Check the webcam on PC

In this article, we will consider how to test the webcam in Windows 11 through standard tools, online, as well as using Skype and Zoom.

No matter what device you have, whether it is a computer or laptop, tests for webcams are the same everywhere. One of the simple options is to use online resources for testing webcams available on the Internet and which do not require the installation of additional.

There are thousands of sites for testing cameras on the Internet, consider testing Webcams on the example of Webcammictest

Open any browser and insert the link webcammicstest.COM in the address bar of the browser, after which we click “Enter” on the keyboard.

On the site, click the blue button “Test Webcam” to start testing our webcam.

The site will ask for various permits, we agree with them by pressing the “allow” button.

If everything is ok with a webcam and it works, we will see a streaming video in the browser window.

Also on the resource you can check other camera capabilities, for example, a microphone.

How to check the webcam using the Skype application in Windows 11

Open the Start menu and start the Skype application if it is installed on your PC.

In the Skype window, we click on the “menu” button (three.storythe items next to the user name). The menu opens in which we click on the “Settings” item.

In the settings window, go to the “Sound and Video” section. On the right side of the window, in the “Video” section, you can see a video from the webcam, thereby testing it.

Checking a microphone in a browser Not all cameras are delivered with sound, the microphone test is on another page. Click on the image of the microphone and allow the use of the recording device:

When you see the inscription “Waiting for a microphone” and a horizontal fishing line for a trimmer, then the test has already begun. Speak into the microphone and monitor what is happening in the window. If the microphone works, then you will see the waves depicting the sound:

With a non.working microphone, there will be just a straight line for a trimmer. If the recording is too quiet, then you will see minor fluctuations. Waves like in a screenshot. a sign of a good volume level.

Solving problems with camera and microphone

Most problems are associated with a lack of access from the online service, or the entire browser, access to recording devices. If you have not allowed to use the camera with a fright, then instead of a real video you will receive an error message: “The camera is not authorized. Please check the settings of media permissions “. In the Google Chrome browser, chromium-browser (Yandex, Opera) and Mozilla Firefox, click on the lock to the left of the site name in the address bar:

In the “Camera” block, select “allow” from the drop.down list. If everything worked in the online test, and the camera does not work on your other site, then a similar procedure needs to be performed on that site.

With a microphone similarly, if access is prohibited, then there will be an error “Microphone is not detected. Please check if your microphone is connected correctly or the drivers are installed correctly and updated “. Just do the same actions for the microphone.

Access settings in Windows 10

There were no restrictions on the use of media devices in any programs in the previous versions of Windows. In Windows 10, you could accidentally ban a browser to use a camera or microphone. Press the right button on the “Start” button and select “Parameters”. Next, go to “Privacy. Camera “:

This settings window should be included:

  • “Allow access to the camera on this device”. turn on globally for the whole computer
  • “Allow applications to access to the camera”
  • “Select Microsoft Store apps”. relevant for programs from the Windows store. Microsoft Edge browser should be in a state of “v. If you use it
  • “Allow classical applications to access to the camera”. be sure to include for the operation of the camera in browsers chromium, opera, faeox, macston, and others.

Also, here you can see which program last time used webcamer.

The microphone is used to configure exactly the same parameters.

Blocking antiviruses

Some antiviruses and anti-hp ponds additionally limit the use of recording devices to protect against spy programs. Settings will differ, depending on the antivirus used. For example, the popular Bitdefender Total Security has separate microphone settings and webcams:

The names are different, for example, “Access Camera and Mic”. “Antispy” and others. Maybe you accidentally blocked the camera at the first request for resolution from antivirus. Find the appropriate settings and correct the situation.

The service will test the Internet connection and show the final indicators on the same page. IOBIT checks the speed between your computer and the nearest server. Great for testing the connection from to Europe, The nearest server is located in Warsaw.

There are two speeds: downloading and loading. The quality of the video from the camera is affected precisely the speed of loading, t.e. Transfer of information from a laptop to the Internet. You can roughly determine the quality of the Internet:

  • Less than 100 KBS: sites open slowly, the video freezes
  • 500 KBS: It is possible to use a camera with sound not at maximum settings
  • 1 MBS: the camera works with a resolution of 640 × 480 30 FPS without passing personnel and sound
  • 10 MBS: you can shoot FullHD video with quality 1920 × 1080 pixels

Internet speed mainly depends on your provider. Wi-Fi Internet wireless will be faster if you come closer to the signal source: a router or a Wi-Fi access point.

If nothing helped

If none of the above helped, then there are some tips for you:

  • Make sure the webcam is turned on if there is a corresponding switch
  • Reinstall the driver on camera. For a microphone, individual drivers are not required
  • The exception method, start another browser or the “Camera” program built into Microsoft Store
  • Connect the device to another USB port
  • On the laptop, make sure that the camera is displayed in the “Device Manager”. or the activation of the “Web Camera” item in BIOS may be required
  • Increase the level of recording and amplification of the microphone in the “control panel. Equipment and sound. Sound devices control “
  • Temporarily turn off the antivirus
  • Damage to the webcam or cable fracture is not excluded.

If the light indicator near the camera always burns, then be sure to check the system for viruses, Windows can have a spy virus that works monopoline with media devices.

Checking webcams through Windows 11 settings

In order to check the operation of the webcam through the capabilities of Windows11 itself, it is worth performing the following actions:

If the webcam in this section has not been displayed, then it is worth installing, updating or reinstalling the drivers to the device, determining them by the ID code (device manager, device properties) and loading it from the official website of the camera or laptop manufacturer or laptop.

How to check a webcam via Skype on Windows 11?

Most often, the camera on Windows 11 is used for video calls in Skype, Microsoft Teams or Zoom. Therefore, having launched the first program and by pressing the Troete near your avatar, you can call “settings”.

A small window will appear. In the menu on the left, you need to select “Sound and Video”.

If the camera works, then the image will appear. Under it, the link “Camera Settings”.

You can set brightness, contrast, hertzovka, sharpness.

In the “Camera Management” tab, you can choose the scaling, rotation of the camera and lighting compensation.

To check the sound and operation of the image in Skype, unlike other applications, there is a “trial call” function.

If the call has passed, there is sound and video, then everything is in order with the camera. If it does not work in another application, then it is necessary to check the application settings, and also turn off the antivirus for a while, which can block the work of the software and, as a result, the camera itself.

How to check the webcam on PC or Mac

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From this article you will learn how on a computer running Windows or Mac OS X to check if a webcam works.

Enter the camera in the search line “Start” menu. You will find it in the lower left corner of the screen. [1] X reliable source Microsoft Support on Photobooth. This will lead to automatically turning on the webcam. [2] X Source of information If a picture from a webcam is displayed on the screen, it works properly.

Additional articles

Online services for recording video from webcams

In addition to sites for verification, there are also services that allow you to record video from the camera. They are also suitable to test the device. In addition, such services can be used instead of special programs. The recording process is very simple, just select active devices, configure the quality and press the “Write” button.

There are many such sites, so we propose to get acquainted with the best in our article, where detailed instructions on the recording of the video in each service are.

Programs for recording video from webcams

If you are going to record a video or take pictures from the camera, then it is best to immediately test in the necessary program. As an example, we will consider in detail the process of verification at Super Webcam Recorder.

If Super Webcam Recorder does not suit you, then with a list of the best video recording programs from a webcam. You will definitely find a suitable software for yourself.

In this article, we examined four methods of checking the camera on a laptop with Windows 7. It will be more rational to immediately test the device in the program or service that you plan to use in the future. In the absence of a picture, we recommend that you check all the drivers and settings again.

We are glad that we were able to help you in solving the problem.

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Describe what you didn’t succeed. Our experts will try to answer as quickly as possible.

Using online services

You can verify the performance of video screenings using special resources on the Internet designed to check the camera on a laptop online. This is a universal way suitable for all versions and editorial offices of Windows, but it is necessary that Adobe Flash Player be installed on the computer. There are a lot of services themselves, so we limit ourselves to the mention of only the three most popular.


Simple service that allows you to check the correctness of the web camera and microphone. To perform a check, go to the Webcamtest, click in the player window turn on Adobe Flash and provide the service access to your webcam and microphone. After that, the image should appear in the window of the player.

If there are no pictures, make sure that the flash player is correctly configured, for which open the PKM of its menu, select the “Parameters”, click on the camera icon in the window that appears and indicate your video device in the drop-down list. If the picture does not appear even after that, then there is a chance that you have something wrong with the camera itself or drivers.

Test webcams

Service with a speaking name, allowing you to check the webcam on the laptop online. Go to the page, wait for the device to detect (you will be notified about this), click the “Test camera” button and provide the application with access to the chamber. In this case, in the window of the player, you will have to see what the camera sees. Additionally, the service supports the determination of the resolution of the camera, the number of megapixels, the type of flow, the luminosity and brightness ratio, the ratio of the parties, the bitrate and many other parameters.


English.language service available at www.OnlinemicTest.COM/Webcam-Test. To check the camera on the laptop with it, follow the specified link, click on the Play button in the player window and allow the web application access to your video device. If everything is in order, your image appears in the player window, and in its upper right corner. the number of personnel per second. The service also allows you to test the work of the microphone and keyboard.

Checking webcams through programs

To check the condition of a built-in or external webcam, you can use any desktop or universal applications that support video communications, and it is not necessary that it be popular programs like Skype. It is even possible that your laptop has already installed a program for working with the camera, since it is often supplied with many models with useful branded software from the manufacturer.

how to connect web camer to pc throe chrome window 7

You can try a webcam with the help of a popular free VLC player. Launch the application and select the Media menu option “Open the capture device”.

Leave the capture mode in the emerging source settings by the default mode (Directshow), in the menu of the name of the device, select your webcam. At the same time, you can check the microphone by choosing it in the menu of the name of the audio device. Having decided on the settings, click the “play” button. An image from your camera should appear on the screen. The player will not please you with the quality of the picture, but this will be enough to make sure that webca is about the serviceability and performance.

check, webcam, laptop, windows


Checking the camera on the laptop allows you to quickly gain popularity online Viber. Open the application settings, go to the Audio and Video tab and select, if necessary, your camera in the video device menu. And so, in general, the image in the window of the mini-player should appear immediately.

The camera is also checked in other instant messengers with video support, for example, Skype, in the parameters of which you need to select “Video Settings”.


Manycam is a program designed to configure and expand the capabilities of the webcam. The image of various effects is used mainly for imposing on the camera, but, like all applications with video support, can be used to verify the work of the webcam. Install and run the program. If the video device is regular and ready for work, a picture will appear in the player window.

Well, now you know how to check if the camera works on the laptop. Which of these three ways to use is to decide. If you have Windows 8 or 10, of course, the easiest way to resort to the help of the universal standard application “Camera”. It will be more convenient for users to go to one of the above specialized websites or install one of the popular messengers on their computer.

Check the webcam in Windows 10

As mentioned above, the camera testing is carried out by different methods, each of which will be as effective and suitable under certain circumstances. Before starting testing, we advise you to make sure that the camera was included in the system settings of the operating system. Otherwise, it will not be detected by used applications. To do this, read the leadership presented in a separate material below.

Many users actively use the peripheral equipment in question when communicating through the well.known Skype software. In the settings of this software there is a section for image capture settings. We recommend that you go there to check the webcam for performance. You will find detailed instructions on this topic in another article at the next link.

Online services

There are a number of specially designed services on the Internet that allow you to check the operation of the webcam without pre-loading software. In addition, such sites provide additional tools that will help, for example, to find out the frequency of personnel. A list of the best sites of this type, as well as instructions for interacting with them you will find in our other material.

Windows 10

Windows 10 owners can use a video recording from the camera, which is already a good means of checking it. To use the application you will not have to upload and install no files, since it is already ready to work and correctly captures the image from the webcam. If this option is not suitable for you, for example, when you want to check the operation of the device directly in the messenger or in the browser, nothing prevents you from choosing another method. All of them is written in a separate material on our website.

Windows 7

Unfortunately, there is no pre-installed program in Windows 7, which allowed to record video from webcams or at least just bring it to the screen, so you will have to turn to third-party means. If there is no desire to download any additional tools, you can switch to specialized sites through the browser, recording video and allowing it to download it for viewing. Testing is available through the same Skype, other instant messengers or special software for recording rollers.

A program for working with a camera in Windows 10

Windows 10/8 has a built-in webcam program, and is called “Camera”. We go to search for the “Start” button and write in the “Camera” line

We launch the program and see our face:

By the way, the built-in program is quite functional, with its help you can take pictures of HDR with a timer and record HD-video. But it may turn out that this application will not be preinstalled in your assembly of Windows 10. Then you need to go to the Microsoft store:

check, webcam, laptop, windows
  • We write in the line of searching the Start menu: “Store” and select “Microsoft Store”
  • In search of the store we write “camera” and select the Windows Camera application
  • Install and start the program.

Programs for Windows 7/XP

There are universal programs that will work on Windows 7 and even Windows XP.


One of the most popular is the AMCAP program, you can download it by direct link from my site:

Install Amcap from the archive, launch and check the Web camera. In the “Device” menu you can choose which one to use the camera (built into a laptop or external, connected to a computer via USB), and which microphone when taking a video from the camera:

Camera Final

And a very simple program without settings and does not require installation:

Laptop webcam not working windows 7

check, webcam, laptop, windows

Just unpack the archive and run the Camera file.exe “, no more action is required.

Skype app

With the help of Skype, the easiest way to check whether the camera works, but it should be installed on the computer. Now let’s go to “Settings. Sound and video “