Method 1: Check iCloud Lock

Step 1: Visit the Apple Support website

To check for iCloud lock, first search for and open the Apple support website on your Apple device or computer. You can also connect directly to google

Step 2. Select your device mode

In the main interface, you will be prompted to select the product you want to check for iCloud lock. Just click on the icon from the list of devices. You can choose iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

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The interface will then move to the next screen and you can select detailed tools to help you check iCloud lock. Click the “Repair and Physical Damage” tab at the far left of the first row.

And you can see a lot of device problems, which are listed on the next screen. According to your iCloud lock check requirements, you need to click on the Display Hacked topic.

If you don‘t see this topic in the list, tap “Topic is not listed,” tap and enter “Display is cracked” in the next frame. Then click “Go to next screen”.

Then select the “Accept for repair” option from the menu when you are prompted to choose the option that suits you best. And follow the prompts to enter your IMEI or serial number in the corresponding box to check the iCloud lock status.

Now you can check iCloud lock successfully. When you see a message like this: “Sorry, but we cannot create a repair while Find my iPhone is active”, which means that iCloud lock is enabled on your device.

Method 2: How to Check iCloud Lock

Before checking your iCloud lock, you need to get your IMEI number first. Typing keys. #, 0, 6 and # on your iOS device, you can see the IMEI number on the screen. This number is unique and you can never find a second one of the same number on another Apple device.

Go to Apple’s official website by searching Google to check the status of iCloud lock. And then enter the IMEI number or serial number.

Then enter the appropriate CAPTCHA code on the next screen and click the Continue button to check the iCloud lock status. If you see iCloud Lock turned on, it means that current Apple ID users need to sign in to another device in order to activate and use the device again. If you see that iCloud lock is off, it means that anyone can freely use their iOS device by signing in with a new Apple ID and setting up the device.

When you find your iCloud is locked, visit this page to unlock iCloud now.

Part 3. How to Remove iCloud Lock

After you forget your Apple ID or password, iCloud is locked out. To access iCloud use, you need to remove the Apple ID associated with iCloud.

Apeaksoft iOS Unlock is an iOS unlock program that can unlock various lock from screen, screen time and Apple ID. If you are unable to access iCloud due to forgotten Apple ID password, this software does a great job of removing Apple ID so you can create a new one.

Now let’s follow the simple guide below to remove iCloud locks.

Install Apeaksoft iOS Unlocker on your computer by clicking on the download link below. Open this program after successful installation.

In the main interface, you have to click Remove Apple ID. Use a USB cable to connect your iPhone to your computer.

Click the Start button and this software will remove Apple ID from your iPhone, which is locked in iCloud.

After that, your iPhone will be restored to factory settings and you can create a new iCloud account for free use.

If Find My iPhone is on your device, you should reset all settings first.

Any iOS devices running iOS 11.4 or later need to turn off Find My iPhone.

How to check iCloud lock

If you have an iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you may be concerned that your iOS device might be lost and you can never find it back; or the used iPhone you purchased cannot be activated with the original iCloud credentials of the primary owner. This is a very disturbing problem indeed.

How to iphone imei Check iCloud Activation Lock Status bangla Tutorial Rajib

However, to prevent the above issue from happening again, Apple is developing a new feature on domain that will allow you to check the iCloud lock status and determine if your iOS device is secure. In other words, you can find out if your lost iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch is stolen with this new feature. Read on and find out more information on how to check iCloud lock.

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Part 2. How to Check iCloud Lock

Apple recently removed the official iCloud verification tool for an unknown reason. Don’t worry, this article found and tested new ways to check iCloud lock status on Apple device including iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, etc. What you need is just find your IMEI code or serial number on your Apple device to check iCloud lock status on your iPhone or iPad. To clarify, iCloud lock on an Apple device can only be used if Find My iPhone is activated on an iPod, iPad, or iPhone running iOS 7 or later.

Part 1. What is iCloud Lock

ICloud lock check. This is a nice feature developed by Apple that allows you to lock your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and prevent it from being lost, stolen or lost. This feature is part of the feature set in Find My iPhone and is gaining great popularity among iDevice owners.

You can check iCloud lock as a webpage and have someone IMEI or serial number of Apple device to check iCloud lock status of selected iPhone, iPad or iPod. This feature requires an Apple ID and associated account password to verify iCloud lock and perform related tasks such as disabling Find My iPhone, deleting all hardware information, and reactivating your Apple device to use a different account. It’s Apple’s way of preventing theft, loss, and resale of devices.

However, every coin has two sides. The only drawback of checking iCloud lock is that it can impact the resale market for iOS devices, as a device that is already locked will need to enter the corresponding Apple ID and unlock iCloud so that it can be used again.

To summarize, to avoid buying a used iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch with Activation Lock turned on, you need to take the time to check the iCloud lock status by seeing the IMEI or serial number of the device. It’s simple and convenient, and you don’t even need an Apple ID to check the lock status. Please read the next post.

Here the above two methods for checking iCloud lock have been provided to you. You can choose the best way to make iCloud lock check easier. For more solutions, you can add your comments to help more users.

How to check if iPhone is locked by IMEI

In this case, you should consider two options for the actions taken, aimed at ensuring that, when purchasing a smartphone, check iCloud lock yourself:

  • to implement the first method, one of the users (buyer / seller) will need to perform a full reset of the iPhone sold. The advantage of this method is that the iCloud activation lock status is checked by the phone’s IMEI only with the help of its software;
  • in order to check the iPhone for iCloud using the second method, the user will have to download and install the iTunes program on his computer. Having installed the application from “Yabloko”, you should restore and update the iOS-firmware installed on the iPhone.

In no case should you update the operating system without connecting the device to iTunes, otherwise all the previous steps will turn out to be meaningless, and the iPhone IMEI check on iCloud will not be carried out.

Check iCloud Activation Lock Status by IMEI

An action such as checking an iPhone by IMEI for iCloud lock is quite simple. However, not so long ago, it was possible to check the status of the activation lock of the purchased or sold device in an even easier way by going to the official website of Apple’s cloud storage. This function is currently out of order.

How activation lock works

Activation lock, and in the English version. Activation lock, is quite easy to enable. To do this, during the initial setup of the device, you should enter the data from the user’s iCloud, and only then launch the Find iPhone application, which is well known to all users of the iOS system. And although nothing happens on the iPhone screen after launching the program, it will still be in an active state.

Is it possible to recognize my iCloud by IMEI

To recognize Ayclaud by its name, you must follow the step-by-step instructions by performing the following steps:

  • Click on the “Settings” icon, then. “General” and then. “About this device” (the screen will show information about the user’s device, including the model of the device, its serial number, and IMEI).
  • We call Support Apple and provide the above information in case we have lost both the password and login from the iCloud account.

Given Apple’s privacy policy, the user is unlikely to have the opportunity to find out the desired username and password from Apple ID by some workaround.

You should not trust people who offer to find out the password or login for authorization in iCloud for a certain fee, since, most likely, these are intruders trying to find easy money. No one other than Apple employees provides this service.

Possible problems

If we consider all possible problems of access to iCloud, then first of all, we should highlight the lack of the ability for Apple product owners to restore their iCloud accounts in the case when, when talking with company employees, the former cannot give answers to long-established security questions.

In this case, we can only advise you to record the answers to security questions on tangible information carriers and store them in a place far from strangers.

You should also not be led by the seemingly potential buyers of Apple gadgets who ask to enter iCloud from an account unknown to the owner of the device for the purpose of the so-called verification.