, you can release a button
  • We make Hard Reset (hard reset) according to the standard procedure

2) asus

  • Clamp the power buttons and volume reduction at the same time
  • Let the keys go when the Rakaverh menu appears
  • In the menu, we are looking for a line of Factory Reset, select it using a power button. We are waiting for the completion of the operation and the reloading (reboot) of the tablet.
  • At the same time, clamp the power key and the swing of the volume reduction
  • Wait until the small text appears in the upper part of the screen, then release the keys
  • As soon as you see the Wipe Data inscription, immediately press the volume change key once (the main thing is to do it without delay). We are waiting for rebooting, we use.

3) Lenovo

  • It is necessary at the same time with the power key to hold two more. volume adjustments (t.e. press on a swing in the middle), and keep a few seconds
  • Then we just release these buttons, and make a single press on the swing of a decrease or volume increase
  • We are looking for a Wipe Data/Factory Reset item, select it with a power key, and wait until the discharge process is over.
  • Press the power key, and keep it until you feel light vibration
  • Immediately after that, you need to press the volume increased on the key (it may not work the first time) several times) several times)
  • The recovery menu will appear, then we are dumping according to the standard procedure
  • We clamp the keys for changes in volume and power at the same time
  • We release only when the Lenovo logo appears
  • When you wait for the recovery menu loading, carry out a standard template procedure
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4) Prestigio

(works in most cases)

  • Pour the swing of the volume up and the power button at the same time
  • We release when the Android logo appears
  • After the appearance of the recovery, we dump according to the standard
  • Together with the power key, we simultaneously clamp the swing of the volume reduction
  • Wait for the tablet starting, after which the power button can be released, do not let go of the volume swing
  • Когда появится лежачий Android, отпускаем клавишу, и сразу же нажмите качельку громкости полностью. (That is, a decrease and increase in volume at the same time). If nothing happens, repeat the procedure again until it succeeds
  • If you’re lucky, you will get into the Rekaewer menu, and then everything is as usual

5) Texet

  • The swing of the volume increase “” must be clamped simultaneously with the power button
  • When the tablet reacts with vibration, the power of the power can be released, the volume adjustment button continues to hold
  • As soon as the menu appears, the button can be released
  • Further according to the standard
  • Pinch the “home” key simultaneously with the power button
  • When the Android logo appears, release the power key, press it for another couple of seconds. Then click on the keyboard change key
  • Next, make a reset on the template
  • Squeeze the buttons at the same time: “Home” and turning on/blocking. “Food” in a couple of seconds release, while the “home” key continues to hold
  • When you see the menu recovery, the button can be released, and discharge according to the standard workpiece.

6) Sony

  • Power and volume keys must be clamped at the same time
  • As soon as the screen turns on, release the power button, at the same time holding the entire volume control key at the same time
  • After the appearance of the menu, the button can be released, and then the standard procedure

(for tablets with a reset button)

  • Connect the tablet through the charger to the network, and wait for the green power indicator to light up, which is located near the button for turning on the device
  • On the case we find a hole with the Reset button, and presses there a thin object, for example, a clip
  • When the screen is turned off, clamp and hold the “power” for a couple
  • Before the tablet starts to turn on, click several times in a row on the sound addation button
  • When the recovery menu appears, make a reset according to the standard

7) Huawei

  • Squeeze the volume button in the middle, followed by this. power. Do not let the volume swing at the same time
  • Hold until 10 seconds until the android screensaver appears. At this time, you need to release the power key, but the volume button should remain clamped
  • As soon as the image of the Android robot with gears appears, move the finger pressing from the center of the volume swing to its increase
  • We release the button only when the green loading strip appears
  • Further, all that needs to be done is to observe the process. When everything turns out to be demolished and HardReset will be produced, the tablet will restart.

8) Ainol

  • Squeeze two buttons at the same time: power and swing of the volume adjustment
  • See the green robot on the display. the buttons can be released
  • After that, a recovery menu should appear. If the miracle did not happen, once click on the power button, or on “Home”
  • Further, everything is according to the standard.

9) on Chinese tablets (in t.h. noun)

There are so many tablets of Chinese production that it is simply impossible to describe all the options, how can you get in the recovery menu. Try to test all the methods described above on the tablet-some will do in any case.

When we need Hard Reset?

Sometimes to restore settings on the tablet is simply necessary. For example, if you decide to sell it or give it free. No one.

How To Reset Samsung Galaxy S10. Hard Reset

! In order to clean the memory of the card without the possibility of restoring remote files, you need to use special technological.

In another case, the tablet will be needed to “restore” for its “treatment of any“ garbage ”that is collected in the Android system (or any other) over the years of use and is the reason for the inhibition of work or freezing.

In the third case, but not exclusively, the settings will have to be restored when “falling out” from their own memory of the graphic key. True, for this option, it will be an extreme way out of the situation.

Hard discharge (Hard Reset)

If the droid is abandoned to work normally, not Soft Reset was unsuccessful, you have to conduct Hard Reset. Specialists advise, for this loss of information, to extract Microsd.

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Tough discharge is carried out by 2 methods. The 1st is that the user should go to the menu, go to the “Settings” tab, from there to the submenu “restoration non-discharge”. Having entered the corresponding in this section, the installed checkpoints with some submenu should be removed by automatic, for example, with PT “Auto Roseting” not “Copying Data”. At the end of these actions, there is an option to tighten the “Reset of settings” button.

And in addition, by pressing this button, the droid will not start the Hard Reset process, but will ask you to clarify what to do with the available drives. The user should remove the box with the “Clean usb-patch” submenu, so as not to provoke the loss of data on the drive. Further, the “reset the tablet PC” is pressed again, confirming the desire to drop everything not to return to the initial state.

At the end, the droid will again display the clarifying menu, after pressing the “Wipe everything” button, the process that restores the factory assembly will start. Myth process will take a small time, approximately from 2 to 5 minutes, after the end of the droid will reboot, will not be ready to work. You, at the time of the first launch after Hard Reset, will be an automaton of the British language, then the user should enter the menu not without the help of others to install the required language usually.

2nd method Hard Reset Suitable for those users whose droid is to be loaded to load. The Hard Reset, carried out from “Recovery Menu”, can help return the normal performance of the device. To get there, you should turn off the device, then you need to press a certain combination of buttons (for each specific model the composition may differ, because it should be found in the web, indicating the device model in the search engine).

For most models, burn the button on the device do not immediately turn the volume button. Pressing is not short.term, but with a small retention. Then you should press the volume button not to detain it until the mode of mode (recovery menu), which allows to return the factory state.

When working in recovery mode, restart the droid, press the power button again the power button, then go to the “Wipe Data/Factory Reset” submenu.

It must be said that when working in Recovery Menu mode, sensory control of the device is difficult to make, therefore, it is possible to make a transition from the 1st submenu to the subsequent only using the volume adjustment button.

Having received an affirmative response to the request “Yes, the user data remains to delete our client”, the tablet will begin to completely remove all the available information applications, as a result of which, the device will not have user data, the previously established software software is renewed.

Configure the tablet after reset to factory settings.

Owning information, how to restore the correct operation of the device, it is not recommended to resort to Hard Reset very often. It is carried out exclusively in the most exceptional cases. In addition, it is better to establish not applications, not updates that are not recommended by the confidence of most users by specialists. Then, the device will amuse impeccable work, and there will not even be the need to return to the factory state.

Hard Reset, it is a hard discharge, is done in two main ways. Regardless of the selected method, take care of backing up personal information, and also take out a memory card from the tablet and just in case the SIM card, if any.

Installation of programs for working with a tablet

Here we will consider only the most important applications that make the use of the gadget much easier and more efficiently.

Let’s start with an indispensable thing and analyze how to set up the Internet on a tablet using a browser. Typically, the device has any built-in observer, but often it is not too powerful or just old. It is best to use Google Chrome, Opera or Mozilla Firefox, it all depends on preferences here. Using a preinstalled program for working with the Internet, download the columnist you have chosen. After installation, it will immediately be ready for use, you may have to set some extensions at your discretion.

one.Go to the settings by click on the button with vertical trotuality;

2.Put a checkmark in the item “Autom. Authorization ”, allows not to enter the password constantly;

3.If necessary, you can use the point “Synchronize contacts”;

4.Further on the notification tab, you should make the setting you need. Be careful, because by removing all the flags, you can skip an important call or message;

5.Next, you need to set the settings from whom you want to receive calls, messages, there are two options: from all or only from those who have already been added to you in Skype;

6.Now you need to pay attention to video communication, this is an important point and its settings are primarily dictated by your Internet connection. If the speed is low, you should set the video in the “low quality” position, if a very weak connection, then take the box “activate the video” in general, otherwise you will not talk normally

Now the turn has come to figure out how to configure the video on the tablet. There are no special settings to set needs, for a full watching films, just install a good player. The most popular in this niche is MX Video Player. Really good choice, supports many formats, for the rest it is possible to download an addition. The alternative can be VLC Player. also a popular player, but its main advantage is good support for Live broadcasts. View Stream, football matches, television programs or news is available with this player without any problems, like hanging, failures, lags, etc.D.

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Recovery mode

Settings on the tablet will help reset the recovery mode. you can make a backup in it and restart the gadget if you do not have the opportunity to start it normally and perform the actions described in the instructions above, respectively, without going to settings.

Before restoring the factory settings, it is worth spending a little time to make a backup copy of the device files.

Of course, if you are not worried about such an aspect as saving data, calmly miss this stage and read how to remove everything from the gadget and return the tablet to the original state. But, I think, most will be interested in how to make a backup before cleaning the tablet.

We go into the mode of consistent actions: first we turn off the device, put it on charging (to create a backup, it will take some time, and therefore, without the battery charge, your device cannot crank up anything. Leave at least 50% of the battery). Now you can calmly form the inner memory.

Then it will be necessary to turn on the recovery, and this is done in different ways on different models. For example, when I still had a Lenovo tablet, the second option of the following helped to correct this problem. Therefore, try different combinations of standard keys:

  • The power button and volume (buttons press and hold for a few seconds)
  • Turning on and volume button.
  • Three keys together
  • Volume or., Turning button and Home (Home)

After these actions, a peculiar BIOS should start, in which you can switch between points only using standard volume key keys, and select the lock button to remove the lock.

Backup due to the functionality of recovery

For a backup, you need to find and select Backup and Restore. On different models it can be called differently, so just look for something similar. Next, select Backup (may require confirmation) and wait until the creation of a backup ends. To further return the files deleted from the gadget, in Backup and Restore, select Restore.

Formatting memory in recovery

In order to format the device, look for the Wipe Data/Factory Reset item and click on it. Next, look for Delete All Data or something similar (Delete User Data). This is followed by a window with confirmation of the cleaning of the device from files (Yes). Then it will be necessary to confirm again.

Now wait. the device will be cleansed itself and will return the state of memory to the one in which it was at the very beginning of use. After all this, select the Reboot System Now item so that the gadget is restored. If you have made a backup, you can return it through item in the Recovery Mode (described above).

Restore the Google account

How to restore Google’s account after resetting settings? This question worries users no less. In order for the device to stop requiring the user’s login and password, the device should be removed from the web version account.

Open the browser on the computer and go to the Google account.

In the left column, select the “Safety” section.

We find a block called “your devices”.

Now select “Device Management”.

How To factory reset a MacBook Pro

  • Find the right device in the list and click “Close access”. Confirm the action.
  • Now try to enter Google from your mobile phone.
  • If you do not remember the password from the account, use the “Forgot Password” function.

Following the instructions from the article, you can discharge data on Android to factory. If for some reason you are not able to return the device to factory settings, it is best not to experiment and entrust the smartphone to a professional. Turn to the specialists of the service center for help, since important system information can be removed with careless actions.