How to clean a laptop from dust yourself

Possible consequences from the pollution of the laptop with dust, independent disassembly and cleaning of the laptop, useful tips. how to do it correctly and what to do is not to do.

Dust consists of small particles that fall through the lattice of a laptop cooling system. After six months or a year, the laptop perfectly clean inside becomes polluted. Fans cannot blow out all the dust, which tightly clogs the radiator of the cooling system, and then the motherboard and components. Gradually, dust increases in size and interferes with the operation of the device, especially overheating affects the operating time of the laptop battery.

If you do not carry out timely cleaning, the laptop will simply overheat and stop working. The unpleasant noise of the fan and the tangible heating of the case are obvious signs of clogging of the cooling system, followed by a decrease in performance. Many people lay out a tidy sum of the service to maintain order inside the laptop. However, in most cases, you can maintain the budget and independently do this simple matter.

What to do if the laptop overheats

If your laptop has overheated, then before starting cleaning work, we recommend that you carry out a test and measure the temperature of the processor and video card. Repeated test after cleaning will help determine how effective this procedure turned out to be. To warm up the processor, you can use the built-in stress test in the CPU-Z utility, and remove the temperature using Hwinfo until the values ​​stabilize. For a video card, one Furmark test is enough for 10 minutes.

This method of cleaning the laptop from dust is not always effective, but does not require special skills, tools and often this is enough to remove the main part of the dust in the ventilation shaft of the cooling system and the keyboard.

First, make sure that the laptop is turned off, and not in sleep mode. If possible, then disconnect the battery, after which you can proceed to cleaning.

The bulk of the dust can be blew out through the ventilation holes. Use improvised means: vacuum cleaner, powerful hair dryer, small brush. The dust is more effective not to absorb, but blow. If your vacuum cleaner cannot do this, then you can buy a special spray can with compressed air (sold in computer stores and on radio markets).

A car compressor or electric pump is also suitable for this purpose. The main thing is not to overdo it, a powerful air stream can damage the details of the laptop.

You can clean the keyboard with a vacuum cleaner using a nozzle with a soft pile. Wipe the screen and then the case can be a soft terry microfiber slightly moistened in water.

Cleaning the cooling system of the central processor PC

Before conducting PC preventive maintenance, turn off the computer. Disconnect it from the power source and open the side cover. Strong surface contamination can be carefully removed with a vacuum cleaner, at low power and with a soft brush.

Removing and cleaning the processor cooler

After several months of use, the PC processor cooling system is strongly clogged. The dust sticks with a dense layer on the fan impeller and clogs the radiator of the CP. Therefore, it is important to monitor the cleanliness inside the body of the system unit and annually carry out the preventive cleaning of internal components in order to avoid overheating.

How to clean a stationary computer correctly? To do this, take the following steps:

  • 2. In the case of Intel processor. Using a screwdriver, turn each of the four fasteners of 90 degrees in the direction of the arrow on the clip. Pulling up, remove the cooler.
  • 3. On AMD coolers. Turn to the left a plastic lever on the heat sill side. Remove the metal clamping plate from the plastic frame on both sides of it, remove the radiator from the processor.
  • four. Clean the lower part of the radiator and the surface of the central processor from the old thermal paste. This is best done with a damp cloth moistened with WD40 or clean cloth.
  • 5. Separate the fan from the aluminum radiator, just lift and move the latches, for example:
  • 7. With the help of a brush or compressed air, clean the fan blades. If the dust is sticky and difficult to remove, use wet wipes for office equipment.

Applying thermal paste to the processor and reverse assembly

After the cleaning of the mechanical components is completed, all steps must be performed in the reverse order.

  • one. Install the fan on the radiator so that all the latches are fixed.
  • 2. In the case of Intel set, turn the plastic tips of the fasteners in the original position (90 degrees in the direction opposite to the direction of the arrow).

How to disassemble and clean laptop Acer Aspire 5749, 5349

  • 3. Apply a little fresh thermal paste to the surface of the processor, evenly spread it with a plastic card. Install a set for cooling on a processor, screws (intel) in the corresponding holes, and a spring-plastin spring (AMD) is hooked on a plastic frame on both sides in series.
  • four. In the case of Intel, press two opposite screws until you hear a characteristic latching sound, and the contacts will be blocked. Now you do the same with the other two.
  • 5. In AMD, hook a metal spring on a plastic frame CPU. Then turn the lever clockwise to tightly connect the processor to the radiator.

Dell Vostro 15 3568 Disassembly and fan cleaning.Laptop repair

How to clean a video card

The rotating elements (fans) of the graphic card and power supply also collect a lot of dust, but in this case, we do not recommend resorting to complete disassembly. In a few simple steps you can carry out the necessary prevention of a computer video card.

  • one. Blow the radiator and fan of the video card with compressed air. If you have access to the fan blades, remove dust with a brush.
  • 2. If the dust is sticky, use a damp cloth.

Additional tips to protect the laptop from overheating

Many laptops for cooling pull the air through special holes from below. And using your laptop on the knees, on the couch or other soft surface, you can significantly reduce the flow of air. In addition, the fabric is an additional source of dust and small villi. To avoid this, try using your laptop on flat, smooth surfaces like tables or a small board to the size of a portable computer.

Pets also significantly contribute to clogging the device. If you have pets, try to keep them away from your computer, especially in the summer, when they melt, and wool in significant quantities gets inside the body. Try not to stroke your pet next to your mobile PC when it is turned on.

In this article, we described in detail how to clean a laptop from dust and independently replace the thermal pass on it. And more advice, try to turn off your laptop when you do not use it. While the fan is turned on, it pulls the air, and with it, dust comes. Such a measure is enough to reduce the amount of pollution by as far as 30%.

Cleaning ASUS Acer HP Dell Samsung Toshiba Sony

If you have difficulties with disassembly, there are no appropriate tools and materials or time for this procedure, then our computer craftsmen will clean the laptop from dust at home with a free exit.

It will take time for cleaning: with a partial disassembly of 10-15 minutes, with a full 30-50 minutes.

Contact 8 (495) 902-72-01 or through feedback form.


How to clean a computer from dust yourself?

The best assistant in the struggle for cleanliness is an air cylinder. For example, under the cooler on the radiator of the processor, you can’t even get a brush. But a stream of air under pressure blows dust perfectly, it remains only to collect it with a vacuum cleaner. This can be done at the same time.

So, we put the phone on a spray can, make our way to the blinds of the radiator and click on the cylinder button. Be prepared for the fact that muck will fly from there. for this it will not hurt to place the “trunk” of the on the covered vacuum cleaner nearby. Carefully and methodically blow the dust from the radiator. How long to blow out? Until the muck ceases to fly (well, or at least to visual purity). Took this process on the video.

Usually clean coolers and radiators of the following details:

  • Processor (installed on the largest, motherboard)
  • Video cards (it may not be, if the computer is weak, but usually this is another large fee, installed by the end in the mother)
  • Hard drives (there is no radiator here, and there may also not be a fan, but they meet)
  • Power supply

We’ll talk separately about the power supply. As a rule, this is a large iron box in the upper part of the system unit. But how to clean the computer power supply from dust, if you can’t crawl to its insides? Just put the tube from the cylinder into one of the holes on the back wall and blow. Dust, which will also be removed from other holes, will fly.

What to do if the purge did not help?

Computer cleaning is in any case a mandatory operation. But not the fact that the cause of the bugs is precisely in overheating. What to do if you deleted all the dust, but the problems that we described at the beginning of the article remained?

  • Try not to close the removable panel of the system unit case. If everything works perfectly, then, nevertheless, there is overheating.
  • Try to touch the radiators with your finger (carefully without touching electrical contacts). If one of them is so hot that it is impossible to keep a finger, again the matter is overheating (perhaps you just need to install a more powerful cooler).

There is another possible reason. There is a layer of thermal paste between the radiator and the processor. it is used to improve contact. If it dries, normal heat discharge is disturbed, the processor begins to heat up stronger, its performance falls, the computer begins to slow down. There is only one way out: replace thermal grease. This is not so simple, so it is better to entrust the operation to those who have already performed it. But if you want to try it yourself, please.

  • Remove the radiator: unfasten the latches, gently tilt it and pull it up.
  • Remove the old thermal grease. you can use a piece of thick paper towel or stationery eraser.
  • Degrease the surfaces with a cotton swab moistened in ethyl or isopropyl alcohol.
  • Apply to the center of the processor site a small number of new thermal paste (slightly larger than a match head).
  • Dismate it with a very thin layer with a brush (often enters into a set with a new thermal package) or a piece of plastic.
  • Install the cooling system back.

We remove the motherboard

Since the cooler is on the inside of the system board, you need to remove it. Unscrew all the screws and disconnect the plugs on the board system that lead to USB ports, display and buttons on the case. Pull the system board from the body and put in an inverted form on the table to disconnect the processor cooler.

Remove dust

The Acer Aspire 7750 laptop can be removed by unscrewing two screws and disconnecting the power cable connected to the connector located near the heat tube. At the same time, on our laptop you could find large flakes of dust. They should be carefully removed with a small brush.

Next, holding the fan tightly, clean the cooler with a vacuum cleaner. The dust between the ribs of the radiator in our case settled so tightly that we had to blow it from the outside by means of a stream of compressed air from a spray can, which can be purchased at the nearest computer store.

After cleaning the cooler, check with your finger, is it spinning free. If there is difficulty in moving, it may be necessary to remove its protective casing and try to clean the accumulated dust and dirt under the impeller.

You also need to gently discover all the remaining components of the laptop before you collect the device in the reverse order.

How to prevent laptop pollution again

In order not to clean the insides of the laptop constantly, and the dust in the laptop accumulated as long as possible, use such advice:

  • Use the technique on a hard surface- the dust from the carpet or bed clogs the grill;
  • Do not eat, sitting at the computer, crumbs can get inside;
  • Spilled tea or coffee can kill the device completely;
  • Disconnect the laptop if the work is over;
  • Wipe the device regularly.

A laptop is a convenient portable device, and the correct care is the key to its reliability and safety. Was you to be useful to you? Write about your impressions in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below.

Features of laptops of various companies

The process of cleaning models from various manufacturers is practically identical, only the process of removing the rear cover, seizure of the cooler and radiator is changing.

Portable PC Lenovo and aser simple design. It is enough to remove the battery, remove the lid over the fan, unscrewing the bolts.

Lenovo has developed the Lenovo Energy Management program, which, in the “Removing Dust” mode, accelerates the fan and helps to get rid of the litter. Analogue of the program for Hewlett Packard. HP Coolsense. The technology determines which surface the device is used, selecting a suitable performance mode and cooling system.

ASUS EEE PC will have to literally disassemble in parts, because access to cooler is difficult, like many models of Hewlett Packard.

When disassembling Samsung and ASUS, the entire back panel is removed, and sometimes the keyboard.

Cleaning in specialized service centers during warranty service and the cost of service

To clean the cooler, you can use the services of the service center. This is not included in the service, which is clearly spelled out in the warranty coupon of any manufacturer, t.e. The service will be paid.

When the laptop was disassembled, cleaned at home, the guarantee stops. In the center this will be recognized by damaged seal and scratched screws.

You can clean the laptop in any repair workshop in an hour. on average are from 500 to 2000.

When a laptop is required?

The main factor talking about the excessive contamination of the device is to increase the temperature in a short time of operation. For monitoring temperature indicators, it is recommended to install a utility type Hwmonitor, which, when starting, shows accurate information collected from all sensors.

In addition, it is recommended to maintain regularity. Acer, Samsung, HP laptops are better to clean about once a year. ASUS and SONY VAIO top models will last two years. However, you need to look at the operating conditions: for example, the presence of pets seriously accelerates the process of laptop pollution.

Superficial cleaning

Many users would like to clean the laptop without analyzing it. There are several reasons for this desire:

The reasons for the reasonable: the opened laptop is removed from the guarantee, and the probability of damage to the internal components is high if you have no experience of analyzing laptops. Therefore, try this option:

  • Buy a span with compressed air.
  • Turn off the laptop, turn off the power adapter, extract the battery.
  • Find a hole through which heated air comes out (has the appearance of the grate, is on the side, less often. from behind).
  • Direct the stream of air into the hole.

Instead of a spray can, you can use a vacuum cleaner or a hairdryer included in cold air blowing. In this way you can clean the fan without opening the laptop body. For a long time such cleaning is not enough, sometimes it does not help at all, but it will go as a prevention.

How to clean a laptop yourself

Cleaning a laptop from dust is not particularly difficult. Before starting work, you should watch a video from professionals. This will help to correctly install the cooling system and see which pitfalls are waiting for the user in the course of performing work.

To disassemble and clean the laptop, you should stock up on thin clocks. It will not be superfluous and the camera. With it, the location of the part is photographed before removing it. Later, the pictures will help not only accurately assemble the system, but also do it clearly, in steps, with verification of correctness.

In addition to a screwdriver and a camera, cleaning is carried out using brushes, rubber gloves, a vacuum cleaner, wet and dry napkins. You also need to buy a thermal grease.

Important! On this component of the cooling system you should not save. Cheap thermal paste is often too viscous, forms a thick layer and quickly dries.

Clean the laptop from dust, in general, you should so.

  • The power is completely turned off and the battery is pulled out.
  • The lower cover is removed. This must be done by putting an inverted laptop on the table, be sure to support.
  • Located a fan connection train. It needs to be disconnected from the motherboard. If the cleaner has too thick fingers, you can use tweezers.
  • The fan is removed and its blades are cleaned. This is done with a brush, after which they wash the remnants of dust with a corner of the napkin.
  • Cleaning the radiator under the fan is done. For this purpose, you can use a vacuum cleaner, simultaneously sweeping dirt with a brush. But you can blow the cracks between the plates of rubber pear or a spray with compressed air.
  • The heat sink system is removed. One end is attached to the block of the laptop chips with four bolts. You need to twist them diagonally. Having removed the first pair, they start the second.
  • The tube is thoroughly wiped with napkins.
  • Old thermal paste is removed from the surfaces of the chips. This is done either with wet wipes or cotton wands. Cleaning is carried out very carefully.
  • It is not recommended to touch the clean surface of the microcircuits. Fingerprints. a significant barrier for heat removal.

After that, a new thermal package is applied according to the instructions of its manufacturer. Cleaning the main ventilation system can be supplemented by removing of operating memory planks, removing dirt from their nests, wiping contacts with a clerical elastic band. After that, reverse assembly is carried out. At the same time, the photos taken at the end of each significant process will help a lot.

As a conclusion

Cleaning a laptop from dust can be affordable for literally everyone. However, this is not a complete disassembly of the system. Such cleaning is unlikely to help if water, wine or drinks with a large m alcohol, sugar were shed on a laptop. In this case, you should seek help from professionals. However, if everything begins to slow down, the laptop body is warming, fans are very noisy. it is necessary to clean the ventilation system and enjoy the perfect operation of the mobile device again.