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TOP-11 smart watches for children [Rating and guide for choice]

Smart watches are created for one purpose. to ensure the security of the child when he is one. They inform parents about his condition, location, allow you to communicate. This is not just a watch, it is a complex gadget with many functions. You can compare them with a small phone that the child will not lose. They have a touch screen, comfortable buttons.

The benefits of such Smart hours are great: they allow you to communicate, send messages, monitor the location. On many there is a SOS button with which a child can call for help. Such watches allow you to consider steps to determine the spent calories or sleep time. And most importantly. they have an attractive design, fortified waterproof glass. They are attached to the hand with a comfortable strap, do not interfere.

Important! Smart hours are specially produced in children‘s cartoon design. This not only attracts the attention of the baby, but also protects him from thieves.


This is the most important function for which Smart hours were created. Parents can not always accompany the baby on a walk, it is often necessary to let him go to school. But many at the same time worry about their child. GPS.navigator will monitor its location. The telephone LBS-focus is also used. It allows you to more accurately determine the location.

over, this is done in real time. In addition, then you can view all the movements of the child. There is a “safe territory” function, when going beyond its borders, parents will receive a signal.


Many models have additional functions:

  • calculator;
  • calendar;
  • Reading programs;
  • daily schedule;
  • The flashlight will be useful, especially for adolescents who return home in the evening.

Calls and messages

You can connect a regular SIM card to the device. An important advantage of Smart hours is that they allow calls and send messages to only a few rooms. Also do not accept them from unfamiliar. Not all models even have the opportunity to dial a number to call. This is convenient for kids.

There is a function of a soundless call that will not distract the baby in the lesson, but will still reach him through vibration. It is easy to accept it, just by pressing the button. You can accept and send text and audio messages, sometimes there is an audio call function.

Measurement of physical data

Smart watches allow you to control the physical condition. They count steps, evaluate the pulse, take into account the spent calories. Some models have an accelerometer and an optical sensor. This allows you to track all movements. Some watches also measure the temperature and humidity on the street.


This function is not in all models. Usually the camera is not very high quality, but for young children it will do. With the help of a video camera, the parent will be able to see what is happening around the child.


This function is convenient for those parents who are worried about the baby who is in kindergarten, with a nanny or in a section in the section. Invisible from him, they can hear outsiders communicate with a child.

Special applications

Some models have a function of “antitrosis”. An alarm clock with a timer is necessary for younger students, allowing you to control the time. You can tune them from a smartphone. The alarm clock can wake the child in the morning not strictly by the clock, but in accordance with the phase of sleep.

The SOS button not only allows the child to call for help, it turns on if he tries to turn off or remove the gadget. In this case, GPS is launched, the data of which are updated every 10 seconds.


GPS navigator allows parents to track the location of the baby. But he will not be lost in an unfamiliar area. This helps him to become more independent and find the way himself.

Water resistance

Made Smart hours from a reliable waterproof material. They are protected from blows and do not deteriorate when the child washes his hands or goes in the rain. But do not press the buttons at this time.

Battery capacity

The battery operation is usually a few days. It can easily be charged from any device. When choosing, you need to pay attention to the container, the more it is, the better.

Interaction with the phone of the parent

This is an important function, so before buying you need to check the synchronization of the watch with a smartphone. Check the connection not only through Wi-Fi, but also by Bluetooth. They have an unlimited radius, so you can control the child, being far from him. Such watches are compatible with Android and iOS systems.

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Important! Smart watches are a reliable assistant to the child, his personal coach and Partner.

RoverTech NDTECH KID 05

In 11th place, the RoverTech NDTech Kid 05 Smart hours is a multifunctional gadget with the possibility of determining geolocation and voice calls. Tracking occurs using the Setracker application, which is compatible with devices on iOS 7 and above, and android 4 and above.

Due to the possibility of voice calls, there is no need to supply a child with a mobile phone. To increase safety, you can set a list of numbers that can make incoming calls. The function of changing voice messages is also supported. The gadget fixes all the movements of the owner and retains them in history. Parents can see all the routes and places that the child visited during the day.

A pleasant bonus is the opportunity to send special hearts through the application for the clock as a sign of attention.

The battery capacity is 400 mAh, it may be enough for several days of battery life, depending on the established data transfer frequency.

There are 4 bright colors to choose from: blue, green, pink and blue. Black and white display with a diagonal of 0.96 inches.

Users are satisfied with this option, note an affordable price, bright design, good audibility for calling and ease of use. The disadvantages include error in determining the geopolition, especially in the room.

  • Price.
  • You can make calls.
  • Vocal exchange.
  • SOS button.
  • Installing a safe zone.
  • Listen for incoming numbers.
  • Battery capacity.
  • The history of movements.
  • Hand lifting sensor.

GPS/LBS/Wi-Fi-Trexist Elari Fixitime 3 Children’s Clock

The clock was called the Honor of the Heroes of the Cartoon “Fixiki”. This fact can immediately affect the choice of a child in both the positive and in the negative direction. But if the child does not break away from the cartoon, success and delight are provided.

Fixitime 3 are the third generation of original Fixitime watches. Like the previous two models, they look quite large, especially on the children’s hand. A successful design with rounded corners is somewhat conceled by a real size. The watch strap is made of soft silicone and does not irritate delicate baby skin. The plastic case of the device is protected from dust and moisture according to the IP56 standard. However, you need to ensure that the slot cover for the SIM card is correctly closed, otherwise water will get inside while washing your hands.

Among the entertaining features of the Fixitime 3 watch for a child are a flashlight, a step and a camera (even two!). Parents will probably be pleased with the presence of the removal sensor from the hand.

The small owner controls the gadget using a convenient touch screen. On the screen, under the Elari logo, there is a touch button “Back” to return to the main menu. On the side of the case there are two physical buttons. the power button and activation of the chamber. The latter with a long press gives the SOS signal to the selected numbers in the phone book.

The diagonal of the display is 1.3 inches, it is bright and colorful. Information in the Inte Wee is presented mainly in the form of icons and pictures, so that the child cannot read the child also can also deal with the cliffs-telphi. For example, the names of contacts are accompanied by “avatars”-coffies in order to be easier to navigate.

Fixitime 3 watches are configured using the Elari Safefamily branded application, which must be installed on the parent smartphone. Its functionality is standard for children’s smart watches: you can distinguish selected contacts, allow or prohibit incoming calls from other numbers, follow the child’s movements by GPS/LBS/Wi-Fi, configure security zones. There was an opportunity to “eavesdropping” through the clock, and also “peeping” through their camera. While there is no video call.

The battery capacity of the clock is 480 mAh and grabs it for 3 days in standby mode or 5 hours of conversation. This is somewhat less than the previous Fixitime models, but the new watch can also know.

How to choose a Smart hour for children

Choose children’s smart watches according to reviews and several characteristics-the display format, battery capacity, device dimensions, the presence of GPS navigation, as well as functionality. Consider in more detail each item.


First decide. it will be a color or monochrome option. The first is brighter, more saturated, the second saves energy consumption, which extends the duration of autonomous work. Then you need to choose the size. diagonal, which can be from 0.5 to 2 inches. And another important fact is a touch display or buttons, this is a question of comfort.


Autonomous work time depends on the battery capacity. Conditionally, Smart hours can be divided into 2 groups-the first budget involves the functioning for no longer than a day, the second reinforced, its charge will be enough for 4-5 days. Also take into account the charger format. Well, if there is an indication of consumption.

Weight and size

Another important selection criterion is dimensions, weight. Both factors affect the ease of wearing. The children’s accessory must weigh no more than 400 g, so as not to burden his hand. Otherwise, the baby will sooner or later want to remove them. Consider the belt length, adjustment range.

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The presence of a GPS sensor

Almost all considered models include GPS module. Such a tracker has the following capabilities:

  • calculating the location in just 2-3 seconds;
  • quick construction of the route to the programmed place;
  • saving in memory up to 1000 points on the path of the user;
  • the possibility of calculating the distance traveled in the number of steps.

After a given time, the parental points will come to the parent’s smartphone. Geolocation can be independently programmed in advance.


Before buying something from the presented nominees, evaluate their capabilities. The ease of use and price depend on the functionality. Most often, manufacturers offer the following set:

  • calls-support for SIM card with telephone numbers, communication in the speakerphone mode;
  • Messages-reception, sending SMS messages, voice records, the ability to maintain a common chat with friends;
  • SOS. an emergency response button that automatically gains 911 and several frequently dialed contacts (you can pre.make numbers);
  • Contact book-the availability of memory where a separate directory will be listed by 10-15 numbers.

Of the additional options, the camera for photos and videos, wireless technologies Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, an alarm and timer will be useful. Of the new sentences. the “Reverse call” function for wiretapping, Shagomer, a removal sensor from the hand.

Life button K911

The K911 clock is suspiciously similar to the Smart Baby Watch Q50, which we talked about earlier (in general, many manufacturers have a trend to make Q50 models, this is not only the life button). They have a bright display with a diagonal of 0.98 inches. The case is shockproof, unlike glass, so you need to be careful about it.

Top 5 BEST Smartwatches For Kids [2021]

Like previous models, on the side there is a SOS button and two parents call buttons at once. Plus everything, there is a removal sensor here. The fact is that some children arbitrarily take off the clock, and parents cannot find out about it. And here there is immediately a warning that the favorite child decided to remove the gadget.

The clock is equipped with GPS as a tracker and accelerometer. The display displays the current status, incoming calls, battery level and other necessary information.

Using the software, you can determine the location of the child, establish a geo-zone, and also find out the story of the child’s movement. The watch can be used as a cell phone, they are equipped with a speaker and a microphone. Parents can remotely control the clock.

  • Weight: 35 g;
  • Size: 52 × 31 × 12 mm;
  • Screen: 0.98 ”OLED display;
  • Frequency: GSM 900/1800;
  • SIM card: micro-SIM;
  • Tracker: GPS / LBS;
  • Battery capacity: 400 mAh;
  • Waiting time: up to 4 days;
  • Working time in conversation mode: 360 min;
  • Support: OS: iOS 6.0 and above;
  • Android 4.0 and above
  • Water resistance: resistant to moisture: water drops/spray;
  • Other functions: a hand removal sensor, speaker, microphone, accelerometer, GPS antenna, GSM antenna;
  • Weight of packaging: 110 g.

Large color display; Soft bracelet; Watch removal sensor; Pedometer.

Fragile glass; The ability to record only 2 rooms.

Note! The device knows how to display time, monitor the health status of the user, and sometimes pay for purchases in a contactless way.

All new models of SMART ACSESS have similar functionality, are equipped with the same sensors and processors, but they also have differences that need to pay increased attention.

When choosing children’s smart watches, specialists in the field of electronics recommend taking into account such indicators and parameters as:

  • The size.Do not choose too bulky watch. with a large strap and a huge screen. They will be easier to damage. But small ones are not suitable: on such a display, it will be difficult for a child to track information. The strap should sit on the wrist tightly, without squeezing, and have a reserve for the future.
  • Functionality by age.The basic functions will come in handy in any case: an alarming button in case of danger, reverse call, voice chat, location, signal about exit from a safe zone. The rest are selected, starting from the desires of the parents and the age of the child: camera, games, flashlight.
  • Resistance to water from water and impacts.This must be mandatory, the higher the level of protection, the better. By the way, if there is an opportunity to change the strap, this is a big plus.
  • Positioning.Wi-Fi (if there are powerful routers nearby), LBS (orientation by cell tower), GPS (satellite determination)-three options.
  • Screen.Lighting should be bright, but without the effect of glare in the sun. The more expensive the clock, the better the viewing angle.
  • The instruction must be Russified (if you buy a foreign model). over, the translation should be of high quality. The more errors. the worse the quality of the device.

TOP-20 of the best children’s Smart hours 2022

After analyzing the offers of trading floors, a list of the best smart gadgets for children is defined.

The review presents a full description, technical characteristics of each model indicating the set of options. The list of advantages and disadvantages of each gadget is selected. Useful reviews of other parents will tell you about the weaknesses of a particular model and help make the right choice.

Smart Baby Watch Q60S

This is a fairly advanced smart watch. They have a real LCD display, albeit executed using outdated technology. The case has a Wr20 waterproof class. it seems not terrible for the rain of the clock. A variety of options for the coloring of the case should also like the potential buyer. to choose from. The dimensions of the device are 31 × 52 × 11.8 mm. on the child’s hand the clock will not seem too large.

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Also, synchronization with a smartphone can be carried out. both “green robot” and “apple” products are supported. On the gadget case you can find a SOS button. Its pressing it sends the parents alarm to parents, which at the same time indicate the geographical coordinates of the clock (they have a GPS chip).

Present in the watch and a slot for a SIM card, which allows you to use them instead of a mobile phone. Some questions are only reliable of the gadget. But such cheap watches will clearly not be used for more than one year, and for such a period they should be enough.

  • Many color options.
  • GPS support is present.
  • The clock is not afraid of rain and spray.
  • A relatively good screen.
  • The device is endowed with the SOS button.
  • You can insert a SIM card.
  • Very low price.

Smart Baby Watch GW700S / FA23

Children‘s smart watches Smart Baby Watch GW700S/FA23 were provided with a 1.3-inch on the backlight, a plastic body with water protection and dust by IP68 and a silicone strap touch. The wrist gadget received a slot for a micro SIM card, a Wi-Fi module, accelerometer and timer. Battery volume. 450 mAh.

A small user and his parents are available a notification of exit from the permitted zone, voice messages, an alarm clock, a step, a SOS button and a watch search function. The device is connected to smartphones on Android and iOS.

  • GPS support is present.
  • There is a serious protection under the IP68 standard.
  • Adequate touch screen.
  • There is a SOS button.
  • You can insert a SIM card.
  • Of the sensors, there is only an accelerometer here.
  • Not the most accurate location definition.
  • Plastic case.
  • Weak speaker.

Enbe Children Watch

Since the clock has a trendy look in the “cold” color, the model will be a good solution. The device comes in 4 shades:

The shell is made of strong plastic, and a belt made of anti.allergenic silicone. Color screen (multi.plach), and made by TFT technology. The diagonal is 1.22 inches.

Since this is the advanced clock of the ENBE trademark, they were equipped with a mass of scanners. The model has Wi-Fi, GPS, AGPS and LBS. Due to all these modules, this device has a fairly weak error in the designation of geolocation. In addition, there is a Bluetooth for controlling a gadget at a distance of 10 m from the “parent” phone. Another model is equipped with an accelerometer.

The device makes it possible to configure the geozon (for example, school, apartment or kindergarten). If the child leaves the limits of the established location, then adults will receive alerts. In addition, parents will be notified if the child removes the product from the hand. By the way, the gadget functions on Android and on iOS smartphones.

Of all the options, it is worth noting the presence of a telephone book with a capacity of 12 contacts, a calculator, a calendar and the ability to change the color theme of the Inte Week.

clock, phone, children, watch, which, better

The “highlight” of the model is the entry of the lessons to the program, which is shown on the device display in the proper category.

The model makes it possible to send and receive both voice and text SMS. In addition, the intellectual device will track the physiological activity of the child.

Jet Kid Swimmer

Jet Kid Swimmer’s smart watches are made for older children and not be afraid of moisture and spray (protection by IP67). The wrist gadget is equipped with a MTK2503 processor, a slot for a Nano SIM card, as well as GPS, GLONASS and Wi-Fi modules. During the operation of Smart hours, 400 mAh batteries are responsible.

In addition to LBS setting, color display, tracking location, moving history, notifications of withdrawal from the allowed zone, SOS button and remote listening, there are voice messages, Anti-Lost function, hand removal sensor, alarm and flashlight sensor and flashlight.

Best Smartwatches for Kids in 2021. How to find a great Smartwatch for your Children?

  • There is a serious protection against moisture and spray according to the IP67 standard.
  • A wide functionality.
  • There is a SOS button.
  • There is an alarm clock and a flashlight.
  • You can insert a SIM card.
  • Adequate price.

Elari Kidphone Fresh

This model with a telephone function captivates with its bright appearance and an understandable integration. In addition to calls by permitted numbers, it allows you to send voice messages. For navigation, Wi-Fi, GPS and GLONASS is used here. The device has a SOS button, with it you can view the movement of the baby and set the security areas, it calculates the steps made per day and has the function of the wiretapping. There is a 0.3 MP camera here, with its help the child will be able to take simple photos.