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Step-by-step instructions for checking iPhone by IMEI on the Apple website

This action is carried out in several elementary steps.

  • We find the IMEI of the device. This should not cause any particular difficulties, you can see it on the back cover of the gadget or in the settings menu. details about this. here.
  • We open a special section for verification on the Apple website. Enter the previously found serial number and click the “Continue” button.
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  • Examining the results.

Here you can see the model and color of the device, find out when the phone support and warranty expires. Also, in the same section, a notification will be provided on the need to carry out the activation procedure, if it has not been performed earlier.

Already based on this information, you can do:

  • Conclusions about the originality of the iPhone (although there are easier ways to do this).
  • Determine if the body has changed?
  • Find out if the serial number is correct for this specific model?

Helpful advice! The presented instructions allow you to check not only the iPhone, but also other “apple” devices: iPad, Mac computers, Apple TV set-top boxes, Airpods wireless headphones, as well as some additional accessories.

P.S. Did the data on the Apple website coincide in reality? Like it”! Not? Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. let’s try to figure it out together!

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How and where to check iPhone by IMEI (serial number). Apple website and not only

Good time everyone! The need to check IMEI arises, firstly, when buying an “apple” gadget from hand, and secondly, if it is purchased from an unknown seller, for example, via the Internet. An appropriate check (for example, on the official Apple website) will allow you to find out whether the device is original, whether its warranty has expired and whether you can use the support services.

To “break through” all the information mentioned, you just need to know the serial number, and then use it to get data either from the office. site or through other sources. Which ones? Now you will find out everything! And yes, an important note, the information is provided absolutely free of charge to everyone.

Where can I check the iPhone for authenticity by serial number?

In fact, there are a large number of resources providing such services. I advise you to use only two. Why?

  • All requests are free.
  • Information reliability. 100%.

This, in my opinion, is quite enough. What are these sites? I already talked about one of them in the article on how to find out the date and place of iPhone purchase. There is also an instruction for using this service. And the second place where you can check the serial number of the iPhone thoroughly and thoroughly is, of course, the Apple website. Let’s talk about this procedure in a little more detail today.

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Hello. When I check my iPhone, it says that the amount of memory is 64 GB, although I have 16. What does this mean? Thanks for attention.

Hello. If there is no error, then this means that this serial number does not belong to your iPhone.

this means that the phone was not original or was opened

Apple’s website can be tricky with determining the color when checking by IMEI. If you are confident in the originality of the iPhone, then you should not worry.

Hello! How to check the phone for originality, that it is not Ref. If you buy a phone from your hands and the guarantee on its website does not break. And you can’t really tell them apart by sight !?

Hello. If the guarantee on the site does not break through, then anything can “slip in”. now there are a lot of craftsmen. Checking anything in this case is difficult (if not impossible).

I have an iPhone with a broken screen. I need a screen but I can not understand which model. on the serial I check it says that 6s plus. but in appearance the 7th. and on the check and on the box it says that the 7th. how to be. I don’t know which screen to take on it. diagonal 4.7

Watch a YouTube video and find a device similar to yours.

What other videos are on YouTube? Don’t listen to counselors. On the back of the case you have the Phone Model. Type it into any search engine. For example: iPhone model A1524 and the search engine will show that it is iPhone 6 plus. If you’re worried that 150,000 Google searches are wrong, Apple’s website has a spec for each model. For example, at 6 here but in general, Google will immediately orient you. Relying on the “eye” and video is dangerous because youtube.

This is also possible. The only thing (given the fact that a person has big problems with determining the correct serial) is that the case on this particular iPhone may be “not native”. This means that either be without any inscriptions at all, or the data on the model will be indicated incorrectly.

Good day. If on the Apple website, when checking, it issues: “This serial number corresponds to the product that was replaced”, then the refurbished phone too?

Kind. Not. Here is an article about “the serial number of the iPhone corresponds to the replaced product”. please read it, there is a detailed answer to your question.

Good day. Advise how to be. There is an iPhone 6c. Was purchased from officials in Canada. Brought to Russia and donated (a reliable person). Half a year has passed and so at some point the network falls off and says “No network” but the phone works as usual, catches the waffle, there are no brakes. From the operator’s side, all the rules, from the technical side, it is possible that they thought about the modem or antenna, but they are determined inside the modem, it reads the SIM card (they checked in the service and did not find a breakdown, we want to turn to another place. but should we) So the fact is that they checked it by name and it says that the phone has been disposed of. And it seems that this is exactly the problem. How to be now, what will you advise. Is it possible that someone “there” entered it into the recycling database by mistake? And how to prove that nothing happened on our part and that the most important thing is who to contact the Russian service or the Canadian one (there will be no problems with delivery)

Good. I have an article about “the serial number of the iPhone corresponds to the product that was replaced.” That’s what you mean, right? The situation is, of course, very strange. And, to be honest, I haven’t come across such a thing. Perhaps it is worth contacting the “native” service in Canada with this problem. Since, judging by various reports, Apple’s service in other countries is much more loyal and competent in such matters. P.S. It seems to me that the original purchase receipt will help you a lot. you definitely need to try to get it.

Yes, the original check is available (miraculously survived) Let’s try to local offs. services to contact for a start, if not, then he is sent to Canada for a replacement, because he has already heard that they can be changed there even without a check. There is certainly no other option. Well, or go “where you need to” but these are such troubles

Complementing. Yesterday it was somehow unblocked and it ceased to be disposed of, it just ceased to be a warranty (it is indicated that your phone was sold in another country and contact there). An acquaintance lives in Canada who told about this, and the sellers were stunned, so to speak, by what happened (perhaps they tried). But the problem “No network” remained)) After reading several articles, I realized that the matter may be in the signal transmitter (amplifier)

Hello! When checking the iPhone on the site, I gave out that it was necessary to activate it, after activation I asked for the date of purchase, but after that, the difference with the date of purchase and activation is about a week. What can this talk about?

Hello. Here is an article about the date of iPhone activation and purchase. perhaps there you will find the answer to your question.

good afternoon, I bought an iPhone, the girl warned that she was taking it to the official Apple service center because it was buggy and she was given a new one, but the box was not changed. but all receipts and information about the replacement are there. Now have one on the phone and another on the box. it’s not scary?

Good day. If the iPhone is replaced under warranty, then only a new phone (with a new serial number) is issued. The box and accessories remain from the old one. Therefore, in your case, everything is “OK”. this is how it should be.

Hello, I want to buy an Apple Watch, the seller says that the box is sealed, throws it off, I check it and the program gives a picture and the name of the other watch. What to do?!

In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев (to this article or some other. I don’t remember anymore), we and the readers found out that the Apple website (when checked by IMEI) may be wrong about the color of the device. if this is the only problem, then you should not worry.

Hello! I check on the Apple website by IMEI, it gives out. “Activate your device”. I check by the serial number, it issues. “Valid date of purchase”, “Technical support by phone: expired” and “The right to repair and service: consumer protection law does not apply.” The name data and the serial number are printed on the box with the new phone, which, it is alleged, has not been opened yet. Here’s how to figure it out, can you tell me?)

Greetings! Try: 1. Check the IMEI serial number not only on the official Apple website, but also on other resources. information, more food for thought. 2. Contact Apple technical support and consult with them. they may help in solving your problem.

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Thank you! I already thought that this is exactly how it is. Thank you so much for the answer and for the wonderful articles.!

? What does the iPhone serial number check give

What information does this page allow you to find out?

You are convinced that the iPhone is truly original. If Apple’s verification service recognizes the iPhone, then it is 100% original.

The exact iPhone model is determined. Very often in the secondary market, scammers try to sell iPhone 6 under the guise of iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 under the guise of iPhone 8, etc. They rely on inexperienced buyers. On the Apple website, it will definitely become clear which iPhone model you have in your hands.

The status of the guarantee is being clarified. Apple’s service accurately answers the question of whether the iPhone is under warranty. Often unscrupulous sellers lie about the guarantee. They say that the official smartphone warranty is still valid, although in reality it is not. A quick check through the Apple website and you know it all.

The verified purchase date is checked. And last but not least, the service allows you to make sure that the iPhone is officially purchased, not stolen. This is very important as a verified purchase date will allow you to contact Apple support for any questions.

How to check iPhone by serial number on Apple official website

Go to the special page of the Apple website to check the iPhone by serial number (link).

Enter your iPhone serial number in the field and click “Continue”.

Wait for the results page to load and read the information received.

How to check iPhone by serial number and IMEI on Apple official website

Check iPhone by name and serial number.

When buying an iPhone off-hand, you need to be extremely careful. Fraudsters are trying to sell various kinds of fakes on the secondary market, without checking which there is a chance to remain at a broken trough. How to check iPhone by name and serial number on the official Apple website was described in this manual.

How to check iPhone by IMEI

How to find IMEI on iPhone? Elementary. To do this, you just need to enter the command # in the Phone application. IMEI will instantly appear on the screen:

This is how the iPhone IMEI is displayed after entering the command #

If the iPhone is packed, you can see the IMEI on the package:

IMEI was found, now it remains to punch it and find out additional information. This can be done using the following services:

Just go to one of the listed sites and enter the IMEI of the smartphone in the check field. Verification is performed in just a few seconds.

How to find the serial number of your iPhone

? In order to get more information about the iPhone, we need the serial number of the device. You can get it in various ways, for example, look at the back cover of the device (or on the SIM card tray in older models), but the easiest way is to go to the settings.

Go to the menu “Settings” → “General”.

Select “About device”.

Find the line “Serial number”. It contains the serial number of the iPhone.

The serial number was obtained, it remains only to check it on the Apple website.

? What does the iPhone check by name give??

The status of the iPhone is determined: stolen or not. The main thing that the IMEI check shows is the status of the device. If the iPhone is lost or stolen by its real owner, then the check will warn about this. There is no need to buy an iPhone that is reported lost or stolen. Only if for spare parts.

The result of iPhone punching by IMEI. We see that the smartphone is no longer guaranteed, but not stolen or lost

The country of purchase is determined. The IMEI identifies the exact model number of the iPhone. It is necessary in order to check which country the smartphone is intended for sale in.

Model number lets you know where the iPhone is from

The status of Find iPhone is shown. Also, the IMEI check allows you to find out if the “Find iPhone” function is enabled on the iPhone right now. If it is enabled, then the seller must be asked to sign out of his iCloud account.

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How to check iPhone by serial number and IMEI on Apple’s official website

Apple engineers and technicians prioritize user safety. Therefore, almost any iPhone model has a separate module that stores the IMEI and serial number. It is impossible to change these data even with serious interference with the use of illegal equipment. Thus, having received the smartphone in hand, the buyer, if the Internet is available, can check important data and make sure that the iPhone is “clean”.

How to check iPhone by IMEI

A unique number usually contains a lot of important and interesting information about a smartphone. Verification services will help the owner find out the following:

  • whether the phone was stolen. if the wanted statement was registered with the police;
  • Find My iPhone is activated. may indicate that the previous owner is not signed out of the iCloud account;
  • the country in which the iPhone was purchased and for which model it is intended.

You can find out the IMEI of a specific smartphone in two ways. If the original packaging is present during the purchase, on which a sticker with technical data is preserved, then the number required for verification will be present there. It consists of 15 digits (in some cases. of 17) and is assigned to each phone individually during production. If you don’t have the original packaging at hand, then you can find the IMEI through the combination:

#iPhone-How to Check if iPhone is IMEI Blacklisted/ Lost / Stolen

This command should be entered in the standard dialer. The information will be displayed on the phone screen immediately. In the case of the Chinese version of the iPhone XS Max (for 2 SIM cards) or with eSIM support, two IMEIs will appear at once. For verification, you can use any.

There are several services on the Internet that will help users find out the minimum required information about the iPhone through a unique code. Among the proven, free and safe:

They will quickly analyze the code and show you all the important information. However, such a check is often not enough, so another convenient method can be used for self-check.

How to check iPhone by serial number

A reliable and fast way to obtain information about the equipment of interest is to search for the serial number on the official service from Apple. It is not necessary to have packaging on hand for such manipulation, because everything you need can be found in the iPhone settings. It is enough to do the following steps:

  • Open “Settings” and select “General”.
  • Find and open the “About device” menu.
  • Copy information from the “Serial number” field.

You don’t have to go to third-party resources to get information, because everything you need is on the site.

What about the device will allow to find out the serial number

The official service will help you find out everything you need to know about the iPhone to make a purchase decision. Among the important information:

  • date of issue and purchase;
  • warranty period;
  • is iCloud locked.

The very fact of downloading the report also allows us to make sure that the buyer is holding an original smartphone, and not a fake one. If all the information on the site corresponds to the seller’s story, then before buying it will remain to inspect the case. Consider here: Apple uses durable materials. Excessive wear can indicate the replacement of the case with a non-original one, purchased at one of the Chinese sites.

How to find out if your iPhone is locked

Apple smartphones for interaction with telecom operators are divided into several types:

  • Devices working with a specific telecom operator (lock). By purchasing this device, the buyer enters into an agreement with the company, according to which he must use the services of only one telecom operator.
  • Devices that work with any telecom operators (neverlock). This is the usual way of interacting with operators. Such devices are sold by most official Apple retailers.
  • Devices that were previously locked (softunlock). Some Apple smartphones, which have been locked, get rid of this limitation by service center workers by flashing. Device unlocked by software gets neverlock parameters.

Locked devices are cheaper than conventional devices, but this limitation will cause many problems for the user in the future. You can find out if a particular iPhone is locked at To do this, the IMEI of the device is entered in electronic form on the service page. After processing the entered data, the service will give a detailed response to the request.

If the device has been flashed, it can also cause communication problems. The fact that the iPhone belongs to the softunlock category is indicated by the strong recommendation of the seller not to update iOS and the long process of connecting to the network after a reboot.

We test the condition of the battery

To check the iPhone battery, you need to enable video shooting, while monitoring the behavior of the battery indicator on the screen. If the battery loses more than 5 percent charge in 3 minutes of shooting, it gradually breaks down and needs to be replaced.

Check iPhone by IMEI serial number for originality

An effective device authentication tool invented by the manufacturer. serial number and IMEI code. The data is indicated on the box in which the iPhone is sold. But the packaging should not be trusted, as it may belong to a completely different device. It is better to check this data using the capabilities of the phone itself. For this you need:

  • Turn on the device and open the settings section.
  • Go to the additional section of the main settings.
  • Go to the additional menu “About this device”.
  • Read the information provided. If they do not match those indicated on the box, there is a reason to think about the seller’s honesty.

You can also see the IMEI and CH of the device on the back of the case. detailed information about the device is provided by the services:

To check the iPhone by IMEI, it is enough to enter this code into an electronic form on any of these websites. It is recommended to compare the information obtained with that provided by the seller and that received by the buyer himself, studying the iPhone.

Testing the iPhone screen

To check the iPhone screen, open several applications one by one, restart the device. If black dots are visible on the screen, the buyer is dealing with dead pixels. If irregularities are felt when pressed, a crunch is heard, the original screen has been replaced with a lower-quality analogue.

It is also worth paying attention to the correctness of color rendering, brightness and contrast indicators.

How to check if an iPhone has been repaired

You can find out about the fact of iPhone repair by IMEI by entering the code on the website, or in a repair shop. It takes a few minutes for a service specialist to answer the question whether the iPhone was repaired or not.

Check iPhone warranty

This task is performed according to the following algorithm:

  • Find the serial number of the device.
  • Go to Apple website.
  • Enter CH devices and captcha into the electronic form.
  • Find out information about the availability and duration of warranty service.

How to find the serial number of your iPhone

You can find out the serial number of your iPhone in several ways. The owner needs to go to the settings, then go to the “basic” tab, and then click “about the device”. Also, the serial is located on the box from under the phone, most often it can be found at the bottom of the box under the name “Serial No”.

A more difficult way to find the serial number of a smartphone is the iTunes application. To do this, you need to sync your iPhone and computer, and then go to iTunes. Near the “music” field, the user will see a thumbnail image of the phone that needs to be clicked on. A menu will appear on the left in which you need to select the “About device” item, the owner will see all the necessary information.

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Also, iPhone data can be viewed using iTunes, even if at a particular moment the person does not have access to the phone. But this is only possible if the smartphone was previously paired with a computer and backups were made to it. You need to sign in to iTunes, then in the top bar to find the “edit” tab and from it go to the settings. Then you need to go to “devices”, select the desired gadget from the list and click on it.

If the user knows the IMEI, then with the help of it he will be able to find out the serial number online. To do this, he needs to go to the iUnlocker website and enter an email in a special field. In this way, the owner of the device will not only be able to check the iPhone by IMEI for the presence of a SIM lock or binding to a specific mobile operator, but also learn the data of the smartphone. the date of its release, Syrian language, technical characteristics, etc.

You can also find out the serial number using the IMEI info online service. To do this, go to the site, have the info and punch the email code. The owner of the gadget will see all the information about his smartphone, including the serial number, date of manufacture of the phone, etc.

How to check eligibility for Apple service and support

In the event of a breakdown or any malfunctions in the operation of the mobile device, the user of the device can contact the service center. Employees of such a center will examine the phone and draw conclusions about whether the breakdown is significant, whether it is possible to fix the defect. If the breakdown turns out to be too serious, then the owner will either get the money back for the device, or they will replace it with a new one. But this is only possible with a valid warranty.

Important! To repair or replace the phone free of charge, the breakdown must be covered by the warranty. If the owner breaks the device through negligence, in this case, he will most likely be denied free service.

To check if the iPhone has a warranty and if it has expired, you need to know its serial number, as well as IMEI. This information can be found in the phone settings. To do this, go to the settings. basic. about the device. The user will be presented with all the information about his smartphone, including the phone model, iOS version, serial number and IMEI. You can check iPhone by IMEI on the official website of the company.

How to check iPhone by serial number

Checking an iPhone by serial number for authenticity, warranty, or activation status can be done in the same way as checking an iPhone by IMEI at To do this, you need to go to the site, find the “Check the right to service” tab, and then enter the serial number of the device. If the service has recognized the iPhone and provided information about it, this confirms the originality of the device.

Using iCloud

In the case when the owner has no way to find out whether it is in the smartphone itself or on its box, iCloud will come to the rescue. iCloud is a storage that contains data from all of the user’s devices. In order to find information about some of his gadgets, for example, about Apple Watch or iPhone, he just needs to go to the iCloud website. After logging into the account, the user will receive information on all their devices, including serial numbers, name, etc.

other methods

If the iPhone is broken and there is no way to find the code in the phone, then you can just look at it on the cover.

Advice! The identification number can be found by dialing the command #.

In addition, you can find it on the box from under the device or in the SIM tray. To do this, you need to pull out the SIM-card tray from the smartphone and inspect it, a code must be written on it.

What is IMEI and Serial Number on iPhone

IMEI is a unique identification code that is assigned to the phone when it is assembled at the factory. Each smartphone has its own distinctive number, it consists of 15 digits. It is impossible to change it, because it is sewn into the microcircuits of the device. Attempts to change IMEI by various IT specialists are criminally punishable. The number of IMEIs assigned to a device depends on how many SIM cards it contains.

IMEI is a unique identification code

The identification number will help the owner of the phone in case of theft. Using this code, a person can contact technical support and block the smartphone.

Important! If the IMEI is locked, the iPhone cannot be activated over the cellular network. That is, even if you change the SIM card on it, it will not help. The phone simply will not be able to access the Internet, make calls and send messages to other numbers.

The serial number is the same as the one assigned to the gadget at the factory. It consists of 11 characters (letters and numbers). The serial contains information about the factory at which the device was manufactured and in what year.

In addition to the build date, this code can be used to find out if the iPhone or iPad was repaired before the sale. Using a unique number, the user can check whether his device has a warranty and how long it lasts. In addition, the serial will be needed in case of loss of the gadget.

In settings

The first way is to go to the device settings and see all the data there. To do this, go to the basic settings and click “About device”. This tab will contain all the necessary information about the phone: IMEI, serial number, and so on.

How to check iPhone by IMEI

To check the iPhone by IMEI for the right to service and technical support, the user needs to go to the official website of the company that is the manufacturer of his smartphone. Once on the site, you need to go to the menu and find the “Eligibility for Service and Support” tab. There you enter your devices and all the necessary information.

In order for the owner of the gadget to be eligible for free warranty service, it is necessary that the smartphone data match the data on the packaging box and on the SIM card tray. You will also need an iPhone purchase receipt.

By IMEI, you can determine the originality of the smartphone. To do this, you need to use a special algorithm.

How to determine the authenticity of an iPhone by its name:

  • It is necessary to add all the digits of the number that are in even positions, except for the check one (second digit, fourth, sixth, etc.).
  • Replace numbers in odd positions (1 becomes 2, 2. 4, 3. 6, 4. 8, 5. 1, 6. 3, 7. 5, 8. 7, 0 and 9 do not need to be replaced).
  • Add Converted Digits.
  • Now all the converted numbers need to be added with the result from the first paragraph (except for the check digit).
  • Subtract the check digit from the received number.

The final number should be a multiple of 10. If the result is divisible by 10 without a remainder, then the iPhone is real.

What is the serial number and IMEI?

The serial number is a unique code for each device. A lot of data is encrypted in it. country, release date, etc. IMEI is an international unique identifier for a gadget. It is used to track and block a stolen smartphone.

IPhone Authentication by Serial Number, IMEI, Zombie Check

When purchasing iPhone smartphones from Apple, you can check the device by serial number. Thus, you can avoid buying a Chinese fake, which have become too similar to the original phones. By the way, after purchase, you need to perform some actions.

How to view the serial number on iPhone?

This is done in several ways, namely the simplest: you can see it in the phone settings (Settings. General. About the device).

Here you will see the items “Serial number” and “IMEI”. If you do not have the opportunity to go to the settings, the IMEI is written on the SIM-card tray, and from it you can find out the serial number. In the second way, you can see the serial number on the back of the iPhone box, but it may not be there when purchasing a smartphone from your hands.

All iPhone serial numbers are in the following format: AABCCDDDEEF, where:

AA. plant and machine identifier. B. year of issue (“0” means the phone was released in 2010, “9”. 2009 and so on). CC is production week. DDD is a unique identifier (different from UDID). EE is the color of the smartphone. F. memory size (S. 16 GB, T. 32 GB).

You should also pay attention to the fact that the serial number may contain ZERO, do not confuse it with the letter O, it should not be in more than one serial number.

How to check iPhone by serial number on Apple official website?

To check the iPhone, you need to go to the official page of the Apple website. We act according to the following instructions:

Check iPhone imei or Serial number for any APPLE device

  • enter your serial number in a special field;

Now you have information about the expiration date of the warranty and the originality of the device. You can also check almost any Apple device from this company’s tablets to computers and TV boxes.

How to find the serial number / have an iPhone?

If you want to check your iPhone for originality, then first you have to find out its IMEI. There are just a lot of ways.

There are options when the device is active, as well as those when you cannot turn it on, but you somehow need to find out the serial number.

Now I’ll tell you about each of them, and you already choose the most convenient for you:

    Through Settings. In absolutely any iPhone, you can find the IMEI in Settings. To do this, you need to go to Settings. General. About this device. Serial number.

Settings. General. About this device. Serial number

SIM card tray again. Older iPhone 3g, iPhone 3gs, iPhone 4, and iPhone 4s had a serial number on the SIM tray, but at the top.

Just turn the packaging over and you can find a sticker with many barcodes. There you will find the information you need.
iTunes. The option with the iTunes program has not yet been canceled, and it is also quite easy to find the desired IMEI in it.

We select the connected device, Overview and on the right side you will find the number you need.

As you can see, there are a lot of ways to find out IMEI and you just have to choose the most convenient one for you.

How to check iPhone for authenticity by IMEI on Apple website?

The iPhone is becoming more expensive every year and therefore, before buying both a new and a used smartphone, I want to make sure that it is genuine and you can use it without any problems.

To do this, it is possible to check the serial number, and on the official Apple website. Let’s talk about everything in order.

Checking iPhone for originality / authenticity by serial number on the official Apple website

When you already know the serial number, it’s time to move on to the most basic thing. checking the iPhone on the official website.

It is very easy to do this, because there is a special section., where you need to enter the number and click Continue (do not forget about the captcha).

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Checking IMEI iPhone on the official Apple website

Then, all the necessary information on the device will appear: its warranty, date of purchase, etc. If your phone is in the database, then you bought a genuine iPhone.

Checking iPhone Status

Despite the fact that the overall quality of counterfeits has increased markedly over the past few years, minor flaws can still be seen immediately if you look closely.

  • The back cover must not be removable.
  • The case of the original iPhone is made of aluminum, while counterfeit manufacturers like to save money and often try to emit metal with plastic.
  • A real iPhone can’t have two SIM cards.
  • All current models, starting from the fifth generation, have a proprietary Lighting connector, no Mini / Micro-USB.
  • The system should not have Google Play, and the settings should contain information about the iOS operating system. Any mention of Android means that this is a fake.
  • On the back cover of any iPhone (including versions for the Chinese market) there should be an inscription “Designed by Apple in Califormia. Assembled in China “. If hieroglyphs or any other text flaunts instead of this inscription on the back cover, then you have a fake.
  • If you had experience using an iPhone or other Apple devices, then you can probably identify a fake by the quality of the screen, menu design, fonts and other similar nuances.

One more nuance, go to Settings. General, find the Software Update item there. If it is not, then this is a fake.

Identifying Refurbished iPhone by Packaging

If you have not purchased the device yet, you can identify the refurbished phone by the packaging. Of course, it is unlikely that the smartphone will be sold under the guise of a new one, but it is worth knowing about it.

An iPhone is refurbished if it is stamped with the text “Apple Certified Pre-Owned” on the box. There may also be slightly different options, but the meaning is always about the same.

The information sticker must have three letters printed in the appropriate place. RFB.

How to authenticate and distinguish a refurbished iPhone

At the moment, it’s easier than ever to find a fake or a refurbished version of an iPhone disguised as an original. The fall in the ruble exchange rate also plays a role, which makes people look for ways to save money and turn to the services of dubious sellers, and simply ignorance of the features of Apple technology when buying the first iPhone.

This page provides detailed instructions on how to check an iPhone for authenticity, by studying which you can easily identify even a high-quality fake.

Check iPhone by IMEI

First you need to find out the IMEI, and you can do this in several ways.

  • On the package, under the serial number should be located IMEI.
  • On the SIM tray.
  • In the menu: Settings. General. About this device.
  • Dialing #.

At, enter 15 digits in the appropriate line and click Check. If the information is not true, then you have a fake.

We look at the settings menu

The first letter in the model name will help you determine if your device is new.

  • M. new phone.
  • F. refurbished smartphone.

The last two characters indicate the region in which the device is intended for sale. If you bought your iPhone on the territory of the Russian Federation, and this is the version officially certified by Rostest, the abbreviation must be RS, RR, RP or RU.

Buying an iPhone hand-held: how to find out almost everything about the phone by IMEI

How do I check my iPhone before buying? What you should pay attention to first of all and how to find out if all functions are working. The phone is locked or not. maybe it was under repair and restored.

I strongly recommend that you get and take a SIM card with you in advance (micro-SIM for iPhone 4 / 4s or nano-SIM for five and above).

To meet with the seller, try to choose a place where there is access to free Wi-Fi (for example, a shopping center or a familiar cafe). Thus, it will be possible to check the operation of the wireless module and find out where it is from and its fate by IMEI directly from the phone. It’s good if the seller has a box from the phone, you can compare the serial number and IMEI on the box and in the phone.

IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identifier) ​​is an international identifier of mobile equipment (“hardwired” into the device). IMEI is necessary for unique identification of a mobile device in a GSM network: it is automatically transmitted by the device to the operator’s network when connected.

You can find out the IMEI of your iPhone in the following ways:

  • dial # (SIM card is optional)
  • Settings. Basic. About this device
  • Remove the SIM tray. Serial number and IMEI printed on the SIM tray (iPhone 3G / 3GS / 4 / 4S).

It was not in vain that I wrote about the SIM card at the beginning. Having your SIM card, you can easily make sure that the phone is not locked to a specific operator (your operator’s network will be displayed). By dialing the number, we check the conversation mode and evaluate the operation of the microphone and speaker.

By the way, it is not necessary to print the box (if you buy a new phone as a gift), you can find out a lot of useful information about the phone by the IMEI on it. But this is a special case, it is still better to check the work and completeness in order to avoid “surprises”. In other cases, if you are refused to print the box with the phone, there is a reason to think a lot about buying.

Several useful links to check iPhone:

Apple iPhone Serial Number Warranty Check:

Visual inspection, abrasions of the case (in principle, the glass can be polished on its own). We draw attention to the completeness. the presence of a charger for our outlet, a USB cable for connecting to a computer, a headset and a paper clip for removing the SIM card. Check the integrity of the screws on the bottom of the iPhone for any visible irregularities, which may indicate that the phone was opened.

Turn the phone in your hands. the orientation of the screen should change, thus the operation of the built-in accelerometer is checked. Shoot something with your camera. Covering the top of the phone with your palm during a call, you can check the operation of the proximity sensor (the screen should go out).

Not everyone knows about such an interesting trick that Apple Store employees use when accepting faulty phones. Thanks to LCI (Liquid Contact Indicator) sensors, there is no need to spin the device and quickly determine whether the phone has been bathed. In the normal state, the indicator is white or silver, but after contact with water it turns red, so it will be difficult to confuse.

It was not possible to check the second device, therefore I cannot say whether it was similarly restored or not. But the phones were sold as new, with a pretty decent price tag of 300 each. For comparison, at the moment, in Svyaznoy iPhone 4 costs less than 13 kilo rubles, so a really stingy pays twice.


Serial number check

On the latest iPhone models, only the IMEI is placed on the case or SIM card tray, but this is not a problem: it can be used instead of the serial number for authentication. IPhone check is carried out on the Apple website on the checkcoverage page. Insert the number in the field, enter the code from the picture and click “Continue” to start the search for information about the phone.

The system will quickly recognize the original device and show its status. It is important that there is a check mark next to the item “Valid Purchase Date” to confirm that the iPhone is genuine and was purchased from Apple. If there is no mark, then you are holding a fake, which has nothing to do with the American company, no matter how similar it looks to the original phone.

If more than a year has passed since the purchase of the smartphone, the international warranty ceases to apply to it. You can understand this by the information specified in the items “Telephone Technical Support” and “Repairs and Service Coverage”. The official Apple website does not provide any more information, so if you need more information, you will have to turn to other sources to find out information:

  • Smartphone model.
  • The region for which it was made.
  • Main technical characteristics.
  • Date of issue.
  • Manufacturing plant.

The serial number can also identify the officially restored iPhone. for such phones the code starts with “5K”. Many sellers pass refurbished smartphones as new, so pay attention to this parameter.

Identity search

Each iPhone has a unique serial number and IMEI, which can be used to determine the time of release, sale and activation, and other information. You can find out the serial in several ways:

  • View on box.
  • Open the basic settings and go to the “About device” section.
  • Find on SIM tray or phone case.

Please note: the code uses the number “0”, but there cannot be the letter “O”.

IPhone Authentication by IMEI and Serial Number

Information on how to check an iPhone by serial number and IMEI will be useful to users who are going to buy a smartphone from their hands or are not sure about the seller’s honesty. To verify the originality of the device, it is enough to enter its identification data on a special page of the Apple website, which provides information about the eligibility for service and support.

Checking the phone by IMEI

IMEI is an international mobile equipment identifier that is found not only on iPhones, but also on other phones. If by the serial number you can find out only about the status of the international warranty, then IMEY allows you to find out much more information about the iPhone.

You can find out the IMEI in the same way as the serial number of the iPhone. The easiest way is to look in the settings.

  • Open the “General” section in the settings.
  • Go to the subsection “About the device”.
  • Find the item “IMEI”.

To display the code, the request # entered in the Phone application is also used. In addition, the IMEY is engraved on the body of the device or the SIM card tray, and is also printed on the barcode label on the package, so if you cannot see it in the settings, there will be other options. The main thing is that the number is the same in all places: on the packaging, in the case and in the settings. IMEI discrepancy is a reason to think about the originality of the device and the honesty of the seller.

The IMEI check is carried out not on the Apple website, but on the resource. Here you need to enter the code into the search box, check the box that you are not a robot, and click “Check”. Search results in information about the device, including year of manufacture and model, as well as key specifications.

Knowing how to check the iPhone by serial number and IMEI, you will protect yourself from buying an unoriginal or simply problematic smartphone, which may stop working or become blocked after flashing. When purchasing an iPhone from your hands or from an unofficial dealer, do not make a prepayment until the device is checked on all possible sites that provide information about the phone by IMEI and serial number.

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