Methods for controlling the levels of the liner and case Airpods

It is important for users of wireless apple headphones to track the supply of batteries and cases in order to send on time to recharge. How to look at the AirPods charge in the iPhone and use other control methods is considered further.

Important. The indicator is provided on the case of the case. The location of the element is curled from the configuration of the gadget.

The first.generation liners were equipped with a case with Lighting charger. Later, the company developed a wireless charger of the QI standard. After 2019, you can separately buy a wireless case to the 1-2 generation inserts.

The view of the case The location of the diode Models of liners
Lighting charging Under the cover of the case AirPods 1-2 generations
Wireless charging qi standard On the front face of the case AirPods Pro and other versions

When the “ears” are placed in a case and the cover is open, the color of the LED is easy to track the level of charge AirPods. The full supply of liner batteries is reflected in green indication. Yellow color warns about the remainder of the supply of energy insufficient for the full cycle.

The supply of the charger battery is determined by similar color signals. The headphones must be taken out and the cover is closed. The green color of the diode signals the full charge of the case. The supply of energy is enough for several cycles of recharging “ears”. The yellow diode color signals that the remaining reserve is not enough for 1 cycle. When the case is charged, you should wait for the green LED signal.

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Interesting. About the critical level of energy and the close to 10%, the liners are once alarm. The pair signal of the “ears” precedes their off.

How to check the charge on iPhone, iPad or iPod

The AirPods headphones described above the autonomy of the headphones is uninformative. detailed information is shown on the iPhone, associated with headphones. The method is appropriate when the accessory was not used after recharging for some time. They can clarify how much the “ears” and case were charged with.

To see the AirPods charging on iPhone (iPad or iPod), you need to do the following manipulations:

  • Put a charger with “ears” closer to the conjugated device. In this case, the case cover should be open.
  • On the screen, after 2-3 seconds, information about the level of accumulator energy is displayed in graphic form. The figure on the left shows the percentage of charging “ears”, and on the right. a cover.
  • To separately clarify the state of the batteries of each headphone, you should remove any of the cover. On the screen, the numbers of the charge of the right and left as a percentage will be displayed.
  • When extracting both “ears” from the case, the screen will demonstrate the total percentage of the status of the liners.

When connecting to iPhone

During the connection of the iPhone, an animation pops up to Airpods, on which you can see the number of headphones (view the charge separately left and right, if you get the headphone from the case), as well as the number of percent of the charger case.

On the iOS 14 widget

Apple added in iOS 14 the opportunity to place widgets on the main screen iPhone. In order to monitor the number of the remaining charge in your headphones. just add the appropriate widget to the main screen.

One minus. the widget does not show the amount of charge as a percentage. You can only see the charge ratio in the diagram with animation.

How to check the AirPods charge on Android

After installation, open the cover of the charger of connected Airpods.

Checking a charge on Android with an installed Airbatty application works in a way as on iOS gadgets. It is enough to open the cover of the charger, and information about the current charge of AirPods will appear in the application. The application also has a PRO version that allows you to receive a pop-up notification in iOS-style without the need to launch the application itself.

Elimination of problems with AirPods with Android

If problems with the conjugation of Airpods and Android, you can advise you to reset the set settings by pressing the button on the rear of the case. You can also try to overload the device with Android.

As additional steps to eliminate problems, you should verify the Bluetooth on Android, in a sufficient level of charge on Airpods and the ceremony corporate charger.

How to find out the level of the charge of the iPhone 14 /14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 11, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, IPhone X as a percentage with Siri using Siri

Call the personal assistant Siri and say, for example, “what charge of the iPhone?”, After which you will receive an iPhone charge response as a percentage.

We find out the interest of the charge from Siri

Just ask Siri how much you have a battery charge left. She will kindly tell you about the state of your battery in the dialog box.

Do not forget that you can always contact our ILAB specialized service center if you have problems with Apple technique.

Look at AirPods charging indicator

The AirPods case has a small indicator. You can roughly understand it when the headphones are charged, and when they should be connected to the power source. To check the remaining charge, you just need to place the headphones in the case and open the lid.

How to connect Airpods to an Android device with animation

If the indicator burns green, then the battery is completely charged. The orange color serves as a signal that the headphones need to be recharged.

The disadvantage of this method is the absence on the indicator of any scale. In fact, he has only two boundary states. charged and needs to be recharged.

Check the AirPods charge for iPhone

You can get more complete information about the level of charge of headphones and cases using iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

How to check the AirPods charge on iPhone

After these simple manipulations on the iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch screen, a window with a state of charging Airpods will appear. over, the data will be displayed as a percentage separately for headphones and cases.

Open the AirPods case near the iPhone or iPad

The easiest way to check the battery life of your AirPods or AirPods Pro is to open a device cover next to an unlocked iPhone or iPad. On the device you will see a pop.up connection panel Airpods. In addition to an automatic connection of a smartphone or tablet to the headset, information will also be given about the level of battery charge both in the headset itself and in the case for charging.

If you need to find out the autonomous time of a separate headphone from the AirPods pair, then get it, and leave the other in the case.

Ask Siri on iPhone or iPad

But what to do if you are on a walk or on a run and do not want to get your iPhone and open the AirPods cover next to it? In fact, you can simply ask Siri how much the battery charge is left in your Airpods. You can contact a voice assistant with Airpods, iPhone or iPad. Press and hold the side button (power button) on the iPhone or iPad or twice press / twice click on AirPods to call Siri.

Now say something like: “How many batteries are left in the headphones?”Or even something short, like” Airpods battery “.

Siri will calculate the battery life of Airpods or Airpods Pro and will report the result.

How to check the level of charge of headphones Airpods

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From this Wikihow article, you will learn how to check the level of charge of AirPods headphones. You can do this through an iPhone or through a case from AirPods headphones.

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Make sure you have created a couple between Airpod and iPhone headphones. Turn on the Bluetooth on the iPhone, running a finger up from the bottom of the screen and pressing the Bluetooth icon

  • It is important to put a case from the headphones in the immediate vicinity of the phone. [3] X Source of Information
  • A few seconds after the opening of the cover cover on the iPhone screen, the charge level will be displayed. [4] X Source of Information
  • If you do not see the state of charge on the iPhone, close and open the cover cover again. [5] X Source of Information
  • The charge level of both headphones and the case should be displayed. [6] X Source of Information

Scroll down and press the edit. This is a round button from below page. After clicking, a list of available widgets will open.

Find the widget “Elements of power”. Scroll down until you find a widget. This application should be near the upper part of the “Still Widget” section.

bluetooth, headphones, percentage, iphone, some, airpods

Place the widget “Elements of power” in the upper part. Click and hold the ☰ ☰ ☰ ☰ ☰ ☰ ☰ ☰ ☰ ☰ ☰ ☰ ☰ ☰ ☰ ☰ ☰ ☰ qok to the right of the word “nutrition elements”, then drag it to the very top of the widget page.

Click ready. The inscription is located in the upper right corner of the screen. So you will save all changes and fix the widget “nutrition elements” in the right part of the page of widgets.

Check the level of the AirPods headphones. While AirPods headphones paired with the iPhone, in the “Elements of power” section, under the state of the iPhone charge, the level of charge of the headphones will be displayed.

Open the AirPods headphones cover. Open the lid in the upper part of the cover and make sure that you open it to the end.

Make sure AirPods headphones are in a case. The level of charge levels are displayed only if at least one AirPods headphone is in the case. If they are not in the case, put at least one headphone before continuing.

Determine the level of charge of the headphones Airpods. If the light is green, then the headphones are completely charged. If the light is yellow, then this means that less than one full charge cycle remains in the headphones. [7] X Source of Information

How to find out the level of the charge of headphones on the phone?

Let’s figure out how to find out the charge of wireless Bluetooth headphones on any phone with Android and iOS (iPhone).

The essence of the article: if the charge level is not displayed in the section with Bluetooth devices, then you need to install the application to display the charge: branded or universal. Details on how to check the charge of any headphones. below.

The accuracy of displaying the charge level depends on many parameters: Bluetooth version (and specific protocols in it) on the phone and headphones, the Android version, the features of the work of individual applications and other things. But in most cases, the charge is shown more or less accurately: most often with a step of 10%, sometimes in a more “large” step.

The best wireless headphones (2022):

Standard check of the charge of wireless headphones on Android (in settings)

The easiest way to look at the Bluetooth battery of headphones on Android is in the upper right corner of the screen at the clock, the state of connection to the networks, and so on. There should be a Bluetooth icon and visualized (in the form of a full or incomplete battery) charging level.

We look at the rest of the charge on wireless headphones in the “Treie”

How to Fix ANY AirPods & AirPods Pro Errors or Issues!!

Naturally, in order to find out the charge of wireless headphones via the phone, you must first connect them to it.

However, not on all phones and not in all versions of Android it works. If you don’t see anything like this, it is worth opening a Bluetooth list of devices. There, near connected headphones, there will be both a battery icon and a digital designation of the remaining charging.