The laptop does not see Bluetooth devices (headphones, column, mouse). What to do?

The most popular problem that many are faced in the process of connecting different Bluetooth devices. when the laptop does not see Bluetooth devices. Windows simply does not find headphones, a mouse, a keyboard, a column, or another device that we want to unravel. I already wrote several instructions in which I showed how to connect the same headphones or a column to a computer via Bluetooth. And in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев on these articles, visitors leave a lot of questions related to the problem when the computer does not find devices in the connection process. Having studied Комментарии и мнения владельцев and several specific cases, I decided to write a separate article in which it is possible to share possible solutions.

Since we are talking about the problem on PC and laptops that work on Windows, in most cases all problems due to the fact that Bluetooth is not configured, or is generally absent. If, for example, the system is not installed in the Bluetooth driver, the module is disabled, or it is completely absent in your computer, then of course the computer will not be able to detect the device that you want to connect. Therefore, first of all, you need to make sure that your laptop/PC has a Bluetooth module, all the necessary drivers are installed, everything is included and configured. When everything is OK in this regard, then in Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10 there should be a blue Bluetooth badge.

If you have this icon on your laptop in the tray, then everything should work. And if the laptop does not see Bluetooth headphones (or what are you trying to connect there). then most likely the problem is on the side of the headphones themselves. It happens that the module itself is disabled, or the drivers are not installed (then the icons in the tria will not). For verification, I recommend looking into the device manager. There should be our adapter (module). which is responsible for the work of Bluetooth. There should not be any icons near him (exclamation mark, arrow). If there is an arc near the icon, then it is disconnected. Press with the right mouse button and turn on.

How to include and configure everything, I already wrote in separate articles:

These instructions should help you solve all the problems (if any) with Bluetooth on the side of the computer.

Perhaps not everyone knows and understand how to correctly complete the same Bluetooth mouse, speakers, headphones, etc. D. And because of this, questions arise related to the fact that the laptop does not find the right Bluetooth device. Therefore, several instructions showing how to correctly execute the connection:

Well, if you do everything according to the instructions, the laptop is looking for devices but does not find, then you need to check other solutions.

What to do if Windows does not find the right Bluetooth device?

Most often the system does not see only a particular device that we want to connect. It happens that no device finds. At the same time, for example, a phone, tablet or other computer detects a Bluetooth device and connects to it. In Windows 10, this looks as follows:

Endless search for devices. Pay attention to the message, in the photo above: “Make sure your device is included and available for detection.”And this is a very good advice.

1 so that our laptop, or PC is able to detect the necessary device, it must of course be turned on and is in search mode. Almost every device (headphones, mouse, column) has a button that converts the device into connection mode. Makes it visible to other devices. This is usually a separate button with Bluetooth icon. Which you need to press and hold for a few seconds (until the indicator starts to flash).

Sometimes this feature is performed by the button for turning on the device. On my mouse, for example, this button is signed “Connect“. After activating the connection mode, the indicator should actively flash on the device.

This means that the device itself is available for detection.

See the instructions for your device. It exactly says how to transfer it to the connection mode.

2 Perhaps the device is already fraught with the computer. But for some reason does not work. In this case, in the Windows settings you need to find this device (it will be in the status of “fraught”) and delete it.

Then you need to activate the connection mode on the device (in my case on the Bluetooth headphones) and connect it again.

3 Not everyone knows, but on the same Bluetooth headphones (I think that on everyone) you can dump the settings. They disconnect from all the devices with which they were fraught and they will have to be connected again. Sometimes this helps to solve the problem with the detection of wireless headphones on the computer. On my headphones JBL, as I understand it, the reset of settings is done as follows:

  • We turn on the headphones.
  • We activate the connection mode (to start flashing the indicator).
  • Click and 5 seconds, hold the button to increase and decrease the volume. Several times instead of a blue indicator blows white.

On Sony headset, for example, you can drop the settings using two buttons: power buttons and pause buttons/start. They need to be clamped and hold 7 seconds.

Of course, on different devices, different manufacturers, etc. D., This procedure can be performed in different ways. For example, long.term retention (seconds of 30) buttons of activation of the connection mode. You need to watch the instructions and google information.

4 In the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, Alexander wrote about the problem when the new laptop on Windows 10 does not see a Bluetooth mouse, and later shared his solution. The following actions helped him (you can try to immediately perform the second point. If it does not work, then 1 and 2.):

  • You need to click the combination of Win R keys, enter the Services command.MSC and press OK. Then find the Bluetooth Support Service, open its properties and set the type of launch: “automatically”. Press “apply”. Reload the computer.
  • We go to the “Parameters”, to the “Bluetooth and other devices” section and go into the accompanying parameters “Other Bluetooth parameters”. A window opens in which you need to put a checkmark near “allow Bluetooth devices to detect this computer” and click “apply”. Try to connect your device.

After connecting the device, remove this checkmark in the settings. So that other devices do not see your computer. This refers to new devices that have not yet been connected.

1] Turn off and turn on Bluetooth again

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The first step you have to take is to switch Bluetooth in your system. The steps are listed below for this:

  • Click the Start menu with the right mouse button and select “Settings” to run the “Settings” application.
  • Click “Devices”.
  • Click Bluetooth and other devices on the left panel.
  • You will see the toggle switch under the Bluetooth on the right panel.
  • Click on it to turn off Bluetooth. Wait a few minutes and click again to enable Bluetooth.

Check if you can use the mouse.

2] Switch flight mode

According to some users, they were able to use their Bluetooth mouse after switching the flight mode of their system.

The following steps below will help you with this:

  • Launch the “Settings” application.
  • Click on the network and the Internet.
  • Select the flight mode on the left panel.
  • On the right side you will see a toggle switch under the flight mode. Click on it to enable the flight mode.
  • Wait a few minutes and press the same button again to turn off the flight mode.

In addition, you can also turn on or off the flight mode directly by pressing the “Notification” button.

After switching the flight mode, check if the Bluetooth device works.

Check Bluetooth settings on both devices.

Bluetooth devices have an option or button for turning on or off the Bluetooth device. So, go to the quick settings panel in Windows 11 and turn off Bluetooth. After that, turn it on again.

Then do the same with the Bluetooth mouse if it has a separate switch or control element to turn on or off Bluetooth. After you turned on Bluetooth for both devices, connect them again and try to use the mouse.

Try the following solution if you still don’t work for your mouse.

Launch a means of eliminating Bluetooth malfunctions

Windows 11 contain several options for eliminating malfunctions for peripheral devices. The confusion elimination utility is built into the operating system even for the Bluetooth device.

  • Open Windows settings menu on your computer.
  • Go to the “Settings” menu.
  • In the list of parameters that appears, click “Elimination of problems”.
  • Then go to other means of eliminating problems, and you will see a new menu. Click Bluetooth here, and a means of eliminating Bluetooth malfunctions will start. Give me a means of eliminating the failure to perform the necessary action, and then try to use the mouse again.

If the mouse still does not work properly, try the next solution.

How to turn off the touchpad on a laptop?

The touchpad causes a lot of trouble during work, since when printing the text, you are inadvertently in touch with it. But it can be disabled if you have an official utility from the manufacturer on your laptop.

Click on the Start menu and in the search Enter the “mouse”. then you need to click on the “mouse parameters”.

In the device section, click on “Additional parameters”.

On one of the tabs there should be a checkmark that will turn off the touchpad when connecting such a device. It doesn’t matter which device is wired or wireless. At the very end, click “Apply”. I showed you on the example of Lenovo beech, but this function is on all laptops.

Connecting a wireless mouse via Bluetooth (without a receiver/adapter)

I want to explain right away that connecting the mouse to a stationary computer without an adapter is likely not to work. Since PC usually does not have built-in Bluetooth module. Therefore, first we need to choose a Bluetooth adapter for a computer, then connect and configure Bluetooth and only after that you can connect a Bluetooth-thought according to the instructions. Or use a Wireless adapter that is included (if your model supports this intese).

It’s easier with laptops, there is Bluetooth True, it does not always work, since the necessary drivers are not installed. If there is no Bluetooth icon on your laptop in the tray and there is no adapter in the device dispatcher corresponding to the settings in the parameters, then you must first configure and enable Bluetooth (using Windows 10). And in this article there is an instruction for Windows 7.

To connect, press the right mouse button on the Bluetooth icon and select “Adding a device”.

Turn on the mouse. Next, you need to activate the connection mode. There should be a button for this. On my mouse, it is signed as “Connect”. It needs to be pressed (possibly press and hold). Should begin to actively flash the indicator. The process of activation of the connection mode of course may vary depending on the manufacturer and the mouse model. See the instructions.

On a computer, in the already opened window, select the item “Add Bluetooth or another device”. Then we click on the item “Bluetooth”. When our mouse appears on the list, just click on it. Windows 7 will immediately open a window in which the device available for connecting will be displayed.

There should be a message that the device is ready to use.

The mouse should already work. Click “Ready”. The connection is completed.

In Windows 7, everything is about the same, only the windows and elements of the menu themselves look different.

Advice! After connection, I recommend downloading and installing software from the manufacturer of your wireless mouse. Or install it from the disk if it is. For example, for Logitech mice. “Logitech Options”.

This is a program with which you can configure additional functions. For example, assign actions to additional buttons, configure the indicator speed, etc. D. It all depends on what kind of mouse you have. If the simplest, then you may not need this program.

If the computer does not find a Bluetooth mouse, then first of all make sure that it is turned on and activated mode of connection. Try connecting it to another device. You can even a phone or tablet (on Android).

Automatic shutdown of the touchpad after connecting a wireless mouse

On laptops, you can configure everything in such a way that after connecting the mouse (wireless, or wired), the touchpad will turn off automatically. And this is very convenient, because it only interferes. For example, when typing text.

As far as I understand, this can only be done when the driver is installed on your laptop for a touchpad from the site of the laptop manufacturer. Checked on Lenovo, everything works.

Open the start (or search) and write “mouse”. Open “Mouse Parameters”.

We go to “additional mouse parameters”.

The new window should have the Elan tab (you may have different). You need to switch to it and put a checkmark near the item “Turning off when connecting an external USB mouse”. Click “apply”.

All is ready! Now the touchpad will not work when the mouse is connected.

If you did not manage to connect the mouse, there are some questions, or you want to share the useful information of the article-leave your messages in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев.



Why is there no Bluetooth in Windows 11 and how to fix it?

Check the Bluetooth adapter in the device manager

I always recommend starting in such situations from the device manager. The easiest way to open it is to press the launch with the right mouse button and select the “Device Manager”.

We are interested in the “Bluetooth” section. If you have it, open it. There should be something like this (when everything is fine and everything works):

The adapter itself (I have it “Intel Wireless Bluetooth. You may have another manufacturer). some systemic adapters and protocols such as “Microsoft Bluetooth Enumerator” and conjugated devices (if you have already connected them).

  • In general, there is no section “Bluetooth” and the adapter itself in the dispatcher of Windows 11 devices. In this case, the first thing is to check that your laptop or PC is physically present Bluetooth module. Also pay attention to the “Other devices” tab. If it is there and there is an unknown device, then perhaps this device is a Bluetooth adapter, the driver is simply not installed. It is necessary to install it. details about this below in the article. You can also try to click in the same window on the “Update Equipment Configuration” button “.
  • Bluetooth is disconnected in the device manager. In this case, there will be a small icon (arrow down) near the adapter icon). You need to click on the adapter with the right mouse button and select “Turn on the device”.
  • There is an adapter, but with an error and does not work. How it looks, you can see in the screenshot below. If there is an error near the adapter (yellow exclamation mark). then you need to press it with the right mouse button and select “Properties”. There, in the “Status” field, an error and error code will be indicated. For example, code 10, or code 43. And already depending on the error, you need to look for a solution. Often in such a situation, rollback or update helps (reinstalling the driver).
  • There is an adapter, without errors, but in Windows 11 Bluetooth does not want to work. It happens. Everything seems to be OK, but in the settings everything as I showed at the beginning of the article. You can’t enable and connect the device. In this case, I recommend making the following: click on the adapter with the right mouse button and select “Delete the device”. Then restart your laptop or PC. If this did not work, most likely the matter is in a non.working driver. You need to try to roll it out, or reinstall it.

Bluetooth driver in Windows 11

The first thing I recommend doing is upload the Bluetooth driver from the manufacturer of the laptop or the adapter itself and install it (just start the installation file and follow the instructions). So you can install and update the driver. The driver needs to be loaded for the model of your laptop, adapter or motherboard. And specifically for Windows 11. But the problem is that the driver for Windows 11 is only for the newest laptops and adapters. And for your equipment the driver may not be. What to do in this situation:

  • Try to “slip” the driver from Windows 10.
  • Try to find the Driver according to the Equipment Publishing House (for example, Wi-Fi adapter) on third-party sites.
  • Install all Windows 11 updates. Including optional drivers updates. Perhaps the system itself will find a working driver and Bluetooth will work.
  • Use programs for automatic search and installation of drivers.

Rollback or replacement of the driver

It can only help in a situation where there is an adapter in the device dispatcher, but Bluetooth does not work, or an error is displayed near the adapter. Usually rollback helps when Bluetooth stopped working after updating the driver, installing system updates, or after updating to Windows 11.

For a rollback (installing a more old version) you need to click on the adapter with the right mouse button and select “Properties”. Then, on the “driver” tab, click on the “roll back” button (you should have this button).

To replace the driver, in the window that on the screenshot above you need to click on the “Update driver” button. Then select “Find the driver on this computer”. “Choose a driver from a list of available drivers on a computer”.

Next, select one driver from the list and click “Next”.

After installation, it is advisable to restart the computer.

Wireless mouse does not work, what to do?

Good day to everyone!

It seems that everything was fine yesterday: the mouse cursor cheerfully ran around the desktop, the clicks instantly worked, no freezes or lags. But today the mouse seemed to be replaced (with a defective. ).

If you have stopped working wireless mouse. Do not rush to despair, because in most cases everything can be eliminated on your own!

In this note I will analyze the most common reasons for this problem, as well as how to fix them. It was considered, among other things, where and how to press with the help of a keyboard to open a specific menu. otherwise this is a cornerstone for many (apparently the people are not used to working with the keyboard, eh. But before after all. ).

To help!

Perhaps an article will come in handy on how to connect a wireless mouse correctly.

Causes and elimination

In order to save batteries, many mice, after some time of inaction, are disconnected (as if “fall asleep”). And if at this moment you begin to move it on the table, the cursor on the monitor will not react to this in any way!

To withdraw from sleep, it is usually enough to press the left (or right) mouse button. Some devices may be special. button (above the wheel, cm. photo below).

As a rule, after pressing it (if everything is in order with the mouse). You will see how the cursor began to “run”. You can work!

Reason #2: sat down batteries

The second that would recommend. This is to check the batteries (even if you only installed them the other day in the mouse). The fact is that even the “new” batteries can be planted (it is not known how much time they spent in the store’s warehouse, and how they were stored. ).

Also pay attention to the state of the batteries themselves. One of my friends very “responsibly” wiped the table (and, apparently, after wiping, he immediately put the keyboard in place and the mouse, not allowing the surface to dry). Moisture hit the protective cover on the batteries, and they were oxidized. The mouse had to be changed.

If you have something similar to the mouse: remove the batteries and dispose of them. Next, try to take an old toothbrush, moisten it in alcohol and clean this whole “white” sediment (especially on copper contacts with which batteries are in contact).

After installing a new pair of batteries, check the performance. If the mouse does not work. easier and cheaper to replace it with a new.

Reason #3: “freezing”, failure

Sometimes the mouse can freeze (sometimes they say that she lost contact with the radio receiver). What can be advised:

  • remove the battery from the mouse;
  • Disconnect the radio adapter from the USB port (if you have a Bluetooth mouse. then disconnect the Bluetooth adapter: this can be done through the icon parameters in the tray (if you do not have Bluetooth icon)).

If your mouse does not work, then to get to the Bluetooth icon do the following:

  • Click the Wind key combination. this will turn all the windows and you will see the desktop;
  • Click the last. Once the TAB key (it may come in handy Enter to open the tab of hidden icons). to reach the Bluetooth icon;

Bluetooth devices: click the combination of Shiftf10

In many cases, such a simple combination allows you to restore the correct work of the mouse.

Reason #4: Problem with USB port

Try to remove the radio adapter from the USB port and connect to another port (if you have a classic computer: connect the adapter to the USB ports located from the back side of the system unit).

In general, it will not be superfluous to check the port itself: try connecting some other device to it: a flash drive, a phone, etc. How it reacts.

USB ports on the front panel are often not connected at all.

In general, it is very desirable to check the work capacity of the mouse at another computer/laptop (this applies at least to the radio, even to the Bluetooth-thought).

Reason #5: Lack (or incorrect work) driver

In the vast majority of cases when connecting a mouse to PC, Windows puts a “standard” mouse driver, and everything works. In some cases (when you already have an outdated OS, or a “cunning” mouse with additional. functions) this may not happen.

I recommend checking how the mouse is displayed in the device manager. To open it using the keyboard:

  • Press the combination of Winpause Break (the properties of the system will open);
  • Next, press the Tab key several times. until the dispatcher is selected (see. screenshot below);
  • Click Enter.

In the device manager, update the equipment configuration (for this, press the left alt and select the update in the “action” menu).

Device Manager. Update the equipment

After find the “Mouse and other indicating devices” tab and see if your connected mouse is displayed (to open the tabs use the keyboard arrows and the TAB key).

Try to run the driver’s update (for this, select your mouse from the list, then click on it the combination of Shiftf10. and in the menu that appears, indicate the required operation).

If your mouse in the section “mice and other indicating devices” no. Check the “Other devices” tab. Ideally, if everything is in order with the drivers in Windows, it should not have devices with exclamation yellow signs (as in an example below).

Other devices: The driver is not installed (as an example)

To help!

The reasons for the inoperability of Bluetooth

Based on the experience, I can say that in most cases, users with Bluetooth adapter are all right, just in the Windows OS settings or the badge is not turned on, or Bluetooth is simply turned off. Let’s try to fix it.


Pay attention to whether Bluetooth is turned on on a laptop (often for this there are LEDs on the device case, and on the keyboard functional keys). This article will tell about how to turn on Bluetooth on a laptop

To begin with, the advice is extremely banal and simple: reboot the computer/laptop. Next, pay attention to the tray: often the icon “hides” as a little.advisable (try to open and see all the “hidden icons, see. screenshot below).

Bluetooth icon for quick connection of devices and data exchange

If there is no icon in the tray, then go to the Windows control panel and enter the “Bluetooth” in the search line: in the results found, open the link “Change of Bluetooth parameters”.

Control Panel. Changing Bluetooth parameters

In the parameters of Bluetooth, put the boxes next to the following points:

  • Allow Bluetooth devices to detect this computer;
  • notify me of connecting a new device;
  • display the Bluetooth icon in the field of notifications (see. An example below).

In addition, I recommend opening the “Equipment” tab and see the status of the device. If everything is in order with him, there should be the status “The device works fine”.

For users of Windows 10/11, I recommend that you go to Start/Parameters/Bluetooth and other devices: and check that Bluetooth is turned on (see. screenshot below).

In addition, open the link “Other Bluetooth” parameters and check that there is a detection.

The problem with the drivers

The second most common cause of Bluetooth unemployment is the lack of drivers to the adapter. For example, Windows was reinstalled, but I did not put the OS drivers by default (consider the device does not work. ).

Often, when not all drivers are installed on new laptops.

To check the drivers, I recommend opening the device manager (the combination of Winpause buttons and see. menu on the left).

Next, open the “Bluetooth” tab (it is usually from above). See if there are exclamation marks on the device “Wireless Bluetooth” (the name may be excellent).

I draw attention to the fact that in the absence of a driver you may not have this tab in the device manager, or there will be no adapter “Wireless Bluetooth” adapter itself.

I also recommend checking the “Other devices” tab (if any). those devices are placed in it for which there are no drivers in the system. Cm. screenshot. pay attention to how they are marked!

If you have a problem with the driver, I will recommend this article: https: //

From it you will learn how to find and update the drivers for any unknown equipment in the system.

In the problems of drivers, I cannot but note various laptop control centers (they are placed with drivers, developed by laptop manufacturers).

Thanks to them-you can configure various parameters of the device, which are often unavailable from under Windows.

For example, Sony VAIO laptops have a panel “Smart Network” (smart Internet), thanks to which you can quickly turn off/turn on various adapters: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc.

Check, perhaps a similar center is also installed on your laptop in which the desired adapter is simply turned off.

Smart Network. smart Internet, special. Centers in laptops

System work, USB port or Bluetooth

If the mouse shines, or the laser lights up and goes out, and does not respond to movement, then the problem can be in a normal software or hardware failure.

  • Disconnect the USB module itself, which is connected to a laptop or computer. Turn off the mouse and pull the batteries out of it. If you have a connection through Bluetooth, then turn off the “blue tooth”. The easiest way to turn off the wireless module is to press the keys r. Next, the window will come out where you need to enter the command: