Here you can easily check online your WEB-camera with sound. In the window that opens, there will be two buttons. “.”, As well as “Audio signal”. They are the ones we need. Under each of them there is a small instruction that allows you to troubleshoot faults leading to incorrect display of results.

If nothing appears on the monitor, then right-click in the active area and go to the “Camera” (or “Microphone”) section and find your equIPment in the list.

Check The Operation Of The Web-Camera And Microphone

Don’t forget to allow access to devices. After verification, your display appears on the screen. If it is not there, you should check the correctness of the webcam connection.


Previously, this site was only in English, which turned off many users. A Russian-language resource is currently open. You can test the webcam on the main page of the site. It is worth noting that to check the microphone, you need to click on the link.

If the service invites access to the equIPment, you must definitely give it, otherwise nothing will work.

After a few seconds, an image should appear on the black display, which is transmitted from the WEB-camera. This means that the equIPment is in good working order. In the event that you need to determine the quality of sound transmission, you need to click on the link and say a few words, if the Corresponding schedule changes, then everything is fine with the audio device.

Checking audio settings and

As noted, the problem appears after the software starts to conflict with the connected device. This happens due to driver malfunction, outdated application or device breakdown.

It is not at all necessary to look for another computer in order to check the camera with sound, you just need to open a web browser and use the services of one of the sites listed below, and completely free.

We will consider the most popular and functional ones, the performance of which has been tested by many users.

How to check a web camera and microphone online

Most often, a conflict between the device and computer software becomes a prerequisite for webcam problems. It can be simply deactivated in the device manager or replaced with another one in the settings of the program used. If you are completely sure that all the moods are correct, you can try to check the WEB-camera online using specialized services.

How to check your webcam online using Toolster?

Excellent service with simple design and decent functionality. On the right side is the microphone sensitivity scale, and on the bottom is all equIPment data. Signal is transmitted in the main area.

It is important to update your Flash player and allow access to connections. After checking on the laptop or computer screen, if everything is fine, the inscrIPtion “Fine” will appear.

Useful content:

Online Mic Test

This tool allows you to quickly check your online webcam and microphone. At the first step, Adobe Flash is NOT checked, unlike analogs, the result will be visible immediately.

The design is simple and straightforward, it is not necessary to understand for a long time.

If you do NOT want to use sites in English, choose the one in Russian. Online check is absolutely free and will not take a lot of time. You can choose any of the proposed options. the result will be the same. If the image does NOT appear, the problem is in the hardware. You can try updating drivers or using built-in system capabilities.

First, try to check the WEB-camera online, but as a last resort, if necessary, try connecting the equIPment to a second PC. Good luck!


Another resource with a simple design and sufficient functionality. The case houses the vertical scale of the microphone sensitivity, below. information about the equIPment, and in the main area. the signal is broadcast.

Be sure to update the Flash player (the second time did not do this earlier) and allowing the service to get access to devices.

If everything is in order, you will see a characteristic inscrIPtion at the bottom of the window. with the green word “Fine” (good).

Useful content:


Previously, this tool was exclusively in English, which caused discomfort for many users. But now the Russian-language interface is available. here is the link.

It is enough to go to the main page and click on the corresponding button. Please note that to test the microphone, you need to name it by the link below:

If the service asks to GIVE access to your equIPment, then you should definitely give permission, otherwise the procedure will not be crowned with success:

After a few seconds, the webcam image should be displayed on a black screen. This indicates the health of the equIPment.

To determine the performance of the microphone, go here. Now you have to say a few words and look at the graph. is it changing? If yes, then the voice recorder is OK.

The author recommends:

Webcamtest. Checking WEB-cameras online for free

The princIPle of operation of the resource is similar to the previous solution, but the interface is slightly different. After loading the window, you will see two buttons. “.” and “Audio signal”.

They, once and for all, are intended for the manIPulations we need. And under them there is a brief troubleshooting guide on your part, which may lead to incorrect display of results.

Suddenly nothing is displayed on the screen, then you should call the right mouse button in the active area and go to “Parameters”, and then go to the “Camera” (or “Microphone”) tab and select your equIPment from the list:

When you do all of the above, you will see your display on the monitor. If it is not there, check if the webcam is connected correctly.

As you can see, this is a very simple way to check the operation of a WEB-camera online. Spend just a few minutes instead of running around neighbors and acquaintances and connecting to their computer.

How to check equIPment for sound and ?

In most cases, the problem occurs because the software conflicts with the connected hardware. This may be due to a malfunction of the drivers, the need to update the application, or the failure of the device.

In order not to run around neighbors and acquaintances in order to check your camera or microphone, you can simply open the browser and use the free services of one of the following resources.

In fact, there are a lot of similar sites, but I chose the simplest and most effective, with which I personally came across and am confident in their performance.

How to check WEB-camera and microphone online in Windows 7 August 10

Hello. If at one point your “webcam” stopped working in one of the applications (Skype, Viber, etc.), then you may need to check the WEB-camera and microphone online in Windows 7-10. It’s good that there are some great services that will help with this.

Online Mic Test

You can check if the webcam is working online by following the link. And the microphone is here. The essence is almost identical (as in the previously described tools). The only difference is that at the first step, Adobe Flash is not checked, but the result is shown immediately.

Frankly speaking, I see no reason to go through several services, because they are all similar. I personally prefer WebcamMicTest. It is in Russian, with a pleasant design and a minimal amount of distracting advertising. But the choice is yours!

Checking the operation of the WEB-camera and microphone in the network is completely free and takes a minimum of time. Whichever option you choose, you will get the same results. If you do not see the picture, then the problem lies in the hardware itself. I recommend updating your drivers using the IObit Driver Booster utility or using the built-in system capabilities.

As a last resort, it is worth trying to connect the equIPment to a second PC. Suddenly everything will work there, which means that the malfunction occurs on the first computer and you need to look for the defect in other ways. Each situation is individual. leave comments, let’s try to figure it out together.

How to check the microphone and WEB-camera on a laptop online test

It often happens that the microphone stops working. There can be many reasons, just a few of them: the microphone is physically disconnected from your personal computer, the drivers are not installed or the microphone is disabled in the device manager, at the moment it is being used by another program, or is disabled in your operating system.

How to test a microphone?

You need to check if the microphone is physically connected to the audio input, if it is a webcam microphone, then you need to check if it is connected well to the usb port.

The next step is to check the driver settings. We open the device manager, and check if the drivers for the sound and webcam are well installed.

Regardless of whether you are using a system unit or a portable computer (laptop), the microphone check can be done by your operating system. To do this, open (“Start”. “Control Panel.” “Devices and Sound”, select “Sound”, select “Manage Sound Devices”, select the “Recording” tab, mark our microphone and open its “Properties” check the box next to “Listen from this device “) And click OK.

Often the microphone does not work in specific programs such as Skype, incorrect settings are a prerequisite. To do this, you need to go to the application settings, most of these programs have established modules for testing the microphone. In addition, there you can make additional settings if necessary.

In addition, there are now a lot of online services to check microphones, many of them ask for access to your devices, so their use should be done at your own risk.
Option 1
option 2
option 3

WebcamMic Test

One of the best and simplest services for checking a webcam and its microphone online. Intuitively simple structure of the site and a minimum of buttons. everything in order for the use of the site to bring the desired result.
Go to WebcamMic Test service

After going to the site, click the main button in the center of the “Check webcam” window.

Allowing the service to use the webcam at the time of its use, for this click “Allow” in the window that appears.

If, after permission to use the device, an image from the webcam appears, then it is working properly.

Instead of a black background, there should be an image from your webcam.

A simple service for checking the functionality of a webcam and microphone. It allows you to check how. So is the audio signal from your device. Additionally, Webcamtest, while displaying a webcam image, shows in the upper left corner of the window the number of frames per second at which

Go to the site near the inscrIPtion “Click to enable the plug-in” Adobe Flash Player “click anywhere in the window.

The site will ask you for permission to use the Flash Player plugin. Allow this action by clicking the “Allow” button in the window that appears in the upper left corner.

Then the site will invite permission to use your webcam. Click on the “Allow” button to continue.

Confirm this for Flash Player by clicking on the “Allow” button that appears.

And now, when the site and the player have received permission from you to check the camera, the image from the device should appear along with the value of the number of frames per second.

Toolster. a site for testing not only a webcam, but also other useful operations with computer devices. However, he also copes with our task well. During the verification process, you will find out if the signal and microphone of the webcam are correct.

Similarly to the previous method, click on the window in the center of the screen to start using the Flash player.

In the window that appears, allowing the site to launch Flash Player. click “Allow”.

Site invite permission to use the camera, I authorize using the appropriate button.

Do the same with the Flash player. I also allow it to be used.

A window will appear with the image taken from the webcam. If there are audio signals, the inscrIPtion “Your webcam works fine” will appear at the bottom, and the crosses will be replaced with green checkmarks near the “Video” and “Sound” parameters.

Online Mic Test

The site is mainly aimed at testing your computer’s microphone, but has a built-in webcam test function. At the same time, He does not ask for permission to use the plug-in Adobe Flash Player, but immediately starts by analyzing the work of the webcam.
Go to Online Mic Test service
Immediately after going to the site, a window appears asking for permission to use the webcam. Allow, I clicked on the appropriate button.

A small window will appear in the lower right corner with the image captured from the camera. If this is not the case, then the device is not working correctly. The value in the picture window shows the exact number of frames at a given time.

I allow access to the camera again and get the result of the check

By the way, in each descrIPtion of the service there are Detailed instructions for checking the webcam, answers to frequently asked questions and tIPs for solving problems.

Possible problems when checking the WEB-camera.

If you DO NOT see the application and / or it does not load for you, then check if Adobe Flash Player is installed in your browser, which is required for the checker to work correctly.

If you allowed access to the device, but at the same time one or both signals are received, then the problems may be as follows:

The WEB-camera is not connected, or it is NOT connected correctly. Check the connection or try plugging the camera into a different USB port.
The required drivers are not installed or damaged. In general, this problem is rare, but nevertheless we advise you to check the availability and relevance of drivers in the settings of your operating system (for Windows. “Device Manager” or through the control panel).

Flash app is testing another device. It often happens that another device is connected to the computer, or there are drivers that can be quoted as a multimedia device. In THESE cases, the camera test program can make a mistake and cannot select the device that is needed by default. To fix this problem, right-click on the application and go to “Options”:

Then, on the microphone and camera tabs, check the correctness of the selected components

If a different device is selected, then open the drop-down list Click on the correct name, then click the “Close” button and reload the page

How does the camera test online?

Camera testing is straightforward. Since Flash technology allows working with multimedia devices, it provides special aLGorithms for checking the presence of a signal. As a matter of fact, these aLGorithms are used when checking your WEB-camera on this page.

When you allow the flash drive to access your WEB-camera, it immediately begins to receive and analyze visual and audio information in streaming mode from your computer. If one or both signals are received or are received, but the screen is dark and / or the sound scale does NOT respond, then the result of the WEB-camera diagnostics is displayed on the screen. This report describes what exactly is present / absent and gives a verdict. If everything is in order, then you will see green check marks.

On what devices you can check the WEB-camera online?

You can carry out online diagnostics of your WEB-camera on any device that supports Flash technology. Usually, this page is visited to check the WEB-camera on a PC or laptop. Although, Android devices with a flash player installed can also perform tests using our service. Apple products (IPhone and IPad) are unfortunately not supported.

Why do I need to check a WEB-camera?

Often, when buying a new multimedia device, you need to check how the WEB-camera works and whether it works at all. The same applies to the need to check the microphone on the WEB-camera. And here a little cognitive dissonance arises, because in most cases this simple operation turns into a problem, because K. It is rather difficult to check the camera without a direct call to someone on Skype and other messengers. But, you must agree, it is foolish to bother friends with a request to confirm the presence and quality of the signal. This is where our free online service for checking WEB-cameras comes in. You don’t need to install anything and dig into the settings: just go and check.

Also, the need to check the WEB-camera arises when reinstalling the device to a new computer or to another port. The fact is that the exact definition of the device does not always occur and most often it does not work correctly. In THESE cases, our online diagnostic service will be an indispensable tool for debugging and configuring the device.

How to test the microphone on a laptop

Each laptop has a built-in microphone for sound recording. It is also used when communicating on Skype, online games, etc. Sometimes it happens that the interlocutors DO NOT hear you at all, in which case you need to check the operation of your microphone. Checking the microphone on a laptop can be quite simple by following the instructions below.

Settings are set, but sound is not recorded

Sometimes the microphone can be muted in Device Manager. We activate all items in the Audio Devices section. If the microphone is NOT detected on the computer, you may need to install additional software.

A similar problem can occur when using a microphone from a webcam. The problem is solved by installing the latest drivers.

If installing the drivers did not help, then most likely there was a hardware problem with the microphone. One option remains. Check the microphone on another laptop (if it’s not built-in).

If there is sound in a communication program, for example, Skype, you should check the microphone settings in the program settings.

Microphone setup

Since most people use the built-in microphone, let’s check it first. To do this, go to the Sounds / Recorders section by right-clicking on the speaker icon in the lower right corner of the window.

In the next window, we see all connected devices for sound recording:

We see that our microphone is turned on and assigned as the default device for recording sound. Check that the parameters of your recorder were the same.

Go to device settings and set the levels as in the screenshot. If there is interference, decrease the gain.

In fact, an external microphone or any other is configured in the same way. If multIPle recording devices are active at once, a conflict may occur. Make sure to make only one microphone active.

Connected microphone type

It should be understood that a microphone can be connected to a laptop in several ways. Most users use a built-in microphone for communication, which is mounted in a laptop, the rest connect an external lavalier microphone, or use a microphone from a webcam or headphones.

Microphone test services

How to test the microphone on a laptop? Very simple! You can not call your friends on Skype and ask them as a recording. The easiest way is to use online services, where you can independently assess the quality of the recording.

One of these is WebcamMic Test.

Here you can check your webcam as well as your microphone. The site is in Russian, so it won’t be difficult to figure it out.

Microphone sound in speakers / speaker

Also, a very simple way to check the microphone is to check the “Listen from this device” checkbox in the Sound settings.

1. To do this, go to Sounds / Recording (right-click on the speaker).

2. Tear off the properties of the microphone by double clicking on it.

3. Go to the “Listen” tab, put a check mark, select the playback device and click OK.

Your speakers should now play sound directed into the microphone.

Online-voice-recorder site has more features than the above program. It will be useful Not only for checking perIPherals, but also for voice memos. To use it, do the following:

  • Go to the service and press the red button with the microphone.
  • Allow access to the device using the “Apply” item in the pop-up window on the left.
  • Record the sound. You can pause with the two-line button and then continue recording.
  • Click the circle with the red square to end the online microphone test.
  • The screen that appears contains several buttons. The left one plays and stops sound. The right one saves the recording to the computer.

You can listen to the result from any moment, move the playback line with the mouse.


Online-microphone. Convenient online microphone check. The program functions in several steps:

  • Follow the link and click “Allow”, then Confirm the action in the pop-up window on the left.
  • Say something. When the microphone is working properly, it affects the sound indicator. Sound waves appear on it. Volume adjustable with slider case.
  • If this is not enough and you need to record your voice, use the red circle or press the space bar. Repeat this action to stop the recorder.
  • The service will offer you to preview the result, download it or start over by clicking on the microphone.

The resource is as laconic as possible, it has unnecessary functions. It is convenient for voice memos, reminders, text dictation.

How to Test Your Microphone: The Best Online Services

When buying a new device or setting up an old GoPro, checking your microphone online becomes an important feature. To do this, you do not need to clog your computer with unnecessary programs, register or take out a bank card for payment. A few clicks are enough to find out if the microphone is working properly. We offer the most convenient programs created for such a useful purpose.



Sound-recorder. A site that allows you to quickly and easily test your microphone. To do this, follow a few steps:

  • Follow the link and click the red circle in the middle of the screen.
  • Confirm your action by allowing access to the microphone.
  • Say something and then click on the red square. The latter ends the recording.
  • The result obtained can be listened to using the menu item of the same name, reset the sound or continue with it.
  • After clicking “next”, the resource will offer to edit the recorded. For example, cut a fragment, put two lines on the desired areas.
  • The next button “Next” allows you to give the record a name and save its final version to the computer.


Mictest.Ru. The simplest test for microphone sound. To use it, two clicks are enough:

  • Go to the site. It will automatically invite access to your computer device. You just need to click “Allow”.
  • Say something and get a sound rating. The program will instantly write its verdict in sound quality and volume.

If there are problems, the service will notify about it. And at the bottom of the page there are recommendations on what to do in each case. Read them and follow the instructions to properly set up the sound.


Vocalremover. A special voice recorder designed to work with audio. Checking the microphone with it is easy:

Go to the website and click the red circle in the center of the screen.

If necessary, select a device for recording.

You can “Hear yourself” while recording. To do this, use the item of the same name on the left.

To end recording, click the red square.

The program offers to listen to the result, as well as add effects. Change the tone of voice. Audio format can also be changed.

If you want to save the sound to your computer, click the “Save” button, circled in blue.

The site itself is multifunctional and, in addition to a voice recorder, allows you to record an online song to music, convert audio to different formats, edit a melody and cut out vocals. It is useful for those who deal with music or voice recordings.

Webcammictest helps to quickly check the quality of the microphone and, at the same time, the webcam.

Microphone Testing Instructions. Simple:

Click on the link under the green button in the middle of the screen. CHECK MY MICROPHONE.

Allow access to the microphone in the browser: the request pops up at the top left.

The sound monitor opens, where you can listen to the sound. If you say anything, sound waves arise. The two buttons on the right of this display allow you to change the direction of the waves and turn on the voice.

See the page below for reasons why the microphone might NOT work. Be sure to check this list if your voice is hard to hear or sound waves don’t even appear.

These are not all programs, thanks to Which it is easy to check how the microphone works. We have NOT mentioned paid, with a complex interface, requiring mandatory registration. Also, it was NOT about online voice notepads, special voice recorders and instant messengers with the ability to call, where it also turns out to adjust the sound. Therefore, there are plenty of sites that will help you deal with the microphone.


This site provides a free online tool to test the camera and verify that it is working properly. In other words, you can test the camera directly from your browser without the need to install third-party GoPro software. Despite this simple method, you can test your camera with “one click” on different devices, including laptops, smartphones, TVs, tablets and others. Regardless of the device and operating system, as a result of testing, you will find out, Not only if your camera is working, but a lot of useful information about it (for example, camera name, resolution, frame rate, number of colors, image quality and many other characteristics). Plus, if any problems are found with your camera, you will receive hints on how to fix them. After completing testing, among other things, you will be able to take photos with the camera and download them to your device. You can also view the camera in full screen mode and rate it.


Webcamxp is a very handy surveillance application that has a wide range of possibilities for broadcasting broadcasts from webcams to the Internet. The program is able to interact with TV tuners, and also allows you to access your webcam via your smartphone. To do this, you need to download WebcamXP to your phone.

Key features of the program:

  • Local network recording;
  • Manual selection of broadcast sources, setting the speed and other parameters;
  • Sending notifications when motion is detected in the frame;
  • Tracking Sensor Configuration Setting.

Official site.

How to turn on the webcam remotely in windows 7?

Windows 7 has “Remote Assistance”, which allows you to enable and configure your webcam remotely. And also in Windows 7 you can use the applications “TeamViewer” or “Radmin”.

Threats, or how an attacker has the ability to turn on and monitor the user using a laptop camera

In hackers there is a special word “ratting”, which sounds roughly like “rat” in English, as it arose from the abbreviation RAT “Remote Administrator Tools”. It is used by an attacker to remotely control computers and all devices that are connected to it.

Most often, malicious software ends up in a laptop after visiting a certain website on the Internet. Using this software, a hacker can easily turn on laptop equIPment and calmly shoot what is happening in front of it.

To avoid this, you need the following:

  • DO NOT visit suspicious pages on the global network;
  • Stay tuned for windows 7 and software updates;
  • Do not open sites that came by e-mail, in the case of a NOT familiar sender;
  • Use Antivirus Utilities.

TIPs for purchasing a camera

When choosing a model, be guided by certain functions. If the device was purchased with a built-in camera, then it is quite possible that you will NOT need another one. But the choice is always yours, since there are advantages to both. The inner camera is compact and is always with you, and the outer one will provide you with higher quality

Eliminating errors

When checking the status of the webcam in the system through the device manager, you can see more than 50 error options. Most of them can be solved by reinstalling or updating drivers, but there are a few more cases that are worth considering separately.

Privacy options. After updating the operating system, applications may be blocked from accessing the webcam by default. To allow programs to use the webcam, you need:

  • Open the “Start” menu and go to the “Settings” section.
  • Open the subsection “Privacy”, select the “Camera” tab.
  • Enable “Allow apps to access camera” option.
  • Below, the system will also offer to choose which programs can use the device.

Webcam blocking by antivirus. Some antivirus software has the ability to block access to the built-in camera by third-party applications. It is necessary to disable this feature in the antivirus settings.

Lack of webcam in the computer device manager (for connected cameras). In this case, you should try connecting it to the second port. If the PC still cannot detect the camera, you should:

  • Enter “Device Manager”.
  • Open the “Action” tab and click “Update hardware configuration”.
  • Wait while the system finds and installs new drivers.
  • To restart a computer.


Most users use the popular Skype program to communicate. It allows you to test the camera before making calls. Testing is quite simple, you just need to go to “Settings”, select the active device and evaluate the picture quality.

Read more: Checking the camera in Skype

If the result of the check does not suit you for any reason, you need to make adjustments or fix the problems that have occurred. These actions are performed without leaving the testing window.

Learn more: Configuring your camera in Skype

Summing up

You can check if the webcam works on a laptop in several ways. The simplest and most reliable is to use special online services or a standard Windows application. The camera can be manually turned on and off via the device manager. It also displays the status of the webcam, updates the drivers. To expand the capabilities of the camera, Numerous specialized programs are available. they allow you to apply effects to the image, improve and complement it in every way.

How to turn on the webcam on Windows 7 in a laptop?

The easiest way to enable the webcam on Windows 7 is to use Skype. Everyone has this program, and if not, then it’s easy to download it. In the Skype settings there is a section “Camera settings”. Already there, in the settings, you can turn on the camera and see your image. However, if you want to know how to enable the webcam on Windows 7 without Skype, there are other ways.

Alternatively, you can do this on a specialized website for testing webcams. Just go to and click the “Check Webcam” button. If everything is in order with it, then it will start and you can see yourself in the image. In the event of a malfunction or any problem, the message “Web camera is not connected or is faulty” will be displayed.


Test results depend on various factors, so no error-free method can be guaranteed. However, we will always improve our testing tool and fix the bugs found. If you find any bugs or have any suggestions, please Contact us at

Checking a WEB-camera on a computer using Microsoft Silverlight

If you have Windows 7/8/10 operating system on your PC, then there is a great chance that you have Microsoft Silverlight installed, with which you can test the performance of the Webcam you purchased.
Clicks on Start. all programs. look for Microsoft Silverlight in the list and launch it.

Microsoft Silverlight will open, go to the tab Webcam and microphone. If you see yourself on the monitor and the sound scale jumps, then the check was successful.

How to check the webcam and microphone using Skype

Skype is now the most popular communication program, you can use it to test and adjust the quality of your webcam.

Step 1
If Skype is not installed on your computer, then go to the official website of the program, download it and install it on your PC. Then we register ourselves an account through the program or on the official website of Skype.

Step 2
To check the quality and operation of the Webcam in Skype, you need to go to a special tab in the settings.
We launch Skype. in the top menu we are looking for tools. Settings. Settings .

Step 3
If you do not like the quality of the picture, then click on Webcam settings and there we already set up the desired quality, move the sliders: brightness, contrast, shades, gamma, clarity and others.

Check and test Webcams online

In this article, you will learn how to test a webcam with a microphone using various online services and Skype communication software.

Anyone who purchases any equIPment or gadgets wants to immediately test and test it for performance, and Web camera is NOT an exception. Immediately after the purchase, you should connect your webcam to the computer via a USB port, and if you have a laptop then nothing needs to be connected, the camera is already integrated into the laptop and is located in a standard place above the monitor.

Check webcam with:

Checking the webcam online

The easiest method to test a WEB-camera is to use online services, which are designed to test from a camera and sound from a microphone (this is if there is a built-in microphone in the Web camera). Below I have compiled a list with all the online services I know for checking webcam.

Go to any service and follow simple instructions, that’s all you need to do.
For example, I will show you how to check a webcam on a laptop using the ToolSter online service.

Step 1
Go to the ToolSter website, the service will require us to give Flash Player access to our camera and microphone. Presses the button Allow as in the screenshot below.

Step 2
If the WEB-camera is correctly connected and in working order we will see the picture and hear our voice, and we will also see two green checkmarks opposite and Sound. this means that everything is fine.

What to do if the webcam is not working?

Here is the procedure that needs to be done to determine what is wrong with the WEB-camera. Performing them in the order in which they are placed. If the first point did not help, Execute the second one and so on Until the camera starts working.

  • Check the USB connection of the camera to the computer;
  • Check if the webcam is on (some external cameras have a button or an on / off switch)
  • Click START. Control Panel. device Manager. looking in the list Imaging devices as in the screenshot below.

Right-click (RMB) on the name of the webcam and select Enable (If you see item Disable. This means that the webcam is already on).

  • If a question mark or exclamation mark is displayed next to the camera name, then the driver needs to be updated. Right click on the webcam name and select Update drivers. And then click on Automatically search for updated drivers.
    Windows 10 almost always finds the necessary drivers, but I can’t find Windows 7/8, then try searching on the device manufacturer’s website.
  • Write in the comments if something does not work out for you, we will all together understand your problem.

    Camera final

    And a very simple program without settings and does NOT require installation:

    Just unzIP the archive and run the “Camera.Exe” file, no more action is required.

    Online services

    The easiest way is when there is Internet, then nothing else is needed to check the webcam except the browser.

    Camera software for Windows 10

    Windows 10/8 has a built-in webcam program called Camera. We go to the search for the “Start” button and write in the line “camera”

    We launch the program and contemplate our face:

    Checking how the webcam works on a laptop

    To check the functionality of the built-in laptop camera, we will use online services and special programs. External USB camera is tested in the same way.


    If you need not only to see the picture from the camera, but also to find out the characteristics of the device, go to the WebCamTests service and press the button “Test camera”

    As usual, the window is played back from the camera, and the shooting parameters are listed on the left:

    • Frame frequency
    • Megapixels
    • Camera resolution
    • Aspect ratio
    • Bitrate, etc.

    You also have other functions of the service at your disposal: photo from a camera, recording to a file and full screen mode.


    Everything is very simple, go to the website of the WebCamMicTest service and press the button “CHECK WEB-CAMERA”

    The browser will ask for permission to use the camera, click “Allow”

    If the camera is working properly, it will open from the webcam, admire yourself # 128522;. You can follow the “Take Snapshot” link and click the “Take Snapshot” button there to take a picture. When the camera is on, the green light next to it will light up. So if it suddenly caught fire, and you did not turn on the camera, then you should think about it, maybe you are being watched.

    Programs for Windows 7 / XP

    There are universal programs that will work on Windows 7 and even Windows XP.

    How to check the camera microphone

    Click on the “Test microphone” link, click the “Test microphone” button and allow the browser to use the microphone. Now speak into the microphone, the visual display of the sound will be displayed on the screen:

    The first button in the corner will change the visual display from a histogram to a sinusoidal one, and if you turn on the “speaker”, then you will hear what you say into the microphone. Be careful, there will be a short circuit in the speakers and there will be a loud squeak or noise, I put on headphones! If the bars of the histogram barely jump, then the microphone is not configured correctly.


    One of the most popular is AmCap, you can download it via a direct link from my website:

    Here is a complete list of webcam programs. Install AmCap from the archive, launch and check the Webcam. In the “Device” menu, you can select which camera to use (built into a laptop or external, connected to a computer via USB), and which one will turn on the microphone when capturing from the camera:

    How to check your webcam?

    • Select the desired webcam.
    • Click “Check my camera”.
    • Sharing your camera.
    • Wait a couple of seconds to get the result.

    In camera check

    An online camera tester is a good tool for testing a camera and getting technical information about it. Of course, it allows you to find out if the camera is working correctly, but it does a lot of tests, and for this reason a little slow.

    For those who just need to know if the camera is functional, I have developed a rudimentary webcam test. It’s fast, easy and free. This check allows you to test your webcam online to make sure it is working properly. This test only provides a few details in the camera (more precisely, the camera name and default resolution).

    Webcam test

    • Detection of media devices. Wait, please.
    • Waiting for your permission.
    • Launching the camera. Wait, please.
    • Detecting the maximum supported resolution. Wait, please.
    • For more information, visit the following pages:
    • Changing the camera will reset the current GoProcess. Do you want to continue?
    • An unexpected error has occurred. Reload the page and try again.
    • Could not find multimedia devices. It is very likely that your browser does not allow access to these devices. Try reloading this page or opening it with a second browser. Just remember that in order to test the camera, you need to allow our website to access it.
    • The camera could not be found, but other multimedia devices (such as speakers or microphones) were found. This most likely means that your camera is not working properly.
    • Your browser does not support functions for accessing multimedia devices. Please update your browser or install another.
    • You have NOT allowed the browser to use the camera. Reload the page and try again.
    • Your camera appears to be in use or blocked by a second app. To start the camera, you must temporarily close that application.
    • It looks like your browser is blocking access to the webcam ID. Because of this, it is impossible to detect and manage all available webcams.
    • The waiting period for your permission has expired. Reload the page and try again.
    • Cannot transfer. The cause could be a faulty camera or that it is currently being used by a second app.
    • Track paused.
    • Could not find any active media content stream.
    • Your webcam does not output any tracks.
    • Your browser does not support functions for accessing tracks.
    • Track unavailable due to technical issue.
    • Your webcam suddenly stopped streaming.
    • For unknown reasons, the track is disabled.
    • Click here to allow access to the webcam ID
    • Click here to try and force the camera
    • Checking the webcam. Wait, please.
    • One webcam was found. Click Test My Camera to see if it works correctly.
    • Several webcams have been found. To check if the camera is working, select it in the list below and click “Test my camera”.
    • Good news! The webcam test tool has determined that your webcam is working correctly. However, consider testing the camera online for more technical information.
    • Your camera name is defined as “”, And the default resolution is. Play time: s.
    • Bad news! Your camera seems to be not working properly. However, this may not be the case, especially if you see yourself in the image below. Test your camera online for more accurate results.


    If you like the webcam check test or have any ideas and questions, feel free to leave comments. Please note that all comments are public.

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