How to clean the basket in the phone

Mobile users often face the need to free the internal storage. This is due to the fact that modern applications occupy more and more space, and the photo and video in high resolution also impose a serious imprint on the amount of free memory.

Those people who interact with computers are perfectly aware of the existence of such an inteeis as a basket. There are placed files that the user deletes. If a person understands that he flew in vain from photography, video or musical composition, it is possible to restore this file.

Data that are in a temporary storage also occupy a place on the device. It is released only to complete removal.

Due to the increased popularity of smartphones, the need for a basket arose at mobile users. Such an inteeis has been unavailable to owners of compact devices for a long time, and now anyone can appeal to the help of the basket.

But it is important to understand that not every smartphone on Android OS has such a function. It all depends on the manufacturer of the device. Some default developers add an inteeis, while others are offered to download an additional application.

Where is the basket on Android Samsung

In the Samsung A50 mobile device, there is no special corporate shell, the usual Android operating system here is only a little modified. The question of the basket in some users arises for the reason that when deleting files, the system asks if the object to move to the basket. But most of the users do not even represent, where is this basket.

Many Android smartphone owners believe that there is no such basket on these devices. But this applies not to all models of smartphones.

On the phone Samsung A50, the basket is provided by default. This is a special place on the disk where unnecessary files are deleted, it is not possible to move onto this part of the disk.

How can I find a repository of remote files on the Samsung A50 phone? Make it actually easy.

  • Come to the gallery and here already find the basket. You can go to the menu by clicking on three points that are located in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • After the menu is called, the list of available items appears on the screen, choose the basket.
  • A window appears on the screen with notification that all the files that are here will be completely removed in 15 days.
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The basket is done to ensure that the user can quickly restore the files deleted by error. This feature is quite in demand from users.

If necessary in the basket, you can delete all the files in one fell. To do this, allocate the necessary documents and click on the Delete button. This feature will be useful to those users who do not want their data to fall into other people’s hands.

Way to find a basket in the Android phone

In other devices with Android: tablets, phones, hours, TVs, especially with a “clean” mobile system, the basket is not provided. Although we see it when you delete files from the desktop or the main menu, like Samsung. When holding icons, it appears at the top of the screen. And to remove the shortcut, we need to transfer it to a small basket that appears. But with such a removal of applications, their files are erased forever. Without the ability to restore them from some part or folder.

By the way, any of the files of your mobile device or TV with Android you can find in the file manager. This application is in the main menu, which is called “File Manager” or “File Manager”. It is located all folders with files that are available to us. To access system parties, you need to get root-rights or superuser rights.

Now images after deletion will be moved to the basket, and not deleted permanently.

How to restore remote photos

In Android smartphones there is not enough memory to give it to remote files. But somewhere, again, the basket still has

It is now for smartphones is the norm to have 128, 256 or even 512 GB of internal memory, but before the apparatus based on Android storage was less than the volume of RAM in modern devices. Therefore, to divert the place from the available 8-16 GB to remote files that people will surely forget to clean completely, was illogical. However, some system sections have their own baskets, the principles of working with which we will talk.

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I do not want to generalize, but the firmware of most smartphones is still containing baskets for photos and video recordings. This is a special segment of the Gallery application, which is temporarily. it is very important. removed shots and rollers move. Unlike computer basket, where files can stay infinitely long, in the basket on Android, they are stored no longer than 30 days.

Find a basket on Android is easier than simple:

All smartphones have a section with remote photos that are stored 30 days after removal

  • Open the album “Recently remote” and review the contents;
  • If you need to restore, select the desired shot and click “Restore”;
  • And if necessary, clean the basket Click on the removal icon at the bottom.

How to Clean the basket in the Samsung phone

To clean the basket and erase manually pictures or video, open the “gallery”, the “Albums” tab.

Then tap the icon with three dots to select the “Basket” item in the Additional menu. Next in the upper right corner of the display, click “Clear”. A window will be displayed at the bottom of the screen, where you need to confirm the action. If you actually want to remove all files from the basket, click on the “Delete” option in this window. For a few seconds, the process scale will appear, during which the basket content will be erased. After that you will see an empty window where it will be written “No images or video”.

By the way, the video or photos moved to the “garbage”, which were kept on your smartphone or on the Samsung tablet, you can easily restore. It will only take to go to the “basket”, choose what exactly you are planning to restore, and click the appropriate virtual button. But this, provided that since the removal has not yet passed 15 days. If already passed, the third-party applications will help return the files. For example, such as Easeus Mobisaver for Android.

Mobisaver is one of the best applications to work with remote files. It allows you to restore not only video and photos, but also other types of files. Even if you have to remove SMS or contact, Mobisaver will also help.

Now in ES Explorer We are looking for a file to remove. We found an image, and we will delete it. Click on the file and hold until the checkbox appears. At the bottom of the page, click “Delete”.

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Need to confirm the action. As you can notice, the default is a check mark “Transfer to the Cart“. Do not remove it, click OK.

The file was moved to the basket, but not finally deleted. Return to the main page of the application, go to the basket and see our file. To restore it or delete it finally, click on it and hold. A check mark appears on the file, and below the additional menu. In it, select the action to be done with the file.

Where to find a basket on Android

In general, the thing is very simple and surprisingly convenient. Perhaps more convenient file managers for Android did not come across. However, Google found that it would be little, and you need to give users the opportunity to restore the data they removed.

The basket appeared in the latest version of “Files”, which began to distribute this week. Apparently, changes apply on Google servers, because there is no update on Google Play. On the same logic, most likely, it makes no sense to establish an up-to-date assembly of APK “Files”.

But as soon as the update gets to your device, the “Basket” tab will appear in the side menu of the application, where all remote data will be stored within 30 days. There will be sent all the files without exception to then delete them after alliated time.

Restore remote data from the “Files” basket is easier than simple:

In the file “Files” a basket will appear. Very soon

How to recover remote files from an SD card on samsung

If you saved your images on an external SD card, then use the Data Recovery feature functionality.

  • Remove the micro CD (TF) card from your Samsung and connect it to PC through the card reader;
  • Run the program “Data Recovery”;
  • Click on “image” (image) for scanning;
  • Select the disc on which the SD card is located;
  • Click on “Scan” (Scan);