How to find out the date of the first activation of the iPhone and the remaining warranty period

Go to the Apple website section to check your service and support entitlements;

Enter the serial number of the iPhone, which can be found on the box, case or in the menu Settings → General → About this device;

In addition, information about the IMEI and serial number can be found on the welcome screen when you first turn on the iPhone. click on the “i” icon in the lower right corner.

In the third paragraph, “The right to service and repair”, the status should be “Provided”;

You are Honor from the 365-day warranty expiration date below. this will be the date of the first activation of the iPhone.

How to teach iPhone to pronounce the name of the caller.


CNDeepInfo service is universal and suitable for checking almost all mobile devices.

It helps to check if the hardware part of the checked gadget is of high quality. often “underground” manufacturers use the lowest-grade components.

To check your smartphone, you need to go to this site at:, then enter the IMEI number in the appropriate window and click the “Check” button. The result of the check consists of several parts.

The first block is a certificate. The certificate confirms that this iPhone is not lost by its real owner or stolen. The second part. “IMEI decryption”.

  • TAC number (first 8 digits). reflects the model and origin of the smartphone;
  • the serial number of the gadget (6 subsequent digits) is unique for each device;
  • check digit (15th in a row) allows you to check the correctness of all previous.
  • The third part is “Detailed Information”. Unfortunately, detailed information is not available during a free check, so after clicking on the “Get information” line you will be prompted to pay.

    How to check iPhone by serial number and IMEI for authenticity in 2020?

    We all know perfectly well that when buying an iPhone from your hands, you should be extremely careful. The fact is that recently more and more almost perfect copies of smartphones have appeared, which will be very difficult to distinguish for an inexperienced user.

    But even if you are lucky enough to find an original device, it may well have an expired warranty. How to check iPhone by serial number and IMEI?

    In order to make sure that the seller is honest, you should use the official Apple website, where in just a few seconds you can check the purchased device by IMEI or serial number.

    How to check iPhone by IMEI

    To check the iPhone by IMEI for the right to service and technical support, the user needs to go to the official website of the company that is the manufacturer of his smartphone. Once on the site, you need to go to the menu and find the “Eligibility for Service and Support” tab. There you enter your devices and all the necessary information.

    How to verify iPhone for authenticity when buying by hand

    In order for the owner of the gadget to be eligible for free warranty service, it is necessary that the smartphone data match the data on the packaging box and on the SIM card tray. You will also need an iPhone purchase receipt.

    By IMEI, you can determine the originality of the smartphone. To do this, you need to use a special algorithm.

    How to determine the authenticity of an iPhone by its name:

    • It is necessary to add all the digits of the number that are in even positions, except for the check one (second digit, fourth, sixth, etc.).
    • Replace numbers in odd positions (1 becomes 2, 2. 4, 3. 6, 4. 8, 5. 1, 6. 3, 7. 5, 8. 7, 0 and 9 do not need to be replaced).
    • Add Converted Digits.
    • Now all the converted numbers need to be added with the result from the first paragraph (except for the check digit).
    • From the received number, you need to Honor the check digit.

    The final number should be a multiple of 10. If the result is divisible by 10 without a remainder, then the iPhone is real.

    Examples of iPhone Service and Support Eligibility Information Received After Verification

    New unactivated iPhone (this should be stated if you are buying a new Apple smartphone):

    How to check apple iphone, ipad is genuine or fake and warranty status in free !!!!!!!

    Newly activated iPhone (up to three months) under warranty:

    Activated used iPhone. Warranty expired:

    How to check eligibility for Apple service and support

    In the event of a breakdown or any malfunctions in the operation of the mobile device, the user of the device can contact the service center. Employees of such a center will examine the phone and draw conclusions about whether the breakdown is significant, whether it is possible to fix the defect. If the breakdown turns out to be too serious, then the owner will either get the money back for the device, or they will replace it with a new one. But this is only possible with a valid warranty.

    Important! To repair or replace the phone free of charge, the breakdown must be covered by the warranty. If the owner breaks the device through negligence, in this case, he will most likely be denied free service.

    To check if the iPhone has a warranty and if it has expired, you need to know its serial number, as well as IMEI. This information can be found in the phone settings. To do this, go to the settings. basic. about the device. The user will be presented with all the information about his smartphone, including the phone model, IOS version, serial number and IMEI. You can check iPhone by IMEI on the official website of the company.


    This service checks the quality of iPhone components, as well as other brands of mobile phones. “Underground workers”, as a rule, assemble gadgets from low-grade parts, which will be revealed as a result of testing.

    • We go to the site After entering 15 digits, the “Check” button is pressed. Certificate issued:
    • Further, “IMEY” is deciphered and the physical characteristics of the phone are shown:
    • The TAC item informs about the origin of the iPhone (the first eight digits of the IMEI) and gives a description of the model.
    • The second shows the unique iPhone number, consisting of six subsequent IMEI digits.
    • Check digit. the last one in the IMEI code as confirmation of all previous.

    Another interesting article for you: How to remove an old protective glass from an iPhone on your own

    Next is the queue of “Detailed information”, but it is provided for a fee.

    Identifying MacBook by Serial Number

    Obtaining a serial number

    The MacBook Factory ID can be obtained in several ways. If there is a box in which the laptop was sold, you can find the information you need directly on it.

    Also, the serial number is usually indicated on the body of the device. pay attention to the inscriptions on the bottom, located closer to the display hinges.

    However, both the first and second options are not very reliable: an unscrupulous seller could take a box from a genuine MacBook, as well as wipe the inscription. The most reliable method for obtaining an ID is to use the information provided by the About This Mac utility.

      Go to the device’s desktop and open the Apple menu indicated by the company logo.

    Then use the item “About this Mac”. click on it with the left mouse button once.

    Having received the number, we proceed to the second stage. the actual definition.

    MacBook Serial Number

    The procedure for determining the authenticity of a laptop from Apple consists of two stages: obtaining a serial number and using it on the manufacturer’s website. Let’s consider each stage in more detail.

    Determination of authenticity

    Apple is very worried about its own reputation, so it provided users with a special service through which you can check the authenticity of the purchased equipment.

    • Follow the link above. Enter the received serial number in the appropriate field, then go through a simple captcha, then click “Continue”.

    If the MacBook being tested is genuine, get a page describing the model and the support available for it.

    Important! Many scammers rely on the inexperience of the buyer: sometimes an old one is sold under the guise of a new model, and it is not easy to distinguish them by their appearance. Therefore, always carefully read the description obtained from the serial number and check if it matches the seller’s statements.!

    The operation is elementary, and will take 5 minutes at most, provided that the Internet is not too fast.

    We reviewed the methodology for determining the MacBook model by serial number. Finally, we recall once again that the best way to obtain an identifier is programmatically, through the “About This Mac” tool.

    Pros and cons of Chinese smartwatches compared to the original Apple Watch

    The very dubious advantages include:

    • Inexpensive cost of the gadget.
    • The ability to insert a SIM card and make a call directly from the smartwatch.
    • No need to take care of the safety of the gadget. it’s not a pity to break or lose it.

    There are undoubtedly more disadvantages of such analogs:

    • Body. cheap plastic.
    • The replica is much heavier than the original.
    • Chinese watch straps are made of leatherette, unlike real iWatch.
    • Clasp made of plastic or silumin. quickly deteriorates.
    • No protection against moisture and dust penetration.
    • The screen simply does not show signs of life, completely ignoring the user’s touch.
    • The service life of an outright fake rarely exceeds 10-12 months.

    Apple Watch is the leader in the smartwatch market, as every gadget is premium quality. Therefore, even an inexperienced user can distinguish a fake from a genuine iWatch. When choosing such an accessory, you should not compromise in favor of a low cost, because a Chinese replica will bring one disappointment.

    How to find your Apple Watch series

    By the model, which can be found in the phone settings “About the device”, on the official Apple website, you can find out the watch series (

    How to check if an Apple Watch is stolen

    It is a known fact that Apple takes the safety of its products seriously. Therefore, Apple Watch is equipped with a wake-up lock feature. Which allows you to set the lost mode, block the device and send a message with your contact information to the finder. All of this can be done through the website. This feature is activated when you turn on the option called “Find Apple Watch”.

    In order to check if the device is blocked, you need to:

    • Take the iPhone paired with which the watch worked from the previous owner at the time of purchase.
    • Go to it in the section “My watch”.
    • Click on the name of the watch, and then on the icon that displays additional information.
    • If the item “Find Apple Watch” appears in the section that opens, click on “Unpair with Apple Watch”.
    • Enter the password, Apple ID, which the seller should know if the device belongs to him.

    If you do not check the activation of this function, the new user will be faced with the need to enter the password and Apple ID of the old owner when resetting data or updating the device.

    How to find your serial number and why you need it

      Consider the box of the device (the serial number is written on the back) or go to settings-basic-About device to find out the IMEI / serial number of the device.

  • Having copied the serial code / IMEI, we go to the official website., where the database of all the company’s smart watches is stored and where you can check the authenticity of the watch and the relevance of Apple guarantees.
  • In a special field, you need to specify the same number that you previously copied, enter the code and press the Enter button.
  • Checking Serial Number / IMEI Apple Watch on the Official Website
    If information about the model appears in the next window, then you are in luck. and you are a happy owner of the original “apple” products. If an error message pops up, then, alas, this is a fake.

    If you see it on the screen. the Apple Watch is original

    In this way, you can determine the authenticity of the gadget with one hundred percent accuracy. In addition, you can find out if the item is stolen, activated or blocked. You can also check the warranty. Checking the serial number will give you another possible result:

    • Not activated;
    • Activated;
    • Locked.

    And also the dates of activation of the device, if any (the new device should not have such dates and no locks).

    For example, if the device is just used, then you will see the date of early activation.

    And if it is stolen, then you will see information about the blocking. The fact is that Apple Watch is equipped with an activation lock function, which helps to lock the device if it is lost or stolen and send the contact information of the former owner to the device.

    If this function was enabled, but not disabled before the sale, then the first time you reset, restore or update, the watch will ask for the username and password of the Apple ID of the former owner. Without knowing them, you will not be able to use the device in the future.

    The situation can be corrected only with the presence of the owner (of course, when it comes to getting a watch from his hands):

    • The seller should ask the iPhone that this watch worked with.
    • Open the Apple Watch program, go to the “My Watch” item.
    • At the top you will see the name of the watch. Click. Click on the icon for more information.
    • If in the window that opens you see the words: “Find Apple Watch”, then you came across a stolen device and the lock is on.
  • To disconnect from this feature, click on Unpair Apple Watch. At this stage, we need the owner’s Apple ID login and password.
  • Now you can safely use the “apple” unit, without fear of any blockage.
  • We draw a conclusion. It is quite possible to avoid buying a fake. The main thing to remember is that a company like Apple will not disgrace itself with low-quality products, but will maintain strict control over production, starting from the smallest and inconspicuous parts of the watch, ending with the ideal state of the box, which stores a new first-class device.

    checking, apple, products, serial, number
    • In the Apple Watch, go to the “Settings” section.
    • Select the “General” section, then “About the device”.
    • In the window that opens, go down and find the serial number or IMEI.
    • Go to the official Apple website.
    • In the upper right corner, select the “Support” section.
    • In the window that opens, select the subsection “AppleCare and Warranty”, and in it the tab “Is the warranty still valid for my product?”.
    • In the field that opens, you must enter the serial number of the Apple Watch and click on the continue button.

    If the product is counterfeit, then the system simply will not find its serial number and will display an error message.

    In addition, with the help of this service, the buyer has the opportunity to find out if they want to slip a used watch under the guise of a new device. The fact is that if the site confirms the serial number of the device, full information about it should appear on the screen. Namely:

    • Date of purchase of a reasonable watch.
    • Term of technical support by phone.
    • Warranty period for service and repair.

    Thus, the buyer will immediately see whether the phone was purchased earlier and whether its technical support has been activated. If the phone is new, the message “You must confirm the date of purchase of the product” will appear on the screen.

    You can also find your Apple Watch serial number on the back of your device display and on the box.

    Chinese copy. How to recognize? How to check Apple Watch before buying

    If Apple could be summed up in one word, it would be the word “perfection”. Apple values ​​its reputation, so it seeks to minimize defects that can appear not only on gadgets, but even on boxes in which new units should be stored. Thus, Chinese products can be distinguished from the original by their appearance:

      When buying, pay attention to the box. Apple uses specially coated heavy-duty cardboard for them, so the presence of dents on the boxes can already be considered a clear sign of a fake. Crumpled storage for gadgets just not released for sale.

    Original box Apple Watch Series 3

    Then inspect the watch itself. Are there any scratches on the case? Dent? Are the letters blurry? Are there any extra slots or additional slots for an SD or SIM card? If the answer to at least one of these questions is negative, then there is a high probability that you are holding a fake.

    The original Apple Watch does NOT have any additional SIM or memory card slots.

    But even if, upon careful examination of the watch, the box, you did not notice any errors, damage, this does not guarantee that you have the original in front of you. The Chinese do not sit still, and they can fake gadgets better and more detailed. Everything will fall into place when you turn on your Apple Watch. Pay attention to design, brightness and image quality. The inhabitants of the Middle Kingdom have not yet learned to counterfeit the filling of American Smart-watches. When you turn on the gadget, instead of the branded IOS, you may be presented with:

    • Android version;
    • Unknown Chinese version.

    Original Apple Watch is very fast and does NOT run on Android.

    How to distinguish an Apple Watch from a fake

    There are basic rules on how to distinguish Apple Watch from a fake. So, for example, when checking a device for authenticity, you must:

    • Make sure there are no connectors.
    • Check if the watch is charging using magnetic induction technology.
    • Make sure the device is running the IOS operating system.
    • Examine the external design of the device carefully. It should be made of high-quality metal, not plastic, equipped with a comfortable strap, and also have a rounded and smooth display shape.

    The innovative iWatch watch will cost the buyer a round sum, so when buying such a gadget from hands or from unofficial representatives of the company, you can stumble upon:

    • stolen product;
    • Chinese copy.

    How to Check the Warranty on a Apple Product

    Therefore, buyers often face the question of how to verify the authenticity of the Apple Watch.?

    How to check a watch: new or used

    The fact is that some Russian businessmen buy original products not from Tim Cook’s company, but from third parties, from whom the stolen products are reflashed and sealed again in the original packaging. Therefore, it is important to check if the Apple Watch is a replica.

    IMEI or serial number of the iPhone and iWatch bundle. One of the ways to check on the website if the watch is original.

    Original or Replica: Verifying Apple Watch upon Purchase

    The easiest way to distinguish is the Chinese copy of the Apple Watch, which unscrupulous sellers may pass off as original products. Smart watch for iPhone Apple Watch original:

    • devoid of any connectors;
    • magnetic induction technology is used for charging;
    • a SIM or SD card slot is an insult to iWatch.

    The products of the famous American brand look completely different: all the details, curves and pixels of the screen are where they should be. Chinese copies are made very roughly: with irregularities and defects in both color and shape.

    Even if the copies of smart watches are outwardly indistinguishable from the original Apple Watch, which is almost impossible upon close inspection, the internal filling of the fakes will surely put an end to this dispute. Instead of proprietary iOS with a great design and high-quality language translation, copies are used:

    • adapted version of Android;
    • Chinese version of unknown firmware.

    In addition to the above information, it will be useful to read an article on the topic, what are the differences between ROSTEST and EUROTEST for Apple Watch at the specified link.

    Check iPad by serial number

    Important! Before you start checking the Apple tablet by serial number, you need to find out. If you still do not know this value and / or have no idea how to get it, check out the articles provided on the links below.


    Despite the name of the service, it, like the iUnlocker we considered in the first method, allows you to check the iPhone and iPad not only by IMEI, but also by the serial number. This site is focused primarily on smartphones, but provides detailed information on tablets from Apple, we will get it further.

      Use the link provided above to go to the service page of interest to us and enter the iPad serial number in the only available field. Click on the “Check” button for information.

    Next, the procedure will begin to search for information about the device, which usually takes no more than 30 seconds.

    Also, most likely, you will need to “solve” the captcha (just tick off) and click on the “I’m not roobot” button to confirm.

    Study the presented characteristics, and then compare them with those of the device offered to you.


    This service provides services for the official (according to the authors of the project) unlocking devices from Apple. One of the possibilities it offers is to check iPad and iPhone by serial number, for which you need to follow these steps:

      Follow the link above, and then click on the “Check IMEI” inscription in its header. Despite the unambiguous name, this section also checks the serial.

    Enter the serial number of the iPad in the specially designed field, and then click on the “Check” button.

    If you find differences in basic characteristics (for example, an older model, no cellular module, less storage), it is clearly worth giving up the purchase.

    checking, apple, products, serial, number


    The following web service works on the same principle as the one discussed above, but it provides more detailed information and is focused not only on Apple products, but also on mobile devices from other manufacturers.

    • The link above will take you to the home page of the online service, where the first step is to make sure the Apple tab is selected in the area labeled “Just enter your serial number or IMEI”.

    Specify the appropriate value in the field provided for it and click “Check”.

    Read the results carefully. As in the previous case, they should be compared with the data provided by the seller. provided that you have the original product in front of you, they should match.

    Apple Official Page

    As expected, Apple also provides the ability to verify its products by serial number. For these purposes, there is a separate section on the official website of the company, however, you can only find out with it the name of the model, the presence of a valid warranty or lack thereof (due to the expiration of its term) and the date of purchase, or rather, whether it is valid or not. But even such modest information is enough to understand whether the original iPad is in front of you.

      By clicking on the link above, enter the serial number of your tablet in the first of the fields presented on the web page, and in the second. the code indicated in the picture. Having done this, click on the “Continue” button.

    Summing up, we note that if the purpose of checking the iPad by serial number is not only to obtain information about the validity of the warranty eligibility, the name and color of the model, but also to study its main characteristics for comparison with a potentially purchased device, you should refer to one from third party web services, not the official Apple page.

    How to view the serial number on iPhone?

    This is done in several ways, namely the simplest one: you can see it in the phone settings (Settings. General. About the device).

    Here you will see the items “Serial number” and “IMEI”. If you do not have the opportunity to enter the settings, the IMEI is written on the SIM-card tray, and from it you can find out the serial number. In the second way, you can see the serial number on the back of the iPhone box, but it may not be there when purchasing a smartphone from your hands.

    All iPhone serial numbers are in the following format:
    AABCCDDDEEF, where:

    AA. plant and machine identifier.
    B. year of release (“0” means the phone was released in 2010, “9”. 2009 and so on).
    CC. production week.
    DDD. unique identifier (different from UDID).
    EE. smartphone color.
    F. memory size (S. 16 GB, T. 32 GB).

    You should also pay attention to the fact that the serial number may contain ZERO, do not confuse it with the letter O, it should not be in more than one serial number.

    What is the serial number and IMEI?

    The serial number is a unique code for each device. A lot of data is encrypted in it. country, release date, etc. IMEI is an international unique identifier for a gadget. It is used to track and block a stolen smartphone.

    How to find the serial number using IMEI?

    The site will help us with this procedure. Follow the link and enter the serial number of the device, you will be shown some data about the smartphone, including the serial number.

    • Enter IMEI in the input field.
    • Press the button inside the field, or Enter.
    • After loading the page, we get the necessary data.
    • serial number,
    • phone model,
    • memory size.

    How to check iPhone by serial number on Apple official website?

    To check the iPhone, you need to go to the official page of the Apple website. We act according to the following instructions:

    • enter your serial number in a special field;

    Now you have information about the expiration date of the warranty and the originality of the device. You can also check almost any Apple device from this company’s tablets to computers and TV boxes.

    IPhone Authentication by Serial Number, IMEI, Zombie Check

    When purchasing iPhone smartphones from Apple, you can check the device by serial number. Thus, you can avoid buying a Chinese fake, which have become too similar to the original phones. By the way, after the purchase, you need to perform some actions.

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