How to connect iPhone to a Smart TV

Watching the TV has always been an exciting activity, but with the development of electronic technology, Smart functions are increasingly applying in it. Partly we are talking about capabilities, partly about those provided by the prefix. Part of the additional functions can be implemented by connecting a smartphone to a television receiver.

One of the most famous is the use of a remote control of distance management, which is implemented in the form of an application on the phone. To introduce this and other opportunities, it is necessary to provide a connection with the TV. To do this, you can use several ways.

Of course, these functions can be implemented using specialized equipment. But it should be noted that it will cost it more and not always the implementation will be better.

It should also be borne in mind that in fact modern iPhones are full.fledged computers. For example, you can view films and TV shows, however, on a large screen, this is much more convenient to do. Thus, connecting to a television receiver will help to more comfortably use some iPhone capabilities, among which, for example, you can note sewing on the Internet, listening to music tracks or reading electronic books.

The use of iPhone is largely individual. If there are plans, for example, collective watching films, it is better to organize it by watching it on the TV, transmitting a signal from a smartphone. A similar situation may arise if several people play a video game.

Another reason for the convenience of using the connection under consideration is the use of a television receiver for video communication. For this, there are publicly available software, but if you broadcast the image on a large screen, then communication will be more impressive.

Wi-Fi connection methods

When using Wi-Fi, you can easily communicate between devices. For this, there are the following methods:

If Smart TV has a built-in Wi-Fi functionality, it has the opportunity to use the iPhone as a file storage. Thus, on a smartphone, you can search for the desired video and upload it, and the Smart prefix will gain access in order to show it on the big screen. If there are other gadgets at home, then you can use it as a file storage and their.

This possibility is available provided that the prefix has a wireless unit. Some TV models have built-in opportunities to work with Wi-Fi, which can be used in the absence of a prefix. However, often to activate such a connection, appropriate software may be required, which differs for various models. If the house uses a router, then you can use wireless access that it creates.

The disadvantage of the method described here is the lack of developed functionality of work. Here the TV uses other devices only as a file storage. On the other hand, you can use this option when using any iPhone model.

In order to establish such a connection, it is necessary to perform such actions:

  • You need to make sure that the Smart prefix has the ability to work with wireless connection. Most of modern TVs have this opportunity. It is convenient to do this if you indicate the exact name of the model in the search engine and find its detailed description.
  • For the TV, you need to download and install a specialized access application from the official application store using Wi-Fai.
  • You need to open the main menu of the TV and go to the section with the network.
  • Choosing the desired wireless network, you need to connect to it. Specialized software is used to work with Wi-Fi depending on the existing TV model. After starting the program on the TV screen, a code will be shown that will need to be entered on the iPhone.
  • Next, synchronization of devices will occur.

After that, it will be enough to select a file stored on the iPhone from the TV and start it. In order for the connection to become more functional, you can use specialized applications for iPhone.

Belkin MediaPlay

This application can be downloaded in an official iPhone app store.

After the user downloaded and installed the application, it is necessary to start it. To start work with him, you need to perform such actions:

  • You need to open the program settings and go to the section that belongs to wireless networks.
  • It is necessary to put a box in the field opposite the line “Show or hide visual indicators”.
  • Then you need to find media content designed to demonstrate on the TV screen.

Further, synchronization will be automatically launched, after the completion of which it will be possible to start viewing the file on the big screen. Using the program under consideration, you can transfer to the TV not only the content that is stored on the device, but also the one that is found on the Internet.

Обзор Смарт-модуля WiFi CLR1M, инструкция подключения к совместимым светильникам CITILUX


This is another program that allows you to transmit content for display on Smart TV.

After downloading and installing the program you need to start. To use it, they perform such actions:

  • It is necessary to open the settings for working with wireless networks.
  • The program performs wireless traffic encryption using WPA/WPA2. To do this, the user will need to come up with and enter the code.
  • On the iPhone you need to open the section “Network”, then start Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Further in the application, a library of media files available on the gadget will open.

The user can choose the right one for demonstration on the TV screen.


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Connection of the phone via USB

USB cable (Universal Serial Bus)-a universal device responsible for synchronization of the device and TV. To use the specified cable is necessary:

  • If the TV is turned on, turn it off.
  • Connect the Apple smartphone to the TV via Micro USB. On the latest models it is Lightning, on old phones-30-pin.
  • Turn on TV. Select the settings in the menu. In parameters, set the USB image display.
  • Wait for the completion of the synchronization process.

USB integration allows you to use a mobile phone only as a memorable device. To see something, you need to download the desired media content in advance.

This is a great option for displaying images and video from the gallery on the big screen. Suitable for presentations, conferences. However, he does not allow watching clips, games and films in real time.

How to connect to different TV models

Connection to various models in most cases is carried out in one of the standard methods. In some cases, there may be features associated with choosing a TV model.

Features of connection to Samsung

When connecting to Samsung TVs, users in most cases are available the following methods:

Its use will allow you to transmit data from the iPhone for viewing on the TV.

Connection features for LG

All the methods described above are available for TVs of this brand. LG developers also created the Smart Share application, which can also be used for this purpose. It is available for download from the page. With this program, you can view the media files on your iPhone.


This company was one of the first to release TVs with the Smart TV consoles. All the main tools for viewing content with iPhone are implemented here. Applications are available in the App Gallery app store to make your multimedia viewing more convenient. All the main options for connecting to the phones that were described here are also available here.

Here you can use Wi-Fi Direct, AirPlay, DLNA and other connection options that are used to transfer content from the iPhone to the TV receiver. Users also often use special tv Plus and IMediaShare applications for this purpose.

How to connect the iPhone to a Wi-Fi TV and display an image of a photo and video on Smart TV to watch a movie or duplicate the screen?

Those who use the prefix for the Apple TV TV do not ask the question “How to connect iPhone to a TV”. Because the image of the image from the iPhone on Smart TV is made through AirPlay literally two steps and does not require any additional programs. But Samsung, LG, Sony, or Philips TV owners to display photos or transfer video from the iPhone to TV, you will have to install an additional application. For example, to watch a movie or to duplicate the screen.

Guests come to me very often. And to show your friends some photos from the latest trips, it is much more convenient for this to use a large TV than a small iPhone display. To do this, you can use the function of repeating the iPhone screen. In addition, if you connect it to TV, you can also lose music through its speakers or even watch movies, including directly with YouTube.

So, in order to display a video or photo from the iPhone to the TV, the following is necessary:

  • TV should be able to get rid of your home router. It doesn’t matter how you do it-by cable, or by Wi-Fi, or through TV prefix on Android. The main thing is that he is on one local network with iPhone. I already talked about all ways to connect TV to the Internet.
  • The TV must have support for DLNA or Miracast. We will use them to broadcast the video. In modern Sony, Samsung, Philips, LG or any other with Smart TV, it is already built into the shell. If you have an obsolete model, then you can easily connect a prefix on Android to it, where all modern technologies also work by default. Or the simplest mirakast adapter.

You can use two technologies to connect the iPhone to the TV. Miracast and DLNA.

  • Miracast (AirPlay on iPhone). serves to duplicate the screen on a large monitor. Everything that you see on your phone will be accurately displayed on the TV.
  • DLNA is the possibility of output only videos, photos or music from iPhone on TV screen.

The easiest way to display the image of the iPhone screen on TV is to duplicate the screen. Apple TV proprietary console is organically related to smartphones of the same company using AirPlay. But if you do not have it, then you can connect a Miracast adapter to the TV. With it, you can display a picture from absolutely any device-via Intel Widi from a computer or laptop on Windows, from MacOS macs or Android Smartphone.

There are a lot of models of such adapters. I use Rombica Smartcast, which is universal and works with all of the above technologies. That is, it can both simply display a video or photo on the TV, and duplicate the screen.

To do this, just connect TV and the phone to the same Wi-Fi network. Pull in the iPhone by the lower curtain and select “Repeat of the screen”

Using the IMediaShare tool

Other available functions in the IMediaShare program work on the same principle.

Is it possible to duplicate the screen on Bluetooth?

Reproduction of the screen through “Bluetooth” is possible only on the latest versions of TVs. When choosing this method:

  • run the search on iOS device;
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on the TV;
  • Call confirmation;
  • Select “share” or “play like” on your phone;
  • You determine the path you want to follow-Bluetooth connection.

How to choose the best connection method?

Taking into account the listed methods, almost any TV can be connected to the iPhone 10 and below, as well as to the phones working on Android. You can display a signal to a large screen in different ways, in any case, this will use a wide list of the capabilities of a modern smartphone for synchronized work with the TV. The most stable and reliable connection option is the use of a special Apple TV prefix, but it is suitable for those who are not scared of additional costs It can be used to modernize the outdated TV model and open access to new opportunities. The choice of connection option depends on the TV model and its capabilities.

The following parameters must be taken into account:

  • The presence of a router in the Wi-Fi House or the ability to connect to the Internet through a modern Wi-Fi Direct protocol. Such a network combines all the next.side gadgets nearby without using a router, which opens the ability to connect devices without cables.
  • Availability on USB ports. Although the possibilities of such a compound are limited, it will allow the use of a smartphone as a storage drive for storing information.
  • HDMI port on TV. This is the easiest connection option without using the Internet network. It makes it possible to connect the iPhone even to old models that do not have a Wi-Fi module.

Wireless connection allows the use of iPhone as a remote control panel to switch video files and use other capabilities. There is no need to buy an expensive Smart TV, if you can use the existing smartphone to expand the capabilities of a television receiver. Its screen will become a display for displaying browser pages or playing any video files.

DLNA, Miracast and AirPlay technologies for connecting iPhone to TV

The first way to connect the iPhone phone to the Samsung Smart TV brand TV is to use one of the following communications: DLNA, MIRACAST or AIRPLAY. Almost all modern Samsung models are equipped with a manufacturer of one of these options.

Therefore, to select a suitable technology for conjugating devices, we look at the characteristics of the TV.

What is DLNA, and how it works

Digital Living Network Alliance or DLNA technology is perhaps the most common type of connection among new Samsung models. It is a set of standards, thanks to which compatible devices on the Internet are transmitted. take media content (photo, video files, video from YouTube, music) and broadcast it in real time.

To broadcast the image from the iPhone to the Samsung TV via DLNA, the following actions are performed:

  • On the iPhone from the AppStore, you need to download and install a specialized application (for example, “TV Assist” (direct link for downloading https: // Apps.Apple.COM/UA/App/TV-SSIST/ID760661078?l = ru), “iMediashare” or dr.).
  • Launch the application.
  • Through the main screen, open the desired tab: “photo”, “music”, “browser” or “files”.
  • Select the desired media content.
  • Further, the program will offer possible devices for connecting. Select samsung.
  • We get the broadcast of the picture on TV.
  • In the “TV Assist” application through the “paint” tab, you can independently create inscriptions or drawings, and broadcast them to the screen.

note! To connect the iPhone to the Samsung TV using the aforementioned DLN technology, both devices should lie on one local network. Otherwise, they may not see each other.

You can also use the Twonky Beam application:

  • Download (https: // Twonky-beam.Soft112.COM/) and install the selected program.
  • Open the application settings by clicking on the corresponding sign in the upper left corner.
  • Activate the function “Show Or Hide the Visual Indications” by clicking on it with the mouse.
  • Go to the main page of the utility.
  • Open a browser.
  • Find and open the right photo or video file.
  • Open an additional menu in the application, clicking on the right side of the strip window.
  • Turn on the TV.
  • Next in the program, indicate the name and model TV.
  • Open an additional menu.
  • Run the video.

note! This application can work in Offline-mode.

Miracast and “apple” phone compatibility

Miracast modern technology is also used to transmit images from the phone to the TV Samsung large screen is also used for repetition. iPhone duplication of the screen. At the same time, not only individual photos and videos are displayed on the TV, but all the actions taking place on the gadget display.

The main condition for such a connection is the presence of a built-in or external Wi-Fi adapter that supports Miracast in both devices. Unfortunately, today no Apple has supported this technology yet. Therefore, this type of connection of the iPhone to the TV is still impossible.

How to connect iPhone via AirPlay

An excellent analogue of Miracast is AirPlay’s technology or a “screen of the screen” developed by Apple. Using this option, you can easily and quickly display any photos and video files on the TV screen, or duplicate the phone display in real time.

One of the conditions of such a connection is the presence of an support of AirPlay. Samsung has been producing such models since 2018; TV series from the 4th and above, as well as ultramodern qled samsung.

Organizing the iPhone wireless connection to TV samsung will also help Apple TV prefix.

It connects to the TV display using an HDMI / is a certain intermediary between TV and a phone when transferring media content. The connection itself is also carried out through the “repeat of the screen”.

In order to activate it, you need to open the hidden iPhone panel, and activate Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection. With the correct Bluetooth connection on the screens of both devices, a request for connection will appear.

Open the bottom panel of the phone with a long swipe, and click on the corresponding “AirPlay” icon. From the proposed list, select the Apple TV prefix. Then activate the AirPlay Mirroring switch. With proper connection in a few seconds, the iPhone image will be displayed on the Samsung TV-disposal.

note! When using Apple TV, it is important to monitor iOS updates on both devices. This will maintain high image quality.

Apple AirPlay. connection to the Samsung TV:

How to connect AirPods to Samsung TV

Some users connect not only Apple brand phones to their TV, but also headphones. AirPods. You can do this according to the following instructions:

  • Disconnect Bluetooth on the phone so as not to knock down the signal from TV.
  • Turn on the TV and Apple TV.
  • Find the section “Remarks of Du and Devices”.
  • Open the Bluetooth settings.
  • With the correct connection after a few seconds in the list of available devices, we find AirPods.
  • We connect.

Wireless DLNA connection-how to connect iPhone to a TV via Wi-Fi without wires

DLNA technology allows devices supporting this connection to exchange data in one home network. The DLNA abbreviation is translated as “Home digital networks. Digital Living Network Alliance”.

Devices can connect on this protocol both by the wire and without it. To transmit any media files using this technology, only a Wi-Fi network will be required, to which the TV and iPhone will be connected.

In the case of LG and Samsung TVs, you will need to install additional applications. Smart Share and Allshare, respectively.

The iPhone will need a completely free Twonky Beam application (https: // This application contains functions that can display the content from the iPhone immediately to the TV. There is also a separate browser in it. When you start the application, you need to find a device through which data will be transmitted. In our case, the device transmitting data is iPhone.

Twonky Beam

Analogues of the Twonky Beam application can serve as applications such as Belkin MediaPlay, ImediaShare, TV Assist (direct link for downloading https: // Apps.Apple.COM/UA/App/TV-SSIST/ID760661078?l = ru) and others. Their mechanism of work is similar to Twonky Beam.

If you often transmit any media content from the iPhone to the TV, then you should buy a paid program or a full version of a free program. So save the time that would spend on viewing advertising in free programs.

Connection iPhone to stroma TV via transmitter

It also happens that the TV is old and is not able to connect to Wi-Fi networks. In this case, a transmitter connected to the TV via HDMI and receiving an iPhone signal via a wireless network may come in handy.

Examples of high.quality transmitters can be given by devices such as Digital AV or Mirascreen.

How to connect iPhone through a similar adapter:

  • Connect to iPhone transmitter.
  • Insert one end of the HDMI cable into the transmitter, and connect the other to the TV. If you do not know where the HDMI connector is on the TV, then read the instructions from the manufacturer to Smart TV.

After the actions done, synchronization will occur automatically. Now you can view any content translated from iPhone on TV.

Possible problems and their solutions

The main problem that occurs in users is the absence of a broadcast or reproduction of a file that appears due to the absence or violation of the connection between devices. The first thing to do is to eat uninterrupted transmission of content using AirPlay is to make sure that the devices are turned on and are nearby (connected to one network). If this did not help, then it is worth the restart of both gadgets.

If the re.launch did not lead to the expected result, then you need to check in the settings the presence of a suitable update. Wi-Fi wireless connection is located in the 2.4 GHz range, in which other equipment works-many devices with Bluetooth, some of the systems that are part of the so-called “smart home”. So, including the SONOS acoustic system and acoustics working with AirPlay, which operates on the basis of Wi-Fi, the occurrence of interference.

citilux, smart, connect, iphone

Music reproduction can be suspended in case of simultaneous performance of Siri several tasks. If the sound is completely absent, then it must be checked in the settings system (check the state of silent mode). If the source of the problem could not be identified independently, then the Apple support service will answer all questions.

Other capabilities of the Airpley

In addition to the main function. broadcasting video and duplication of the screen on the iPhone, Apple TV and other devices, there are AirPlay capabilities to which include:

  • Using the SIRI voice assistant to play files and play recording or broadcasting.
  • Stream playing for musical compositions, podcasts and other files on Apple TV, HomePod and other losing systems that support the function of the hill.
  • For the convenience of operation, the user can immediately add compatible playing centers and TVs to the “House” application.
  • To eliminate the questions that have arisen when working with devices, the developers have prepared detailed instructions (https: // Support.Apple.COM/RU-RU/HT204289).

Thus, AirPlay technology developed by Apple Corporation is another jump in the world of technology. The main task of wireless file reproduction is to relieve the operation of the operation, the use of a smart home system. Thanks to AirPlay, choosing films and listening to audio files has become an order of magnitude easier.