Identification of the subscriber by phone number (life hack) ⁠ ⁠

The simplest and most obvious way to “break through” the number of the caller subscriber may be a request to one of the Internet search engines. For example, we will use this way to check our office phone:

At first glance, everything is good for a normal request. But, suppose that the same number in all ads would not be placed in xxx-xx-xx format, but for example in the following form:

As you can see, now there is simply no search results. Although the desired number itself has not changed. Hence the conclusion that search engines are not yet able to independently determine various forms of writing telephone numbers.

Odnako, we can teach them to do this through a specialized request, which will include all types of spelling of the phone number. Let’s try to do this also for our office number in the Yandex search engine. The text of the request will look like this: (phone | Fax | Call | “T” | “F” | “Tel”;) (“983-04-83” | “983-0483” | “9830483” | “983-0-0 483 ”|“ 98304-83 ”|“ 98-30-483 ”|“ 9-8-3-0-4-8-3 ”|“ 9-830-483 ”)

As you can see, the search has become more clear and correct. All forms of spelling of the phone number were included in the search results.

Little life hack. To determine the calling subscriber (primarily office phones), it is convenient to use the capabilities of specialized programs: 2GIS DIALER and Phone from Google Inc.

Both applications are available for downloading to smartphones. To determine subscribers, they both use their own databases of contacts of firms and individual entrepreneurs.

All these tips with a high degree of probability will help you in establishing the owner of a particular office phone, and in some cases and a private cellular apparatus.

But when we need to accurately find out the actual owner of the mobile phone number, we should resort to other methods. The first of them lies on the surface, although it is still not used widely. As you know, modern messengers are gradually replacing classic SMS messages and calls. This is convenient, but requires registration. The keyword is “registration”.

And with any registration, these subscribers are stored on the servers of the messengers themselves.

The example below shows that if the smartphone’s phone book could not determine the subscriber (and even 2gis Dialer could not do it), then you should not despair.

And you should copy the number of the caller, open the messenger (in our case Viber), click the “Add Subscriber” button and insert the number there. Naturally, Viber will not find this number on your smartphone, but will offer to add it for communication. Add and. In the list of messages, you have the personality of your caller.

But this is not the only way to obtain information about the calling. Many social networks now actively include the identification of their users through cell numbers. So. What not everyone knows about, as an identifier to find people accepts phone numbers. Just enter the phone number in the search window, as in the picture:

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I constantly drive unfamiliar numbers through Viber and Whatsaap. If it doesn’t work out. That is, another good method. Transfer of money through Sber on the phone number. If there is a card, then the name and patronymic are written. Well, the first letter of the surname.

And in Cyanogenmod in the callive there is such a function as TrueCall which determines somewhere 70% of the calling.

How to find an address by a phone number

Find the address, having only a phone number in hand, it is not so difficult as it might seem at first glance. For this, there are many quite legal ones both online and offline ways.

Use the Dublgis electronic reference book, but only with one reservation: its database contains data only by organizations. Go to the service website, then select the city you need. You will open an electronic map of the city with a search menu. Enter the phone in the corresponding field, after which wait for the loading of the results. If you are looking for an organization, but after that and the previous step you only have its name, use the capabilities of the search engine. Enter the name of the company, and then look for links by which its contact details are posted, including the address.

Contact a single reference service in Russia. 09 or 009. Keep in mind that the call by number 009 will be paid. Request them with information on your phone. If there is no information, find out the number of the reference service, which is located in the right city. Call there and repeat the request.

Use the capabilities of the “State Services” portal. Register on it. When registering, indicate your f. And. O., Pension certificate number, TIN, mobile phone number and email address. The activation process is not completely remote. to complete the registration of the profile, you need to enter a special code that you can get by mail or at the Center for Sales and Service OJSC Rostelecom. Upon completion of registration, contact the Federal Agency of the Ministry of Communications and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation.

If there is additional information, such as the name, surname, place of study or work of the person who owns the phone, use Google and other search engines, or search on social networks.

If you have a suspicion that unlawful actions are committed against you-threats, fraud attempts or something else, contact a lawyer. Make sure you have the right to write a statement, and then contact the law enforcement agencies.

How to find the address if you know only the phone

Sometimes it happens that from a person’s contact details there is only a phone number, and it is advisable to find his address of residence. In this case, there are several search methods, most of which are associated with the need to access the Internet.

Check out the telephone directory of the city. This method will help if you know the city phone number of a person. You can use the usual paper catalog, but they come out with a certain frequency and often information in them is outdated. In this regard, electronic reference books will be more convenient. For this you will need a computer and Internet access.

Use the source http: // spravkaru.Net/that contains almost all phones of the cities of the CIS countries. By the city code in the phone number, determine which city you need and select it in the list. Next, enter the known number in the search form and click the search button. As a result, you will receive information about the name of the owner and the address at which this phone is set.

Use social networks to search for addresses. In this case, there is a chance that the desired person indicated in his contact information his phone number and address. Put the well.known information into the search form and find the address of the person you are interested in. This case can help determine the data, both by city and mobile phone.

How To Track Anyone’s Mobile Phone Location How To Protect Yourself!

Find a person’s address through special search sites. In this case, it is necessary to be extremely careful, since most of these resources will take payment, but they will not be issued to reliable information. For example, you can use the website of the National Search of Data http: //

Remember that all such services require a certain payment for their services, but basically it is quite acceptable. Enter the information you know about a person, indicate his phone number and click the search query. After some time, an SMS message with an access code will come to your phone. Take the authorization process and get the desired address.

How to find a mobile phone location? ⁠ ⁠

There are several online disposal of the location of a person by a mobile phone number. Some of these methods were used in the online service of Telpoisk, developed by the company Internet search. This provides us with a sufficient amount of information to search for both a smartphone and a regular button mobile phone.

The method of the approximate location of the mobile phone can be installed by sending an HLR request to it through an SMS center. Such a request will allow you to receive information about the location of the switch (not the phone), in the area of ​​whose action the phone is used, as well as information about its status (the device is turned on or off at the time of the check).

How it works? Database Home Location Registry or HLR) contains information about all subscribers assigned to it. Having found a subscriber in one of the HLR, we redirect the cellular network to the center Switching Center or MSC), he in turn requests information from the guest register of the location (VLR), which contains data on the last base station to which it was connected. mobile phone. After that, the base stations controller (Base Station Controller or BSC) is associated with the base stations within the framework of the transferred LAC, and the call is sent to the desired hundred (Cell-AID or CID).

The disadvantage of this method: HLR request will give us a very approximate location of the phone and its owner-just the name of the city or region. And even having received such data, you can not be 100% sure that the device is located in the identified zone. All the fault features of building each operator of their telephone networks. So, the switch of the television operator, the only one for all of Russia, is located in g. Rostov. Therefore, in whatever city the check is being checked, the SMS center will “find” it in Rostov. A completely different situation is found in most European countries where switches are installed in all regional centers and large cities. Such a strict network helps to obtain accurate information about cities, which, in turn, allows you to organize control over the movement of any mobile phone between them. Get information about the activity of the phone numbers and the region of its registration.

Smart phone location method. a smartphone, like a computer, can be installed by establishing and analyzing its IP address. Reinching the IP address of the device will help the nusiffer, and check the data obtained. Domains checking services and IP addresses. We form a sniffer, direct it to a device that we want to track and get it in response to the IP address. Checking the IP address allows you to install the city in which the check is located.

The disadvantage of this method: at the moment, none of the above services has an absolutely reliable and most complete database of the location of the IP addresses. So in this case, there is a chance not to get accurate information. Set the location of the phone by its IP address.

A phone location method can also be determined through HTML5 GEOLOCATION technologies. Such modern technologies are used for the geoidendation of visitors to Internet resources and users of mobile applications. How it works? Suppose you downloaded Pokemon GO on your smartphone. For the needs of the game, the program will certainly ask you for consent to establish your exact location. And if the consent is obtained, then every 5 seconds the application will request and transfer data to its server on the location of your mobile device.

Further, the HTML5 Geolocation technology will try to install the location of the device using one of the following methods. The first method calculates your position based on relative proximity from any one tower of the cell operator (LBS). The second method involves obtaining accurate coordinates using the included GPS receiver available on all modern phones. The third method establishes the location of the device connected to the public network Wi-Fi, based on a publicly accessible distribution card of Wi-Fi routers. Finally, the fourth method reveals the location of the IP address, no different from the method described above, set the exact location of the mobile phone via the Internet.

The method is the most reliable way to search for the location of mobile phones is concentrated in the hands of telecommunication companies, the data of which are used by law enforcement agencies. We are talking about establishing an accurate location of a mobile phone by calculating triangulation, t.e. Now the zone in which the subscriber is located is already limited not by the range of the base station, but by the Simplex between several base stations (it is often a triangle, the vertices of which are set by the coordinates of the base stations). At the same time, the accuracy of detecting a mobile phone in the city reaches up to 50 meters. The calculation of triangulation and the installation of locations at the base stations can be performed manually using the database on the placement of towers of cellular communication operators. Get information about the location of the base station.

Lochotron method. Over the past two years, many services have entered the Internet that allegedly set the location of a mobile phone around the world. In fact, but in fact they are scammers. They sell their victims not current data on the location of the mobile phone, but a embellished extract from the planning plan for mobile and city communications operators. Access to this registry in Russia is provided free of charge for everyone. Get information about the registration region of the phone number.

How to find out home address by phone number

Ways to search for home address by phone number may be different. They depend on what number of the phone a person has: home or mobile. In addition, the presence of certain additional information about the wanted person can help the case.

The easiest way to find out by the phone number home address is to call it and ask the question that interests you. But this is possible only if it is convenient for you to do it. In other cases, it is necessary to try other options for obtaining the information you need.

If the phone number you have is home, find the electronic directory “2GIS” on the Internet. It can be downloaded and installed on your computer. Also in this program you can work in ON-line mode or install its special version on a mobile phone. This database contains information on all major cities of Russia. Select the search region in the main window: map. If in the databases of this program there is no information you need, try to use other search methods.

Enter the search query containing the phone number you know, as well as other available information about the wanted person (for example, surname, name and middle name, place of work, etc.P.) in the search line of the browser program. Perhaps a person left information about himself anywhere on the Internet, including the home address.

Use the possibilities of the nomer reference book.Org. Choose a search city and enter a home phone number you know in a special field, click the “Find” button.

If you want to find a home address by a mobile phone number, then keep in mind that it is almost impossible to do it. Mobile companies do not provide such information, except at the request of law enforcement agencies. Numerous sites promising you after sending SMS messages to give you information often turn out to be scammers. Various mobile services, such as a “locator” or “spy”, give only information about the approximate whereabouts of a person at the requested moment in time and only with the consent of the subscriber.

Find out the name of the owner by phone number

Through search engines

The best way to find a person by phone number is to enter the number in the search engine. In the search engines Yandex or Google drive the phone numbers, you will receive information where such a number was indicated. Usually all social networks, services and sites are displayed if a person indicated his numbers for registration. It will not be possible to get data if the number is hidden by confidentiality settings.

Search through messengers

If your phone number is recorded in your phone book, you can easily find out some data in Weiber, WhatsApp and telegrams. Photo of the wanted person you can easily download your device from the instant profile and download it to “Google pictures”. This method will identify profiles in networks and help find out information about the name, surname, place of work. Unless of course the data is not hidden by privacy settings.

Through WhatsApp new people cannot be found. But if you remember at least part of the number, or the name of the registered person in the messenger, you can try. To search, you need to enter the phone book, click on the magnifying glass in the upper right corner and enter the data that you remember.

Finding data in Viber by phone is easy. In the main window of the messenger, on the call tab, you need to click on the search line. You need to drive a phone number in international format, after 7. By pressing the “search” icon, you will immediately see a person’s profile and you can write or call him.

There is a way to find out the data on the numbers of the phone via Telegram. You need to add numbers, nickname or name of a person to the line “Search” if you know it.

There is a service called Findclon, which finds people from photographs from VK. The application will not work if the user limits the show of the photo.

Frequently asked Questions

Answers to questions that may arise when working with software.

Is it necessary to enter any additional data about the subscriber, so that the remote search by the phone number is more efficient? The success and efficiency of the search does not depend on the number of data entered. It is enough to specify the phone number, after which the application will connect to the hollow tower closest to the subscriber, and will begin to broadcast its location.

What additional applications need to be installed in order to implement an online phone phone on the map? You do not need to install any additional applications to display geolocation of the phone on the map. The data obtained are displayed on webcakes in the NT Locator Inte Wee. However, if the apps of other cartographic services are installed on your device, you can duplicate the information tracked on them.

Is the NT Locator able to send me notifications about the movements of the subscriber? The application provides browser, postal and SMS notifications. To activate the notification system, you need to go in the setting, turn on the type of notification that is relevant for you, and give the application all the necessary permits on the device.

Can I get access to data on the movement of the subscriber before installing surveillance? The possibility of restoring information about past movements depends on the policy of storing data from a mobile operator, which is used by the subscriber. If the operator stores such information in his database, then the HT-Locator duplicates it in the user integer.

Frequently asked Questions

Answers to questions that may arise when working with software.

find, address, phone, number

Is it possible to find where the subscriber is if he uses a satellite phone? The application is equally effective for tracking geolocation of subscribers of cellular, satellite and inpatient communication.

மொபைல் நம்பர் வைத்து அதன் இடத்தை கண்டுபிடிக்க முடியுமா ?

What is the amount of data on past movements of a person can store software? An unlimited amount of data can be stored on the NT Locator servers. In terms of all data obtained from the moment the account is created.

Can I view the data from several devices? In the NT Locator account, you can log in from any number of devices. The application has minimal system requirements. authorization is possible from a smartphone, computer or tablet, regardless of its model or the operating system used.

I became a participant in the affiliate program, and the referral deductions I received exceed the cost of. How else can they be used? All funds received in the form of partnerships are available for output to the external account. It is possible to withdraw money through most payment systems or to a cryptocurrency wallet.

find, address, phone, number

Is it possible to export the information received in any way? The location visited by the subscriber can be displayed in any cartographic services. In addition, the history of visits can be exported in the CSV table, indicating the coordinates of the place, time and date of visit, the duration of the visit.