Checking Internet speed: Overview of methods

I think that not everyone is not always satisfied with the speed of his internet. Yes, when files are loaded quickly, online video is loaded without “jerks” and delays, the pages open very quickly. nothing to worry about. But in case of problems. the first thing is recommended to do is check the Internet speed. It is possible that to access the service you simply not sufficiently high-speed connection.

over, it is important to note that despite the fact that many providers write sufficiently high numbers when connected: 100 Mbit / s, 50 Mbps. in fact, the real speed will be less (almost always in the contract is indicated by the pretext to 50 Mbps, so They do not sink). This is what ways you can check it out, and let’s talk later.

How to check the Internet speed through a mobile application

To measure the speed of connecting from a mobile device, you can use any application with a suitable functionality. There are a lot of such both for Android and iOS. We will analyze the three best options.

Speedtest from Ookla

Again our familiar, but now in the format of an advanced application. Speedtest is suitable for checking the connection speed on any mobile devices. The appendix is ​​the same as in the desktop version.

In addition to standard metrics, the application displays a jitter. the spread of network packets, which may be caused by the connection lags. This is the only application that adequately measures the speed of the compound 5G-Internet.

From the point of view of visualization of data Speedtest. one of the most thoughtful applications. There are cards of mobile operators:

Built-in VPN and the ability to save test tests. The application is available for free for iOS and Android.

Speedtest Master

The application is not only for measuring the speed of the Internet, but also for network performance analysis. Memorial connection with us occupied exactly 30 seconds.

Speedtest Master has a lot of additional features:

  • Advanced Ping Test;
  • Detector of connected devices (Thanks to it, you can find out who from the neighbors connected to your network);
  • detection of signal power levels;
  • Saving reports for further study.

In the version for Android, the inteeis is slightly different:

Built-in Windows

You can check the Internet speed using “Windows Task Manager”. We run it with a combination of hot control keys Control Alt Delete and open the “Performance” section:

Here we will see detailed data on sending / obtaining transmitted packages:

If sending / receiving packets are zero, it means that the channel is at the moment idle. Try something to download or open YouTube.

How to find out the Internet speed on Windows

Open the “Network Connections” folder and select the inteeis used, the speed of which you want to measure. In our case, for example, a wireless Wi-Fi network or wired connection. Right-click the context menu and click on this item:

The maximum connection speed is displayed in the connection properties:

Is one test more accurately?

For many reasons, it is impossible to accurately measure the speed of the Internet connection or even say that any service is more accurate than competitors.

First, the Internet is not a uniform structure, it represents a huge combination of various routers, servers, cables, and t.D. As a rule, each browser connection with a web server uses various network routers and passes through different Internet traffic control devices. Each of which affect the speed of the connection.

over, the Internet users can use various browsers or FTP applications at different times. Some browsers may have integrated accelerators that use multithreaded transmission channels by HTTP protocol, and some are deprived of this functionality. Thus, for Internet compounds there is no constancy of multiple factors.

Speed ​​test tests also do not differ in constancy. These services use three types of tests. download speed, download speed and delay time, but the tests themselves can be very different. Some services use one file for measuring speeds, and their competitors can use file sets of different sizes. Even the format of the test may affect the final results, depending on the protocols used, the size of the packages and the amount of service information contained in them.

Some services transmit files to one stream, others use multithreaded transmission. In most cases, it is unknown whether the test will be using one transfer stream more accurate than multi-threaded service.

While some tests always use the same measurement server, others can search for the fastest server or allow the user to choose a specific server independently.

Connection performance can differ significantly depending on the location of the servers used in testing. As a rule, the further physically the server is from your location, the lower the speed indicators of the network. especially time delay. Some tests, such as Speedof.Me. During measurements, they miss data through several servers located in different places.

check, internet, speed, computer

Graphic representation of measurements in the Speedof service.Me

The delay time can also affect network bandwidth, because most of the Internet traffic is associated with the “Overload window” TCP protocol. In fact, the system expects confirmation that the packets were obtained before sending subsequent data. The more time the delay, the slower passes the transfer.

The time of day can also seriously affect the value of the connection speed. In business hours on corporate machines, there may be a serious velocity drawdown, Numerous users use the same Internet connection. Home users will notice slowing down in the evening when you and your neighbors download video on YouTube or watch movies in streaming mode.

It should also be borne in mind that test results may vary depending on the number of other users who simultaneously use the local Internet provider node. For end users, speed can reduce any device connected to the network in a separate apartment building, for corporate users distortion in the results can provoke their colleagues using the same network connection. If you notice a strong drawdown in speed after 15:00, probably students returned with classes and switched to Internet services.

Most services for checking the Internet speed download a small application. Some resources use Java, others. Flash. The newest services use HTML5 technology, which does not require installation of applets on your computer. Theoretically, HTML 5 database tests must be more accurate due to the lack of service information in the local application. Ookla declares that its test using Flash compensates for the protocol overhead and the buffering of the application before publishing final results.

Ookla has a relatively simple intees to display speeds and delay time

Conclusion: no matter what assumptions makes an Internet service speed check service, it cannot create a test that will reflect the real state of affairs. At the moment there is no practical way to take into account the configuration of a particular computer and the use of the Internet. Especially when Internet connections differ depending on the location, session and web resource.

It works stably, averaging the values ​​obtained, rather predictable and repetitive results.

The service is not particularly interested in testing high-speed Internet, but it can be interesting to those who use the modem or other not the fastest Internet. The results show the average results for various network intees (modem, coaxial cable, Ethernet, Wi-Fi) and your comparison.

There is accuracy of measurements in percent. It is calculated on the basis of whether there was a stable speed during data transfer, or strongly jumps. Than more stable, the higher the accuracy.

Online tests for checking speed

Important! For the normal operation of the following services, you must be installed Adobe Flash Player. If it is outdated with you (or not working). I recommend to update.

Probably one of the most famous sites for testing the velocity of the Internet. Russian-speaking, simple and fast. Everything that’s needed. Press one “Test” button.

To work service, you need a plugin in the browser. Adobe Flash Player (usually installed automatically, if not. cm. reference above).

Presented results: ping 3 MS; Download 30.35 Mbps; Upload 34.68 Mbps.

Simple, Russian, quick service for testing the velocity of the Internet: is checked incoming and outgoing speed. By the way, you can share the results of the test, for this site (after test) is formed by special. link.

Good good service, which will check and give an objective assessment of your network speed. In addition, the ping will also be checked. To start testing. you need to press only one “Start Speed ​​Test” button. An Adobe Flash plugin should be installed in the browser.

The results are presented in the form of a comfortable small plate (as in rice. below).

Very concise service for checking the Internet, nothing superfluous: only one button to start the test (nor advertising, nor references, nor recommendations).

An example of the test results is given below, there is also nothing superfluous. By the way, there is a link in order to share the test results with other users on the network.

Internet speed // Results of verification on the Yandex website

Checking Internet Speed ​​Compliance from Wellink. To start the test: You need to enter the stated speed of your connection (which the provider promised you), and press only one Witest button.

Test time. one minute. After checking, you will learn the download speed and returns (see. Example of test results below).

Vital Internet speed indicators

What is the speed of downloading?

This is the speed with which your device can receive data from the Internet (Download SpeeED). It is calculated by dividing the total bandwidth of the data at a specified period of time on their duration. Therefore, its unit of measure is denoted by data units during the time. Most often, the speed of download is indicated in megabits per second (Mbit / s or MB / S), although other units of measurement are also common, such as kilobits per second (Kbps or Kb / s) or megabytes per second (MB / s and and MB / S).

What is the download speed?

Unlike the speed of download, the download speed characterizes the amount of data that your device can send to the Internet (Upload Speed). It is calculated in the same way and therefore is indicated in the same units of measurement.

What is ping (delay)?

Ping Displays the data transfer time that the signal is required to get to the destination. In this context, it is the time you want a data package to complete its travel over the network and confirm from the server that it has been received. Ping is most often indicated in milliseconds (MS). This is the meaning of the responsiveness of your Internet connection.

How to check the speed of the Internet in Russian

To spend the online speed seat of the velocity of the Internet in Russian, you will need:

  • Go from the browser (with PC or mobile phone) to the main page of the SpeedTeste website.RU;
  • wait for the download of the widget and determine the location of the user (you can select the server and manually);
  • Click “Start Testing”;
  • wait for the end of the test (takes 20. 30 seconds).

If necessary, you can set the measurement value (the default speed is displayed in Mbps).

SpeedTest shows the following data:

  • data load speed;
  • rate of return (discharge) of data;
  • Response delay (Ping);
  • Provider’s name;
  • User’s IP address;
  • Information about the operating system installed on the device.

check, internet, speed, computer

For more accurate values, it is recommended to check the speed several times using the connection to different servers. It is necessary to understand that the indicators may differ slightly, but without substantial scatter by results.

As a rule, the speed of the Internet depends on many parameters

Also, the speed of the Internet connection depends on your “iron”: network cards, if the computer is connected via the cable to the router or Wi-Fi adapter, over a wireless connection to the router. These devices have its own bandwidth of the Internet connection and if you have high-speed Internet, and the network adapter does not support such speed, it will not match the speed with your tariff plan.

If you observe these criteria by SpeedTest will show your speed, which must match the tariff you choose.

For other providers, such as Onlime, Beeline and D.P using Ethernet technology (when the “twisted pair” cable comes into your apartment), you can measure speed directly without a router. Connect your computer directly to the Internet cable, configure the connection and check the speed.