How to replace display on Samsung Galaxy A50

In this article, we’ll show you how to replace the display on your Samsung Galaxy A50 smartphone yourself.

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The Galaxy A50, equipped with an AMOLED screen, did not survive the fall. Module replacement required. We will install a spare part of original quality assembled with a middle body part. The display itself was bought here.

For all the external deceit, the back cover of the Galaxy A50 is made of plastic, you can even do without preheating and confine yourself to a spatula for parsing.

In the lower part, create a gap with the narrowest part of the blade and, slightly bending to the side, peel off the back cover. If necessary, you can add a small amount of isopropyl alcohol to the spatula to reduce the stickiness of the factory tape. Only after that we remove the SIM-tray.

Remove the remnants of the tape on the frame and lid, then replace it with a new one.

The plastic frame is fixed with screws from the bottom and top, we use a screwdriver and get rid of the fasteners.

With the same spatula for parsing, pry the frame and snap it off. We work carefully: the frame is thin and can crack from excessive bending.

We apply the first parsing rule: disconnect the battery first.

We will prepare the phone for connecting and checking a new spare part. It will be enough for us to disconnect the display cable from the lower subboard.

We connect the cable to the new display module, make sure it is tight. We connect the battery cable back and you can start the device.

Since the contacts and the power button itself remained on the middle frame, we will turn on the phone by closing the contacts. There are two of them. Use any metal tool.

After starting, we check the operation of the sensor and the image quality.
We make sure that there are no flares, graphic distortions and incorrect color reproduction.

The sensor can be checked in two ways:

Using all the controls of the software shell (curtains, buttons, icons, brightness sliders and side gestures, if any) and dragging any application icon on the desktop across the entire area;

Turning on the special display mode of touching the touch screen:

  • Settings app
  • item “About phone / About device”
  • repeated clicking on the line “Build number”, until a message appears about the inclusion of developer mode
  • return to the main settings screen
  • scroll down and find the appeared item “For Developers”, go to it (on various devices this menu item can be hidden in “Accessibility”, “Additional settings”, “System settings”, etc.)
  • turn on the item “For Developers” and look at the bottom of the section “Input”, “Display touches” and voila. the finger is followed by a coordinate grid leaving the line of touch, which allows you to fully check the touchscreen for serviceability and eliminate false and phantom clicks

The part has been checked and must be installed, which means it’s time to transfer the board and peripherals to a new frame. Disconnect the board-to-board cables and unscrew the motherboard fastening screw. We also disconnect the antenna cables and remove them from the channel.

At the bottom, we have to unscrew and disable the sub-screen fingerprint scanner, antenna contacts and the sub-board itself along with antenna cables.

There is no need to carry the thermal bands, our new original module comes with a full set of rubber bands and a thermal interface.

The speaker and vibration motor remained under the main board. Gently pry with tweezers and transfer to a new place.

Be careful when removing the Fingerprint Scanner, if the scanning window is dirty or damaged, it could cause it to malfunction.

The antenna contact and the bottom board are fixed on double-sided tape, pry off with a spatula.

The last in line is the rechargeable battery. In this model, Samsung did not provide any labels to facilitate dismantling the battery, tightly gluing it on both sides to the metal frame.

To loosen the tape, add alcohol around the edges, in the gap between the battery itself and the frame. Leave it to “wet” for a couple of minutes and easily peel off the battery.

We will install the battery on acrylic double-sided tape. Two stripes around the edges are enough.

We remove all protective films from rubber bands and thermal pads and assemble the phone in the reverse order.

The final step will be to install the back cover. Here again, acrylic tape will help us. We glue it along the edges of the frame, cutting off the excess with a scalpel or office knife.

How to return the previous screensaver on your phone?

If you want to return the phone screen saver that was installed on your mobile device upon purchase, go to the main menu and look for the power management section. Find the options for turning on and displaying the screensaver, set the time it appears in standby mode, and then apply the changes.

How to resize wallpaper on Android?

To set wallpaper on Android, select a picture from the gallery, select (if necessary) the required size and change the wallpaper of your screen. Also, the application can be used from the “Open with” menu.

How to return the old screensaver to the screen?

  • Right-click on the desktop and select Personalization from the context menu that appears.
  • Under Select a photo, press the Browse key to find a previously saved background.
  • Click on Select a picture and the operating system will set it as your desktop background.

How to Set Changing Wallpaper on Samsung Lock Screen?

How to Change Wallpaper on Home Screen and Lock Screen in Samsung

  • Go to the home screen settings in your Samsung smartphone.
  • Select “Wallpaper” below.
  • Choose one of the pictures or “From the gallery”, if you need to set as wallpaper a photo of your family or some cool picture downloaded from the Internet.

How to change wallpaper on Samsung A 50?

Right-click on the file you want to place on your desktop, select “set as desktop background”. Or right-click on the desktop, select “personalization” and in the window that opens, click “desktop background”.

How to put a picture on your desktop in full size?

To do this, go back to START. Control Panel. Screen. Click on the line “Change the desktop background”. Through the “review” we find the saved picture, “Position of the image” select “Center”, below click on the line “Change background color”.

How to put a picture on the lock screen on Samsung?

How to set / remove wallpaper on Android phone lock screen

  • Click “Settings”, select the “Screen” menu.
  • Go to the “Wallpaper” section, open it.
  • Now we indicate for which screen the wallpaper will be set. We should choose “Lock Screen”.

How to set a photo to a contact in a Samsung phone

It would seem that it could be easier. to set a photo to a contact in the phone. This is a trivial operation known to almost every owner of a modern smartphone, no matter what manufacturer it is. But when we get our hands on Sumsung phones (especially the latest models), we may encounter certain difficulties when adding a photo to the desired contact. What to do? Below we will analyze how to put a photo on any contact in Samsung phones. And also what we need for this.

Features of storing information about contacts in Samsung smartphones

The current functionality of Sumsung phones allows us to choose four data carriers about a contact:

Storage locations: Features:
SIM Card (1 and 2) Contact details are saved on 1 or 2 SIM cards of your phone. Since the memory capacity of the SIM card is small (often it is only 128 kb), the SIM card usually stores only the last name and first name of the contact (in Latin letters) and his phone number. Other contact details, including photos, are not saved here.
Phone (phone memory) In this case, we get more opportunities for saving contact data. We can easily save the contact’s full name in Cyrillic, several phone numbers, address, place of work, place of residence, photo and other information
Google (Google Account) In this case, the contact details are linked to the phone user’s Google account. Accordingly, the contact data is stored on Google’s servers. If necessary, such data can be easily transferred to a new phone.
Samsung account Linked to the user’s Samsung account. It is rarely used, but the possibilities are wide.

If you have previously saved your contacts to a SIM card (or this saving method was set on your phone by default), then you will not be able to set a photo to your contact on Sumsung. In this case, you need to transfer the numbers of your contacts to the phone. To transfer phone numbers from the SIM-card memory to the phone, you usually need to launch the “Contacts” application, select the “Import / Export” option in the settings menu.

Then select a SIM-card from the list of sources and click on “Next”. We indicate the phone as a new place for storing contacts. It remains to mark the list of subscribers for transferring their numbers to the phone, and confirm the transfer operation with tap to “Ok”.

In addition to the phone, you can select a Google account as the storage location for your account data (relevant for newer Samsung models). In this case, when adding a contact, enter the number, click “Add to contacts”. “Create contact”. Google. Next, it remains to enter the contact information, and tap on the round field to link the picture to the subscriber.

Let’s look at the standard ways to put a photo on a contact in a Sumsung smartphone.

Use the functionality of the “Contacts” application to put a photo on the subscriber

Samsung phones have a standard mechanism for adding a photo to contacts.

To implement it, you need to do the following:

  • Open the “Contacts” application and tap on the desired phone book number;
  • Click on the pencil icon or the “Edit” button;
  • The contact details will open. We tap on the image of the little man;
  • Choose where we want to get the image for this contact. by taking a photo or uploading a picture from the gallery;
  • After selecting the desired source and attaching the picture to the subscriber (you will need to indicate the optimal size of the future picture for display), click on “Save”.

Samsung Galaxy A50 Lcd Screen Replacement

The “Gallery” application in Sumsung smartphones will allow you to set a picture on a contact

Using pictures from the well-known Gallery application. convenient and simple ability to put an image on the right person in the phone book in Samsung.

  • Go to the Gallery application;
  • Open the desired image for selection;
  • On the top right, tap on the menu button, and select the “Set as contact photo” option;

How to set a ringtone in Samsung a50

To put an mp3 melody on your Samsung a50 smartphone, you just need to drop it into any folder, for example, I drop it in “Ringtones”.

When you look, that the name is in Latin (you can in English) and it is best that it consists of one word, more precisely, that there are no dashes like this_.

With dashes and in Russian, your Samsung a 50, it may not be able to parse it. it showed me how an unknown file and refused to install.

You can throw it by connecting the phone to the computer (easier way) or through the file manager on the phone (longer way).

Then we move to the settings and go to “Sounds and Vibration”. There we select the ringtone (if you have two SIM cards, then we indicate which one we will put the melody on).

After that, click on the plus at the top / right (if you are going to put your own). Then at the bottom / on the right we select “Folders”, after which we go down and “Ringtones”.

It will open and you just have to select the ringtone that you have thrown and at the top / right click “Done”. It’s all.

3 ways to put a ringtone on Samsung a50. call contact and SMS

Samsung a50 phone offers many options, thanks to which we can personalize our phone as much as possible.

One of them is to put your own melody (ringtone) on a call as a whole, on a contact separately and on an SMS. So Samsung a 50 can be customized to your liking.

The manufacturer offers their own set of specially designed ringtones by default, but most of us prefer to set a ringtone with our favorite song.

Oddly enough, in the a50 smartphone, setting your own ringtone from an mp3 file is not as simple and intuitive as it might seem.

Fortunately, there are ways to set a ringtone from an mp3 file that will definitely work on your Samsung a50.

How to put your ringtone on a contact on Samsung a50

In the Samsung a 50 smartphone, you can put different melodies to specific contacts from the address book, only the contact must be saved in the phone, and not on the SIM card.

Now at the beginning of your work, select “Contacts” from the main menu and from the list of contacts you need to select the person for whom we want to put a separate ringtone.

At the bottom we see the pencil symbol “Change“. click on it. Then scroll down the screen and select Expand.

Scroll down again to the “Ringtone” location and click on the horizontal ellipsis. I will not describe further.

The further procedure has already been described above. Do exactly as above in the section and you will definitely succeed.

How to set a melody to SMS in Samsung a50

Putting a melody to SMS on Samsung a50 turned out to be not so easy. The manufacturer, both with calls and contacts, did not provide for such a tool.

So I had to resort to outsiders. The solution was found in the application “Rings Extended”. It is available in the market.

After installation in the application, in front of the line “Current ringtone” put a bird and select the item “Media rington”

You will discover all your tunes that are only in your Samsung a50. Select the required one, put a tick and “OK”.

It’s all. You have delivered your favorite SMS ringtone. You can also change it to another one in the same way. It turned out. great. And if not? Just write in the comments and you will soon get a solution.

Of course, over time, the version of Android may change and with it the settings, but that’s another story. Those interested can find out in more detail from the video lesson below. Success.

How to turn off Samsung daily from the side shutdown button on a50

Owners of Samsung a50 or s10 phones after updating the phone to Android 10 were horrified by the innovation.

Instead of turning off the phone with the button when you press the power supply, the unknown Samsung Daily starts.

It is actually a helper that can work with your favorite apps and services to help you get more done.

It will also launch if you accidentally swipe right from the home screen to the right.

Naturally, the majority did not like this, and perhaps everyone wants to remove Samsung daily.

That’s just a Korean, does not allow you to delete applications that he himself has implemented. You can, of course, delete it, but this will require ROOT rights.

I’m almost sure that no one will receive them, and since how to do this on android 10, it is not really known yet.

There is an exit. You can simply turn it off and remove it from the side shutdown button. It’s easy enough.

How to remove Samsung daily on Galaxy a50 or s10

Since the daily is now not yet finalized to perfection and it is more of a problem from it, then this service is of little use and it is better to turn it off.

The first step is to remove Samsung daily from the notification panel so as not to be annoying. To do this, hold your finger on the screen until the smaller windows appear.

Then move the screen to the right and in front of Samsung daily, move the slider to the left. He will not bother all of them with notifications.

That’s not all. Let’s turn it off completely. To do this, go to “Settings” and select “Device Maintenance”.

Then click on “Battery”. Tap Application Power Monitor. Select apps in sleep mode.

Now click “Add”. Scroll down the screen (almost to the very end) until you see “Samsung daily”. Highlight it. Click “Add” at the bottom. Now press it again in a new window.

Scroll down the screen and select Memory. At the bottom, click “Clear data”. Go back. Scroll down the screen and click Stop.

We figured out the disconnection. Now let’s remove in Samsung a50 or s10 from the side “Power” button.

How to turn off Samsung daily from the side power button

Removing the daily app from the power button is a little easier. Just hold down the 2 buttons “Power” and “Turn down”.

You will be transferred to another window. There you need to move the “black point”, opposite the line “Shutdown menu”.

Now your Samsung a50 or s10 will turn off traditionally, and you’ve said goodbye to the daily app by rebranding Bixby Home.

If you miss the news and other content they provide from various services and sites in a map-based user interface, it’s easy to return.

NOTE: if the “Power off menu” does not appear after pressing the “Side key setting”, then you need to reset the phone to factory settings. After that, you can turn off or restart with the “Power” button. Have a good day.