How to set up a Yoosee IP camera on a computer?

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PTZ IP cameras have become very popular because they are easy to install and configure. Such a device can be installed where it is convenient for its owner. here is the windowsill to the closet or table. In addition, the PTZ camera can be fixed to the ceiling using a special bracket.

The procedure for connecting and setting up the camera can be done by yourself. To do this, you need to follow a certain algorithm of actions. Before configuring the Yoosee IP camera on your PC, you will need to fulfill the requirements of one of the following options:

  • Apply a wired connection. Here you need to connect the camcorder to the router using a network cable;
  • Apply Wi-Fi connection. Here you need to use a smartphone.

The Yoosee service is often used in multimedia cameras, in which it is possible to save data to a flash drive. This client comes in conjunction with many IP video cameras, which are in stock in Chinese suppliers, in particular on the AliExpress website.

Downloading and configuring Yoosee

To set up the camera on your computer, you need to download the special Yoosee CMS. It is available for download on the official website of the creator, and the program can be used by all Windows users.

Yoosee official website

Downloading and installing Yoosee on your computer is performed following several mandatory steps:

  • To configure the IP camera on your PC, you will need to go to the Yoosee website using any convenient browser, and then save the archive from the CMS to your computer. Installing the downloaded software is not difficult, therefore, it is carried out in compliance with the steps required in the process.
  • After the installation is complete, a new shortcut named “CMSClient” will appear on the computer desktop. It will need to be opened by double-clicking on the left mouse button. The username “admin” will appear in the window that appears, and you will need to enter a password. Here you can leave the box blank, or you can enter eight zeros. Then choose a convenient interface language for comfortable work, and press the “OK” button.
  • Adding devices can be done in different ways:
  • In the window called “Found new devices”, you can initiate the automatic addition of all devices by clicking on the “Add all” button. When choosing this option, you need to take into account that the router and PC must have the same local network;
  • If the first method of adding is NOT possible, you can go to manual configuration, which is called by clicking on the button “Manual add device”. In the window that appears, there will be a plus sign, located on the screen at the bottom left. You will need to click on it and select the item “Add device manually”. After that, the following window will open, where you will need to enter several data: camera ID and password (they are often present on the device’s brand label), as well as a name that is understandable for the system owner, then click the “OK” button.

The name of the camera will appear in the window on the left, which will need to be clicked twice. Thus, the video data from the surveillance camera will appear on the computer screen.

How to set up recording of Yoosee camcorder archive to computer?

The window that appears when monitoring the broadcast from the camera contains several buttons. Here you can save a screenshot as a photo image, you can turn on the microphone, or you can start recording.

Basic buttons

To implement the setting of archive recording, you must press the appropriate button on which the video camera is schematically shown. In the event that you need to record on an SD-format memory card, you will need to set the necessary settings on your smartphone.

How to play archived data?

Archive playback is carried out through the main CMS interface. To do this, you need to select the “Play” button, which is located in the top menu bar along with the settings and security buttons.

Play or play button

After clicking on the power button, you will need to select several options:

  • Recorded information type: data can be stored locally on a PC, or remotely stored on an SD card)
  • The time at which the recording began;
  • The time at which the recording ended.

After that, you can press the search button (it is called “Search”), and after the desired fragment is found, you only need to play it.

How to launch the application on a smartphone?

Even when the Yoosee IP camera is configured on the computer, the mobile app may need to be configured. First of all, this will be needed if you need to Record information on a memory card or use a Wi-Fi connection for work.

The Yoosee application is configured on a smartphone according to the following algorithm:

  • The program is downloaded and installed on a mobile phone, then the application is launched.
  • Registration process is underway to create a personal account. The cabinet is necessary for the CCTV camera to be linked via Wi-Fi.
  • If the account registration was successful, the main menu window will open in the mobile application.
  • In the main menu it will be possible to add an IP video camera. This can be done in several ways:

Use the camera ID number and add it via the “” button;

If there is a sticker with a QR code on the body of the CCTV camera, it will be enough to scan this code, and the device will be added automatically;

If there is no sticker listed, you can add the camera via Wi-Fi.

How to set up a Chinese ip camera?

When building their own home or office security system, many people purchase a Chinese IP camera. This choice is associated with the high quality of the equipment, and with the ease of management and, of course, with the price. Before you can start using the device, you need to configure it. This task will not be difficult even for a non-specialist in IP equipment.

Choosing a camera from China

The user is always interested in what opportunities a budget camera from the Celestial Empire can provide him with? In the price range under 100, you can find high-quality digital equipment equipped with infrared illumination and a PTZ function, which, using a small motor, can provide remote camera rotation when tracking dynamically developing events. An example of quality equipment in this price range would be any desktop camera in the 80-100 price range. Additional advantages include:

  • LAN function;
  • Built-in microphone and speakers;
  • Memory card support.

Camera setup

The desktop camera setup is very simple. stand, body, antenna. The power supply unit of many Chinese devices is designed for the American type of power grids, so you will have to additionally purchase an adapter that allows you to connect different standards. On the back of the stand you can see inputs dedicated to various types of networking equipment.

To connect the camera to a computer and further configure it, you will need to find its IP addresses. It will need to be changed, since the LAN standards of the camera and the home network are different, but for the first acquaintance of the device and the home workstation, it will be needed. Most Chinese IP cameras have their IP addresses printed on a small plastic sticker on the box, so you shouldn’t throw it away. But more expensive devices come with a CD with the necessary software and a user’s manual, the IP address will be indicated there as well. Further, the sequence of actions will be as follows:

Copy the software to the hard disk of your computer (or, for some manufacturers, download the software from their website).

  • Launch the IPCamera program or another program that controls the device.
  • Go to the settings of your computer, find the IP address of your own local network, it will look like For the camera, the manufacturer most likely set addresses like You can see that they differ in a single digit. It is necessary to combine a common address that matches the address of the camera and the network, it will look like
  • In the program, in the routing section, you must write the resulting result. At this moment, the program will see the camera, besides, the difference in network addresses did NOT provide this opportunity. Do not forget to focus on the statistical network settings, the manufacturer will indicate them in a format similar to 168.1.166. They will need to be saved and subsequently entered into the corresponding windows of the router.
  • Open any browser and enter a new, self-generated camera address into the search bar. If the sequence of steps was correct, the program will offer a window with graphs for entering new values. At this moment, the user will need to enter the standard username and password. They will be indicated in the manul and, as a rule, it will be a username of the admin type and a simple or empty password.
  • After entering the web interface of the camera, you will need to find a button like: “RTSP media stream (stream control)” (It allows you to enter the information stream sent via network protocols. When this setting is activated, it will give the stream address, which will look like, similar to the following: rtsp: // 554 / H264.
  • Next, you need to launch VLC. In the window that opens, enter the proposed network address. The correct sequence of manipulations leads to the fact that the image transmitted by the camera appears on the computer screen.

It is important that when launched through VLC, the appearance of the picture will be delayed by about a second compared to real time.

Not everyone is satisfied with the picture quality transmitted by a budget Chinese camera. It grows with difficulty, offers not the best color reproduction. You can customize it using the proposed software, the sections Media Settings: Quality and Rate will help you with this. It is quite easy to sharpen the image, color imperfections, if present, are more likely NOT to be changed.

Configuring image reception via the browser

The user may find that it is impossible to configure the stream transmission not from the utility, but through the browser. Several additional steps will need to be taken. If you select Internet Explorer as your main browser, when you enter the control program using the “Activate via browser” link, it will become obvious that the image does NOT appear. It is important that other browsers Firefox or Chrome do not have some of the Explorer settings, so it is rather difficult to achieve image transfer through them.

It is necessary to configure another utility, OCX (ActiveX plug-in). In the control program for the ip-camera, the button for setting it will appear in the upper right corner.

In this case, there may be a misunderstanding between the computer and the program, written in hieroglyphs, this task is solved by installing Video Player Setup with the removal of all unnecessary characters. If it simultaneously starts streaming through both channels, the problem with a second delay in image transmission can be solved, the image will begin to appear synchronously with reality.

The last step will be to configure the control of automatic camera rotation, the joystick button can be found in the program. Simple options of movement in different directions and functions of automatic horizontal or vertical patrol are also used.

Self-configuration of the IP camera It will take NOT more than 30 minutes of the user’s time, but after completing all the necessary manipulations, he can easily take advantage of all its capabilities, including two-way audio communication and the ability to record an image on a memory card.