Comparative characteristics of devices

It is difficult to answer unequivocally that it is better to choose an advanced recorder or an action camera with advanced capabilities. The choice depends on needs, personal preferences and budgetary options. The table shows the comparative characteristics of the DVR and the action camera.

Comparison parameter registrar Action camera
autonomy of work After a one-time setup, the device turns on / off automatically without driver intervention. Requires adjustment before every ride. Will NOT turn on in the absence of the driver, with active movement near the car.
Picture quality The resolution and viewing angle of a self-GoPro-advanced device are inferior in parameters, which affects the quality of fixation. High resolution with wide angle of capture reflects what is happening on the road significantly better.
Gadget memory and cyclic recording Equally cope with the task of continuously recording the road situation.
Ease of use Used only in cars. Undemanding to heat, and not afraid of overheating. You can shoot adventures outside the car: camping or fishing, for example. At the same time, in the heat, the performance of the gadget decreases.
Price range (in rubles) 2000. 15000 3000-18000

Action Camera Features

A device capable of high-quality shooting in extreme conditions is called an action camera. It is characterized by excellent quality and sound recording, excellent protection against mechanical damage, moisture and dust.

Traffic recording can be attributed to shooting in extreme conditions, so motorists, especially those who are fond of outdoor activities, hunting and fishing, began to adapt an action camera instead of a recorder. Manufacturers took this turn of events into account and offered consumers a device with additional functionality that allows a car to use an action camera as a recorder.

Can I Use Action Camera As A Recorder

The advantages of a classic road recorder

The recorder is a device used in a car to record the traffic situation while driving. The device has a number of fundamental features.

  • Automatic switching on of the device at engine start and shutdown at full stop.
  • In an emergency situation with a car, the device automatically blocks cyclic overwriting and saves the last record from an accident in a protected folder.
  • Convenient mounts are supplied with the device for installation on the windshield.

Some advanced models of recorders can be EquIPped with useful options on the road: motion stabilizer, GPS. module, GSM, motion sensor, rear view camera, microphone and even a radar detector.

The standard equIPment of the car recorder provides basic functions, and all additional options add convenience in using the device.

Can I use an action camera instead of a recorder

If a car has become a means of transportation for Russians, the presence of an auto-recorder in its cabin is not a luxury, but a reliable assistant in fixing the traffic situation. In the lineup of many brands, such a device as an action camera with a recorder function has appeared. The use of such a device as an alternative to a classical device is of interest.

AdvoCam-FD Sport device. combining two devices in one

Many firms specializing in the production of electronics have in their cage devices that maximally combine the functions of an auto-recorder and an action camera. Due to the significant price in the domestic market, such models did not gain a foothold, especially when a Russian sample of a two-in-one device called AdvoCam-FD Sport is being successfully sold. The price of the model is on average about 8000 rubles.

This gadget works equally well as a recorder, and also copes with shooting and broadcasting over Wi-Fi in Full HD quality. The set comes with a hermetic box (up to 30 meters), various mounts and accessories for use during filming when doing summer and cold sports. The device is equIPped with a 64 GB memory card and 2 replaceable batteries. Differs in small dimensions and weight, easily reconfigures from one operating mode to another.