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Call control

Many applications in our rating have communication functions, but in this regard, Call Control bypasses the competing software. Functionality comes out on top in Call Control. Intuitive interface, everything is thought out and convenient. over, it is absolutely free! No complaints about work.


Let AntiNuisance have a minimum of functions, but the program works like a clock. And the developers did not set themselves the goal of stuffing the application with as many options as possible. The programmers were going to make a lightweight and simple software product and they did it. AntiNuisance does not have a ready-made database of numbers, but users can easily create their own. There is a function of blocking all calls from unknown numbers.

apps to block unwanted incoming calls

No one likes it when calls from unwanted numbers come to a smartphone and spam comes in SMS. We want to spend quiet time with friends and family, and instead have to be distracted every five minutes by calls and text messages from companies that annoy everyone with their stupid ads. Fortunately, there are many apps out there to help you filter and block unwanted calls and SMS. In this article, we will look at the best applications of this kind.

How to block unknown callers on your iPhone. Why didn’t Apple create this feature earlier?

Call Blocker Free

If you are looking for a free, simple and undemanding application on hardware resources, check out Call Blocker Free. The program has an intuitive interface and functionality is in no way inferior to paid software.

The numbers of people you don’t want to chat with anymore are easily blacklisted. A good choice for those looking for a budget option or a free alternative to more expensive software.

Call blocker

The simplicity of the name of this application matches the simplicity of its interface. There is nothing superfluous in the Call Blocker functionality. The interface is simple and straightforward, it is easy to block calls and spam, thanks to the built-in black and white lists. Scheduled work is also supported. For example, you can take some rest by temporarily turning off all incoming calls. Naturally, information about all incoming calls is saved.

Hiya has one of the best databases compared to the competition. If none of the programs described above suits you, Hiya will most likely suit you. The app is absolutely free. It has already been downloaded more than 5 million times, which says something.

The user interface is well-designed, there are many useful functions. The program does a good job of blocking unwanted calls and SMS messages. You can also add text notes to specific numbers.


This software can replace the standard telephone ringer. The application includes a large and regularly updated database of phone numbers involved in fraudulent schemes and sending spam. The user can see that he is receiving a call or SMS from a suspicious number, but he can completely block unwanted numbers and contacts. Great universal app! Updated regularly and always runs like clockwork!

A recent update introduces a feature that lets you tell people why you’re calling them. If they have Truecaller installed, they will see your message. You can instantly translate incoming messages without leaving Truecaller. Over 50 languages ​​available and it works offline! And also the ability to schedule the sending of SMS messages was added. press and hold the send button and switch to the “Schedule” mode.

Should I Answer?

The main purpose of Should I Answer?. blocking calls, and the application does an excellent job with this task. A database is integrated into the program, which is replenished, among other things, by the users themselves. It is also possible to add your numbers to the database.

How to add a banned number to the blacklist in Android 2

Enter the Call rejection setting:

Select Auto Reject Mode:

Select the Blacklist mode:

You will then be returned to the Call rejection section again. Enter the Blacklist setting:

and check the box next to Unknown:

How to block hidden number on Huawei phone

Budget Samsung Galaxy on the example of J3 2016

If you have a budget Samsung smartphone on Android 5, then in the dialer you need to look for the Block list section and in it. the Block toggle switch. anonymous calls. The name is slightly different, but the essence is the same:


In the global versions of MIUI 12, Xiaomi has replaced its usual dialer with an app from Google. Accordingly, now to block anonymous subscribers, you need to do the following:

  • Launch the phone app. It is now a blue tube icon:
  • Click on the three dots at the top of the screen and select Settings:
  • Select Blocked numbers.
  • And enable the Unknown numbers setting (Block calls from unidentified numbers): How to block a hidden number on a Xiaomi phone with MIUI 12

Now your Xiaomi phone will block (drop) calls from anonymous callers, and the caller will hear short beeps.

How to block calls from hidden numbers in naked Android (Google Pixel, Nexus)

Android 10 has finally added the feature to block non-identifiable numbers in the Phone app from Google. To activate it, follow these steps:

  • Launch the Phone app.
  • Click the menu (three dots in the upper right) and select Settings.
  • Go to the Blocked numbers section:
  • And enable the Unknown numbers function (Block calls from unidentified numbers):

How to add a hidden number to the blacklist. Android 4

Go to the My device section and select Calls:

Select Call rejection:

Here, first enter the Auto-Rejection Mode setting:

and select the Blacklist mode:

Then go to the Blacklist setting in the Call rejection section:

And check the box next to Unknown:

Now all calls from unknown (i.e. hidden) numbers will be rejected automatically.

How to block unknown callers on Samsung Galaxy S20, S10, S9, S8, Note 20, Note 10

On the example of Android 8.0.0 with the Samsung Experience 9.0 shell, but in Android 9 with OneUI, the steps are similar:

How to Automatically Block Unknown Callers on iPhone (iOS 13.3)?

  • Start the dialer (Phone app):
  • Click on the three dots in the upper right and select Settings:
  • Select Block numbers:
  • Activate the Block function. unknown subscribers:

Done! Hidden, private and other undefined numbers will no longer be called to you!

Blocking options

For Xiaomi

Another very famous Chinese brand. Their software also has a similar option, however, it is set somewhat differently:

  • first you need to open “Settings” and open the “Applications” section;
  • then go to the subsection “System applications / Call settings / Antispam settings / Call blocking”. See screenshot below;
  • then activate the block from unknown and hidden numbers (example below).

Block calls from strangers (Xiaomi)

How to block calls from unknown and hidden numbers on Android

Good day!

Recently, there has been just some kind of epidemic of voice spam: they constantly call with an offer to take a credit card, connect to another Internet provider, some polls, and sometimes just silence in the phone.

To be honest, it’s a mystery to me why it is still not forbidden to do this (at least to all large companies), or such dealers are not blocked at the operator level. Although, “If the stars are lit, then somebody needs it.”.

In general, one of the solutions to this problem can be setting up the phone in special mode: it will drop all calls from unknown numbers. that is, those that are not in your address book (that are not entered in contacts).

All the necessary settings can be set quite quickly: everything will take about 2-3 minutes to complete. Actually, in this article I will give several ways how you can do all this.

For Huawei (Honor)

One of the most popular devices on our market (along with Samsung). Their software already has built-in functions for solving such a task (which is good news ).

  • first you need to open the call log (just click on the “tube” icon);
  • then select the icon with “three dots” in the top menu and go to the “Blocked” menu;
  • then go to the section “Call blocking rules”.

In this section, you can enable blocking of all unknown and hidden numbers. After that, all calls from numbers that are not in your phone book will be dropped (they will receive a line busy signal).

Thus, these calls will not distract you, and no one will occupy the line.

Universal version (using special applications)

If using the built-in functions (presented above) you did not manage to solve the problem, you can resort to special. applications. Their arsenal of functions is much richer than simple blocking. I will give a couple of them below.

Block SMS and calls from unknown numbers

The “Blacklist” application is designed to quickly and easily block any unwanted calls and SMS (both from unknown numbers and your created lists).

I would like to note that calls are blocked quietly and without any notifications on the phone screen (i.e. you can not be distracted and calmly work at the device at this time).

Also, one cannot fail to note the presence of filters that allow you to block all calls from numbers starting with certain numbers (sometimes this is also necessary).

Do not call me. call blocker

How to Block Unknown Calls, Private Callers on iPhone

Blocking all suspicious numbers

This application is distinguished primarily by the fact that in its arsenal there is a database of “bad” numbers (including it is formed by other users when they rate (however, you can do this too)). Thanks to this kind of “social protection”, all bad numbers very quickly get into the stop list, and you are protected from them.

With regard to locks, an application can:

  • block all unknown and hidden calls;
  • block outgoing calls to paid and foreign numbers;
  • block work with numbers that have a low rating from other users;
  • use and operate on your own blacklists.

Important: the application does not block numbers on your contact list.

Blacklist benefits

This function is integrated into the iOS operating system, so you can immediately block a contact on the iPhone. The list of unwanted contacts is saved when backing up using iTunes or iCloud. Such operations can be performed absolutely free.

Blocking messages and FaceTime

The user can not only block a contact on the iPhone, but also disable receiving messages from a specific number. To do this, just go to the desired branch of the messages section and tap on the “Details” tab. The dropped list should be scrolled down to the “Data” section and click on the “Block subscriber” button.

The owner of the device can filter incoming information from numbers that are not in the contact list. When trying to block a contact on iPhone 5s, 6, 6S, and 7, you need to follow the instructions carefully. To do this, you will need to set restrictions on incoming messages. They will be saved in a separate section from unknown senders. In addition, users can block FaceTime calls. It is enough to find the corresponding item and the subscriber’s mobile phone number in the settings.

How to send unknown number to unwanted?

The annoying calls are brought not only by bank employees, but also by various companies offering their services. Therefore, many users are interested in how to block a contact in the iPhone 7 and other smartphone models. Calls can come from different numbers, so adding them to contacts is simply impractical. IPhone has a feature that allows you to blacklist even an unfamiliar number.

To do this, open the “Phone” application and click on the “Recent” section. Then you need to find the number and click on the icon with the letter “i”. In the window that opens, you will need to find the “Block subscriber” button. After confirming this action, the number will automatically be blacklisted.

general information

Previously, iPhone users had to install paid applications in order to add a certain number to the blacklist. This need disappeared only with the release of iOS 7. This software allows you to do without downloading additional programs. There are several ways to block a contact on iPhone, which are equally simple.

How to block a contact on iPhone: everything about blocking numbers

Every day we are bombarded with intrusive SMS-spam, and sometimes strangers get bored with calls. It is very easy to protect yourself from problems. To do this, you do not need to turn to the services of mobile operators and install paid programs. All you have to do is pick up your phone and block the contact on the iPhone.

How to add a number from messages to the list of unwanted contacts?

You can block a contact on iPhone right in the Messages app. To do this, you need to open a correspondence with a specific subscriber sending spam. Next, you should click on the “Contact” button and click on the icon with the letter “i”. After that, you can follow the familiar scheme and block unwanted messages from the contact.

How to correct data?

If a user mistakenly added a contact to the blacklist, everything can be corrected. It is enough to go to the “Settings” section and select the “Blocked” tab in the “Phone” item. If necessary, the list can be edited and other numbers added to it.

If the user needs to call a subscriber who is on the blacklist, you can connect the anti-identifier function. This option is activated by the telecom operator on a paid basis.

Blacklist apps

Some users are interested in how to block a contact on iPhone 6 using additional software. Many applications have been developed that offer owners more options than Apple’s integrated tools. The BlackList program is very popular because it allows you to quickly and easily create blacklists of subscribers.

This software has a 10-day free trial. Using the application, you can view the history of blocked messages and calls, create several profiles with different settings, set a password to start the program and activate the parental control function.


You will not be able to block receiving calls from unknown numbers on the iPhone. Therefore, here you have to act by means of tricks. To do this, turn on the “Do not disturb” mode, and select the “All contacts” item in the “Calls tolerance” menu. Now, when someone calls from a hidden number, the iPhone will be silent. But he will remain silent even if someone calls from a phone that is not in the phone book.

Why calls from unknown phones are dangerous

Nowadays, the function of blocking calls from unknown numbers is becoming more and more popular. the number of spam calls is increasing exponentially every day. Nowadays, more and more people complain that they are constantly called by some strange people (and sometimes robots) from unfamiliar numbers, distract from business, and very often also wake up in the early hours of the weekend, which cannot but annoy.

In about half of the cases, when answering a call from an unknown number, the person hears silence or the call is immediately dropped. If, when answering such a call, you hear silence or music, then most likely it is a call from some call center. They know that in half of the cases people simply do not pick up the phone from an unfamiliar number or drop such incomprehensible calls. Therefore, spammers start dialing several numbers at once, so there may not be enough operators. This is how call centers of banks, telecom operators work, who call people to offer them to get a card or take part in some action.

For a modern sane person, it will not be difficult to distinguish a normal call from a “divorce”. However, children or elderly family members who have personal mobile phones are best protected from such contacts.

Windows Phone

These devices are becoming more and more rare, as they have not received much demand from the consumer audience. People prefer Android or iOS phones. Nevertheless, you can still turn off the reception of calls from unknown numbers on handsets with Windows Phone. To do this, you need to go to the call settings, where you will need the “Spam filter” function. You should activate it and click the “Advanced” button. here you need to move the “Block hidden numbers” switch. But it is better to turn off notifications about the presence of blocked calls.

How to block unknown numbers


Almost all smartphones with the Android operating system have a function that allows you to prohibit receiving calls from unknown numbers. You don’t need to install additional software if you have basic functionality. that’s enough. If there is no blocking function, you need to install the software. there is nowhere to go. Basic locking is available on Samsung, Huawei. Xiaomi, Honor, LG and smartphones of other brands, so the instructions will be universal.

To block incoming anonymous calls, you need to go to the call settings through the “dialer” (just click on the icon with a green tube). Here we need the item “Blocking numbers”, “Blocking calls”, “Antispam” or something similar in name. The latter option is found in Xiaomi smartphones with a proprietary MIUI 9 shell. You need to go to this menu, open the “Call blocking” item and turn on the “Block calls from hidden numbers” switch. Done. now all calls without Caller ID will be cut off from the very first second.

If there is no basic function, you can try installing another application responsible for managing calls. You can also turn on the whitelist and receive calls exclusively from those who have been added to it.

How to prevent unknown numbers from calling your mobile phone

Every modern person who uses various gadgets must know how to prevent unknown numbers from calling a mobile phone. The thing is that at the present time, annoying SMS and calls come quite often, which only take up precious time, but at the same time do not carry any useful information. In this regard, many people are visited by the idea of ​​simply blocking such calls. To do this, you can use the functions that are in the phone itself or download a special application.

The ways

The Android operating system has built-in “from the factory” functions that allow you to automatically mute or hang up an incoming call. This is the so-called “black list” (ES). In addition, there are additional third-party applications to form a base of unwanted subscribers.

Method 2

This method is the most convenient and easy, but there is one caveat. if you have enabled the synchronization of contacts with iCloud (see image) and at the moment when the contact was deleted the Internet was turned on, then it will not be possible to restore the number, because when you deleted a contact on the iPhone, the phone was synchronized with iCloud via the Internet and there on the cloud, in the address book, this contact is also deleted.

Now there are two conditions: either you have enabled contact sync with iCloud, or disabled. Now I will tell you what to do in that and in those cases. This “syncing contacts with iCloud” can be found in iCloud Settings Contacts

If you have enabled contact sync with iCloud, then you need to turn it off. As soon as you press the toggle switch to disable, the question will appear: “What do you want to do with previously synced objects: iCloud contacts on iPhone?”

You need to select “Leave on iPhone”. So, we turned off the sync of contacts with iCloud, and now, turn on the Internet and sync contacts with iCloud. A message will appear: “Your contacts will be combined with iCloud”, select the only item “Combine”.

After that, the contacts that are saved in your iCloud cloud will be transferred to your iPhone, including deleted contacts and numbers.

Call forwarding to iPhone is enabled with one tap. Go to Settings Phone Call divert and turn on the toggle switch. Immediately after switching on, you will be prompted to enter the number to which it will forward callers.

From groups

Let’s start by trying to figure out how to get out of the blacklist in “Contact” in a group. To be honest, banning in communities is pretty rare. To get him, you have to try very hard. Suppose that you have achieved your goal, and now access is closed. So you have to think about how to return everything to its place.

Unfortunately, now it is quite difficult to get a person to visit this or that address. So you have to try hard to bring your idea to life. If this option does not work, then you can leave the venture. Now let’s see with you how to get out of the user’s blacklist in “Contact”.

Where is the list of blocked

All blocked numbers are in the missed calls of the call log. All subscribers from the “black list” can be viewed in a separate setting:

In the menu that opens, you can see the “white” and “black” lists, as well as disable or enable the function of automatic identification of contacts, even if they are not in the phone book.

How to Recover Deleted Contacts on iPhone

There are several ways, but I will describe only 2.

How to understand

But before we leave the blacklist in “Contact”, we need to understand what happens to the blocked user. You need to know what we will be dealing with.

If you are banned, then this can be easily understood. The user who blocked you access to his profile, unlike you, will not suffer. But the one who got into an emergency will no longer be able to view the information posted on the page. Typically, all you can see is the person’s username and avatar. Instead of personal information and photos, you will see a message that the user has blocked access to you. No matter how hard you try, you won’t be able to see the hidden information. True, you might think how to get out of the blacklist in and then outwit the social network system. Let’s see what can be done.