Connection and configuration of the Xiaomi Mi Box S TV settings

TV box on the Android TV 8 operating system.1 is an excellent alternative to the Smart TV and allows you to significantly expand the functionality of the TV, turning it into a real home multimedia center with the ability to work on the Internet. One of the best Smart TV prefixes is Xiaomi Mi TV Box S (this is the international version of Mi Box 4).

Boxing 2018 with Android TV support, voice control and the possibility of playing 4K HDR is highly performance. The device works on a 4-core processor, in the presence of 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal memory, this is enough to complete the tasks for which the equipment is designed.

The prefix Xiaomi Mi Box S, in addition to viewing TV, makes it possible to work with various networks and resources of the network, and allows, including playing, for which many need prefix. Inte Weights, Services, Software, Management, etc. In the Android TV OS are sharpened for use on TVs, for this reason many were attracted by this model of the device. At the same time, in order to use the capabilities of Smart settings, it is important to correctly configure it.

How to connect to TV

Xiaomi Mi Box S media player is equipped with a control panel, power adapter and HDMI cable. The device also includes instructions with illustrations, but there is no explanation in Russian, so many will come in handy for the additional guide for the connection and setting of the prefix.

Connecting the prefix to the television receiver is carried out by means of an HDMI cable, the corresponding connector should be present on the TV. If the device does not have an HDMI port, it is necessary to take care of the purchase of an HDMI-AV converter (the device is not provided for in the configuration for this media player model).

Consider step by step how to connect Mi Box S to the TV:

  • Both devices should be de.energized (we take out all the forks from the outlets).
  • Connect the coaxial cable from the SMART setting kit Mi Box S. We insert one end of the cord into the appropriate port on the media player, the other into the HDMI connector on the TV.
  • In the event that the television receiver is old and does not have a HDMI connector, you can use the HDMI-AV converter. Then, using the “tulips” we connect the adapter, then by means of an HDMI cable we connect the prefix.
  • Turn on both devices. A welcome screensaver will appear on the screen.

For the functioning of the equipment, it is necessary to provide communication not only between the media player and the TV, you should also provide the prefix with access to the network using the wired or wireless method of connection (this LAN separation model is absent, but if you wish, you can connect the cable using the USB-LAN adapter ). For the remote control, you need to purchase batteries or batteries, since the remote control device will be required during the work.

How to connect a column/keyboard/gamepad?

Click on the gear icon in the upper right corner to go to the settings.

Get down to the section remote control and accessories. Click on add device.

Search for devices will begin. After detection, select the device and connect it.

This method is suitable for any Bluetooth devices.

How to add Play Market?

Unlike the first versions of Mi Box, the Play Market model works perfectly. It just needs to be added to the list of selected applications to open in one click.

Pull the cursor and click on the plus sign, as shown in the screenshot.

Select the application: Play Games, Market or Music. After that, the label of the program will be on the main screen.

The official Play Market is cut for Android TV, so many applications can only be installed through the file manager.

Remote VS Remote server TV. Cetusplay

Of course, it is convenient to manage the prefix from a smartphone or tablet, but the air remote control specially designed for this makes control even more comfortable. No need to rummage in the phone settings. you can switch channels in a split second.

Among convenient models, the Air Mouse i9, Air Mouse T2, Air Mouse RII i7 can be noted. The principle of operation of these models is close to a laser pointer. the cursor on the TV screen moves along with a change in the position of the remote control. The cursor mode can be turned off and used in the usual button mode.

And yet, if you want to unite all this in your smartphone and fully enjoy the tV set, download the Cetus Play application.

How to connect a phone to a TV

Constant link to page: https: // = 9153

Modern phones (smartphones) have excellent technical characteristics and are able to easily lose the video in maximum permits. But it is not always comfortable to view videos or information on the phone screen. To date, it will not be difficult to connect your phone to a larger screen, for example, television.

There are several ways to connect the phone (smartphone) to the TV: connecting the phone to the TV using HDMI; connecting the phone to the TV using a wireless connection; Connection of the phone to the TV using USB.

What is TV prefix

There is no strict definition of this term. Some under television prefixes are understood as all receivers (satellite, etheric, cable), some-only Android settings.

As for the receivers, they, like TVs, can have the buttons of turning on, switching channels and volume control, or may not have. Their capabilities without the remote control are limited to this.

How to turn on the console without a remote control if there is no power button? Typically, such receivers are automatically turned on if you turn on the power cord to the network. Some models can remember their condition, and if they do not turn off with the remote control, then when the power is resumed, the green LED lights up on them, indicating the inclusion.

Note that the setting of such prefixes without a remote control is impossible, and if such actions are required, you cannot do without it. And sometimes simple switching of the channels is not enough. for example, if you need to change the resolution parameters, the format of the picture, switch to the favorite list, etc. D.

Another thing is Android settings. They are initially focused on the ability to connect to the Internet and have some functions characteristic of computers. For example, they can be controlled using a keyboard, mouse and even mobile gadgets such as smartphones or tablets.

Setting IPTV prefix Xiaomi Mi Box 3

It will be about international, or as it is also called the “European” version of Xiaomi Mi Box. It already has Russian on board, which means after flashing for a return to a readable intese it will be enough to choose your region.

Replace Customize Xiaomi Mi Box Defualt Launcher Android TV Box with HALauncher

For official software updating, there is no need to pre-download any files from Xiaomi servers. The firmware is installed directly from the Android TV menu. All that is needed is to connect the prefix to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

And click on the “Checking Update” button. The prefix will submit a request for a corporate server to detect a new.

In the presence of fresh firmware for Xiaomi Mi Box, the inscription “Android System Update” and the listing of all changes made will be displayed on the screen. Click on the “Download” button

The firmware file will begin to download. At any time, the process can be stopped without consequences.

Software installation will begin only after you click on the restart button.

After that, the system will be updated, and you will only need to choose a geographical affiliation “to activate the Russian firmware language as the main one for Xiaomi Mi Box.

TOP-25 of the best applications for Mi Box in 2021

The most necessary for the correct operation of the application are installed in the system and are included in the basic configuration. If necessary, you can independently download the additional programs from the Play Market from Google. Consider a selection of the best applications for Xiaomi Mi Box.

Kodi (XBMC)

The first in the list is the medical-player program to play any video content in M3U format. The program serves for:

For comfortable use, you can download from the Internet PAK with additions that will simplify the search for the necessary functions.


Appendix for viewing broadcasts of international level channels, as well as for domestic television programs. Main functions:

  • the ability to save your favorite programs to the virtual disk;
  • a large list of online broadcasts with the ability to set up an individual list;

And as a bonus. the opportunity to maintain a missed broadcast in memory of the TV.

If you still have questions or have complaints, let us know


Application for viewing digital channels without using an additional receiver. Optimized for any TV model and allows you to configure a list of favorite gears and channels. There is a function of sorting by folders.

Our TV

Software for viewing popular programs related to the music industry via the Internet. Available options allow you to build a list of your favorite TV shows and switch between programs using the remote control.

Lanet TV

A popular application with Ukrainian channels will allow you to keep abreast of all the news of the country and watch your favorite television programs. A simple integration guarantees easy management of the list of programs and a simple switch between transmissions. Depending on the type of subscription, the number of channels in access is different. But any tariff is characterized by transmission with increased clarity of the image. In the settings of your personal account, you can independently configure the list of your favorite channels and monitor the program.

How to install OKKO on Smart TV and watch for free: Instruction

Popular application for access to all TV shows of the world. Internet broadcasting allows you to watch content in high resolution. The convenience of the integse allows you to quickly switch between programs, watch live broadcasts. You can download and install via Play Market.


A convenient application with support for MiRakast technology, or, as you know, among users. the screen duplication. The functionality is simple, the work will require wireless Internet with a stable data transfer speed. To get started, follow the algorithm:

  • run the application;
  • We activate the option on the smartphone, depending on the operating system, the name may vary, on the iPhone it is a screen duplication;
  • select the name of the receiver and confirm the connection.

After the manipulations, the phone screen will be displayed on TV.


Convenient TV control application from the smartphone screen. For work you will need:

Immediately after starting on the smartphone screen, a remote control will be displayed, on which you can switch the modes. from the keyboard to the touchpad and back. Light control allows you to switch channels and enter search queries from any corner of the room.

TV Bro

Each user who has at his disposal Smart TV faced the fact that you should periodically watch information on the website from the TV. Downloaded browsers are not optimized for entering and managing the remote control, therefore, for the correct entry of the request, additional accessories in the form of a mouse and keyboard will be required. TV BRO. solution for sewing on the Internet from the TV. A convenient integration fully supports control using the remote control and performs the same functions as a regular browser. In addition to standard options for crossing the links and adding bookmarks, there is a function of a voice set.


Easy to use software for sewing and viewing content on the Internet. A feature of the application is that for the correct operation, additional devices in the form of a keyboard or mouse do not need. All management is carried out using a remote control. The advantage of the program is that the data processing protocols allow you to reproduce content of any format from MKV and ending with mp3.

How to choose a Wi-Fi adapter for a digital TV console: comparison, cost, which is better?


An application that supports the reproduction of online broadcasts and has an extensive list of customizable playlists. For the correct work, you just need to download the selected playlist with a list of channels from available in the application and enjoy viewing. In addition to standard channels, there is access to broadcasts conducted through the webcam. But you will need good Internet for constant updating.

Where to find normal IPTV playlists?

Of course, you can find free IPTV playlists, but you will acquire more a headache than enjoy watching your favorite channels. half will not work, the rest will paint and hang.

It is better to buy a subscription for 1,200 channels for 450 per month and not to test your and your close relatives patience.

Another way to view Android TV channels Xiaomi Mi Box S is using the IPTV application or its analogues.

In this case, in addition to installing the application, you will have to buy, find on the Internet or take a playlist in the M3U format from your Internet provider, which contains links to the Internet broadcasting television channels. You can download a playlist with Russian-speaking channels here, but periodically broadcasts can be inactive due to the address of broadcasting, technical work or for other reasons. In this case, you can try to download the playlist again by the link and install it in the application.

How to accelerate Mi TV Stick?

In order to accelerate Mi TV Stick and slowed down less in the future, then:

  • No need to install a bunch of applications on it
  • Also in the beginning turn off unnecessary applications
  • Remove animation
  • Remove excess from the main screen

What applications to disable?

We go to the “Settings” “Applications” to scroll down and choose “All applications”.

  • Google Play Games
  • Google Play Films
  • Live Channels
  • Netflix
  • Play Music
  • Prime Video
  • Sachshell
  • User dictionary
  • Special opportunities for Android
  • Google (but the voice search will stop working)

In order to turn off the applications, select it and click the “Disable” button.

Remove animation

We go to the “Settings” “Settings of the device” “On the device” leaf into the very bottom and click quickly 5-6 times at the “build” point until the message appears that you have activated the developer menu.

We return to the “settings of the device” leaf into the very bottom and choose “for developers” and go to it. Disconnect the animation for:

Remove all extra from the main screen

In order to remove everything superfluous from the main screen, go to the very bottom and select “Configure the channels”. Disconnect everything in the “chosen” and “channels on the main screen”, as well as “advertising channels”.

On the main screen, only a list of your applications and all! No tapes and recommendations of YouTube and other things!


Mi Box S is a small flat block with rounded corners, which is placed without problems in the palm of your hand. It is performed in black, made of matte plastic with glossy embossing “Mi” on the front panel. The plastic itself is not pale, and possible pollution are removed without problems. Such a device will fit into any interior without problems and will not attract excess attention. Dimensions of the device 95x16x95 mm.

The front and lateral facets of the device are empty, they are only decorated with a decorative chamfer and a small LED. All ports are concentrated behind, this is HDMI 2.0, usb 2.0 and audio delay, combined with optical SPDIF. Of the shortcomings-the lack of rubberized legs, which is why the prefix can slide along the table.

General characteristics

The prefix in the classification of Xiaomi is designated as MDZ-16-AB. For its class, it has a powerful Amlogic S905X-H, consisting of 4 Cortex-A53 cores with a frequency of 2 GHz. The graphics are provided by the MALI-450 video processor, which is which 4K standard is available with a resolution of 2160p.

The DDR3 generation RAM is 2 GB, but taking into account the main purpose of the console (viewing video content and television programs) this is enough for the comfortable operation of the gadget. To turn on the box, a power supply of 5.2 V is used and the maximum consumption current of 2.1 A.

How the prefix is ​​connected to the TV

The Mi Box S connection with a TV of any manufacturer is carried out using the HDMI port. It is integrated into the corps of all modern models and looks like this:

If you have an old TV without HDMI, then this will not become a big problem. In almost any equipment store, a special adapter is sold. It is a small box: on the one hand there are three ports for plugs from the old TV. yellow, white and red; On the other hand. one port of HDMI.

By connecting Mi Box S to the TV via HDMI, you need to include them in the outlet. It is worth noting that there is no power button on the box body. As soon as you connected it to the network, the device will start working. The dim light of white LED will light up in front.

A Xiaomi greeting window will appear on the TV screen, where you will be offered to configure the prefix.

There are times when a welcome window does not appear. As a rule, this happens if the TV does not accept the prefix as the main source of the signal. What to do to the user? You need to find and press the “Input” or “Sources” button on the TV remote control, and then select the HDMI port that was connected in the emerging window, and that’s it, ready!

Gadget’s equipment:

TV setting; 2. Bluetooth remote control; 3. HDMI cable; four. Power adapter; 5. User’s manual.

Port and console connectors: Port of power adapter, USB 2.0, HDMI and audio output.

Control buttons on a Bluetooth remote control: button on/off, four-rock ring with a central pressed button, “return”, “main screen”, “voice search”, sound volume button.

Connecting and setting up the Xiaomi Mi Box and Mi Smart TV Stick on Android to TV to TV

Details about TV boxes Xiaomi Mi Box S (4K) and Mi TV Stick (2K) I told in detail in past articles. Instructions for connecting Smart TV adaptors to the TV, setting up on the network and installing applications on Android, I decided to put it into a separate guide. For a detailed consideration of all the capabilities of media players, it is worthwhile to spend a separate time. I think you will be interested and useful!

Connecting the prefixes Xiaomi TV Box and Mi Stick to the TV easier. Complete with the global version, lies an adapter with a standard European fork and HDMI cable.

The USB connector is used only for external disks or keyboard/mice and for connecting the TV setup to the TV is not suitable!

We connect all the wires and select on the TV as source of the signal the port to which the media player was brought up

That’s all the connection. a welcome screensaver should appear on the TV screen, you can proceed to Smart TV setting up.

Full instructions for setting up Android Smart TV on Xiaomi Mi Box S 4 and TV Sick via TV

Although there is a certain set of pre.installed programs from the box, of all of them only one is the value for us. Google Play. The Xiaomi Mi Box of the first generation, released for the Chinese market, was not there, which means it was impossible to use the bailiff normally.

Here, in the global version, these difficulties are not. Therefore, you can find and install any application of interest to us. Detailed instructions, how to do this, is also available on our website.

We connect to the local network

The story of Xiaomi Mi TV Stick or Mi Box media players would not be complete if we had not covered the issue of his work inside the local network. As with any wireless device connected to the router, we can get access to all shaved network folders on computers inside the home locker. As well as to file (FTP, Samba) or media (DLNA) server created on the basis of an external drive connected to the router, if any.

To work any console on Android TV on the network, I use the X-Plore program. I like it that with its integration very much resembles the good old Total Commander, familiar to any Windows user. Therefore, even a beginner to navigate in it will not be difficult.

We need to find the LAN section here to connect to common folders on a router or computer. Or if the server is launched on the router, then select this branch and search for servers over the network

In a matter of seconds, Xiaomi Mi Box found a USB flash drive, which is connected to my Keenetic Viva router.

How to install an APK application on the Android TV TV from a flash drive from unknown sources?

As you know, not all the necessary applications can be found in the official Google Store store. Personally, I generally download everything from the profile forums and install it manually. How to install an application loaded from sources?

There is nothing complicated. We need to download a file with an APK extension, which is installation for Android programs. You can download it directly to the TV through a browser for Android TV. For someone it will be easier to first save it on a computer or laptop. In this case, we have several options to transfer the file with the application from the computer to TV or prefix. The most convenient are the following:

  • Move it to a USB flash drive, which then connect to TV and run through the file manager
  • Pass it directly via a local network via FTP server using the TV File Commander app
  • Download to cloud service on the Internet (cloud. Yandex disc, Google Drive) and go to it from the TV

I use the last two, since they do not require any special body movements. All that is required is just to throw the application file from the computer to the TV.

Further, for the Android TV system, it is necessary to allow the installation of applications on the TV from unknown sources. To do this, we go to the Safety and Restriction settings

And activate the switch on the application of the file manager, with which you move through the folders on the TV.

Now you can open the catalog again, where the application file lies, and start its installation on the TV itself

Alternative application store for Smart TV Box on Android

Sometimes there are Chinese samples of TV prefixes, in which there is no pre.installed Google Play Store app store. In this case, in order to be able to download programs immediately from the TV, and not download them every time you first on the flash drive, you can download and install this same Play Market described above.

However, in our time, the editorial policy of Google developers has high requirements for applications placed in it. As a result, very many useful programs simply do not get there. For example, online players.

Therefore, I recommend that in addition to the officially installed another store of applications from developers. Aptoide TV. Its installation file can be downloaded by the link directly to the TV box or on a USB drive and install the APK file as any other application.

After that you will have access to the complete set of all kinds of programs for Android TV.

How to Install Apps on Mi Box 4K | Install Any Android App on Mi Box