What’s the Best Mac Cleaning Software?

On macos montery glitches, bugs, lags, what to do?

Updated his MBP 17 years on Montery. I began to bask strongly, (I work as a designer, and when working with a photoshop, he did not warm up before). Half of the programs does not start. For example, I want to run “CleanMymac” at startup writes “CleanMymac 3 unexpectedly completed work.”And that’s it. And such a misfortune with a half programs.

He did not want to run photoshop, he had to remove and download another.

Maybe someone knows how to improve performance or how to roll back macos?) I did not create a copy 🙁

Simple 5 Комментарии и мнения владельцев

Evgeny, I have not updated Mac since 2017) What OS from the box has not touched) stable, practical. I wanted a “new” I got a shit 🙁

Okneliomass, maybe this is the problem, upgrade after a few versions? I have Big Sur, so I wanted to update, but I’ll probably wait now.

Eugene, perhaps so, this is the first renewal of the laptop and the campaign he slipped through all previous innovations and t.D. and t.P. But that’s what to do with it now.

0) how much time has passed since the update? If not enough. Just let the device be on the day on at least “peel”, files indexation ITP. Then decide.

1) there was no sadness. Moneters are a problem update, which was carried on him. However, I also once killed the iPad 4, after a break with a girl, deciding to start a new life in everything and rolling on it iOS10 right over iOS 6))) 2) applications do not work most likely because they are 32-bit. And their support is stopped.

what to do? Xs, I would try to install from scratch, from flash drive, Big Sur in your place. It seems to be normal. How to do it and cook a flash drive. google elementary, everything is simple. If you don’t like it there. Return to the origins

Well, this, for the future. Use the time of the machine, you are practically convinced? )

Check if your Mac is compatible with Montery

From a technical point of view, this is not a correction, but it should be checked as the first step. Each new MacOS released Apple has minimal equipment requirements. If your Mac computer shows its age, it will be difficult for it to work with the latest version of the operating system or even generally incompatible with the latest version.

Click here to find out the list of Mac computers supported by MacOS Montery, and check if your Mac is on the list or not. In addition, the size of the MacOS Monterey installation file is 12 GB, but to start the new system you will need at least 35 GB of free space on your Mac, preferably 50 GB or even more.

If you find that your Mac is too old for launching MacOS Montery, you may return to the older version, because after the update you will face additional problems with performance, and there are not many tricks with which you can play to accelerate your car.

Disconnect auto.loading elements (applications and hidden launch agents)

Suitable for: When your Mac is slowly loading.

See which launched applications or auto letters are launched, and stop the launch as many of them as possible. The fewer programs starts automatically when starting, the faster your Mac will work. To disable these auto.loading elements:

  • Click on the Apple menu in the upper left corner.
  • Press the “System Settings” “Users and Group” “Entrance Elements”.
  • Select these applications that you do not need to automatically launch, and click the minus “.”.

Meanwhile, there may be some launch agents (for example, hidden applications/services that continue to work in the background), which also slow down the speed of starting your Mac. And they are not so easy to detect if you do not use such a tool as CleanMymac X.

  • Launch CleanMymac on your computer.
  • Click “Optimization” “View all elements” “Launch agents”.
  • You will see a list of small auxiliary and service applications that are automatically launched after loading your Mac. Select those that you do not need, and click the “Delete” button.

Then everything will be ready. You should notice a certain increase in speed when rebooting the Mac computer.

How to Clean Install Macos Monterey Easily Using the New Eras Mac Option

Apple Todaysed MacOS 12 Montery, and Whenever a New Operating System Is Released for the Mac, Some Users Prefer To Performa A Clean Installation. This Article Explans How to Perform What Is Effectively a Clean Install of Montery Using a Brand New Option that Apple Silicon-Powered Macs and Intel Macs with A T2 Security Cip?

Clean Installing Macos Is Offten Done to Remove Annoying Quirks and Strange Behaviors that Mac May Have Inherited Over Time, And Cani Help To Reclaim Disk Space Caused By Junk File Junk Files. However, even if neither of these issues have arisen for you, sometimes it’s just nice to start afresh for that “brand new Mac” feeling and then migrate your apps, documents, and data, either manually, or by migrating from a Time Machine backup.

Clean installing previous versions of macOS usually involves creating a bootable copy of the macOS installer on a flash drive or USB stick and then reformatting your drive before installing the bootable copy on your Mac, or using macOS Recovery to reinstall the Mac operating system over an internet Connection. In Montery, Howver, A Third Option Has Come Into Play on Newer Macs that Offers a Very Simple and StraightForward Way to Erase Your Withouse to ReinStall the Operation System.

The CleanMyMac MENU

Following in the Footsteps of the iPhone and iPad, Apple Silicon Macs and Intel Macs with A T2 Security Chip (2017-2020 Models) Now Have an “Erase All Content and Settings” Option Availbale. Because Storage is Always Encrypted on Mac Systems with Apple Silicon Or The T2 Chip, The System Is Instantly and Security “Erased” BY Destroying the ENCRYPTION.

Not only does this effectively erase all user data and user-installed apps from your Mac without reinstalling macOS, it also signs out your Apple ID, removes your Touch ID fingerprints, purchases, and all Apple Wallet items, and turns off Find My and Activation Lock, Making It Far Easier to Restore Your Mac to Like-New Factory Settings.

This ability means you can simply download and install ‌macOS Monterey‌ over your current macOS version when prompted, and then select the new erase function in Monterey, which will erase your Mac and leave the core macOS system intact. After.Erasing the Mac, It Will Display The Setup Assistant and Be Ready to Set Up Like New. You canten migrate your Data Manully or Using the Setup Assistant’s Migration Option. The Following Walkthrough Breaks Down The Steps Involved.

That’s all there is to it. Even if you’re not clean installing Monterey today, the new option makes it far more convenient to restore your Mac to factory settings, whether you simply want to start afresh with your Mac in future or plan to sell or gift it to another person.

APFS images control through a disk utility

The program “Discure utility” now has access to individual APFS pictures. APFS picture is a copy of system files that keep the current state of your computer. You can copy files from them, as well as use them for recovery if you understand this.

To view them in the form of a list, select the disk section, and then the “view” “Show APFS pictures” in the menu line. In the list you will see your name, the date of creation and the size of each picture. Select the desired from the list. To mount the picture, press it with the right mouse button or use the button in the lower left corner of the list. Here you can rename it and delete it.

Testing the quality of the network

Now you can test the quality of Internet connection on your Mac using the built-in macOS function. Open the Terminal window and enter the NetworkQuality command.

After some time, you will see an assessment of the incoming and outgoing speed of the Internet, as well as other data. If you use online services to assess the speed of the Internet, the results will turn out about the same.

Macos Montery came out. what’s new?

Apple has released MacOS Montery for everyone. We figure out what is new in the system.

The system is available for loading on the following computers:

  • MacBook Pro (2015 and newer);
  • MacBook (2016 and newer);
  • MacBook Air (2015 and newer);
  • IMAC (2015 and newer);
  • IMAC Pro (2017 and newer);
  • Mac mini (2014 and newer);
  • Mac Pro (2013 and newer).

To install the update, you must go to the “System Settings” “Update PO”, click on the download button and wait for the computer update. We advise you to make a backup copy just if the system becomes crooked or the necessary software will not be supported. In this case, you can roll back to a backup with the conservation of all data.

clean, montery, photo

What’s new in MacOS Montery

Updated Safari

The browser was updated both on smartphones and tablets, and on the desktop system. The most noticeable is the united tabs panel and the search line. You need to get used to it, and if you do not want to do this, you can return the old design.

There was also a grouping of tabs. You can conveniently create a folder with working or personal tabs, recipes, shopping list and so on. Everything is synchronized between your devices. It is really convenient and incomprehensible why this was not there before.

Notifications and mode “Focusing”

Instead of “not disturbing”, a more advanced “focus” appeared with the ability to configure the regimes on the situation and put restrictions for specific applications and contacts for them.

In the “Notifications Center” the appearance has slightly transformed: there will be large contacts of contacts on the notifications, the notifications can be quickly disconnected, and urgent messages in Imessage and Facetime, on the contrary, will reach you. The mechanism is also available for third.party applications, but the developers must integrate the API.

AirPlay on Mac

The computer becomes a screen and columns to play content. You can, for example, play music on it and columns, synchronizing reproduction, or just use a computer as a display. the beauty!

Facetime and SharePlay

A portrait mode with the rear background has become available on Mac with a chip M1, and a spatial audio and the voice insulation mode appeared on the 2018 Mac and new Mac and new. The first mode creates volume, and the second cuts off unnecessary sounds and focuses the interlocutors only on your voice.

SharePlay. mode for joint viewing and listening to content. Launched the series, phoned friends or relatives. and watch synchronously. Each user can manage reproduction and, for example, pause for everyone.

“Short notes”

Convenient feature for quick recording or saving links. Transfer the cursor to the lower lower corner of the display, and the integration of the creation of a new note appears. All notes will be collected in a separate folder and are available on all your devices.

The appendix “Team”

The application is similar to the version from iOS and allows you to create cross.platform commands for quick actions.

On the little things

There was a “energy conservation mode” that limits the power of the chip and reduces the brightness to extend the operating time.

The “Passwords” section appeared in the “Settings”, which collects all the data of your accounts from the “Keys of Keys”.

“Living Text” allows you to look for phrases by photo via Spotlight or right in the pictures. Russian is not supported. Do not have to rewrite the number or mail. just copy.

The appearance of the Apple Books application and the built.in Memoji editor has changed.

But “universal control”, which allows you to use the keyboard and trackpad of a computer for managing the iPad or other Mac, until they added. it will appear later this year.

Make sure the application is compatible

If the application does not start even after rebooting the Mac, it may not be incompatible with your Mac after its updating to MacOS Montery. Follow the following actions to find out if the application in question with your Mac is compatible.

  • Touch the Apple logo in the upper left corner of the screen.
  • In the opening list, select “About this Mac”.
  • Select a system report
  • Find applications that you cannot launch on your Mac and check them.
  • Now look at the details mentioned in the resulting column.

If, instead of information about the developer, it is unknown, this may indicate the incompatibility of the application. However, if you see information about the developer and other related information, but the application still does not open on your Mac, you need to reset the settings of this application. So let’s move on to the next step.

Reset the application

If the application compatible with your Mac does not start, you should drop it. This will eliminate all technical failures and errors prevailing on your Mac. You can restart your MAC manually or use a third.party tool to reset your Mac. Here we will reset the application using the CleanMymac X tool. So, let’s start:

  • First of all, you need to download the free version of the CleanMymac X tool.
  • Now start the application and select the option “Delete” on the left side panel.
  • Continue to scroll until you reach the application that you want to drop.
  • Click the “Reset” button next to the name of the application.

And it’s all! Your error application is now reset and should open your Mac.

Makbook noisy. What to do

Before updating on MacOS Montey for all the time of use, I heard the noise of the coolers on my laptop no more than five times. Mostly when I studied Final Cut Pro. Now, the laptop is noisy every day. This is especially true for software from Google and Microsoft. In fact, it is enough to include music in Apple Music on the background, open Google Chrome and all. The laptop works as not in itself.

After updating MacBook began to make a lot of noise.

Another thing is Microsoft Teams. There is generally hopeless darkness. It is clear that I use the site not of my own free will, but under MacOS this program is absolutely not optimized. I’m not talking about demonstrating the screen or a bunch of open tabs in parallel. The laptop begins to make noise almost immediately after the program is launched. I would like to believe that in the near future developers optimize their software and the problem will be solved. In the meantime, let’s figure out what to do if MacBook has begun to make great noise:

  • Use Safari instead of Google Chrome.
  • Use a laptop only on a solid surface.
  • Contact the service center for service.

Airdrop does not work

Airdrop for me is not just a toy, but a necessity. Almost all the images that you can see in the articles are made through ProcRate on iPad. Well, here, by analogy with AirPods headphones. If the iPhoneipad conveying data feature is just excellent, then everything is very bad with the Mac.

My Mac neighbors sees the devices of my neighbors, but mine is not.

I came across stringing on Big Sur, but now it is already impossible to endure. If you are faced with this, then try this method:

In addition, make sure that iPhone, iPad or other gadget is unlocked. Until this moment, Airdrop may not see the device.

I did this literally immediately after the discovery of the problem, but everything is to no avail. As a result, the function earned it on its own on the third day after the update, but still lies. Well, the benefit is telegram with your cool features. Now you have to throw off all the pictures there, and then open it on the iPad.

Mac does not turn on

Mac turned off? Perhaps the whole thing at MacOS Montery

The next MacOS update, after which my MacBook Pro fails. Now he just does not turn on, no matter what I try to do.

clean, montery, photo

The installation of MacOS Montery disabled my MacBook Pro. Immediately upon completion of the update, he turned off and did not turn on anymore.

So, the update to MacOS Montey simply killed my 16-inch MacBook Pro 2019. He simply does not load and does not respond to my teams. In short, do not update.

For most users, updated Macs are disconnected and do not turn on at all. But some still manage to launch computers. True, not for long. As a rule, they turn on for several minutes, after which they turn off. This suggests that the cause of the problem is a failure in the power system, which simply does not allow computers to use energy for work, but there is no evidence of this.

The only thing that is known for sure is the invulnerability of computers on the basis of M1 processors. That is, the bug affects only the solutions on Intel. Therefore, in theory, the area of ​​its distribution can be quite wide. In the end, the MAC computers on Intel is still much larger than models operating the Apple Silicon chips. So, if you are the owner of any Apple computer over 2020, perhaps it is better to postpone the update.

However, even those who were lucky enough to install MacOS Montery without any problems, not everything is so smooth. A number of users complained that after updating their computers began to consume abnormally large volumes of built.in and RAM. And it doesn’t matter whether any process is currently performed or a computer is just standing idle.

The memory on Mac has ended. What’s the matter

After updating on MacOS Monterey, Apple computers began to spend abnormally a lot of memory

Despite the fact that this problem is much less than a bug with inclusion, it can potentially be even larger. The fact is that the owners of the MAC, MAC, MAC, M1 Pro and M1 Max complained about increased resource consumption. Users report that shortly after the update their computers reported a lack of memory and asked to free up space for further work.

A runaway analysis of the problem showed that memory does not disappear to nowhere. As a rule, the cause of overspending is the system components. For example, the control point, which on the top macBook Pro with M1 Max spends 20 GB of RAM. However, other memory leaks come across. So, for some users, the weight of the browser Mozilla Firefox unexpectedly increased to 80 GB.

From the moment of installation of MacOS Monterey, I began to receive regular messages about the exhaustion of free memory. There was nothing like that before the renewal. The monitoring of the activity of the system showed that the Pages application consumes 18 GB of storage. The restart of the computer does not change anything. Everything remains the same as before. writes one of the users.

That is, applications and components provoking memory overrun, all users, oddly enough, are different. It would seem that this complicates the search for the problem, but in fact everything is exactly the opposite. Obviously, the failure lies precisely in the resource management system. That is, it is precisely the system bug of MacOS Montey itself, and Apple will have to correct it in the very near future. In any case, this is included in the circle of her interests too.

Universal clipboard does not work

What to do if the clipboard does not work?

Mac exchange buffer is insanely useful for copying something. It does not work for some MacOS Montery users, as a result of which you have to look for work solutions. First, try the reboot of the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules, as well as reboot the device. If this did not help, then drop the mac exchange buffer.

  • Run the terminal on the Mac
  • Copy and insert the PBCOPY command Subscribe to our Yandex.Zen: We talk about what no one knows about!

Airdrop does not work on MacBook

Airdrop problem is solved very simply

MacOS Montery often fungles Airdrop: the nearest devices are not displayed in it. Sometimes pressing the devices remained unanswered, which was also unpleasant. Make the device available to all.

  • Open Finder, select “Cross”.
  • Select “Airdrop”.
  • Click “Allow to be discovered by the user”.
  • Click “Everything” and reboot the device.

Try to forbid the firewall to block all incoming connections, this should help.