Professional glass replacement for your iPhone 6 with a guarantee

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Unscrupulous technicians can offer you a cheap replacement of the glass separately from the display module. Such a repair will soon inevitably lead to more problems in the operation of the entire device and, of course, even more costs for its repair. Due to the strong connection between glass, touchscreen and display, you can not separate them for replacement separately. At Pedant Service Centers, skilled professionals will replace the front panel of your iPhone quickly and accurately connect all the cables to the motherboard during reassembly. Only a reliable service center will offer you a warranty, which, at Pedant, can last up to 90 days.

iPhone 6s Glass Replacement

We recommend applying to our service center for iPhone 6s glass replacement. Glass replacement is performed using the original accessories, which guarantees the quality, functionality and durability of your smartphone. Repair is carried out in the presence of the client within a short time. 30-40 minutes.

parts and labor are included in the price

We use unique and modern equipment for the replacement of glass

A freezer separator is used to separate broken glass from the display at very low temperatures (up to.180С). Mainly used for complicated shape displays.

The vacuum separator is used to separate broken glass from the main module of the display at high temperature, using a special “string” and a vacuum compressor that fixes the module to the platform.

With the help of vacuum press, earlier separated display module is automatically bonded with new glass. Gluing is performed under high pressure with the help of a compressor.

Autoclave (pressure chamber) is used at the final stage of repair and is the most important. What an autoclave does is impossible to do by hand. After all the steps of recovery, the module is placed in the autoclave chamber, which under high pressure “expels” the small air bubbles that have appeared under the glass after relocking.

A freezer separator is used to separate broken glass from the display at very low temperatures (up to.180С). Used mainly for complex-shaped displays.

The vacuum separator is used to separate the broken glass from the main display module at high temperature, using a special “string” and a vacuum compressor which fixes the module on the platform.

With the help of a vacuum press, the previously separated display module is automatically bonded to the new glass. Bonding takes place under high pressure using a compressor.

Autoclave (pressure chamber) is used at the final stage of repair and is the most important. What the autoclave does is impossible to do manually. After all the stages of recovery are passed, the module is placed in an autoclave chamber, which under high pressure “expels” the small air bubbles that have appeared under the glass after re-gluing.

Glass replacement for iPhone 6

Call us. we answer daily from 10:00 to 20:00. Our managers will let you know an approximate repair cost and tell you about repair options.

Arrive to any auto-repair without appointment. Service Desks open daily from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm.

Delivery within Moscow is free of charge. Our couriers work daily from 10:00 to 20:00.

Many works can be done “in a day” with delivery. Check with manager.

Warranty 3 years. Excluded on all services and spare parts.

Diagnostics is always free. Even if you refuse to repair.

Original. Every service location has drive-through parts available at all times.

All parts are included. No extra fees or hidden charges. Payment after consultation, completion and testing.

Replacing iPhone 6 glass is quite a common service. During the procedure, the front panel is replaced, and after that iPhone 6 is ready to use again. Replacement will require a complete disassembly of the device.

In most cases, replacements are done after the gadget has been dropped. Increased size (compared to previous models) and slippery surfaces contribute to falling and cracking the glass surface. If the touchscreen still works, you can only replace the glass, not the entire screen.

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Replacing the glass on your iPhone 6. Revive your iPhone

Just the other day we received the gold-colored iPhone 6 in a very poor condition, broken into hundreds of small pieces of glass and a horrible bent body, along with the motherboard.

This is how iPhone 6 came to us for glass replacement

As a result, we decided to take it and we had to align the body and the motherboard, as well as replace the glass without changing the display itself part remains original and the price for repair services is very nice.

Here is how the iPhone 6 looked when we got it and before the alignment

I should say that this article is a detailed description of the replacement of the glass on the iPhone 6 and will work for the entire line of phones in this series, including models 6s and 6s Plus. the replacement process for these models is completely similar and illustrated by detailed photos. Here is a video where on DO replace the glass:

iphone 6 glass replacement

So, to replace only the glass on the iPhone 6 and do everything beautifully, we need a lot of time, very straight hands and cool instructions, which begins as follows:

  • First, check the display for functionality and carefully check the place where the flat cable connects to the ceramic display board, this is the place where the flat cable is glued to the glass matrix plate with a special thermal adhesive. If there is nothing loose and everything is fine! Next, check the rest of the cables and if a light touch on the screen surface in the upper area works and no bands appear instead of a proper image, then you’re fine and go on. Also check the touchscreen if sometimes it stops responding then most likely the display is to be replaced because the touchscreen layer is damaged. In our case everything works fine, but the glass is all crumbly.
  • Check the functionality of the front camera, proximity sensor and other elements present on the cable if everything is fine, then unscrew the two main bolts at the bottom of the body and gently remove the display using a surgical spatula.
  • After unscrew the protection on the motherboard, from which are a few stub lines to the display and gently with a spatula or toothpick unscrew each flat cable from the connector. So, the display module is removed and you can start removing the glass fragments. Disassemble iPhone 6 before replacing the glass by removing the display
  • Now it is necessary to separate the display frame from the glass for this you need to unscrew all the screws of the metal protection, remove the Home button with built-in fingerprint scanner, the speaker with the holder and the front camera cable. After heating the side of the glass where the frame is glued with a hair dryer, and then gradually remove it gently. Disassemble the display module of iPhone 6 to prepare it for glass replacement
    Attention Glass splinters, when you separate the frame, can bend and damage the display module up to the crack. After that, the display must be thrown out and buy a new one, so be very careful!
  • If you can separate the frame from the glass, you need to unsolder the backlight circuit, which is soldered to the display module circuit. After that remove the backlight using a toothpick and a hair dryer on the glass side. Here you need to be careful that all the components of this element is not torn off and did not remain on the display, otherwise you will have to buy a new backlight or the original module assembly. Using a toothpick and hairdryer you must remove backlight on the iPhone 6 before replacing the glass

After that we put the backlight aside and inspect the back of the screen for cracks and other defects should be like this:

  • First check the integrity of the screen for obvious cracks and damage it is advisable to use a microscope, but a normal vision should be enough. Carefully inspect the bezel-less screen before replacing the glass on your iPhone 6
  • After that we look at the display cables, if they are intact, there should be no problems in the future. Check all cables that come off the iPhone 6 display. it is an obligatory procedure before replacing the glass!
  • Carefully check each corner of the ceramic board, from which the flat cables run, they should be free of chips and cracks. Check iPhone 6 screen corners for chips and cracks before replacing the glass
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Then begin to remove the shards from the edge, as shown in the picture, so we can free up space for further cutting the glass with a special metal fishing line.

Remove the shards of glass from the corner of iPhone 6 display.

After taking a metal fishing line for these purposes and carefully begin to pass it under the fragments, in addition to heating it with hot air. Be careful if the shards get under the fishing line, you can ruin the display module.

Start cutting the rest of the glass on the iPhone 6 screen with a metal fishing line.

If everything goes according to plan, you should have pieces of the remaining glass separated, bonded with optical gel looks like this:

Now getting ready to apply the gel to glue the new glass. this is one of the most responsible procedures when you need to change the glass on the display. We use gel number 1000, as it is originally designed for gluing glasses of iPhones starting from the 5th model.

Now let’s glue the iPhone 6 display and the glass together using optical glue.

Be careful and be afraid of sudden movements when installing the glass and glue contact, as air can get into the glue and you will have bubbles that spoil the whole look. If even the bubbles appeared closer to the edge of the glass, it is not terrible when heated to 60 degrees Celsius and the glued module is tilted in the right direction, some of the gel will melt and the bubbles will go out. But:

  • If you have a severe case and bubbles appeared in the center of the screen and in other places, then stop the procedure and separate the glass.
  • Next, clean the display and glass from the gel to a mirror finish and repeat the bonding procedure. To do this, apply the gel in a thick even line in the center of the screen vertically with respect to the screen, and then extremely slowly from the top or bottom side begin to lower the glass on the gel, so that a small edge of the gel is in contact with the surface. As soon as you see that there are no bubbles in the gel, continue to put the glass down very slowly and you will be fine with no bubbles and everything will be chicago!

Degreaser or a product that is great for this purpose:

Do not forget where all the screws were screwed and how to place the additional elements pay special attention to the place where the loop, coming from the battery is connected. There are bolts of different diameter and length be careful!

Carefully disassemble the iPhone 6 from the side of the stub that comes from under the battery.

If you unscrewed everything correctly and were able to easily pull out the motherboard without any sudden movements, then the next look will be this:

Here is how the iPhone 6 after replacing the glass and straightening the body by our craftsmen look at this video for clarity:

iPhone 6 Glass Replacement:

We replace iPhone 6 glass with OCA film. Simply put, an OCA film is an adhesive that is formed into a film. It will not bleed into your display when you replace the glass on your iPhone 6.It’s applied automatically at the laminator. This allows the adhesive to be applied evenly across the display. It won’t come out around the edges, it will fit neatly into the size of the display when replacing the iPhohe 6 glass.

One glass replacement on the iPhone 6 may not be enough to bring the display back to life. You may need to replace the backlight, polarizing layer, rear polarizing film. We can easily install all original components on your display along with replacement glass on your iPhone 6. All these components can be obtained original. If, however, the display itself is damaged, except as from another phone it can not be taken in original quality anywhere. You can not buy the original displays, ordering them in Europe or China. All other display components can be obtained in original quality. In fact, after repair you get a brand new display module of the original quality. These modules differ from the Chinese copies of more sturdy glass and a durable touchscreen. Probably someone had to put a Chinese copy to your phone. One. Two drops of a Chinese copy of the display lead to broken glass or failure of the touchscreen. What can I say, you can not drop it at all and the touchscreen itself may fail after 3-6 months of operation of the Chinese display.

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Broken glass iPhone 6

Repair before your eyes in 15-30 min. No extra charge.

Repair before your eyes in 15-30 min. No extra charge.

Problem with your gadget? If the glass breaks the iPhone 6, specialists are ready to solve the problem in a short time. After a diagnosis, we implement the replacement of the glass iPhone 6 in a reliable center Pedant.premium quality. The price of the service is low. from 3090 All repairs are covered under warranty after the phone is serviced. Pedant network hot line number will gladly answer all your questions, find you a convenient branch, inform you about the availability of the required spare part, and make an appointment for a suitable time. Our doors are open for you every day!

Repair Time Takes Only 20 Minutes. We will call you back and schedule an appointment at your convenience.

to better serve you, your conversation may be recorded

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The new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (Plus)

In addition to the new iPhone 6, in addition to the new processor, memory, camera, display, Apple has updated the design and introduced two new models, the 4.7 inch iPhone 6 and 5.5 inch iPhone 6 plus. The two phones are almost identical in disassembled form, if you don’t take into account the size. The only difference is that the repair of the iPhone 6 Plus is a bit more expensive. Obvious “diseases” of these models have not yet been identified, the device is reliable, but time will tell how reliable it is.

Display modules iPhone 6 and 6 Plus