Is it possible to remove or hide activation data?

The activation process is irreversible. If the device is activated, then it is impossible to delete this information, even if you resort to resetting the iPhone to factory settings or the Restore procedure in iTunes.

Actually, the iPhone activation procedure is the starting point for Apple to use the device. That is, the company believes that you have been using your smartphone not from the date of purchase, but from the moment you first activate it. Naturally, Apple’s warranty period begins to expire on the same date.

Apple official warranty in Russia: what conditions and how to check.

Size and dimensions

The size, dimensions of the device and even the color of the body are standard for models of one mowing line. They are specified in the specification. The same information can be viewed on the official website.

Always iOS operating system

the operating system is always installed iOS. Thanks to Apple engineers, the operating system is self-updating, even on devices that were released several years ago. So you can’t install any other OS on the iPhone.

Provided technical support and the right to service

If the phone was purchased and activated recently, there will be a green check mark next to the technical support and the right to repair fields, and the status “Supported” is indicated, you can also find out the end date of the service here. This means that the device is under a free warranty.

International Mobile Equipment Identity

The official website of IMEI is We go to the site and enter the IMEI of our phone in a special field:

How to Know Your iPhone is new or Refurbished!

After completing the introduction of the number indicated on the tested smartphone, press “Check”. Full information about the device will appear on the screen.

How to check iPhone for authenticity

Almost half of iPhone owners in our country bought their phones from “gray” dealers. That is, the devices were brought from the USA, Europe and Asia by private individuals. And while the trend continues. This article is for those who buy a phone from similar sellers and those who buy used smartphones from their hands. If you are not sure that you have an iPhone in front of you, then here is an article on how to distinguish a fake iPhone from an original Apple smartphone.

In some countries, iPhones are sold locked under a specific operator. This limits their use in other countries and requires unlock, which is not always possible. In addition, every time after a new firmware is released, you have to wait for the unlock release. There is an opportunity to use the services of unlocking phones (there should be an advertisement for intermediaries), but this is additional money. from 80 and above. And the result is not always guaranteed. Better and safer to check the iPhone for originality when buying.

Note to the hostess. Apple products are guaranteed worldwide. However, this does not apply to iPhones due to restrictions on the use of phones by various cellular operators.

Checking iPhone before buying from “gray dealers”

Take care of the SIM card to check the iPhone. If you do not have a micro SIM (for iPhone 4S) or nano SIM (for iPhone 5), then you will not be able to check your phone for the ability to make calls.

As a rule, the cheapest devices are phones from the showcase or replaced by previous customers. To find out if the iPhone has been replaced, you need to check the iPhone by IMEI (links at the end of the review). Examine the box carefully to ensure that the protective films are in place without air bubbles underneath.

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Buying an iPhone from a “gray” supplier can save 5. 20 percent of the cost of the device at official points of sale. Usually “gray” smartphones enter the Russian market from Europe and Asia. However, there is some chance that the iPhone was already in use.

The first sign that the device has already been used is that it does not need to be activated. At the same time, the activation request does not mean at all that the iPhone is new. The fact is that the activation procedure must be repeated every time after installing a new firmware. That is, this method is not 100% effective.

But you can still check the iPhone by serial number. For this you need:

  • Go to Apple’s website under Check Service and Support Eligibility.
  • Enter the serial number of the iPhone in the appropriate field (you can find it in the activation menu by pressing the “i” key on the right side of the window or in Settings. General. About this device)
  • Press the Continue key.

If the smartphone is new or officially restored, a message like “You need to activate the iPhone” will be displayed in a new window.

If the device has been activated, then in the Right to Service and Support section, the warranty expiration date will be entered (356 days from the date of activation).

A one-year warranty is proof that your iPhone is new.

Before buying, you need to determine from which country the iPhone is, and whether it is locked to the operator.

Here’s what you need to know about your new phone:

  • The country from which it was imported iPhone.
  • Correspondence of what is in the number printed on the box with what is inside the box.
  • Well, and an option when it is impossible to determine the detachment of the device from the operator by the model. Check iPhone by IMEI.

The basic data of the phone can be found without opening the package. On the back of the box there will be a sticker with barcodes with information about the iPhone.

The same information can be obtained by turning on the phone and launching the Settings application. In the menu “General” “About device”.

Check if the numbers shown on the box and in the phone settings match. If not, then it is likely that this device has been in a warranty workshop.

If the serial number starts with 5K, then it is a factory refurbished unit.

1 Check iPhone by Model

By the model number, you can find out from which country this iPhone was brought.

Letters after the numbers before the “/” sign indicate the region of sale and warranty service.

For example MC131 TA / A. iPhone 3G 16Gb Black phone purchased in Taiwan (Chunghwa Telecom).

Official Russian telephones (PCT) have the following numbers: MB489RS / A, MB496RS / A, MB500RS / A, MC131RS / A, MC132RS / A, MC133RS / A, MC134RS / A.

Check iPhone at

Below is a list for self-checking

Green. good (unlocked).

Phones with indices TA (Taiwan), ZA (Singapore), ZP (Hong Kong) are guaranteed to work in our networks.

Taking into account the lowest prices, most of the “gray” devices are imported from there.

Service features

Apple’s standard product warranty is 1 year. It is possible to extend its duration by purchasing the Apple Care warranty. However, here the warranty rules for “apple” products are in conflict with Russian legislation, which states that the free warranty on the iPhone should be 2 years.

Important! This rule applies only to those smartphones that are produced for Russia and officially imported into the country. IPhones made and bought in other countries are deprived of this privilege.

check, iphone, model, number

Another additional nuance. not all iPhone models (namely, models, not versions, such as iPhone 8 or iPhone 9) can be serviced at Apple service centers. A detailed list of them is as follows:

  • iPhone 5S. A14574;
  • iPhone 5C. A1507;
  • iPhone SE. A1723;
  • iPhone 6 —A1586 and A1589;
  • iPhone 6 Plus —A1524 and A1593;
  • iPhone 6S. A1688;
  • iPhone 6S Plus. A1687;
  • iPhone 7. A1778;
  • iPhone 7 Plus. A1784;
  • iPhone 8. A1905 and A1863;
  • iPhone 8 Plus —A1897 and A1864;
  • iPhone X. A1901 and A1865;
  • iPhone XS — A2097 and A1920;
  • iPhone XS Max. A2101 and A1921;
  • iPhone XR. A2105 and A1984
  • iPhone 11. A2221;
  • iPhone 11 Pro. A2215;
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max. A2218.
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Where to find your iPhone model code

How to find out where the iPhone arrived in Russia and whether the service center will be able to receive it? You need to inspect your smartphone.

check, iphone, model, number

In early versions, up to 7 and below, it was applied to the inside of the SIM card slot. To see it, you need to pull out the SIM card and, using a flashlight, look inside the slot. Marking is applied to the side of the display.

Important! In iPhone versions 8 and higher, the smartphone model is indicated on the back cover at the bottom.

You don’t have to go to such tricks and see the iPhone model in the phone itself. To do this, go to the settings and select the “Basic” item. In the menu that opens, click on the line “About this device”. A list appears with the SKU of letters and numbers. If you click on it, the model number will be displayed, which looks like AXXXX, where X is a number.

Finding Model Number on iPhone Versions prior to 7

IPhone Model Code Character Meanings

It is the article, not the model number, that is of prime importance to the user. In order not to introduce confusion, in the future, under the word “model code”, “model number” will mean exactly the article, it is also the batch number (Part.No).

The model code contains encrypted data in the XX000XX / X format:

How to determine the country of the iPhone

It has already been mentioned that the model number, which is written as “AXXX”, and the model code, otherwise the article, are different things, but they are located in the phone in the same menu line.

To find out the model number, you need to click on the article

Note! You cannot find out where the iPhone comes from by model number. The only thing that can be understood from it is for which part of the world (USA, Canada, etc.) the smartphone was intended. But you can find out a specific country by the model code.


The requirements of some countries provide for several restrictions that are programmed into iPhones:

How to Check iPhone Orginal or Refurbished or Fake?

  • the maximum volume level is underestimated when using headphones;
  • you cannot use the FaceTime audio and video calling service;
  • you will not be able to turn off the shutter sound when photographing;
  • iPhone can only work with the SIM card of a specific cellular operator.

IPhone serial number decryption

For more information about your phone, see the serial number of the product.

The serial number can be viewed in the same place as the model number

Note! For the most part, a serial ID is needed for Apple employees to monitor the quality of their products. The number itself looks like this: X0XXXX000X00X.

As an example, an arbitrary serial number and its decoding. F4TZX899N73M.

F4 is the address of the factory in China where the iPhone was assembled.

T is the number of the assembly line. These first two points allow Apple to check any device, as they help to find out where the iPhone is made, right down to the conveyor mowing line on which it was assembled. For an ordinary consumer, these data are not that they are not needed, they are completely useless.

ZX is the production date. Apple designates the year and week using a special cipher, where the first letter is the year, more precisely one of the six months, and the second letter or number is the week.

Letter C / D F / G H / J K / L M / N P / Q R / S T / V W / X Y / Z
Year 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019

For your information! The ordinal number of the week begins, of course, with the number “1”, after the 8th week there are already letters of the English alphabet, starting with “C”. When letters end, numbers begin again, and so on until the last week of the year. Interestingly, there are no vowels in the code (apart from “Y”) and the letter “Z”.

It turns out that the conditional iPhone was produced in the second half of 2019 in the penultimate week in the period from December 17 to 24.

The numbers mark technical information about the smartphone. N73. iPhone version code, in this case we are talking about 11 iPhones.

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M. the color identifier of the smartphone, which differs depending on the version of the iPhone.

However, iPhone serial number decryption is only possible for smartphones manufactured before the end of 2019. Starting in 2020, Apple will randomly assign serial numbers. This number is usually called randomized. This is due primarily to the large number of counterfeits that have flooded the market. Thus, a set of unrelated numbers in the serial number will eliminate cases of fraud.

Check iPhone by Model Number

Perhaps for some readers the question of how to find out which country the iPhone is from will seem strange. After all, everyone knows the name of the “dad” of the famous device. Steve Jobs from the United States. The location of the “apple” headquarters is the state of California. Despite this, smartphones are assembled in numerous Chinese factories. Therefore, the birthplace of iPhone models is called the Celestial Empire. However, their markings are different.

The serial number of each smartphone reads data containing information regarding the color, the amount of the internal memory of the gadget. And also by the code (Part No.) it is easy to find out for which country the iPhone is made.

Also, before buying an iPhone, be sure to check out our article on how to check if the new Apple smartphone you are buying is valid.

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What you can find out by the iPhone model number?

When buying an iPhone from the secondary market, you should always be very careful. It is never superfluous to check the serial number as well as the model of the device being sold. If the first one tells about the guarantee, the date of purchase, then the second one will allow you to find out the origin of the device, which, in some cases, is even more important.

How to find the iPhone model number?

To do this, go to “Settings”. “General”. “About this device”. This is where full technical information about the smartphone will be collected, including the model number. You can determine the history and state of the iPhone by the first letter:

  • M is a completely new machine that has not been repaired.
  • F. the device has been officially refurbished under the Apple Certified Refurbished program.
  • N. the device was replaced under warranty.
  • P is a personalized device. When buying, engraving was carried out.

How to Check if iPhone is Refurbished or New?

The last letters will tell you about the origin of the device. in particular, the country for which the device was intended.

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zz, This is where you are wrong. The man didn’t say that he didn’t know, but simply clarified, because further letter designations are not described in the article) For example, I bought my iPhone in USA, but I had no idea that there were any letter designations. And before that, I did not buy an iPhone from an official reseller and did not know what country it was intended for, so this does not mean at all that the iPhone was being opened. Then I took my iPhone to an authorized service center and already there I was told that it was intended for sale in France, and after the exchange, naturally, I was given a new one for RU.