Rolse of the print on the printer: the simplest steps for beginners

The need to cancel printing on a printer usually occurs when you accidentally choose the wrong document. To stop the process, you can use one of the three main methods. The first way is to press the corresponding button in the utility from which the printout is performed. This action is effective if it is performed immediately after sending the file to the output, while the utility prepares it to add to the print queue. As a rule, it is produced in a dialog box that appears for only a few seconds.

The second method is to remove printouts from the line, if the file has already been sent there. The third method is associated with the performance of certain actions on the printer. Depending on the equipment model, these actions may vary, but on many devices there is a button for an emergency stop of work. For these purposes, a special menu can also be used in the settings of the device, if there is a screen on the case. The opening of the device works as quickly to cancel the printout, but this method is not recommended for use.

Canceling the sending of a document in the program

Regardless of the application in which the application is open, which must be printed, before sending to the output device, the standard Windows dialog box will open. In it you need to select a printer, indicate the page range and the required number of copies. If you already realized at this stage that you do not want to print the document, just close this window. To do this, click the “cancellation” at the bottom of the intese. It will be closed, then you can make the necessary changes or choose another file.

If in this window you have already indicated the necessary settings and sent the document for the conclusion, you can use another way of cancellation through the application. The preparation of the document takes time. For small files, it can go almost imperceptibly. Volumetric text documents with a large number of graphics and tables are prepared longer. At this time, in office and other applications, as a rule, a small window with one button is displayed. “cancel”. Click it to stop the process.

An important advice! If such a window is not displayed, do not wait for its appearance. Most likely, the document has already been sent to the list. To cancel the task, go to the next stage.

Pressing the cancellation button

There is not every model of a printing device. By pressing, you can instantly cancel the print on the printer. The button has a red color with the inscription “Cancel” or “C”. Located on a prominent part near the button starting copying.

On Epson models, the button is often called Stop and can perform two functions. canceling and cleaning tasks.

How to turn off the print printer in the Linux system

All of the above can be used for Linux systems. In old publications, I had to launch the CUPS web-intese, the Localhost team: 631/Jobs/. Starting with versions of 2013, a badge began to appear during printing in the system region, as in Windows. When you press it, you get into the context menu. Through which you can cancel or suspend a printout, which is very convenient.

Summing up, we note that there are several ways to cancel the turn to print. Regardless of the operating system, it will be easiest to press the print icon and, using the context menu, select “Clean the queue”. In severe cases, you will have to overload the dispatcher or even the whole device.

It should be noted that many leading manufacturers of printing devices add the function of quick cancellation of the task to their products. It can be either a special button and a specific item in the settings of the device itself. This information, each series has its own, is contained in the operating instructions.

Through the control panel

And how to stop the seal if you want to cancel everything, and not just a specific file? To do this, go to the Printer menu in the previous window and select the appropriate cleaning operation in it:

It should be noted that this is a universal solution for any operating system, regardless of the office equipment model.

In some cases, devices (Samsung, Kyocera) are delivered with a CD containing software (which can also be downloaded from the official website of the developers), which also has the necessary functionality. Often there is a badge in the field of notifications through which all the necessary manipulations are performed.

However, if there is no printer icon on the taskbar or in the list of devices. what to do? Then I propose to go to the next method.

Removing the temporary folder

When the printer is requested to print documents, the system creates temporary files containing information necessary for printing. Therefore, if you manually clean the folder in which this data is stored, you can drop the task.

It is best to stop the “print manager” (see. above) before performing actions and restart the service after cleaning.

How to manually stop the printing of the printer:

When using this method, take into account that all files will disappear from the queue, therefore, if we are talking, for example, about the office and the use of equipment by several employees, take into account this moment.

How to cancel printing on Windows 10

Hello Dear visitors to our site. I bring to your attention a small manual on such a problem. When you print any word of the document, Exel or even the image, the window “Save as” pops up, and then nothing happens, the printer does not print. I want to reassure you right away, do not worry, this is not a virus, and it is easy to fix it. This is called “printing in a file”, but you will learn how to delete print to a file from this article. With the help of several simple steps, you can correct this annoying misunderstanding and, finally, print your documents.

Program integration

Modern software for processing text and graphic information allows the user to interrupt the seal through his integration. If your document is small, on several pages, you simply will not have time to physically use this method, since small files are printed instantly. Building of large volume documents, dissertations, doctoral dissertations, graphs, photos of good quality takes more time. To cancel, just press the “ESC” on the keyboard or use a special button in the functions of the program.

Hello Dear visitors to our site. I want to present to your attention a small manual on such a problem. When you print any word of the document, Exel or even the image, the window “Save as” pops up, and then nothing happens, the printer does not print. I want to reassure you right away, do not worry, this is not a virus, and it is easy to fix it. This is called “printing in a file”, but you will learn how to delete print to a file from this article. With the help of several simple steps, you can correct this annoying misunderstanding and, finally, print your documents.


Control Panel. Equipment and sound-device and prints- Printer properties. tab “ports”. Select USB instead of “Printing in a file

And now a few photos where everything is shown step by step.

First of all, go to the control panel, select the type of category and go to “Equipment and Sound”

Here it is: our printer! Please note that the printer is not virtual, but physical. Everything was expected, selected by default.

Open the properties of the printer by clicking the printer icon by In the window opened, select the Port tab. If the “Printing” File “flag is installed, the printer does not print for this reason.

Check the USB-connection “Virtual Port Printer”. For example, I have a USB001 port.

Click ok. Now the seal should work, all your documents and photos will be successfully printed. Thanks for your attention and good day!

How to remove a printer that can’t be deleted

The “Print to File” function preserves the document in PRN format so that it can subsequently be printed on another device. For example, more professional equipment with PS language, which must be connected to a computer exclusively via LPT Port. In this case, you need to give a new file a name and click OK. By default, preservation is most likely in the Documents folder.

How to cancel the seal from Treja

Now we will figure out how to cancel the printing of the printer on the computer using the notification area (system tray). To do this follow the instructions below.

When the printing in the Windows notifications is launched, the printer icon appears, click on it with the right mouse button. If you do not see this icon, press the arrow up in the tria to display all the icons.

Click “Open all active printers”.

Click the right mouse button for the current task of printing and select “Cancel“.

Next, a window will appear, where you need to press the yes button to confirm the cancellation of the document print.

Cancellation from the control panel

As an alternative to the above method, you can cancel the seal of documents in the queue through the control panel. This is how it is done:

Select “Equipment and sound/devices and printers”. the name of the printer you used.

Next, cancel the seal of the document, as well as in the previous example.

Tip: if you click in a double click in turn to print a window with print properties.

The last way

Use this method of cleaning the seal queue only as a last resort if the above methods have not helped. But first, make sure you have drivers (disk) to your printer or you should have access to the Internet. To reinstall the printer drivers.

  • Open the “Start” button “Management Panel”.
  • Find in the list of applications “Printers and Faxes”.
  • Click with the right mouse button on the printer icon, select “Delete the device”.

Reboot the system process

This option is suitable for those who urgently need to cancel the task. However, it is worth noting that this method is not particularly popular. Many people prefer to stop the printer’s work in the settings and resort to rebooting only if nothing happens. In this case, to clean the printer print line, the following will require.

  • Open the section “Perform”. To do this, click a combination of Winr keys or use the “Start” context menu.
  • Dial the Services team. MSC.
  • Confirm the entry of the team.
  • View the “Service” window and find in it the “Print Manager” section. It is necessary to click on it PKM.
  • In the menu that opens, select the “restart” option.

It is worth noting that the menu has an option to stop the service. This option does not need to be pressed, it is necessary to restart the system. The advantage of the method is that he quickly copes with the task. The seal is quickly removed, while all the documents from the list that enters the printer to perform printouts completely disappear.

Minus of the reboot. the inability to choose certain files for cancellation of printing. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to this moment when you want to use this method. Another option for rebooting the system implies the stop of the “print dispatcher” by pressing the PKM and choosing the “stop” function. In this case, the printer folder is additionally cleaned and the operation of the device is re.launched.

We clean the print queue fully

To reset the print queue and cancel the printout of all documents from the list, you need to select the “View queue” option, and go into the “Printer” bookmark in the falling window. Here we click on the “Clean” function:

How to Cancel a Print Job on Canon

If you print on a network printer, then you can remove the document from the queue only on the computer from which it went to print.

Sometimes you need to completely turn off the printer, remove the paper from the tray and restart the computer to solve the problem of cleaning the queue. However, such measures should be resorted only to extreme cases, when the above methods did not help.

How to postpone the seal of some documents from the queue

Sometimes you need to suspend a printout of some files so that more important documents are first printed. To do this, go to the print queue, select the desired file and select the “Document” bookmark at the top. Here in the window, press “suspend”. To resume the printout after time, you will need to click “Continue”:

An article on how to remove documents from the Printing queue is written with the support of specialists of the PRINTSIDE Copying

Canceling the print assignment using a mobile device

Cancel the current print task using a device with Android or Apple iOS.

You can cancel the print task only on the mobile device that was used to send it.

Canceling the assignment (Android)

Cancel the task of printing in the seal in the Android OS.

Spend down from the upper edge of the screen to open the notification area.

Select the print task that needs to be canceled.

Tap the abolition option to cancel the print task.

Distribution of the press (Apple iOS)

Cancel the print task in the print queue on iPhone or iPad devices.

If the device has a “home” button, press the “home” button twice.

If the device does not have a “home” button, draw a finger up from the lower edge of the screen.

Put with your finger to the left, and then select the Appendix Center for Print.

The “Press Center” app is displayed in the “program switch” only if the printer processes the print task.

Select the press task that needs to be canceled, and tap the option of canceling the seal.

How to cancel the process from a computer

Consider how to remove the task directly with PC (laptop) for any such device (from Canon to HP). The commands will be the same for all types of Windows. To execute them on the computer, the following should be done.

  • On the toolbar in the lower right corner of the desktop is the icon with the designation of the printer. Sometimes it is conditionally invisible (folded). it will be enough to click on the triangular symbol for visualization (located in the same place).
  • on the printer icon. The menu opens in which it remains to choose the name of the device.
  • The program will open the dispatch window, all of the documents in line will be displayed in it. If you need to remove one of the sent files in the print queue, then the line with it is released and the Delete button is pressed (delete).
  • It is required to remove all tasks? To do this, in the section of the spanning window “Printer” you need to select the command “Clean the Printing Establishment”.

Sometimes these combinations do not work. in this case, you will need to completely reset and restart all what has begun. Start with simultaneously pressing Winr keys. We enter the Services command in the dialogue line that appears.MSC and click “Enter” (Enter). Next, it remains in the new window that opened and start the process of the “print manager”.

These rules are valid both when working in Word (most often used by the program) and when printing from other utilities.

Possible problems

Having completed all these steps, the user must understand: instant stopping the printing process will not happen. This circumstance is due to the fact that the printing device has RAM. RAM. She is a kind of buffer in order to store documents entering the apparatus (print turn). Therefore, for some time after serving the cancellation command, the equipment is still able to continue to work.

Another reason for the delay in the execution of commands is the work of some versions of operating systems with a delay. However, it is not so significant: it is better to fulfill all these requirements and correctly complete the work, than then eliminate unpleasant consequences with the printer.