How to find and delete viruses on Android phone

Modern phones have long ceased to be a common means of communication. We can say that they almost completely replaced a desktop computer or laptop. From the smartphone you can go on the Internet, find out the necessary information, send a message and even pay for the goods in the store. However, attackers also keep up with the times and try to take possession of a person’s personal data, creating harmful software and phishing sites. Let’s look at how to find and delete viruses on the Android phone, and we’ll deal with their varieties and features again.

To date, there are a huge number of different viruses, each of which is designed to obtain certain information. We offer to consider their varieties in more detail using the list below:

  • Fakes. This type of threat is disguised as a conventional application, in the role of which the social network or messenger most often acts. The unsuspecting user uploads anything and sets a dangerous program on his smartphone. Nothing happens until the start of the launch, but after it the system begins to collect the information laid in the code. It can be bank cards, photos, text files or saved passwords.
  • Troyans. This is one of the most dangerous forms of mobile viruses that does not give itself out of virtue. A special code is built into the frequently used programs, and then collects the necessary information and transmits it to the attackers. This threat is able to intercept presses on a virtual keyboard, Wi-Fi password and account data.
  • Advertising virus. Such a threat is the most harmless, since it does not cause any harm to the device. However, permanent advertising banners can slow down the phone, which leads to uncomfortable work.

If desired, special subcateuria can be distinguished, but for the general familiarization of the information given there will be enough.

How to find out that the device has a virus

Sometimes it is difficult to determine that the virus has appeared on the device. However, based on a number of signs, it becomes much easier to do:

  • The phone is quickly discharged, turns off for no reason, often reboots.
  • Unknown numbers appeared in the calls and messages to which you did not call and did not send anything.
  • From the account of the mobile number, funds began to write off quickly.
  • Unknown applications are installed on the smartphone independently, the design of the desktop changes, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other functions are automatically turned on.
  • During operation, advertising banners periodically pop up or videos are launched.
  • When trying to unlock the phone, a message is displayed on the screen stating that you have committed an offense and must pay a fine.
  • Antivirus for no reason left or simply stopped starting.
  • Unknown programs began to appear in the list of advanced processes that you did not install yourself.

The list of possible signs does not end there, but the main part was presented above.

Methods of infection

In most cases, the user brings “ailments” to the portable device with his own hand. by inattention, by negligence, or even under the euphoric effect of the thought “maybe it will ride”. Unfortunately, this is so!

The most common cases of infection of the tablet operating system are as follows:

  • in the process of web seing on a device without antivirus;
  • when launching hacked and unknown applications;
  • in the course of loading content on dubious sites, from unknown developers (books, games, utilities);
  • due to activation of phishing links and interactive elements in SMS and MMS;
  • When exchanging data on the Bluetooth channel and through a computer.

Signs of infection

If the following symptoms are observed on your tablet, it is time to sound the alarm and declare a virus hunt:

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  • The operating system “slows down”: the device slowly responds to commands or does not react at all;
  • Files (photo, video, applications) are arbitrarily deleted;
  • Loading pages in the browser slows down, pumping programs;
  • Money is automatically withdrawn from the account (without the obvious participation of the user. sending SMS/MMS, making calls);
  • Access to individual sections and system settings, files, folders, programs is blocked;
  • The launch of the OS is blocked.

Otherwise, if you do not react in any way, you can say goodbye to your confidential data (logins and passwords, payment details) and money, which are on the account of the telephone operator and in electronic payment systems.

We delete the simplest viruses on Android

First, remember what you installed on your smartphone or tablet on the eve of the appearance of advertising. Determine the circle of these programs. The Airpush Detector program can help this. She scans all applications for showing advertising banners.

If advertising and overlapping messages do not allow us to work normally with a smartphone, then it does not matter. In this case, you need to reboot in safe Android mode. To boot in safe mode on Android, you need:

  • Call the shutdown or reboot menu (press the shutdown button for a long time).
  • The menu with the buttons of shutdown and reboot will appear. In it, click on the point “Turning off” for a long time.
  • A message will appear about the download confirmation in safe mode. Confirm the OK button.

Safe Android mode is a condition where you can use the system without all applications. That is, those same advertising banners and messages in it are not shown.

Go to settings → Safety → Device Administrators. All the programs that have the rights of the administrator are shown here. If there are any suspicious malicious ones, then remove the rights from them.

After that, go to settings → Applications. We are looking for all potential malware there and delete. After that we reboot again, but already in normal mode. Everything should be in order, and if not, then read the instructions below.

Full discharge

If you want to be completely sure that the virus has left, then dump the device for factory settings (Hard Reset).

  • Go to the settings → Restoration and reset.
  • There, find the point “Set of settings”. Choose it.
  • Click the “Reset phone settings” button.

Buttons on the case: manufacturers of devices with Android use different combinations for complete discharge. On most smartphones and tablets, this is the clamping button to reduce the volume and the power button. You can learn about a similar combination for your device on the Internet.

Banner viruses. locks

Periodically pop.up advertising is easily removed using antivirus. it will be able to detect a malicious application, and remove it. But if the banner “blocked” the device, here you can go in a few ways.

  • Reload the device in any available way. Immediately after the reboot, remove the viral application, after the installation of which the banner began to appear. If you cannot find or remove it manually, swing the antivirus, scan the system, remove.
  • We connect the tablet to the computer, open the tablet memory. We find the folder where the applications are, for example System/App, and remove everything suspicious, after installing which the problems have expectedly began. T.e. In fact, we delete the ARC application through the computer.
  • If these options did not help, only one thing remains. Hard Reset. What is it, and how it is done. described in detail here. I will say only one thing. having made a general discharge, all the data from the tablet will be erased.

How to protect yourself from viruses

It is easier to prevent infection with viruses than to “treat” from them later. As they say, God protects and God.

  • Download applications only from a proven source. from Google Play. Although, as practice shows, and there you can pick up the infection, but this happens quite rarely.
  • Therefore, it is recommended to install a free, but good antivirus on Android. It will prevent the virus on the tablet.
  • Do not put a checkmark without particular need, opposite the “allow installation of applications from unknown sources” in security settings.

And remember, ruttered tablets (which are established by Root Rights), are much more vulnerable to a viral attack. the virus comes to the tablet with Root Rights, as to his home, and receives control over the system.

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Android without viruses. how is it possible?

  • Do not install applications: do not install applications from unknown sources, if only you are sure of their reliability. In general, the function of blocking the installation of applications is usually disconnected by default. Turns on in the settings of a smartphone or tablet. Open the “Settings”, then go to the “Safety” section and remove the box opposite the line “Unknown Sources”.
  • Refrain from installing clone applications: even if you download applications only with Google Play, applications with malicious code can also be found there. Therefore, you should not download the clones from unknown developers, as well as the applications that do not perform their functions elementary
  • Check the rights of the application: it doesn’t matter where the application is downloaded from, before installation it is necessary to check what functions and services it requests access to access. In no case should you give the program the administrator’s right, since in this case some difficulties in removing arise. You should be alert if the video player for some reason requests access to contacts. You can also look for reviews about the application on the Internet or go to the developer’s website in order to have a clearer idea of ​​it.
  • Update the system: maybe the latest version of the Android operating system will not be available for your device, however, it will not be superfluous to check that it be as fresh as possible. Accordingly, it is worth giving preference to the manufacturer who regularly produces updates for his device (for example, Nokia).
  • Install antivirus: Android can do without antivirus, but those who are worried about how not to pick up the virus will be clearly calmer with it. Also, antivirus applications, as a rule, in addition to the main, have several more additional useful functions. Keep in mind that the antivirus on Android may have false triggles that you can not pay attention to if you are sure of the cleanliness of the application.

How to get rid of the Android virus

We enter into safe mode on a smartphone or tablet. In this mode, applications from developers will not be able to start, including with malicious code.

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On many devices to call the shutdown menu, click and hold the power button, then select “Disable power” and the device after reboot will turn on in safe mode.

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If you can’t enter into a safe mode according to our description, open Google and enter “how to enter into a safe mode on [here we write a model of our device]” and follow the found instructions.

Loading in safe mode, we see the inscription “safe mode” in the lower left of the screen.

Settings “Applications”

Open the “settings”, go to “Applications” and go to the “Loaded” or “” tab.

We come here to the fact that the user is highly likely about the appendix, after the installation of which the gadget began to buggy, comparing the time the failures and the installation time of the new application.

If you do not know which application interferes with the normal operation of a smartphone or tablet, you should go along the list of all applications and find some suspicious or one that you did not install at all.

Click on a malicious application and fall on the screen with information about it, click “Delete”.

In most cases of this action, it is enough to remove the virus, but it may be that the “Delete” button is not available.

This is due to the fact that the application has the rights of the administrator.

Then we leave the “Appendix” section, return to “Settings”, go to “Security” and look for the line “Device Administrators”. Here, in the form of a list, all applications with administrator rights are stored.

  • Just take off the box from the application that we want to delete.
  • We return to the “Appendices” and see that we can now delete the application.
  • The virus is removed, it remains only to restart the device to move to the usual mode.

The problem is fixed, but it will not be superfluous to create a backup copy of important data on your device and establish an antivirus for preventive protection.

How to protect yourself from viruses on a tablet?

So that your tablet is not infected or blocked due to viruses, of course, it is better to follow several simple recommendations:

  • download applications from proven sources, it is better from Google Play, of course, sometimes you can pick up the infection there, but this happens incredibly
  • Immediately after the purchase, install any antivirus on the tablet, paid or free
  • Do not put in the settings of the tablet a box “allow the installation of applications from unknown sources” for no special reasons
  • Do not open links from unfamiliar letters and SMS
  • If possible, duplicate the data important for you to a USB flash drive, computer or another place where they can be taken to restore if the tablet is infected with a virus

We hope that our tips helped protect themselves from viruses on the tablet or remove them if the infection still took place. If you didn’t succeed, please contact, we will definitely help.

Smartphone scan through a computer

It’s no secret that viruses that affect the PC operating system are much more diverse and more dangerous than their “younger brothers” on Android. Recall the same Petya virus, which struck corporate computers around the world and caused enormous damage to managing companies. It is because of such moments that antiviruses that protect your PC are much more powerful and productive. To check your mobile device using the PC antivirus, put the flag in the “Settings” menu on the opposite “USB debugging”. After connecting the smartphone to the computer via USB. cable and scan with PC antivirus. Despite the fact that mobile viruses have another software code, the defender on the computer can easily cope.

This removal option involves tracking malicious software through the dispatcher of running applications to determine the infected file. First you need to go to the “Settings” menu and open the “Application Manager”. After that, find the “running applications” tab and view which of them are currently working.

be careful! When using this method, it is possible to close “healthy” system programs, which can lead to improper operation of a mobile OS. After you have found an unknown program, find a root folder with an infected format file.APK and delete it. After all these operations, reload the device.

Removing the virus from the Android phone in safe mode

Sometimes the program blocks the system functions of the device and the malicious file is not deleted. Then you need to go into a safe mode in which only system applications are launched. For this:

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  • Speak the smartphone power key until you appear a window with a proposal to turn off the device;
  • Click with a long tap to the option “Disable”. The icon “Go to safe mode” will appear;
  • wait until the phone reboots;
  • delete applications and files that could not remove before.

The possibility that the activities of the remote harmful in renewal are minimal.

How to understand that the phone is infected

Of course? You can not always calculate the virus yourself or understand that it is present in the system. But, if the operation of the device is slowed, or suspicious notifications arise, or there is some kind of redirection of calls, or telephone accounts suddenly increased So it is time to think that your smartphone is infected with malicious.

You can determine the malfunction of the work and the presence of serious system viruses in android gadgets on the following signs:

  • The inclusion of the device and the usual operations take more time, for no reason, rebooting occurs;
  • In SMS and phone calls there may be outgoing letters and calls that you did not;
  • sudden of funds from the account;
  • An advertisement appears in the browser or on the screen, which has nothing to do with the site visited or the actions performed;
  • can automatically turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or camera;
  • it is not possible to go to your electronic wallet, mobile bank or other payment application;
  • suspicious activity in the accounts of social networks;
  • There is an arbitrary blocking of the gadget, and a message is displayed on the screen that the owner of the device violated the legislation;
  • applications are not launched;
  • At the entrance to any program, an error message is displayed;
  • the appearance of unknown icons in the list of programs;
  • The dispatcher of the tasks can highlight unknown processes;
  • Antivirus reports the presence of a virus;
  • Antivirus disappeared from a smartphone
  • The battery quickly discharges.

How viruses fall into Android

Before you understand how to remove viruses with Android, it is important to understand how these malicious objects fall into the device system. This usually happens in two ways:

  • When downloading applications, games, programs or various instructions, various additional elements can be installed that, although they do not contain malicious code, but often execute hidden options that the developer does not report. Always carefully study the information before installation, so as not to download the application that will take control of the entire system of your device;
  • The penetration of the virus when downloading programs and applications with suspicious or dubious sites that are not tested and not posted in the Google Play catalog. It often happens that paid programs offered to download on sites contain viruses or are generally harmful in themselves.

How to delete Trojan from an Android phone phone quickly and forever

You can delete Trojan from the phone through a computer in two ways. Before each you will need to connect a smartphone to a device in USB Then act in one of the ways:

  • Check the device using a computer antivirus. As a rule, this software is more completely and has extensive databases, in which there are records of the most new and complex variants of harmful code.
  • Manually find the folder with the virus and delete its file. Often Trojans are stored hidden and protected from removal. To find malicious code, use the Total Commander computer program. And conduct protection against removal using unlocker.

After completing the work, reboot the smartphone and again check it with an antiviral utility. In most cases, you will get rid of the virus.

What to do if Trojan is not deleted?

If all your efforts have not led to success, then you can solve the problem of how to remove Trojan from the phone of android, with the help of extreme measures. Save important photos and videos on a cloud disk (if the virus is not hidden among them), and then use the settings and flashing in order if the first method did not help.


Strong discharge can be done through a regular or system menu.

  • In the first case, you will need to find in the settings the item “Restoration and reset”. Click on it and agree with the conditions. The phone after rebooting will return to its original state, even update the device and operating systems to remove. After downloading the phone, you will need to wait for the device to automatically download the necessary files and configure. Take a hurry to install your applications, first of all download the antivirus and check the condition of the device.
  • The second discharge option is carried out during the reboot of the smartphone. As soon as the starting screen appears, press the power and volume keys simultaneously. If everything is done correctly, you will fall into the recovery mode. Using the power and volume keys, find the Hard Reset item in this menu. Confirm your choice.

After resetting the settings, you will have to re.go to your Google account. but all the applications you need will be restored in automatic mode.


If all the methods described above did not help, then only flashing the device can help you. For people who are not familiar with this procedure, it is best to contact for a change of firmware to service centers or to more experienced users. If in the process of shift on something it goes wrong, your smartphone will turn into a useless piece of plastic.

These are all ways to remove Trojan from android. If you know other methods of solving this problem, share with us in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. This article may be useful to your friends, share it with them.