CMS software for Windows

Windows software for working with DVR and IP cameras.

  • Support for up to 64 channels from DVRs and IP cameras;
  • Support for Polyvision PVDR-XXNRX2.XXWDX2.XXHDX2.XXHR2.0475 recorders; Note: This software is not suitable for discontinued recorders (50th, 60th, 70th, 80th series, etc.).
  • Supports all Polyvision IP cameras (except PX-M5-VXX-IP)
  • Support for work with third-party GoPro equIPment using the ONVIF universal protocol (in the CMS version with ONVIF)
  • Support for work through the Cloud service;
  • Remote configuration of Polyvision equIPment;
  • PTZ camera control;
  • Built-in player for local and remote playback of records;
  • The event log;
  • Possibility of recording and screenshots on a PC;
  • Programming of reactions to alarms, failures, sabotage, etc.;
  • Delimited system of access rights for each user;
  • Support plans.
date of release
July 30, 2013. Download
09/12/2014. Download
28.01.2016. Fixed translation. Download
03/07/2016. H.265 compression support
added the ability to disable audio in user rights
improved stability when playing back an archive
fixed error when displaying device versions
fixed error when overwriting hard disks when full
03/31/2016. Plugin for the correct operation of CMS from 03/31/2016 With Windows 7, 8 and 10
First, the plugin is installed, and then the CMS
03/31/2016. CMS
errors that occurred during authorization were eliminated.
It is recommended to install the plugin before installation.
09/06/2018. V.
fixed translation;
the program is installed with the configured parameters;
H.265 / H.265 codec support;
correct work with Windows 10,
minor bugs fixed;
To transfer the list of devices, use the “Export / Import”.
Plugin installation is NOT required.
12.03.2019 g. Updated decoder;
minor bugs fixed;
To transfer the list of devices, use the “Export / Import”.
Plugin installation is NOT required.

License details:

Unless otherwise noted, all software is distributed under the terms of the MIT License

Copyright (c) 2019 LLC “Business Center ALGorithm” Krasnodar

This license permits persons who have received a copy of this GoPro software and related documentation (hereinafter referred to as the Software) to use the Software gratuitously without restriction, including the unlimited right to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense and / or sell copies of the software. of the software, as well as to persons who provide this Software, subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and these terms must be included in all copies or significant portions of this GoPro software.


Yoosee camera. Wireless PTZ IP Camera Configuration Manual

The PTZ camera is easy to install and configure. It can be placed in any place convenient for you: table, wardrobe, window sill, etc. Also, with the help of a bracket, it can be installed on the ceiling. You can configure the camera yourself, read this manual.

This guide shows you how to set up yoosee camera on your phone. To set up yoosee camera on PC, read yoosee camera setup on PC

PTZ camera allows for wired (twisted pair) and wireless (Wi-Fi) connections.

A simpler wireless connection will be discussed below.

To use a wireless connection of a smart surveillance camera, you must have a Wi-Fi router enabled.

1. Unpack the camera

5) a bag with self-tapping screws and tools for resetting settings

2. Download and install the free Yoosee app on your smartphone (from PlayMarket or App Store)

3. Launch the app and select quick registration. Complete registration. If you cannot register by phone number, complete registration by email by clicking the link at the bottom of the screen “Register with email”

After registration, log in to the application with your email (or phone number) and password (after registration, you will be logged in automatically)

Humidity settings the phone must be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi.

6. After entering the application, you will be taken to a page with a list of devices. To add a device, click in the upper right corner or in the center of the screen

7. Select add a new device, then click Smartlink, then enter the password from the Wi-Fi network and click the next step

Commentary: If you need to make a wired connection (without using Wi-Fi), then turn on the camera and connect it to the router using twisted pair and then click “wired connection” in the application. In this case, the application will search for cameras connected to your local network. To add a camera, you will need to enter its password (the default password is 123)

You will see a page with a message about the need to connect the surveillance camera to power.

8. Connect the power supply to the surveillance camera and plug it into a power outlet.

9. After connecting the power, the surveillance camera will be loaded (40-50 seconds). Wait for it to end. When the download is complete, the camera will start emitting periodic short beeps, indicating that the camera is ready to configure.

If the camera has booted, but there are no beeps, this means that the camera was previously configured to connect to a second router. In this case, you need to perform a factory reset. To do this, take a special tool from the bag. Press this device on the white button through the hole at the bottom of the camera. Hold for a few seconds until a single beep appears. After that, the camera will reboot and start emitting periodic short beeps indicating that the camera is ready to configure it.

The location of the reset hole is indicated in the attached instructions.

10. After downloading the surveillance camera, click Hear the beep on your phone (your phone must be connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi).

11. Next, a window will open in front of you with a message about the need to turn up the phone volume. Increase the phone volume to maximum and position the phone close to the camera to be configured. Click the “send sound waves” button

12. Your phone will start emitting beeps, thanks to which the surveillance camera will be automatically configured and connected to the Wi-Fi router. This setting can take from 20 to 100 seconds.

13. Wait for the end of the automatic configuration. If, after automatic configuration, your phone prompts you for a password from the camera, enter the standard password 123 (the new software version does NOT ask for a password) You will also need to enter some camera name and click the “check device” button.

14. Now, while watching the broadcast from the Yoosee camera, you can turn the camera up, down, left, right. To do this, you need to slide your finger across the screen in the desired direction.

Recording. Click to record Yoosee camera. The entry will be saved in the mobile phone memory.

Microphone. Press and hold to send an audio message from the mobile phone to the Yoosee camera.

Snapshot. Click to take a snapshot of the image. The picture will be saved in the mobile phone memory.

Speaker. Turn on / off camera sound

15. To view in full screen, place the phone horizontally and the image stretches to fill the screen

Image quality can be selected in the lower left corner: HD-High, SD-Medium, LD-Low

Besder IP Camera Setting

16. To record the archive into the camera, you must install a microSD memory card

17. Go back to the device list. In the upper right corner of your camera window, click the “share” icon. With this function you can open access to your camera to other persons. To do this, you must enter their email or phone number, which they indicated when registering in the Yoosee application.

18. In the application on the phone, return to the list of devices and click the settings button

Here you can change the camera settings: specify the date and time on the camera, configure the archive recording, etc. To set the time correctly, you must specify the correct time zone.

19. Go to recording settings

Manual recording. Manual recording control. On the same line, using the switch, you can turn camera recording on and off.

Alarm recording. The recording is activated when motion is detected or when one of the connected sensors is triggered (door opening, smoke, movement, etc.)

Scheduled recording. Setting time ranges for archive recording.

20. Press format SD card if the memory card is inserted for the first time or if you want to erase the archive.

21. For round-the-clock recording, you must select the recording manually and turn on the recording switch

In this case, the duration of the archive recording will be about 5-6 days when using a memory card with a capacity of 64 GB.

The number of days of archive recording can be increased by specifying the recording time range. To do this, select a scheduled recording and specify the recording time

22. To view the archive, return to the list of devices and press the button to view the archive

A list of recent entries will open in front of you. You can name any file in order to view it.

23. To search for an archive, click the filter icon in the upper right corner and specify the start and end date and time of the archive record that you want to view. Then click the search button.

You will see a list of files found in the specified time range.

To view the archive, click on the file you are interested in.

CAMERA BESDER Wi-Fi SMART. Fake or reality?

I have a detailed text review with connection and configuration on my blog on Ali (go to YouTube, in the descrIPtion there will be a link “more”). Here, due to some restrictions, in particular, on links, I cannot tell everything.

The third camera from the whirlpool. The previous 2 cameras are on the blog on Ali and on YouTube

This 720P camera has night vision function, microphone and speaker, alert mode. Rotates 90 vertically, 355 horizontally. Supports memory cards up to 64GB. Night vision mode turns on automatically when lighting changes. LEDs are visible to the naked eye, they are also reflected in the window, mirror. The IR sensor works at a distance of 10-15m. It is possible to connect to a computer.

INFO In store

BESDER Official Store

Store No. 1182439, Location. China

Ordered 11/11, sent on 14/11, received 3/01. The track was tracked by “ChinaPost”. I did not communicate with the sellers. The product was in a bag with an air film. The package was additionally taped at the sealing point.

INFO about the product

Sold. 1682, In desires. 6871. Appraisal. 4.8 ☆

At the moment the mobile price is 15.49

Camera in a box. Complete set: camera, USB cable, euro plug, manual, wall mount.

To be honest, I did not understand whether this is a real camera from the manufacturer or a fake. There are logos on it. The boxes are different. I did NOT like it in terms of the quality of the shooting, but the connection is very simple. The functionality of the application is very similar to SANNCE, but this is NOT a proprietary application, as I understand it.

Snapshots seem to be good, but slows down. This is especially noticeable when the camera is moving (if it is NOT stationary) or when the lens is moving. It will NOT be smooth, but like a jerk. At the same time, strong pixelation is noticeable. Night vision mode turns on automatically at dusk. Motion detector captures the slightest action in front of the camera.

How to connect and work with the camera, see (a text review with detailed photos can be found on YouTube itself under this). In short. You need to download and install the application on your phone. In it, through “” create a new connection, enter the password for Wi-Fi, turn on geolocation so that the camera is detected.

Configuration using a smartphone on iOS, Android

You can set up a round-the-clock recording, as well as a scheduled recording to a memory card, through applications on your smartphone. You can make these settings from the VSCAM and EYE4 programs

Enter your camera settings in the SD Card Settings menu and enable 24/7 recording. The EYE4 app has the ability to set a recording schedule.

Configuration via WEB interface

Similar steps for setting up recording to a memory card can be done through a Web browser by entering the IP address.

On the record tab, go to SD card record. Enable scheduled recording and save the settings. If necessary, it is possible to set a recording on a schedule, indicated a time range.

How to set up recording to a microSD card

Insert the microSD card into the slot on the back of the IP camera. How to install a memory card and how much to choose, read the link.

WE RECOMMEND V STARCAM. Configuration using a computer

Be sure to format the microSD and make sure the IP camera reads the size of the memory card. To do this, go to Camera Settings, then to the Camera Settings tab, in the bottom menu, click on the SD Recording tab. Click on the Get button.

By clicking on the Get button to read the recorded data from the IP camera. Check the box for 24-hour recording and click on Apply, only then the OK button. The recording will be carried out in short files of 15 minutes. As soon as the memory card is full, it will cycle overwrite the last file i.e. Round.

How to reset IP camera to factory settings

A surveillance camera is a digital device that uses the IP protocol to transmit data and streams. The cameras are then connected to the network. Accordingly, such a complexity in work requires a lot of complicated settings. However, during the operation of the surveillance camera, it may be necessary that it must be reset to the standard factory settings.

You may need to reset all the implemented parameters of the IP-camera in various situations:

  • When the password for the camera interface account is lost or forgotten, you will need to reset the password on the IP camera. And in this case, unfortunately, it will NOT be possible to do without the transition from personal settings to factory settings.
  • When it is not possible to enter the interface in which the camera control process is carried out. This can happen after such a reconfiguration of the device, which led to the impossibility of turning on the camera or its freelance operation. Then you definitely need to make some manIPulations to correct the situation.

The following methods will reset the camera configuration:

  • Resetting to factory settings when there is a corresponding button on the camera to do so.
  • Return to factory settings on such devices that do not have a special button.

We reset using Special programs

NOT every IP-camera can be equIPped with a reset button. In this situation, you will need to use additional software.

Most of the devices that carry out their work in the cloud service called XMEYE, and are not supplemented with a factory reset button. These are IP cameras produced under the following brands:

  • Vesta
  • Hiq
  • Svplus

All listed IP camera brands EquIPped with XMEYE.

To reset the installed settings of such devices, you will need to connect the camera either to the computer’s network interface or to its local network. Then you can turn on the power of the device.

The next step will require software installation. For surveillance cameras based on the XMEYE service, you need to download ResetUser.

Second-brand cameras with excellent hardware will need different software. In this case, you will need to make a request to the seller, supplier or manufacturer of the IP camera in order for him to provide the Corresponding software.

The proposed file is an archive, so it will need to be unpacked using an archiver. In the reset window, you will need to specify the IP address of your camera, and then click the Run button. Next, you will need to wait a few minutes so that the reset procedure can start and be implemented.

After the specified time, the settings will be reset to the factory settings. It will be possible to enter the device management interface with standard access. For cameras on XMEYE, the password will be empty, and the login is admin.

Reset using the Reset button

There are more than one way to reset an IP camera. However, they may differ depending on the manufacturer of the device. The simplest option would be to click on a small button, sometimes called secret. It is just intended to return to the standard settings of the surveillance camera. If the instruction manual of the camera is saved, it will be possible to find the reset with it, because its location is usually indicated in the document.

The most common location for a factory reset button hole is on the back of the device. In this case, the camera is always equIPped with a special device that allows you to press the specified button.

Reset can be located Not only on the camera body, in a specially small hole. Sometimes there are such modifications of IP-protocol devices in which there is direct access to the reset button from the outside. Therefore, you will need to open the case of the device.

In some models of IP cameras, the button may be located among the bundle of wires that come out of this device. The most common such option in those modifications that are intended for street surveillance.

It will NOT be difficult to reset an IP camera that has a similar reset. To do this, it will be enough to turn on the power, and then wait until the device turns on completely. After that, you need to press the button and hold it for a few seconds. Then the IP camera will be able to reboot by applying the factory parameters.

Examples of

This digital camera can be returned to factory configuration via the web interface. Under setting Reset settings.

If you cannot enter the web interface, then you need to press the reset button 3 times with intervals of about one second between pressing for 10 seconds.