How to check the microphone and WEB-camera on a laptop online test

It often happens that the microphone stops working. There can be many reasons, just a few of them: the microphone is physically disconnected from your personal computer, the drivers are not installed or the microphone is disabled in the device manager, at the moment it is used by another program, or is disabled in your operating system. How to test a microphone?

You need to check if the microphone is physically connected to the audio input, if it is a webcam microphone, then you need to check if it is well connected to the USB port.

The next step is to check the driver settings. We open the device manager, and check if the drivers for the sound and webcam are well installed.

Often the microphone does not work in specific programs such as Skype, incorrect settings are a prerequisite. To do this, you need to go to the application settings, most of these programs have well-established modules for testing the microphone. In addition, there you can make additional settings if necessary.

In addition, there are now a lot of online services to test microphones, many of them ask for access to your devices, so their use should be done at your own peril and risk.

Webcammic Test

One of the best and simplest services for checking a webcam and its microphone online. Intuitively simple site structure and a minimum of buttons. everything in order to use the site to bring the desired result. Go to the WebcamMic Test service

After going to the site, click the main button in the center of the “Check webcam” window.

Allowing the service to use the webcam at the time of its use, for this click “Allow” in the window that appears.

If, after permission to use the device, an image from the webcam appears, then it is working properly.

Instead of a black background, there should be an image from your webcam.

A simple service for checking the functionality of a webcam and microphone. It allows you to check both video and audio signal from your device. Additionally, Webcamtest, while displaying a webcam image, shows in the upper left corner of the window the number of frames per second at which the video is played.

Go to the site near the inscription “Click to enable the plug-in” Adobe Flash Player “click anywhere in the window.

The site will ask you for permission to use the Flash Player plugin. Allow this action by clicking the “Allow” button in the window that appears in the upper left corner.

Then the site will invite permission to use your webcam. Click on the “Allow” button to continue.

Confirm this for Flash Player by clicking on the “Allow” button that appears.

And now, when the site and the player have received permission from you to check the camera, the image from the device should appear along with the value of the number of frames per second.

Toolster. site for testing not only webcams, but also other useful operations with computer devices. However, he also copes with our task well. During the verification process, you will find out if the video signal and the microphone of the webcam are correct.

Similarly to the previous method, click on the window in the center of the screen to start using the Flash player.

In the window that appears, allowing the site to launch Flash Player. click “Allow”.

Site invite permission to use the camera, I authorize using the appropriate button.

Do the same with the Flash player. I authorize the use of him.

A window will appear with the image taken from the webcam. If there are video and audio signals, the inscription “Your webcam works fine” will appear at the bottom, and the crosses will be replaced with green checkmarks near the “Video” and “Sound” parameters.

Online Mic Test

The site is mainly aimed at testing your computer’s microphone, but has a built-in webcam test function. At the same time, He does not ask for permission to use the plug-in Adobe Flash Player, but immediately starts with the analysis of the webcam. Go to the Online Mic Test service Immediately after going to the site, a window appears asking for permission to use the webcam. Allow, I clicked on the appropriate button.

A small window will appear in the lower right corner with the image captured from the camera. If this is not the case, then the device is not working correctly. The value in the window with a picture shows the exact number of frames at a given time. https: //

I allow access to the camera again and get the result of the check.

By the way, in each description of the service there are Detailed instructions for checking the webcam, answers to frequently asked questions and tips for solving problems.

Possible problems when checking the WEB-camera.

If you DO NOT see the application and / or it does not load for you, then check if Adobe Flash Player is installed in your browser, which is required for the checker to work correctly.

If you allowed access to the device, but at the same time one or both signals are received, then the problems may be as follows:

The WEB-camera is not connected, or it is NOT connected correctly. Check the connection or try to plug the camera into a different USB port. The required drivers are not installed or are damaged. In general, such a problem is rare, but nevertheless we advise you to check the presence and relevance of drivers in the settings of your operating system (for Windows. “Device Manager” or through the control panel).

Flash app is testing another device. It often happens that another device is connected to the computer, or there are drivers that can be quoted as a multimedia device. In THESE cases, the camera test program may make a mistake and the device that you need cannot select by default. To fix this problem, right-click on the application and go to “Options”:

Then on the tabs of the microphone and camera, check the correctness of the selected components

If a different device is selected, then open the drop-down list Click on the correct name, then click the “Close” button and reload the page

How does the camera test online?

Camera testing is straightforward. Since Flash technology allows working with multimedia devices, it provides special algorithms for checking the presence of a signal. As a matter of fact, these algorithms are used when checking your WEB-camera on this page.

When you allow the flash drive to access your WEB-camera, it immediately starts receiving and analyzing visual and audio information in streaming mode from your computer. If one or both signals are received or are received, but it is dark on the screen and / or the sound scale does NOT respond, then the result of the WEB-camera diagnostics is displayed on the screen. This report describes what exactly is present / absent and gives a verdict. If everything is in order, you will see green check marks. On which devices you can check the WEB-camera online?

You can carry out online diagnostics of your WEB-camera on any device that supports Flash technology. Usually, this page is visited to check a WEB-camera on a PC or laptop. Although, Android devices with a flash player installed can also perform tests using our service. Unfortunately, Apple products (iPhone and iPad) are not supported. Why do I need to check the WEB-camera?

Often, when buying a new multimedia device, you need to check how the WEB-camera works and whether it works at all. The same applies to the need to check the microphone on the WEB-camera. And here a little cognitive dissonance arises, because in most cases this simple operation turns into a problem, because K. It is rather difficult to check the camera without a direct call to someone on Skype and other messengers. But, you must admit, it is foolish to bother friends with a request to confirm the presence and quality of the signal. This is where our free online service for checking WEB-cameras comes in. You don’t need to install anything and dig into the settings: just go and check.

Also, the need to check the WEB-camera arises when reinstalling the device to a new computer or to another port. The fact is that the exact definition of the device does not always occur and most often it does not work correctly. In THESE cases, our online diagnostic service will be an indispensable tool for debugging and configuring a video device.

Check the camera online: services for testing webcams

Before contacting someone via Skype or recording a video from your PC, sometimes you need to first test the equipment and find out if everything is in order with the displayed picture. If you urgently need to make sure that your webcam is working properly, but do not want to delve into the settings of your computer or laptop, we recommend using the appropriate services on the Internet. They are sites with the most simple and intuitive interface that allows you to check the camera online in just a couple of minutes. Let’s consider the most convenient ones.

Webcammictest: webcam and microphone work in test mode

The first Internet resource in which we want to tell. this is WebcamMicTest. Its big advantage is that you can test both a WEB-camera and a microphone here.

First, click “Check webcam”.

Despite the fact that for privacy reasons it is usually better not to give third-party resources access to your webcam, in this case you can’t do without it, so click “Allow”.

Further, an image from the webcam appears in front of us.

Webcammictest also offers to take a picture. to do this, you need to click on the corresponding button, after which a panel for creating still frames will open in a new tab. Another additional feature is the online voice recorder. To access it, you must first select the “Test Microphone” tab.

By the way, if you need to evaluate the quality of Not only video, but also sound, we suggest you familiarize yourself with a few more services for checking the microphone online.

Please note that the equipment may NOT work in WebcamMicTest, not only because of a malfunction, but also if, for example, the camera is already in use by another application or is disabled in the device manager.

How to check the camera online at Webcamtest

Webcamtest. second handy application in Russian, which allows you to test your equipment for free. It works exactly the same way as WebcamMicTest:

  • To check the camera online, you need to allow the service to connect to your device;
  • Next, you should wait until the video starts to display.

The design of this site is even more primitive than in previous cases, but this is not the most important thing, really?

Sometimes access is requested not only by the service itself, but also by the browser. in this case, give permission to him too.

Often problems with displaying images arise due to the unconfigured work of Adobe Flash Player. You can fix this by right-clicking on the video window and selecting “Options”. Next, you need to click on the webcam icon and specify the name of your device.

On this resource, the functionality is more modest than on the previous ones, but here you also have the opportunity to test for a microphone’s health. Conveniently, Webcamtest works equally well with both built-in standard equipment and connected.

Below the operating panel is an instruction describing how to use the service, what problems may arise in the process and how to fix them.

Toolster. webcam testing software

Toolster, like the previous program, runs on a flash player, which can be attributed to its small disadvantage. Adobe Flash Player is gradually losing its popularity, so it may be absent on the user’s computer. Install it just for the sake of checking the camera online. not the most optimal solution. In this regard, WebcamMicTest compares favorably with the other considered applications.

By the way, Toolster. this is a whole set of online tools for working with sound, video, images, etc. Here you will also find all kinds of calculators, photo editors, applications for recording audio / video and much more.

We remind you that to get started, it is imperative to PROVIDE access to the device.

Using the buttons and. in the upper left corner, you can zoom in and out

It is very convenient that information on both video and sound is simultaneously displayed here. If any device is NOT connected at all, this will be written at the bottom of the screen. So you know for sure that the problem is not in the application, but in the hardware.

If everything is in good condition, the sound level will be displayed on the right of the scale, and below. webcam parameters: resolution, number of frames per second, etc.

Of the minuses, we note that Toolster does not have a Russian-language interface, but in general everything on the site is quite simple and clear.

If you still want to translate an Internet resource, right-click and select “Translate into Russian”

As you can see, everything is done very quickly; all the sites reviewed do not require any authorization or registration. Just two clicks, and you can rest assured that the connected equipment works without interruption.

If you do not have access to the Internet, you can check the operation of the camera using the system settings. How to do it. see our video.

Checking a webcam in Windows 10. How to check a WEB-camera on Windows 10. How to enable.

Now I will show you how on Windows 10 to quickly check whether your camera works, if it does not work, see if it is turned on and show how the drivers are installed on the webcam.

Microsoft in Windows 10 has INTRODUCED a special program “Camera”, which we will use to check it.

Click on the “Start” button (lower left corner of the screen) and select “All applications.

Applications are sorted alphabetically in the list, so we find the letter “K” and go to “Camera”.

In the window that appears requesting access to the camera, select “Settings”.

You can also go to the settings through “Start. Options. Privacy “and here on the left we find” Camera “.

We select this item and in the column “Allow applications to use the camera” move the switch to the “On” position.

Now go back to Start. Applications. Camera “and everything should work and you will see the image from the webcam.

This application has buttons for viewing photos (top left), brightness adjustment (top center), a button to take a photo and record a video (right).

Thus, we can check if the webcam will work in other applications as well.

If there are any problems, then there are several options for solving them.

Older laptops often have camera buttons or switches of some kind.

The buttons are usually located near the power button and are marked with a schematic image of the camera, and the switches are usually located on the end near the TouchPad.

Next, go to the “Start. Options. System “we go down to the very bottom and on the left we find” About the system “. Here we also go down and select “Device Manager”.

In the device manager we find the “Imaging device” by clicking on it, you can see your webcam.

To enable or disable it, you need to right-click on it, select “Enable” / “Disable”.

If a webcam is not present in the file manager in the “Imaging device”, and a device is NOT displayed with an exclamation mark, it is possible that it does not have drivers.

On this site you can find descriptions of how you can install all drivers for most laptops, and for specific models.

You can also go to the official website of the laptop manufacturer. In our case, Acer (acer.Ru).

Usually there are Russian sites, and there are European ones, and there are more European drivers. Therefore, if you did NOT find drivers on the Russian site, try to search for them on the European.

On the site we find the tab “services. Drivers and manuals “. We go to this page and here you can find drivers by serial number or laptop model.

If there are drivers for Windows 10, you can search for them under Windows 8, 7, they are usually compatible.

You can also search for drivers by hardware ID. To do this, go to the “Device Manager” and right-click on the device, select properties.

Go to the “Information” tab, click on the drop-down list “Device Description” and select “Equipment ID”.

Your hardware ID appears in the window. Copy it and drive it into any search engine with the postscript “. Download drivers “. The search engine will give you several sites where you can download drivers.

If it does not find it by the full ID, you can delete a pair of sectors in the ID.

As a result, you can determine the following options for why the camera does not work.

  • Not enabled switch / shortcut keys on some older laptops.
  • Drivers are not worth, or they are not worth it.
  • Windows problem.

Checking a webcam in Windows 10

Nowadays, many laptops have a built-in camera, and computer users purchase themselves a separate device for displaying images on the screen. Sometimes you need to make sure that such equipment is working. This can be done in different ways. It is in the ways of performing such a task on laptops or PCs running Windows 10 that we want to talk in this article.

Checking the webcam in Windows 10

As mentioned above, camera testing is performed using different methods, each of which will be most effective and suitable under certain circumstances. Before starting testing, we advise you to make sure that the camera has been enabled in the system settings of the operating system. Otherwise, it will not be detected by the applications you are using. To do this, read the guide presented in a separate material below.

Skype program

Many users actively use the peripheral equipment in question when communicating through the well-known Skype software. In the settings of this software there is a section for image capture settings. We recommend that you go there to check the webcam for performance. You will find detailed instructions on this topic in our other article at the following link.

Online services

On the Internet, there are a number of specially designed services that allow you to check the operation of a webcam without first downloading the software. In addition, such sites provide additional tools that will help, for example, find out with what frame rate the equipment used is operating. You will find a list of the best sites of this type, as well as instructions on how to interact with them in our other material.

Programs for recording video from a webcam

Recording video from the camera is also easy with the software, which also has many useful tools for performing this procedure. Therefore, you can start testing immediately there. it will be enough just to record a short video. Check out the list of such software in our material at the following link.

Windows standard tool

The developers of Windows 10 have built in this version of the OS the classic application “Camera”, which allows you to take pictures and record videos. Therefore, if you do NOT want to download additional software, use this option.

The top ten has a function that is responsible for user privacy. With its help, access for the software to the camera and other data is blocked. For correct verification, you first need to make sure that permission to use the device in question is enabled. You can check and configure this parameter as follows:

    Through the “Start” menu, go to the “Settings” section by clicking on the gear icon.

Select the “Privacy” menu.

On the left panel, find the category “Application Permissions” and LMB on the item “Camera”.

Move the slider to On.

Scroll down to find permissions for all applications. Make sure that access for “Camera” is enabled.

Now let’s move on to the verification itself:

    Open “Start” and in the search write “Camera”. Open Found Application.

Then click on the corresponding button to start recording or snapshot.

Saved materials will be displayed at the bottom, VIEW them to make sure the device is functioning correctly.

The considered methods will help to determine the operability of the camera or to make sure of its breakdown. After testing, you can proceed to using the device or solve any problems with the operation.

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How to turn on the camera on a Windows 10 laptop

Microsoft developers have introduced a special service in Windows 10 that is responsible for the operation of video communications on the device. Consider all the nuances associated with this program, and analyze the key questions regarding the topic: how to turn on the camera on a laptop with OS Windows 10 how to turn off and how to set up the visualization equipment.

How to launch a webcam on Windows 10

The Windows 10 operating system is able to effectively manage and control the operation of all devices and elements that are responsible for video, sound, image quality, etc. To configure sound in Windows 10, you need to adhere to the following rules. Here we will analyze the details regarding video communications.

How do I open the camera on a Windows 10 laptop? You need to perform the following series of sequential actions:

  • Expand the “Start” panel.
  • In the list of all applications, if they are already displayed on the initial Start screen, we find the group with the letter “K”, select the “Camera” service and select it.
  • If the list is hidden, click on “All applications” and search through the list there.
  • The system service card will open. If the mood imaging equipment turns on and the screen displays an image.

The question of how to enable the WEB-camera on a Windows 10 computer has been resolved. Now you can use video communication, record videos and take photos.

Configuring a webcam in Windows 10

The main parameters of the built-in video device can be configured in the window that we opened above. There is a quick switch to photo or video shooting, a photo timer and a switch to professional mode.

How to set up webcam details on Windows 10 laptop? To perform advanced settings, click on the Corresponding icon in the upper right corner.

Here you can set the button hold options for capturing videos and burst photos. For photography, you can choose a framing grid and Slow motion. For video, there is a choice of recording quality and flicker reduction.

Check and disconnect

How to turn off the camera on a Windows 10 laptop? To resolve this issue, you need to go through Start. Options. Confidentiality. camera.

This is where you quickly turn on and off.

How to check the camera on a laptop with Windows 10 if you have problems opening and turning on by the above methods? To do this, proceed as follows: Start. Options. System. In the opened card, in the left list of system parameters, select the “About system” item. In the right block we go down and find the related parameters. “Device Manager”.

In the opened card, select the field “Image processing devices”. Expand this item, right-click on the name of the device. Choose disable / enable.

Here you can update drivers, hardware configuration and go to device properties.

The quality of video communication and image recording is affected by the parameters of the graphics hardware installed on the laptop. If you have problems with the clarity of the picture on a high-speed Internet, it is worth checking the characteristics of the devices responsible for the graphics. You can find instructions on how to view a video card on Windows 10 here.

How to fix webcam error on Windows 10

After the latest Windows 10 updates, many old hardware drivers will NOT work correctly with the new operating system. You may receive a message that “we cannot find or will launch your camera” with error codes 0xA00F4244 or 0x200F4244. Windows now has a new, system-wide option that will disable your webcam in all applications. The webcam not working could also be related to your antivirus software, driver issue, or privacy settings. Let’s take a look at some tips that should help you fix errors with your webcam.

Check your settings

If your webcam is disabled and no applications can use it, then most likely the setting has changed with the new Windows 10 update (1809). View Windows settings to check for this problem.

  • Open “Options” “Privacy” “Camera”.
  • Next, on the right side, you will have webcam access permissions. Make sure everything is on and then restart your PC.

Check Windows Device Manager

  • Press the Win R keyboard shortcut and type devmgmt.Msc to open the device manager.
  • Next Expand the list of “Cameras”, right-click on the model and select “Enable device”.

Antivirus check

Antivirus software designed to protect your privacy can sometimes interfere with your webcam’s ability to malfunction. The antivirus does NOT want the camera to turn on by itself and disable access to it. Check the antivirus settings, you can disable it for a while and check, or better, remove your third-party antivirus. Windows 10 built-in defender protects your system perfectly.

check, webcam, quality

Installing or updating drivers

In most cases, Windows will install the correct drivers when installing the hardware, but sometimes the systems have their own problems and there may be old versions in the driver database. If your webcam is not working, you may need to visit the manufacturer’s website and download a driver. Let’s see how to view an outdated driver.

  • Enter device manager, press Win R and type devmgmt.Msc.
  • Open “Cameras” and Right click on the webcam model and select “Properties”.
  • Go to the “Driver” tab and click “Details”.
  • Look for a file called “stream.Sys”. If there is one, your camera is out of date and cannot be used Windows 10.
  • If not found, try rolling back the driver to a previous version by selecting “Roll Back Driver” in the “Driver” tab. If it is grayed out, you will NOT be able to perform this action as there is a previous version of this driver.

Uninstall your webcam driver

Go back to the device manager, as described above, expand the “Cameras” list, then right-click and select “Remove device”. Reboot PC.

Check connections

If you have an external camera and none of your applications can use the webcam, it’s always worth making sure that all physical connections are secure. Just unplug the cord and plug it back in again, making sure to stick it in securely. It’s also possible that there is a problem with the USB port itself. Try connecting your webcam to the second port. Be aware that some newer laptops include built-in webcam sensors, so make sure the camera is not covered or sealed.

Additional Tips

If you have multiple devices (webcams, video capture, and whatever) connected to your computer, the application you are trying to use may be trying to select the wrong device. Your app may NOT support the webcam you are trying to use. For example, the new Windows 10 apps only support newly created webcams, so if you have an older version it may NOT work with the new app. Most desktop apps are still compatible with older webcams. If you have an external webcam, connect it to a second computer and see what happens.

Online webcam check

When buying and installing a webcam (or just at the moments of its dysfunction), we may need to check the quality of this device. The implementation of such a task is hampered by the lack of specialized programs for checking the webcam on a standard computer, which forces the user to turn to the capabilities of such products as Skype, Paltalk and the like. At the same time, there are tools on the network that allow you to easily and quickly check the operation of a webcam online. In this article I will talk about such services, and also explain how to use their functionality.

Mechanism for checking a webcam online

Before checking the webcam online, you should make sure that it is correctly connected to the appropriate connector. Usually this is a classic USB connector on a stationary PC, and also that the corresponding drivers are installed on the computer to service the camera. Without the correct implementation of these conditions, webcam verification usually ends in failure.

The mechanism for checking a webcam using the resources described below is quite simple. You go to one of these resources, click on the button to start the verification procedure, after which the resource requests access to your webcams. You authorize such access, the image broadcast by the webcam appears on the screen of your PC, after which you can form your opinion about the quality of the specified device.

The best webcam testing services

Consider a list of services that will allow us to take a photo or video from a webcam.

The service will allow you to perform a webcam and microphone test online. Working with it is absolutely free, does not require the registration procedure, and can be recommended to everyone who wants to easily and quickly check their device.

  • To work with the service, go to it, then click on the green button “Check my webcam” (or “Check a microphone” to check the microphone).
  • After that, your browser will invite access to your camera.
  • If necessary, click on the case arrow, select your webcam from the list of devices, and then click on “Allow” in this window.
  • A window will open in which the image from your webcam will be broadcast.
  • You can take a screenshot of the screen by clicking on “Take a snapshot” or check the microphone by clicking on “Check a microphone”.

Clicked on “Check my webcam” you will be able to view the image from your webcam


This service works according to a similar algorithm with the service already described by me. You go to the website webcamtest.Ru, which automatically requests you to access the microphone. Click on “Allow” and view the image received from the webcam.

If the image does NOT appear, then you either incorrectly connected your webcam to the PC, or did not install (or installed incorrectly) the drivers, or you have incorrect settings for the flash player. In the latter case, it is recommended to move the cursor over the video area, press the right mouse button, and select the “Options” option. There, click on the option with the image of the webcam, click on the arrow, and select your webcam from the list.


This English-language service will allow you to simultaneously check the performance of your webcam and microphone online.

  • Working with it is symmetrical: you go to the toolster.Net resource, click on “Allow” (thus giving the resource access to your webcam and microphone).
  • And then you watch the video from your webcam.
  • Here is the picture, there is a sound scale, which, if there is a sound source, will show the Corresponding sound level from the microphone.
  • If the video and sound will be correctly recorded by this resource, then you will see the inscription “Your webcam works fine” below (your webcam works fine).

Although the English-language service is primarily intended for testing the microphone, it will also allow you to test the operation of your webcam online. Working with it is identical to other services of this plan. you go to this resource, click on “Allow” to provide access to the webcam, and I see the case on the screen, the visual result.

At the same time, a feature of this service is the ability to demonstrate the number of FPS (frame per second. Frames per second), the number of which you can see on the screen.


And the last English-language service for the online webcam test, in which I want to tell. this is testmycam.Net. In addition to the standard procedure for demonstrating images from a webcam for such services, this site also allows you to play the “Kingdom of Crooked Mirrors”, refracts and multiplies the image from your webcam.

  • To work with it, go to this resource, and click on “Allow”.
  • You will see the image from your camera, below it are the “right” and “left” buttons, the current status of the image (by default it is “Normal”), and the button with the image of the camera (allows you to take a screenshot).
  • By clicking on the right-left you can modify the image from your webcam.
  • If you like any effect, press the button with the camera and save the image to your PC.

Checking the functionality of a webcam on the Internet can be implemented using the services I described above. When carrying out such a check, I recommend, first of all, pay attention to the correctness of the webcam connection to your computer, and also install the Appropriate drivers for your webcam (they often come with the device itself). Correct implementation of THESE two conditions in most cases guarantees the correct operation of your device, and you. enjoyment of its functionality.

Check and test Webcams online

In this article, you will learn how to test a webcam with a microphone using various online services and Skype video calling software.

Anyone who purchases any equipment or gadgets immediately wants to test it and test it for performance, and Web camera is NOT an exception. Immediately after the purchase, you should connect your webcam to the computer via the USB port, and if you have a laptop then nothing needs to be connected, the camera is already integrated into the laptop and is located in a standard place above the monitor.

Check webcam with:

How to check the webcam and microphone using Skype

Skype is now the most popular video communication program, you can use it to test and adjust the quality of your webcam.

Step 1 If Skype is not installed on your computer, then go to the official website of the program, download it and install it on your PC. Then we register ourselves an account through the program or on the official website of Skype.

Step 2 To check the video quality and webcam operation in Skype, you need to go to a special tab in the settings. Launch Skype. in the top menu we are looking for tools. Settings. Video settings.

Step 3 If you do not like the quality of the video picture, then click on Webcam settings and there we already set up the desired quality, move the sliders: brightness, contrast, shades, gamma, clarity and others.

Checking a WEB-camera on a computer using Microsoft Silverlight

If you have Windows 7/8/10 operating system on your PC, then there is a great chance that you have Microsoft Silverlight installed, with which you can test the functionality of the Webcam you purchased. Clicks on Start. all programs. look for Microsoft Silverlight in the list and launch it.

Microsoft Silverlight will open, go to the tab Webcam and microphone. If you see yourself on the monitor and the sound scale jumps, then the check was successful.

Checking the webcam online

The easiest method to test a WEB-camera is to use online services, which are designed to test video from a camera and sound from a microphone (this is if there is a built-in microphone in the Web camera). Below I have compiled a list with all the online services I know for checking webcam.

We go to any service and follow simple instructions, that’s all you need to do. For example, I will show you how to check a webcam on a laptop using the ToolSter online service.

Step 1 Go to the ToolSter website, the service will ask us to give Flash Player access to our camera and microphone. Presses the button Allow as in the screenshot below.

Step 2 If the WEB-camera is correctly connected and in working order we will see the video picture and hear our voice, and we will also see two green checkmarks opposite Video and Sound. it means that everything is fine.

What to do if the webcam is not working?

Here is the procedure that needs to be done to determine what is wrong with the WEB-camera. Performing them in the order in which they are placed. If the first point did not help, Execute the second one and so on Until the camera starts working.

  • Check the USB connection of the camera to the computer;
  • Check if the webcam is on (some external cameras have a button or an on / off switch)
  • Click on START. Control Panel. device Manager. looking in the list Imaging devices as in the screenshot below.

Right-click (RMB) on the name of the webcam and select Enable (If you see item Disable. This means that the webcam is already on).

  • If a question mark or exclamation mark is displayed next to the camera name, then the driver needs to be updated. Right click on the webcam name and select Update drivers. And then click on Automatically search for updated drivers. Windows 10 almost always finds the necessary drivers, but I can’t find Windows 7/8, then try searching on the device manufacturer’s website.
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