TOP-5 correct ways to distinguish the iPhone from a Chinese fake

Hi all! Buying an expensive device like iPhone, I always want to save money. Logical? Naturally. However, all official sellers often have approximately the same (recommended by Apple), which means that in order to buy cheaper, you have to contact little.known stores or private ads.

checking, serial, apple, iphone

And then an unpleasant surprise can expect us with you!

After all, the joy of buying can be replaced by disappointment that the device will be the most natural Chinese fake. Therefore, it is better to prepare in advance and know the signs by which you can easily distinguish a real iPhone from the fake. What kind? Now we will find out. Go!

Important remark. Since the “Chinese” iPhone is a huge number, then there are also many signs by which they can also be recognized. it does not make sense to indicate all of them, I will give only those that are absolutely accurate (and most importantly. quickly!) will help you determine fake iPhone.

Pay attention to the presence of other standard applications from Apple in the menu:

Friends from the Middle Kingdom, as a rule, do not bother themselves with copying them and something may not be enough, and they should all be “in place”-this is a fact!

One of the simplest and most effective ways. turn on the device, open the main menu and pay attention to the calendar and watch icons.

  • The current date should be displayed on the calendar (unless of course it is configured), if not, then it must indicate the date that is currently in the iOS system.
  • And on the watch icon time is shown and the second shooter “runs”. Is always. It is in the menu, without going to the application. For any, even the highest quality Chinese fake there is no such and cannot be. This means that a cursory glance at the screen of the apparatus is enough to distinguish the original iPhone.

As you can see, there is nothing special complicated. a test of authenticity should not take a lot of time.

Of course, in the article I did not talk about such things as: the presence of three SIMS, memory cards, TV, “native” American assembly (by the way, find out where the iPhone is actually made), but.

Honestly, I don’t want to talk about this-all these are signs of some kind of very low-quality copy.

In general, if the antenna sticks out from the iPhone and you can push four SIM cards into it-believe me, this is definitely an unotive iPhone 🙂

P.S. You know any more quick and simple ways to accurately identify a fake? Be sure to tell about this in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев! And do not forget to ask your questions. I will try to help and answer absolutely everyone. Write!

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Hello ordered the iPhone 5s 32 GB for 5400 R said that the original new EuroTEST, maybe it is a fake, thanks

Hello. It is difficult to say about the fake, but the fact that they are not new is a fact.

I’m going to buy SE 64, a box in a factory blister, I break through and it is activated. how can it be?

In 2019, fake the IPhone factory packaging does not cause any big problems. Apparently this is just your case.

checking, serial, apple, iphone

Hello!Tell me please!bought 7 plus, I break through the number writes just 7.It’s a fake copy?

Hello. It can be: 1. Fake. 2. “Larrier” restored iPhone (when one iPhone is collected from several others). And that and that option, as a rule, does not portend anything good. P.S. Although, it is worth noting that in some cases such devices work quite normally and do not cause any problems.

Hello please tell me I bought iPhone 6s Black according to the serial number writes that white and by e-mail writes that black

Hello. The color of your device can not always coincide with the one that will be depicted in the picture when checking the iPhone by serial number on the Apple website. This is fine.

On Apple, when verifying devices for authenticity, one general illustration of a certain model of a smartphone is always given and it does not matter what color you have a smartphone itself!

On the Internet they offer to buy iPhone 7 (for a child) cheaper market. At least 2 sites say that there are restored and new. New types of new ones, but in fact they were given out in exchange for utilized. When I enter a serial number or iMEI on the website of the Premier League for verification, the system writes that this number corresponds to the phone, which was replaced t.e. The system does not know such a number. The seller says that after buying a phone and its activation, the system will issue the necessary data about him after about 2 hours It is dumb to somehow buy such a phone. The very 10th phone is European-when I bought it, IMEI system said that the phone is not activated, but nothing more I point something)))

Greetings! Here is an article about “the number corresponds to the product that was replaced”. The system knows this number and it belongs to the iPhone, which was handed over to the service center (and not the one that was issued for the replacement). “Dumb to buy such a phone” is a completely correct thought!

Good evening) almost a month of use, they found that everything is OK and have it on the box and on the phone. but my husband does not have. We struck her, I have a guarantee and its term, my husband generally says about the protection of consumer rights and the acquisition of a device in another country. blah blah. His phone, as we understand, is restored?

Kind! one. “It is written about the protection of consumer rights and the purchase of a device in another country”. perhaps the warranty just ended on the phone. 2. “Serial numbers do not match”. box from another iPhone. None of these points indicate that the phone is 100% fake or “some kind of non-original restored”.

Hello!I bought a new iPhone SE recently in an online store. Before buying, I checked him for originality in the official Apple website: I came out an inscription that IPhone should be activated. I realized that he bought it new. Come home. Activated, after a day I pierced on the site and the inscription came out to me: “The actual date of purchase“ and below this product does not apply to the protection of consumer rights. I call a hot fishing line for a trimmer and they say to me: this happens if your iPhone was bought by a “gray” store not official. bought for a long time and therefore all the guarantees for it came out. And I tell them: but the guarantee begins from the moment the phone is activated? But they said that from the moment of purchase on the check. Such a strange situation. For the first time I have this. Can’t something. I bought a restored iPhone? Although it is very similar to the original: all serial coincides, the shooter is moving to the application, everything works well. The site displayed as the iPhone Se 128 GB and the color told me the color.

Hello. one. They told the truth on the hot line (well, how could it be otherwise?). the guarantee on the iPhone does not always begin from the moment of its activation. 2. This is hardly a fake. Most likely, the iPhone was really bought for a long time, and until the moment of your purchase it was simply stored in the store.

Where you can check the iPhone for authenticity by serial number?

In fact, there are a large number of resources providing such services. I advise you to use only two. Why?

This, in my opinion, is quite enough. What are these sites? I already talked about one of them in the article about how to find out the date and place of the iPhone purchase. There is also an instruction to use this service. And the second place where you can check the serial iPhone number carefully and thoroughly. of course the Apple site. We’ll talk about this procedure today a little more. IPhone check instructions for IMEI on Apple’s website

This action is carried out in several elementary steps.

Here you can see the model and color of the device, find out when technical support expires by phone and warranty. Also, in the same section, a notification will be presented about the need to carry out the activation procedure, if one has not been completed earlier.

On the basis of this information, you can make:

  • Conclusions about the originality of the iPhone (although there are simpler ways for this).
  • Determine if the case has changed?
  • Find out if the serial number really corresponds to this particular model?

Useful advice! The presented instruction allows you to check not only the iPhone, but also other “apple” devices: iPad, computers Mac, Apple TV television prefixes, AirPods wireless headphones, as well as some additional accessories.

P.S. Data on Apple and Reality coincided? Like it”! Not? Write in the comment. let’s try to figure it out together!

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Hello. When checking, the iPhone issues that the memory volume is 64 GB, although I have 16. What does it mean? Thank you for your attention.

Hello. If there is no error, then this means that this serial number does not belong to your iPhone.

This means that the phone is not an orginal or opened

My phone is black, I personally opened the packaging, bought in an official store, but when checking the color showed white, why?

The Apple website can “be” with the definition of color when checking by IMEI. If you are sure of the originality of the iPhone, then you should not worry.

Hello! How to check the phone for originality, that this is not refer. If you buy a phone with your hands and a guarantee does not beat on his site. And you can’t particularly distinguish them !?

Hello. If the warranty on the site does not break through, then they can “slip” anything. now there are a lot of craftsmen. Checking something in this case is hard (if possible).

I have an iPhone with a broken screen. I need a screen but I can’t understand what model. I check for a serial writes that 6s plus. and in appearance 7th. And on the check and on the box it is written that the 7th. How to be. I don’t know what screen take it on it. Diagonal 4.7

Watch the video on YouTube and find the device similar to your.

What other videos on YouTube? Do not listen to advisers. Behind on the case, you have a phone model. Drive it in any search engine. For example: iPhone Model A1524 and the search engine will give out that this is the iPhone 6 Plus. If you are afraid that the Google’s 150,000 requests are mistaken, the Apple website has a specification of each model. For example, 6 HTTPS: // Support has.Apple.COM/KB/SP706?Locale = ru_ru but in general, Google will immediately orient you. Relying on the “eye” and video once YouTube is dangerous.

So you can also. The only moment (given the fact that a person has big problems with the definition of a correct serial man), the case on specifically this iPhone can be “not native”. This means either to be without any inscriptions at all, or data about the model will be indicated incorrectly.

Good afternoon. If on the website Apple, when checking, issues: “This serial number corresponds to the product that has been replaced”, then the restored phone is also a restored phone?

Kind. Not. Here is an article about the “IPhone serial number corresponds to the replaced product”. please read, there is a detailed answer to your question.

Good day. Advise how to be. There is an iPhone 6s. Was purchased from offices in Canada. Brought in and donated (reliable person). Half a year has passed and so at some point the network falls off and writes “no network” but the phone works as usual, catches waffle, there are no brakes. On the part of the operator, all the norms, on the technical side, is possible something to think on a modem or antenna, but they are determined inside the modem is determined, reads the SIM card (they checked in the service, we would not be broken down, we want to turn to another place. but whether it is necessary). So the fact is that they checked him by having and it is written that the phone is utilized. And it seems that this is the problem. How to be now, what will you advise. Is it possible that someone “there” was mistakenly entered into the recycling base? And how to prove that there was nothing on our part and what is the most important to whom to contact the Russian service or Canadian (there will be no problems with the delivery of problems)

Good. I have an article about “IPhone serial number corresponds to the product that was replaced”. You are about this, right? The situation, of course, is very strange. And I, frankly, did not come across this. Perhaps this problem should be addressed precisely in the “native” service in Canada. Since judging by various messages, the Apple service in other countries is much more loyal and competent in such issues. P.S. It seems to me that the original purchase check will help you very much. you definitely need to try to get it.

Yes, the original check is (miraculously survived) we will try to local off. Services to begin to start, if not, then he goes to Canada for replacement because he has already heard that they can even change them without a check there. There is certainly no other option. Well, or to contact where you need to do, but these are such troubles.

I supplement. Yesterday it was somehow unlocked and he ceased to be utilized, just ceased to be a warranty (it is indicated that your phone was sold in another country and contact there). A familiar who spoke about this lives in Canada, and the sellers were stunned, so to speak (perhaps they tried). But the problem “no network” remained)) after reading several articles, I realized that the case could be in the signal transmitter (amplifier)

Hello! When checking the iPhone on the site, I issued that it is necessary to activate it, after activation asked the purchase date, but after that, the difference with the purchase date and activation is still about a week. What can it talk about?

Hello. Here is an article about the date of activation and purchase of iPhone. perhaps there you will find an answer to your question.

checking, serial, apple, iphone

Good afternoon, I bought an iPhone, the girl warned that she handed it to the Apple official service center since he bugged it and she was given a new one, but they did not change the box. But all the checks and information about the replacement are. Now on the phone alone have one and on the box the other. This is not scary?

How to distinguish a new and restored iPhone?

There is one small snag in this matter.

The thing is that there are officially and unofficially restored iPhone.

How to determine “artisan” restored iPhone

In fact, these are the same used devices that are going to do not understand where and it is not clear how. This means that you can also distinguish them. check by serial number on Apple website. If the warranty has passed, then the iPhone is not new.

And all would be nothing, but many sellers, realizing unofficially (read, in basement workshops) restored iPhone under the guise of new ones, go to all sorts of tricks and try to confuse the buyer:

  • Say, this is some kind of special phone (EuroTORES, Chinese, American, special)-therefore, the check does not work. Remember, check on Apple should always work!
  • The serial number on the box is faked. a random IMEI is indicated, which has not yet been activated. And the device, in fact, has a different number.

But the worst thing is that craftsmen can change the serial number directly on the phone. What to do and how to find out the truth?

  • Check IMEI by command # call button. Having dialed it (like a regular call) you will display a serial number. compare it with the one indicated on the box and in the settings.
  • The most time.consuming, but the most reliable. restore iPhone firmware through iTunes. After this procedure, all intervention in the operating system will disappear, if any of it took place.

Well, then we act “according to the closed scheme”. go to the Apple website, check and draw conclusions.

What is the difference between officially restored iPhone

We all know that Apple really restores and implements some iPhone models with the prefix “like new”.

If you want to know in more detail what these devices are? I have a good article on the topic. read, there is a lot of useful.

How to find out that you have a restored device in front of you? In fact, there are not so many ways:

There are no other differences. These are the same devices as new. They have a full.fledged warranty and are also checked on Apple website. No need to be afraid of them.

  • The most correct and reliable way to find out that the iPhone is new is to check it on the Apple website. Depending on the results of the audit, it will already be possible to conclude whether this is the use of the device or not.
  • Sometimes the serial number can be faked in order to issue an unofficially restored iPhone for a completely new device. Therefore, we look at IMEI not only on the box, but also in the settings of the device (ideally, make the restoration of firmware through iTunes-if the serial is changed in any way, then after this procedure real numbers will “return”).
  • Officially restored iPhone are practically no different from ordinary. The difference will be only in the figure and inscriptions on the box, price.

Perhaps these are the most important points from all of the above. I hope that the information was useful. if it helps at least a few people (it will protect him from buying a “bad” gadget, calm down and assure that the bought iPhone is really new), it will be very good!

P.S. In your power to make there more such people. put a “like”, press on the buttons of social networks. Do a good deed!:)

P.S.S. Be sure to leave your questions, observations, stories in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, share your personal experience. I always wait! Write boldly and feel free!:)

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How to Check if iPhone is Original. Quickest and Easiest Method!

Hi all! My name is Mikhail and this is my blog. Welcome! P.S. Sometimes I can take me live. Find, chat!;) At the moment. offline!

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Michael, thank you for the useful articles and instructions!

Andrey, thank you for your kind words. Very nice

Good day) My Syrians completely coincides with the box and in the settings, and the command entered, but there is an image of the phone on the box and there is no inscription RFG.How can this be if the number matches?

good time. What’s the problem?) All IMEI rooms coincide. this is good. There is an iPhone image on the box and there is no RFB inscription. generally wonderful. So the phone is at least not restored.

I will not explain what the refer. B, but officially the IPhone recovery is better than those that are sold in stores firstly, cheaper. and secondly, he was collected twice)))

If the iPhone used what will happen on the screen when turning on? The picture is the same. if the phone is new and if used? The seller showed on the example of the used phone: if you delete the entire info, aid, and so on, then they write “the phone is not activated” on the site

If the content and settings are dropped, then the picture will be like on the new iPhone. this is how the first inclusion of iOS looks like. 2. If the iPhone was used, then “they write the phone is not activated on the site”. this will not happen. And there will be one of these inscription options when checking on Apple website.

Good afternoon! Buying iPhone was even glad that it is restored. not so expensive and angrily. Now I examined serial numbers. in the device and on the box the same, but not according. restored. no RFB. The box itself without drawing. The Apple website states that the service life is expired. Really used? It’s a shame, however. But it seems to work properly.

Kind! Perhaps this is an iPhone, which was restored unofficially (out of several other used iPhone). Such devices can also work for a long time and reliably. What is happening in your case. this is the most important thing.

Good afternoon!I bought a phone 6s. 28.ten.17.He was printed and activated with me.And now I decided to check it by serial number. And the date of the end of the guarantee differs from the date of purchase and the activation for 11 days. 17.ten.2018. This is the norm?All numbers from the box, tray for SIM, coincide.

Kind! I have an article on what moment the guarantee on the iPhone is counted. Please read, and most likely you will receive an answer to your question.

I drove the serial number on the Apple website, it is drawn in a black device, and I have a pink! BUT

If the Apple website incorrectly determines the iphone color when checking by IMEI, then there is nothing wrong with that. Most importantly, pay attention to the warranty period, since this is what indicates that the phone is new (or not).

Good afternoon! I bought a recently restored iPhone 5s phone. “As a new” was declared by both the seller and in the window. I asked to clarify what this means. I was told that the phone was officially restored at the factory. Bought, started using. The battery sits very quickly. It is worth not sitting on the Internet for long, and there is almost no charge. Obviously, the battery “killed”. I decided to check by the serial number indicated on the box, the status of the phone on the company’s website. I was given data for an unknown phone 6s. I looked in the settings of my phone and found out that the serial number on the box does not correspond to the real. According to the real serial, the warranty on the phone no longer applies. There is no RFB designation on the box itself, on the front side of the box the phone is depicted. What does it mean? Someone restored the phone and sells it “like new”, impressing it for the officially restored? Is the fact that serial numbers on the box and in the settings are different, evidence of deception?

Kind. one. Yes, someone unofficially “restored” this iPhone from different spare parts. What kind of spare parts are these, where did they come from, how this “restoration” went. there are more questions than answers than answers. 2. Of course this is a deception. After all, there is no question of any official product. And it is not known how the device will behave in the future. I would advise, if possible, pick up money and return the goods to the seller.

Hello. Please tell me here in my serial issue in the iPhone, it is restored the latest letter XX what does it mean?) please

Hello. As far as I know, the latest letters in the serial issue “speak” about the model, color and memory of the device.

Hello, they offer you to buy 6s. White box without drawings, and the front side is written by Apple Certified Pre-Code, which means that it is officially restored, have everything, but when you enter the check on the site, writes that it is normal, t.E is not restored, how to understand this ?

how to check original serial number for apple products#appleoriginalproduct#appleairpodspro#apple

Hello. When checking the iPhone on IMEI on the Apple website, it does not show which iPhone it is restored or not. Any iPhone (no matter. new or refer) will be displayed as “normal”.


Knowing the IMEI devices, when checking the phone for originality, you should definitely use the IMEI online service.Info, which can provide a lot of interesting information about your gadget.

Be sure to check the appearance of the device and its box. no Chinese hieroglyphs (unless the iPhone was purchased in China), errors in writing words should not be allowed here.

On the back of the box, see the specifications of the device. they must fully coincide with those that your iPhone has (you can compare the characteristics of the phone itself through “settings”. “main”. “about this device”).

Naturally, no antennas for the TV and other inappropriate details should not be. If you have never seen before what a real iPhone looks like, it is better to spend time going to any store that distributes apple technique and carefully study the exhibition sample.


Apple’s smartphone software uses the iOS operating system, while the vast majority of fakes are running Android with an installed shell that is extremely similar to the apple system.

In this case, it is quite simple to determine the fake: the application of applications on the original iPhone comes from the App Store store, and on fakes from Google Play Market (or alternative application store). App Store for iOS 11 should look as follows:

    To make sure that you have the iPhone in front of you, follow the link below to the WhatsApp application download page. You need to do this from the standard browser Safari (this is important). Normally, the phone will offer to open the application in the App Store, after which it can be loaded from the store.

These are the main methods that allow you to determine whether the real iPhone before you or not. But perhaps the most important factor is the price: the original working device without significant damage cannot cost much lower than the market price, even if the seller justifies that he urgently needed money.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

In addition to this article, the site has another 13176 useful instructions. Add the site into bookmarks (ctrld) and we will definitely come in handy for you.

Describe what you didn’t succeed. Our experts will try to answer as quickly as possible.

No iPhone

Now such devices are less common, but suddenly you are a retro lover, in pursuit of the iPhone 3G. There is a chance to run into a flipped smartphone. These iPhone were bought abroad on a contract basis. Such tubes can cause a lot of inconvenience, for which, moreover, you have to pay.

Here are a few signs by which you can understand whether the smartphone is laid out or not.

  • In the SIM tray there is a chipper.
  • The device is not updated to the maximum possible OS.
  • In the settings-the main ones-there is an operator about this device, different from the fact that in the status bar.
  • After rebooting, the device catches the network for a long time or requires a call to a certain number.

Such smartphones are not updated without the necessary manipulations, I see no reason to pay for them.

Sweeter or not?

Buying drowned smartphones is extremely dangerous. You do not know how he was dried after falling into the water. Perhaps the iPhone has been in the hands of adequate servicemen, or maybe he was simply put in rice. At the same time, the oxidation of the components is still ongoing, and the smartphone “moves horses” at any moment.

checking, serial, apple, iphone

It’s a pity that this pops up only after opening the device. However, one marker is visible on the outside.

  • For the iPhone 5 and newer: Open the SIM card tray and look inside.
  • For others iPhone: Look at the 30-pin connector and at the head of the headphones.

Here you can see how the work marker in a particular iPhone model will look like. If there are no red dots in the designated places, then everything is in order, on this side the iPhone did not fill. precisely, only the service center can clarify the situation.

3 iPhone check for IMEI

The most information about the device can be obtained by IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity. 15 digits).

By the way, you can find it out by just typing on the keyboard: #06 #.

In addition to all the information that is available when checking the serial number, IMEI can still find out the status of Anlock for iPhone. T.e. the ability to work a phone with any cellular operator.

On this site you can get the technical characteristics of the checked iPhone

4 Anglok check for IMEI

You can check this on the following sites:

On this site, information on the replaced devices is issued.

Sometimes sellers offer phones that buyers returned for various reasons. Perhaps there is nothing wrong with this, but as a rule, the appearance of such iPhone can be slightly spoiled and they are definitely not suitable as a gift.

The support service even works here, which, if necessary, will be able to unlock your iPhone for money.

Recently, IMEI iPhone has become problematic. Services providing such a service work unstable.

IPhone software checking

And the last stage of the check is some “chips” in the iPhone software. We have described the most common and optimal test methods, but if you want to make sure that you have an original phone, you can try the following options:

  • Voice Assistant Siri. Run the Siri voice and set any command, for example, start the Apple Store application or go to a specific site. There is no voice assistant in fakes, so this operation will not be performed;
  • Applications. Try to launch the Wallet application for binding bank cards in Apple Pay or “commands” to tie a certain voice command to a specific action. There are no such programs in fakes, although in the original version of iOS they are installed by default.

There are indeed many options for checks, and most of them we described in this material so that you can be sure of the reliability and originality of the acquired device. If you first buy iPhone and do not know how to connect it to iTunes, how to authorize via Apple ID, we recommend taking with you a person who has such a device, otherwise you will get to the tricks of scammers and purchase a fake.

And pay attention to the seller. For example, if he offers you a cashless calculation, delivery to any region, but does not want to meet with you personally. this is a 100% deception, as a result of which the maximum that you get is a fake. In the worst case, just lose your money!

Check the appearance of the original iPhone

A person who has not previously used Apple devices is quite difficult to evaluate the external state of the smartphone and verify it with the original, but there are certain patterns that will even help beginners quickly calculate the fake:

  • We get acquainted with the device. Before buying and meeting with the seller, we recommend watching reviews on the Internet to understand what buttons the iPhone is, what size, in what color solutions it is available when there will be an announcement and sale in very often sold iPhones, which should be released only a few days later, However, sellers guarantee 100% originality and their “exits to suppliers”. This is all a scam. On the same principle, you can determine the fake by simply looking at its color. Apple Corporation produces devices in strictly defined color shades, and no exclusive options for individual users provide.
  • Buttons. We have already talked about the buttons, but here we should more carefully approach the verification. The iPhone, as a rule, has only a few keys: the volume swing, the Home button, turning on/off and shutdown of sound. At the same time, they do not crunch, do not make any noise and work correctly in any conditions.
  • Logos. On the rear cover of the iPhone there is always a logo of the bitten apple, and below there is an inscription about where the device is produced. Pay attention to the color, to the form. Original devices do not have any curves of bends and patterns, additional colors on the logo. Everything is done exactly, neatly.
  • SIM slot. The main feature of the iPhone is the lack of the possibility of using additional drives to expand memory, so there can only be a SIM card in a slot for a SIM card, and only one and no SD cards can be used here, like additional SIM!
  • Materials. All Apple devices are made from certain materials. Initially, view on the official website, from which the case is made, how much the device weighs, what materials are used on the back cover. Very often in fakes slightly different materials are used. For example, if the original iPhone 8 uses glass on the rear panel, in fakes they can simply make a whole shape of a certain color.

Parameters that distinguish the original smartphone from fake

Apple pays great attention to the issue of security and originality of its own gadgets. That is why, parameters are provided that allow users to identify and confirm the uniqueness of their device.

For verification, it is necessary to carry out an external inspection of the gadget, as well as find out the serial number and explore the work on. Follow our tips:

  • Check the condition of the case, including all the features of the selected iPhone model;
  • Check the technical characteristics of the gadget, they should not differ from the declared;
  • Check the serial number and IMEI code;
  • Check Apple ID.

Stage check IMEI, serial number and iOS parameters

It is not recommended to purchase an iPhone without a box, since it is one of the tools that helps to find out in an original way or not. IMEI is written on the box and it must be compared with the one that is displayed in information about iOS, in the iPhone itself.

If the rooms have not coincided, it means that the smartphone is either not original or stolen.

We check the stage using the official website of Apple

In order to check the authenticity of the device, you can use Apple’s website. This is a very accurate and reliable way. And you will take a few minutes to check:

  • We go to Apple: https: // Checkcoverage.Apple.COM/ru/ru/;
  • Enter the serial number of the device;
  • Enter the information the necessary information and click on “Continue”.

It is important to understand that this method determines the availability of service to use service. Also using the IMEI site.Info you can find out:

All about Activation Lock

On the service website you can find out the type of gadget, its location, as well as information on what status the device is located.

IPhone binding to Apple

Everything is tied to one place and can be used on several devices at the same time. Before buying, it is important to check the attachment of the device. You should not buy those devices to which some extraneous account is tied. If the seller comes up with the reasons not to leave the account, then you should not buy. If there is no way to get out of the ID, then the device is stolen.


You need to check in what condition is the back cover and screen. Well, if there are no defects or their number comes down to the minimum number. Dents, chips and scuffs. signs of not a very high.quality smartphone.

Pressing on the screen must be accompanied by an instant reaction. Delay is a sign that the display module works poorly.


It is the buttons that break in iPhones, so it is worth paying special attention to these controls.

The device should start without problems and off, Touchid, as well as the “swing” of the volume should react without “brakes”.


You need to check with speakers: spoken and auditory. When calling, your interlocutor should hear you perfectly, and when playing music, you should not hear unnecessary noise and interference.

Near the charging nest, there are nets for the speaker of conversational. If they are absent, this means that the smartphone was dismantled. You should also check the condition of the two screws holding the back cover.

Hardware anlock

Before you buy, you need to extract a SIM card and make sure that there is nothing superfluous there.

Communication modules

We need to check how all communication modules work: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS and 3G. If something of this does not work, then the antenna is damaged for communication.

Other software functions

Be sure to make sure that they work well:


Want to protect yourself when buying iPhone? Follow the following recommendations:

  • Payment should be made only after checking the device;
  • It is important to inspect the gadget, its body and all functions. Everything should be almost perfect;
  • You need to check the Activation Lock;
  • The seller must leave Apple buy iPhone with a 53% discount!

Apple technique has recently been increasingly used by deceivers as a significant trademark to make money. The thing is that almost every second person dreamed or dreams of getting a beautiful and multifunctional iPhone to show off with him in front of friends and create beautiful photos in a selfie style. Here are just such gadgets in the way too expensive because of the high ruble course, in connection with which desperate “dreamers” are trying to buy used options on the Internet, for example, on the same Avito.

Due to the fact that they often deceive even those users who had previously used the iPhone, then newcomers should not be talked about at all. This article is written specifically so that everyone who wants to purchase iPhone can thoroughly check it and personally make sure that it is original. A similar procedure can be compared with the purchase of a car, but since some iPhone models sometimes surpass the Russian auto industry in price, you must be very careful. We described all the methods of checking the iPhone for originality.

How to find out what you bought iPhone: new or restored

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When buying iPhone, sometimes there are situations when the seller tries to deceive the buyer. A non.versed person can easily confuse a new smartphone with a restored.

And some sellers use this for their own benefit. And it seems that this is not so scary, all the same, the guarantee from Apple and so on, but it is more pleasant to walk with a new apparatus than with “as new”.

How to distinguish the new iPhone from a restored model for the number

Open the settings. basic. about this device.

Pay attention to the line model.

This paragraph will indicate the number of your model, the first letter is responsible for the “status” of the device:

M. a new device for retail sale F. restored iPhone N. smartphone changed according to the service guarantee replacement program (replaced iPhone) P. personalized iPhone (with engraving)

In addition, the same number contains a country for which this iPhone is intended. We look at the last two letters:

Ru. the device has a status and has a two.year warfare. an American apparatus that has only a guarantee from Apple (some service centers can refuse to maintain)

Well, of course, do not forget about the appearance of the box. What are the boxes from the iPhone, we have already said in a separate article.

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