Cube Call Recorder ACR

The program is distinguished by a high degree of recording, it has functional settings, for example:

  • automatic recording of Android conversations with both all and selected contacts;
  • the ability to record certain conversations at the touch of a button;
  • the presence of a listening function;
  • easy transfer of records.

When connecting a premium package, additional opportunities are opened:

  • to keep your entry confidential, you can use a PIN-code;
  • availability of additional audio formats;
  • the ability to store on an SD card;
  • automatic cleaning of data that is not marked as favorites after a certain time.

Record my call

A program that can be used to record a telephone conversation, but all functionality is in English. At the same time, even if you have only basic knowledge of the language, you will easily figure out the program settings, since everything is extremely simple and accessible.

Like the previously described programs for recording a telephone conversation, this one allows you to save telephone conversations that are relevant to you, using several modes.

It is important to note that in order for the quality of the recording to be high enough, it is necessary to conduct it in the hands-free mode, since it is carried out using the built-in microphone.

This application has the following characteristics:

Android 9 call recording tutorial (works 100% | Root required)

  • call recording in different formats;
  • storage of files in the phone memory, in the cloud;
  • multifunctional sorting of records;
  • automatic deletion of records according to certain criteria that you set in the settings.

Of the features, we can highlight the ability to use the “incognito” mode, which will allow you to record the conversation unnoticed by the interlocutor.

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Callbox app

An excellent application for gadgets with the Android operating system. Previously, there were two versions. paid and free, but over time, the developers abandoned the paid version. Thus, the application has good functionality.

Having installed the offer, all your conversations will be automatically recorded, so it is better to immediately enter the settings and adjust them for yourself:

  • choose which conversations will be recorded (by duration, incoming / outgoing, specific numbers, etc.);
  • start recording by shaking the smartphone without using the buttons;
  • use of records at your discretion. forward, including using social networks or other applications, delete, store in cloud storage.

This application has good technical characteristics and is a favorite among users in terms of the number of downloads.

Interestingly, the program icon can be hidden, which will allow you not to declassify the fact that you are using the application to record a conversation.

As for the interface, it is simple, no frills, but at the same time clear and comfortable.

Call Recorder. Automatic Call Recorder

Perhaps the best program with automatic call recording. Using it, you can easily record any telephone conversation in order to be able to use it in the future.

Truecaller. call recording, blocking numbers

We would also like to draw your attention to such an application for recording telephone conversations as Truecaller. its main purpose is to identify unknown numbers and, if necessary, block those whom you would not want to hear. But the developers added another one to the functionality. automatic call recording, which is available only in the paid version. Note, in order not to buy a “pig in a poke”, you can install the application and use it for free for two weeks and only then decide whether it is worth your time and finances in the future.


  • determination of the number;
  • audio recording of telephone conversations;
  • fixing users who went to your profile, while your views will not be displayed to others;
  • 30 requests to add to contacts per month and most importantly. no ads

Note that the app has a High rating and is popular with more than 250 million people, which is a good indicator of its quality.

Another Call Recorder

Another version of the program for recording calls. This application has a lot in common with Automatic Call Recorder, but its special difference is compatibility with a significant number of smartphones.

  • automatic recording of calls, both incoming and outgoing;
  • selective call recording (specific number);
  • manual call recording function;
  • setting a pin code for listening;
  • the application has a wide range of audio formats;
  • sort function by date;

If you choose the paid version, you will be able to save your records in the repositories. It is also possible to automatically delete obsolete records.

Official Auto Call Recording Option Enable Every Samsung android devices

Call recorder

A service program with which you can record telephone conversations in automatic mode. Differs in good sound quality. you and the interlocutor are well heard, but if you use a headset, the sound quality is lost.

  • recording of both incoming and outgoing calls;
  • takes up little space;
  • suitable for many models, but above version 4.1;
  • recording through the speaker. even better quality.

What recording works on Android 9?

Our VkurSe program was developed almost 10 years ago, but with each update of Android it is being improved and adapted to new versions. Today this is a really working program for Android 9. call recording allows you to listen to both interlocutors. In addition, you will receive a detailed description of all calls (incoming, outgoing, missed, made via the Internet).

With the help of our program, you can receive a recording of telephone conversations on Android 9 without ROOT rights, as well as record the environment, read correspondence, view photos, be aware of the location of the phone and much more. At this point in time, this is the best call recorder for Android 9.

How automatic call recording works?

Our program works as follows: on Android 9, the program automatically records the conversation during a call. The recorded file will be transferred to the Personal Account only if the Internet is available. In other words, there is no Internet. the conversation recording program will do it anyway, and the files with the recording will be saved, as soon as the Internet appears, the files will be automatically transferred to your office.

Call Recorder on Android 9

How to enable call recording correctly?

If you have a standard call recording on Android 9 itself and it does not work, just turn it off. Now take the following steps:

Register on the site

Registration can be done either in advance on the website or directly when installing the program on a phone or tablet.

Come up with a username and password (at least 4 characters, all in English small letters or numbers). Be sure to remember your username and password. it is under them that you will enter your Personal Account, where recordings of conversations and other information will be received.

Download the program

Install and configure the program

For our Android 9 call recorder to work properly, you need to properly install and configure it. To do this, on the “Manual” page you can download a detailed, illustrated installation manual, written in simple language.

Attention! After registration, you are provided with a free test period, during which you must check the functionality of the program, on your device.

Reboot the device and give it to the controlled

Now you just have to restart your phone or tablet and give it to your supervised (family member, your child or employees). Our program will record calls on Android 9 and send all collected files to your Personal Account.

Listen to conversations at a convenient time

You can enter your Personal Account from any device with access to the Internet. Files will be stored for exactly 1 month from the moment they are received, then they will be permanently deleted. We have no separate archive.

Call Recorder on Android 9

Recording conversations on Android 9 is one of the features of the multifunctional VkurSe program, which allows you to fully control your Android phone or tablet. We answer in detail the most exciting questions.

What to do if conversations are not recorded?

If call recording on Android 9 does not work for you, it means that you have either an outdated version of our application installed, or you have installed a third-party application that initially has a call recording problem. You need to remove the non-working third-party application and install our program for recording calls on Android from the site. the site always has the latest version adapted for new operating systems.

Install the program for recording calls VkurSe. be aware of all conversations!

Do you have any questions? Write to our online consultants!

How to set up call recording on Android 9 and 10

Everyone knows that call recording does not work on Android 9. what should I do? How to find bypass blocking to correctly record conversations on Android 9?

Call recording on Android 9. how to enable?

As the saying goes: “Any lock has its own key” and this restriction on recording phone conversations on Android 9 and 10 versions was no exception. And since the key is matched to the lock, and not the lock to the key, after carefully understanding this situation, a way out was found. It’s all about the firmware of the Samsung phone. The region of a particular device is responsible for recording conversations on Android 9 Samsung (A8, A30, A40, S 8, etc.).

If the firmware allows you to record sound, then the recording of phone conversations on Android 9 Samsung will be, if not, then no.

Attention! All settings for recording conversations on Android 9 and 10 versions are done by you at your own peril and risk! If you are not confident in your abilities, then it is better to contact the specialists.

In other words, in order to record conversations on Android 9, the bypass of the blocking is as follows. you need to change the region where the recording of conversations on Android 9 was prohibited to the region where this recording continues to work quietly.

How to set up call recording on Android 9 and 10

Call recording does not work on Android 9. why?

In the past year, many smartphone users are faced with the fact that the recording of telephone conversations has stopped working. A standard full-time recorder or an installed specialized application for recording conversations, on Android 9 and 10 versions, stopped recording. There is a call, there is a call duration, and instead of files with a record, empty “zero” files or nothing at all began to arrive.

As you may have guessed, the matter is in the updated version of Android. On Android versions below the 9th version, the recording is going on, on the 9th and 10th versions it is not. And this is not a problem of this or that application for recording a conversation, it is a recording blocking and enhanced protection of conversations from wiretapping. The so-called “confidentiality and secrecy of personal conversations”, which completely made it impossible to record even your own personal important conversations that need to be listened to.

Especially it is not possible to record a conversation on Android 9 Samsung. If the situation with Honor and KXiaomi is not so deplorable, then on Samsung this “secret of personal conversations” manifested itself especially clearly.

User reviews

  • Anton:
    How many devices can be connected to the cabinet? “
  • Spirit:
    Everything works. But the main question arose in my ruut. “
  • Ruslan:
    How much does it cost to connect for a year? You need to pay for two phones. “

A program for recording conversations on Android 9 and 10 versions

After you have changed the region, you can install the program for recording conversations on Android 9 Reptilicus. To do this, you need to go through a quick registration on the site, and then download the recording of conversations on Android 9 for free. During the test period, you will receive call recording on Android 9 for free. Then the work of the program will need to be paid.

Reptilicus software will allow you to:

  • Receive recordings of telephone conversations on Android 9 and 10 versions;
  • Receive a detailed description of all calls (received, not received, telephone or made via the Internet);
  • Get the location of the phone;
  • See the full route of movement;
  • Receive correspondence via the Internet;
  • Receive SMS messages;
  • Remotely control the phone (block, monitor, trigger an alarm, clear memory, etc.);
  • See the keyboard press;
  • And much more.

Reptilicus. Best Android 9 Auto Call Recorder in 2020!

Our consultants will answer your questions!

How to set up phone call recording on Android 9

Hi everyone. Today we will look at how to record phone conversations on Android 9. Why we are considering this particular version?

Call recording on early versions of the Android operating system was practically not difficult to work with. Starting with version 9, Google changed the policy in March 2019, closed the ability to record calls and closed access to the call log to all applications intended for recording, adjusting to the current legislation of different countries.

Applications that previously worked without problems and recorded conversations with high quality ceased to perform their functions on Android 9 and depersonalize the log of recorded calls. As a result, in the recording of the interlocutor, it is either barely audible or inaudible at all.Now, without root rights, it becomes impossible to configure this function.

Cube ACR

Still, there remains a way out for users of version 9, this is the Cube ACR application. The application works great on many devices, you can see the list here.

  • telephone
  • Viber
  • Telegram
  • Whatsapp
  • Skype

This is not the whole list, which is constantly growing.

No other application can boast of such capabilities.

At the first start, the program will ask you to enable the App Connector function in Accessibility, this is necessary to access the call log (I already mentioned the restrictions that Google introduced above). Include, otherwise the program log will contain anonymized data, which will be difficult to navigate.

As a result, you will receive a working, free version of the Cube ACR application with a small set of necessary functions.

  • Call recording
  • Log management (share, delete, comment and others)
  • Recording on the built-in voice recorder.

The premium (paid) version gives you more options:

  • Saving recordings in different formats
  • Backup
  • Pin
  • Saving recordings to SD card
  • Smart data management

During a call, a widget will appear on the screen, with which you can disable and enable recording.

If your device does not record a telephone conversation well, refer to the settings of the “Recording Source for VoIP”

In the application settings, select “Record”

And install another source. Test everyone.

Additionally, in the free version, you can configure the geolocation of the call in the “Other settings” section and set the switch “Enable geotagging”.

I want to warn you that you can use call recording only for personal purposes without transferring the recording to third parties, warning the interlocutor that the conversation is being recorded.

Connecting call recording in a call from Google

If the above method did not work, there is another interesting way to get the call record back. We recommend paying attention to the caller from Google.

There is no need to change the firmware to change the region. It is enough to install the application “Phone” from Google on your device if it is not there. If there is, go to the app on Google Play. Next, do everything step by step.

Scroll down to the “Take part in beta testing” section

Join beta testing by clicking on the appropriate label. You may have to wait a bit for Google to connect you to the testing program. Usually, the wait takes from a few minutes at 99% to several hours.

After you join the group of testers, an update will come. You need to click the “Update” button.

Call any contact and phone book and see the “Record” button that appears.

The application can now record phone calls.

That is, by clicking on the “Record” button, the application will warn both interlocutors about the start of the call recording and about its end.

You can listen to the recording directly in the application. Go to the “Recent” section. Select the contact with whom the conversation was recorded. (under it there will be an inscription “Recorded”)

Clicking on a contact will launch the player to listen to the conversation.

Such simple manipulations will help establish the ability to record a conversation.

Call Recorder on Samsung Phone

Many people experience the problem of recording phone conversations on Samsung. If you paid attention, there are very few models in the list and all have version of Android 4.2.2 or 4.4.2 maximum.

Having studied this topic a little, I came to the conclusion that basically the problem is solved by changing the region. In this case, you need to reflash the smartphone with the replacement of the region.

On the one hand, changing the firmware is a problem for many people, but in fact there is nothing complicated. On the other hand, this is at least some kind of solution.

Watch the video and you will see that it is not difficult to change the firmware.

All materials are needed for the settings for recording telephone conversations on Android 9 (programs, firmware) you will find on the forum and, accordingly, instructions on how and what to do.