Reset app preferences

One of the solutions is to return the gadget settings to the factory settings.

  • Find the control buttons.
  • Find the “Menu”.
  • Activate “Settings”.
  • Perform the transition “Self-diagnosis” / “Reset”.

If at any stage you have problems, use the user manual. If the option is ineffective, go to the next method.

Confirm the actions taken. After that, the TV will update the information on its own. And the user will have to re-configure all the settings. Resetting the settings for DEXP, Mystery MTV and LG TVs occurs according to the compiled algorithm. Despite the fact that Dexp TV is a Russian brand, Mystery is Chinese, Jvc is Japanese.

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OHDPluginlibrary: what is this application?

OHDPluginlibrary is a special function that is responsible for the correctness of the picture on the TV. If an error occurs in the ohdpluginlibrary application, it will become impossible to comfortably watch your favorite channels. The system reports problems with an inscription on the whole screen. unfortunately, the connection was interrupted.

An error occurred in the OHDPluginLibrary app on the TV: reasons what to do?

OHDPluginlibrary has encountered an error on the TV. a connection issue that users often encounter after downloading programs. As a result, TV stops responding to the tasks assigned to them. Glitches and lags are formed. This article describes in detail how to solve the problem.

What to do if OHDPluginlibrary gets an error on TV?

When an error occurs, Smart TV freezes completely, does not respond to many user actions. In such a situation, the main thing is not to panic right away and start setting up. If you recently bought a TV and do not know much about technology, or do not want to waste time studying the instructions, take the device to a service center. Don’t forget to take your warranty card with you. You can also call the master at home.

If you solve the problem yourself, you can reset the settings, reinstall or reflash the TV.


You can also reinstall the application to fix the problem. The process depends on the base on which the TV is running.

  • Download file manager using PC and ES Explorer.
  • Drop the file onto a USB flash drive, insert it into the PC.
  • Open the USB stick on TV.
  • Find “APPs”.
  • Find “OHDPluginLibrary”.
  • Delete.

Turn off the TV from the power supply. Wait a few seconds and turn it back on. On some TVs, you need to open the Recently Installed folder. After uninstall the newest applications or PluginLibrary. Conflicts can arise for this reason.

If you have any questions or complaints. let us know

It is important not to pull out the USB flash drive from the TV until the system updates the information.


The main reason for the malfunction is the formation of a conflict between software and applications that were downloaded by the user. Malfunctions can occur after the following actions:

  • updating the firmware to a newer version;
  • crash of the program in Smart TV.

Since even the newest models are more susceptible to viruses than computers, it is likely that after downloading an unsafe file was installed on unverified portals. Lags can appear due to malware.

Flashing your TV

To activate the flashing, the user needs:

  • open the official website;
  • download the latest firmware version;

If you originally downloaded an updated version, install the previous one. But be sure to download from the official site so as not to aggravate the situation. Transfer the downloaded file to a flash drive. Installing the utilities takes a long time. You just have to wait. At this time, it is not recommended to carry out any actions on TV, open new pages. It is also better to use flash drives with a small amount of memory. After updating the OS, the TV will reboot itself. Work to recover as usual.

An error has occurred in the Settings app. what to do

Many Chinese-made Android users often have various kinds of errors. One of the most common is “An error has occurred in the Settings application.” This failure is not entirely standard, since in some cases it can block access to the device settings menu. Let’s see how you can fix this problem.

Reasons for failure

Most often, the problem appears on smartphones and tablets, which still have outdated OS, frozen somewhere in versions 4.2.2, 4.4.2, 4.4.4. Versions 5.1 (and higher), 6.0 (and higher) are more stable in this regard. As such, there can be many reasons for a bug. Crookedly installed application contains broken files and crashes. A global bug in the firmware, due to which you will not be able to start system processes and programs (camera, battery, calendar, phone book, etc.). We should also talk about viral activity on Android and the presence of garbage (residual files) in it.

Error in the “Settings” app on Android

Depending on the device model and OS version, the message may differ. For example, on Samsung and Sony it displays the message “Settings application has stopped”, and Chinese models may display “Unfortunately, Settings has stopped”.

After a factory reset

In case of frequent failures, phone owners try to restore the system by resetting the settings to the factory settings. However, the malfunction does not always disappear after such a procedure.

  • Go to the settings menu by clicking the corresponding icon. Select the “System Restore” item. In the “Reset settings” tab, press the button of the same name.
  • Confirm the operation by pressing the OK key. Actions are repeated until the failure disappears.

After a factory reset, faults sometimes remain.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Apps Crashing Fix

If access to the settings is blocked, you need to do a hard reset. The reboot is performed like this:

  • Turn off the phone. Hold down the power and volume buttons. Each device has its own reboot method. When done correctly, the Android icon appears on the screen. A menu opens, through which you navigate using the buttons.
  • Select the line Wipe data / factory reset. Set the value to Yes click reboot system. After that, a lengthy reboot process begins.

Is it worth doing something if access to the settings is saved

In this case, perform the following actions:

  • Go to the settings section by lowering the upper notification curtain or using the smartphone menu. Find the “Applications” item, click on it.
  • Open the “All” tab located at the top of the window.
  • Find the application that crashes when launching, open it. Press the “Stop” key.
  • Scroll down the page to find the “Clear Data” function. Delete cache.
  • Similar actions are carried out in relation to the programs “Google Services” and “Google Play”.

After completing the procedure, they try to run the program again to see if the error has disappeared.

When uninstalling preinstalled software

In this case, you can reset the settings. However, sometimes the error persists after this procedure. In this case, the device is flashed. You can also try changing the interface language. For this:

  • Start the settings section. Select the “Advanced” section.
  • Open the item “Language and input”. Opt for an English-language interface. Reboot the phone, after which the changes take effect.

After firmware update

The standard restoration of factory settings helps to eliminate the error. If it doesn’t, delete the application data:

  • Open the Android Settings section. Go to the list of all applications.
  • Find the name “Settings”. Start the utility window, in which you need to press the “Clear” key.
  • Select the “All” option. Reboot the smartphone.

Sometimes loading of incorrect firmware contributes to the occurrence of problems. You need to reinstall it.

When installing a new application

The error message may appear after downloading the program from the Google Play Store or a third-party source. In the second case, the problem occurs more often. To eliminate the error, the application data is cleared. For this:

  • Opens a list of installed programs. Select the desired name.
  • In the context menu, press the “Clear” key. At the first stage, the cache is deleted, while the problem persists, all other data.
  • Reinstall the add-on. Remove programs downloaded from third-party sources.

Errors may occur when installing a new application.

When installing applications, it is recommended to use official services, for example, Play market, check software for malicious codes.

Reinstalling the app completely

Let’s say that the above method didn’t help you. In this case, we recommend that you completely uninstall the application through the item in the settings or through the Google Play program. It doesn’t matter how, the main thing is to erase completely.

Is the problem still observed? Go to last resort!

Steps to fix the problem

The very first action that, in general, is performed by the overwhelming majority of users when almost any computer or mobile equipment “freezes”, an error in the application, playback and other problems is to reboot the system. In the case of a prolonged operation of the gadget, a playback problem may arise as a result of a completely clogged RAM. Video files weigh decently, when viewed, they must first be loaded into the RAM, but they do not have this opportunity, hence the error message. An error has occurred? Then proceed to the next step. clearing the browser cache.

Here you cannot do without deleting, you need to remove temporary files, otherwise called cookies. These special files store data for Internet resources. statistics, authorization, and other processes. The cache is a list of user actions on the Web, and the longer the Internet is used, the larger its size. The larger the files, the longer the system boot. Plus, they may contain errors, which affects the functionality of the browser. Deleting cookies and clearing the cache brings with it certain inconveniences. authorization on the same YouTube (and other portals) will have to go through again. But the browser will start to work better. Actions in this case are standard:

  • open the browser;
  • go to “Confidentiality”;
  • then to “Security”;
  • select the line “Clear cache”;
  • then the item “Clear cookie data”.

If the annoying “an error has occurred” is displayed again, try to access the resource using another browser. Sometimes programs do not want to work due to an error in the system, which arose as a result of a long period of use.

The application of your favorite service does not work. what to do?

Modern technologies give gadget lovers chic opportunities. thanks to the constantly improving quality of mobile communication and the ever-increasing speed of data exchange, applications running on the basis of Android can easily broadcast all kinds of videos and even allow you to watch your favorite movie on the Internet. And it is YouTube that is one of the most visited resources, the services of which are used by an incredible number of users every day.

For the convenience of users, the corresponding YouTube application is easily installed on mobile gadgets, which does not require opening a mobile browser, but immediately upon launch transfers the user to the portal and starts scrolling video files. The service is optimized for various screen resolutions, it is quite adapted for activities running Android, but at the same time, there is no such thing without periodic overlays. the problem with the inability to display video clips on a smartphone or tablet is quite common. And there can be many reasons for this.

If the problem is obvious, the video does not want to be viewed, and the smartphone assures that there was an error in the YouTube application, there is no need to panic, but it will not hurt to carry out a series of simple actions aimed at determining the cause of the failure.

Changing the date and time settings

Synchronizing the date and time with the network is the most common reason for this error. To check if the error is caused by such a cause, do the following:

Replacing the standard “Phone” application

In the Play Market, find applications for calling by entering “dialer” or “phone” in the search bar. Choose the one you like the most and install it. Once installed, it will replace the default call app, thereby fixing the error.

Choose the one you like the most and install it

Factory reset (radical fix)

Sometimes this method seems to be the easiest and fastest. But do not forget that with such a reset your personal data will suffer, contacts in the phone book, SMS, application settings and other data may be destroyed. Errors will be eliminated, but you will lose all information on the device. To avoid data loss, first copy everything important to your computer or SD card.

This is a radical way to solve the problem and should only be resorted to when other methods do not help.

Error “

If you have an error. then most likely it arose as a result of a failure in packet transfer, in one of the applications, most often in the Download Manager and Media Storage.

Android.process.acore error

This error most often occurs on Samsung and HTS phones. It appears mainly when you want to open Contacts. “Telephone”. “Camera” or other system applications. There is also a possible conflict with applications that have been installed recently, pay attention to this, perhaps deleting an unnecessary application will completely save the situation.

Android process media error how to fix Option 2

We need to stop Google syncing.

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Go to “Accounts”
  • Go to “Synchronization”
  • Uncheck all marked items.

We need to Disable the Gallery app and delete its data.

  • Go to “Settings”
  • Go to “Applications”
  • Choose all”
  • Find “Gallery”

We need to Disable the “Boot Manager”, for this use similar actions as in the paragraphs above

After all these steps, restart the device

Out of memory error

If you have such a problem, then you need to start partially deleting unnecessary files. This error can occur even if you do not have a large number of files (photos, videos, music). Most likely, garbage and residual files after uninstalling applications remain on your device and take up a large amount of memory. In this case, you need to download Clean Master, the program is very easy to use and completely in Russian.

Pay attention to where the downloaded files are saved, correctly if they are saved not to the phone, but to the SD card.

Also, the problem of insufficient memory can cause glitches and lags on the Android device. Often this becomes noticeable when, when launching an application, you wait about 7-10 seconds for it to open, although it used to open in 3 seconds, so this defect is called a long response and is caused by a lack of memory. The solution in this case is the same, you need to install Clean Master on your device, clean it from garbage and also clear the application cache. These simple and quick steps will help bring your phone to life.

Clearing data and program cache

Very often, the cause of an application error is a failure in the service files of the software: data, cache and correspondence between them. In such situations, you need to reset the program to the form of only the installed device, along the way cleaning its files:

Scroll through the list of functions until you find the Applications section. It can also be called “Application Manager” or “Application Manager”.

Go to the “All” section in the opened list with programs.

We find in the list the software that caused the crash. Click on it to go to properties.

An application running in the background must be stopped. To do this, click on the appropriate button. After stopping the application, select “Clear cache”, then click “Clear data”.

  • If the error is displayed in several programs at once, then you should return to the list of installed software and find the rest. We repeat the manipulations of the first 3. 4 actions for each such application.
  • When the data is cleared for all problematic software, the gadget should be rebooted. The error after these steps should disappear.
  • If the application error message is constantly displayed, and among this software there are system programs, you need to consider the following method.

    Eliminate com Android phone error. option 4

    And finally, everyone’s favorite and very relevant way to solve any error errors on Android is to reset to factory settings.You can see how to do this here. If the reset does not help, then the last method is to flash the Android device. When flashing the phone, you need to be careful and follow all the instructions if you do it yourself, otherwise you can “sew” the phone.

    “The com Android systemui process has stopped” —how to fix.

    The error “Process com Android systemui has stopped” is often seen on Samsung Galaxy phones. It usually appears when you press the “Home” button, launch any applications, as well as the camera.

    The way to eliminate the com Android systemui error is currently the only one.

    • Go to “Play Store”
    • Enter in the search bar. Google
    • Find the Google app and click “Uninstall” on it
    • Confirm the action in the appeared window “Delete all updates of this system application”
    • Then restart your phone and this error will no longer bother you.

    Phone application

    In addition to standard programs for making calls, users can work with other applications for storing call and contact data. You can download and install the utilities in the Play Store.

    You just need to enter the name of the application in the search and select the appropriate one. Then install and use it instead of the standard software. After that, the error will not be displayed.

    How to get rid of the error in the application? stands for the standard Android calling application. The messages “An error has occurred in the application”, “Unfortunately, the process has been stopped” indicate a malfunction of the application. Where does the error come from and how to fix it?

    Why does the error appear in the app

    There are several reasons for the error with

    • Various random crashes in the Phone app.
    • The cache of the Phone application or related system functions is full.
    • The virus can affect the “Phone” application and cause it to malfunction.
    • The application can be damaged by the user himself.
    • The Phone app is not compatible with any other apps on the device that use the functionality of the phone in one way or another.

    Hard reset

    If you don’t have important data on your device, or you’re ready to save it somewhere, try doing a factory reset. A full reset of the parameters will delete all data, and along with it, the virus. This is called Hard Reset and is done as follows:

      Open the Settings menu. Restore and Reset. On the page, select “Reset settings”.

    You can reset the device to factory settings in the “Restore and reset” section

    How to Fix All Apps Keeps Stopping Error in Android Phone (100% Works)

    By clicking “Reset phone settings”, you will run Hard Reset: all data will be deleted

    You can reset the settings through Recovery Mode. To enable Recovery mode, turn off the device and hold down the power and volume down buttons. Hold them until the manufacturer’s logo appears on the screen. For some devices, Recovery is turned on in a different way, find out on the Internet specifically for your smartphone or tablet model. In the Recovery menu, find the wipe data item (either Clear Data, or something similar). Click on it, then click Yes and check the Delete User Data box. And reboot your device.

    You can start the factory reset in Recovery Mode: select wipe data / factory reset

    Cleaning temporary files

    • Open the “Settings” menu. “Applications”. “Phone” (or “Call“);
    • We erase data and clear the application cache;
    • To be sure, download programs like CCleaner and use it to clean your smartphone from remnants of temporary files;

    In the “Applications” section, you can clear the cache and data of the “Phone” application (or “Call“)

    If the problem persists, go to the next step.

    Ways to fix the error

    Restart your device first. This will help if the error occurred due to an overflowed cache or some accidental bug.

    If the reboot doesn’t help, you’ll have to dig in.


    So, if after removing the viruses, the program still gives an error, then you can try to reflash the device. To do this, download the latest system update for your device from the official website, place the downloaded zip archive in the root folder of the device and enable Recovery Mode. In Recovery Mode, click Install zip from sdcard (or something similar depending on the device model; more specific instructions for flashing can be found on the website of your device manufacturer). Then follow the instructions on the screen (usually you just need to press the “Ok” button), do not forget to check the Wipe data checkbox to delete data from the device, otherwise errors may remain.

    If flashing the device is unacceptable for you, and the error cannot be corrected in any other way, try installing a “dialer” from Google Play. There are a lot of options in the market, choose according to your taste and install. error on Android. how to fix

    One of the common errors on Android smartphones is “An error has occurred in the application” or “The process has stopped”, which usually occurs when making calls, calling the dialer, sometimes arbitrarily.

    In this manual, in detail on how to fix the error on an Android phone and how it can be caused.

    Basic ways to fix error

    Most often, the problem “An error has occurred in the application” is caused by certain problems of the system applications responsible for phone calls and other actions occurring through your telecom operator.

    And in most cases, simply clearing the cache and data of these applications helps. The following shows how and for which applications you should try this (the screenshots show the “pure” Android interface, in your case, for Samsung, Xiaomi and others it may differ slightly, nevertheless, everything is done in almost the same way).

    • On your phone, go to Settings. Applications and turn on the display of system applications, if such an option is present.
    • Find the applications “Phone” and “SIM card menu”.
    • Click on each of them, then select the “Memory” section (sometimes there may not be such an item, then immediately the next step).
    • Clear the cache and data of these apps.

    Then check if the bug has been fixed. If not, try the same thing with apps (some of them may not be present on your device):

    • Setting up two SIM cards
    • Phone. services
    • Call management

    If none of this helps, move on to additional methods.

    Additional methods for solving the problem

    Here are a few more ways that can sometimes help in fixing errors.

    • Restart your phone in Safe Mode (see Android Safe Mode). If the problem does not manifest itself in it, most likely the cause of the error is some recently installed application (most often. protection tools and antiviruses, applications for recording and other actions with calls, applications for managing mobile data).
    • Try to turn off the phone, remove the SIM card, turn on the phone, install all updates for all applications from the Play Store via Wi-Fi (if any), install the SIM card.
    • In the “Date and time” settings section, try to disable the network date and time, network time zone (do not forget to set the correct date and time manually).

    And finally, the last way is to save all important data from the phone (photos, contacts. you can just turn on synchronization with Google) and reset the phone to factory settings in the “Settings”. “Restore and reset”.

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    hello. Of course, this does not bother me much, but suddenly tell me something. but it was so. Once I froze the standard launcher, and the installed third-party installed it on an external card and after rebooting it naturally did not start. and I had to reset it through the recovery so that the built-in launcher unfrozen, and after this procedure everything worked, but now every time you reboot or just turn off and turn on the phone, the Android background always pops up, the process is stopped by pressing the restart button, everything works. yes, something like that.

    Correctly, I understood that through the recovery they dropped the phone, did not seem to put anything and there was a problem? Sounds strange. Have the apps been updated after the reset? Is there a problem in Safe Mode? (it’s just possible that some of your applications are preventing it from working normally).

    hello. No, after a hard reset through the recovery of the application, also leave everything. Yes

    LG G4 phone. Android 6.
    I have tried ALL of the above methods, including Hard Reset installing all applications from scratch. The problem hasn’t gone away. It is impossible to perform some of the call settings. this announcement immediately pops up: “The process is stopped”

    I understand that there is no solution to this problem? Or does anyone know what to do (other than replacing the phone).

    Did you update the built-in applications after the hard reset? Nothing extra was installed after the reset, which may affect the operation of the phone?

    I tried everything, even a flashing. And I decided to install a third-party dialer.

    All the same applications. Nothing new. Also, in safe mode, the same problem. I took out the SIM card. does not affect.

    I meant. update all built-in apps to start, it might work.

    I did all these manipulations several times. The most important question is software or hardware?

    almost always software. although the option with iron is rare, it does happen.

    The same trouble with Asus Zenfone 2. I reset it to the factory ones. it still gets out, when you turn it on What to do?

    Good day! I have the same problem with ASUS. You have fixed this error.?

    And where at least to look? All dances with a tambourine give nothing and the floor of the phone does not work.

    good day!
    Found a way out of the situation?
    On my Sony Xperia XA started this problem two months ago during the process “” an error occurred I tried everything I could the last thing was that they took everything from the phone to zero, worked for several days and again this one pops up mistake…

    The error does not allow entering any settings! Only the window with the error is active, only I press ok, this window immediately pops up again. What to do, tell me, please

    Try restarting your phone in safe mode, see

    For what reason, Android x20 DOOGEE, when turned on, writes an error does not show anything, only a black screen

    Good day. Please tell me, Samsung J2, an error suddenly popped up, the process was stopped, while the phone turned off and at the start-up stage knocks out this error, which does not allow you to go anywhere further, that is, to the settings. When connected to a PC for flashing, it does not see the phone. I took out a SIM card, a memory card, the effect is the same, it does not go into safe mode, everything is the same, please help!

    If there is no important data on it, you can reset with the buttons before turning it on (search the Internet for “Samsung J2 Hard Reset”).

    I am sincerely grateful to you for all your help and support. For many years I have been asking you for help and always get it on your website. So today, with your help, I removed the error in the phono application. GOOD TO YOU ALL. Regards, Tatiana.

    When you turn on the phone, “error, Android, phone”. and the phone does not turn on, so it is impossible to clear the cache. delete contacts of the phone book, etc. How to fix the situation? Safe Mode won’t turn on.

    Software Update

    Also check that your Android has all the latest system updates. To do this, open “Settings”. “About device”. “Software update”. Click “Update” to check if the firmware is up to date. It is advisable to check the box next to auto-update.

    Cleaning and checking your smartphone

    • If the above doesn’t work, try cleaning your device. First, remove all unnecessary software. It happens that the Phone application conflicts with a certain program. Reinstall other third-party software. messengers, photo editors, media players, etc. Here we need to talk about the brute force method.
    • Be sure to check the device with a mobile antivirus. Now in the Play Market there are an abundance of them. Dr.Web Light, Kaspersky, ESET, AVG, 360 Security, Avast, etc. Use them to perform a deep scan.
    • Apply the tool to remove cache and residual files from Android. For example, Samsung has a Smart Manager option for this.

    Cleaning Samsung via Smart Manager

    Fixing an application crash

    Depending on the manufacturer’s company or firmware version, this error may be called differently. For example, in Lenovo, the process is faulty, and in models with Android 7.0, it says “The Phone app crashed” (BQ, Vertex, OUKITEL). In any case, the solutions for these problems are similar. Try to do all of the following point by point.

    Reasons for stopping the application

    The error itself is very common, but there is no single source of the problem. In different cases, the reason may be firmware update curves, an operating system clogged with garbage, or a failure in the Phone application itself. Less often, failures occur due to virus programs, which are now in abundance. A separate case may be incorrect time and date settings, which conflict with the data of the mobile network.

    Checking the date

    First of all, reboot the phone with removing the battery and SIM card, possibly a single failure. Next, check the correctness of the date and time settings in the device, try unchecking the autodetection box. Then check, maybe the failure will go away.

    Remove autodetection of time and time zone

    Use alternatives

    By itself, the Phone app is a system option. However, it can be replaced with quite worthy third-party counterparts. Again, the Market has a large selection of “dialers”. DRUPE, Dialer and contacts (from Asus), ExDialer, or the same “Phone” from Google Inc.

    Doing a data reset

    The next step will be the usual reset of information for the system programs of the same name. To do this, open “Settings”. “Application Manager”. “All” tab. There, look for all active “Phone” processes, open them and discard the cache, data and stop. After all the resets. restart your smartphone.

    The Phone app has stopped. what to do with a crash on Samsung?

    When you try to make a call, create a contact, or after the call ends, Android users write the error “The Phone application has been stopped.” This crash occurs most often on devices from Samsung (Galaxy, Note, A5, S5, S4, etc.). In the article we will try to cover all the points that will help fix this failure.

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