How to listen to audiobooks on iPhone

The era of paper print media is gradually fading into the background. Many readers began to give preference to electronic books of books. But not everyone can read the text from the screen of the phone, since their eyes are quickly tired and it is not always possible to hold a phone phone in their hands. An ideal option in this case would be to download an audiobook on the phone. By loading their favorite book, iPhone owners will be able to do familiar things without being distracted and without harm to health.

You can download your favorite book on an “apple” device only if it has a mp3 or m4b format. The second format is special and intended specifically for iOS.

Listen to books, iPhone users can via the Music application.

But this method is not suitable for everyone and is not always convenient. The search for audiobooks is convenient to carry out through the search engine of the social network The search result will issue a large number of various communities.

For example, you can take the group “Explosive audiobooks”. Links to audio files are posted here. If desired, you can download the book through the expansion of the browser. A button for downloading, in the form of an arrow down, will appear next to each path.

After loading the book, it must be moved to the iPhone. What will be done for this:

  • GDs the phone to the computer via a USB cable and run the iTunes program;
  • press the Ctrlo key combination in order to add files to the media;
  • through the opened conductor, select a suitable file;
  • Click on the “Open” button and the book will appear in the media text;
  • In the phone control menu in iTunes, the synchronization of the gadget with the program.

After completing the procedure, an audiobook will appear in the Music Appendix.

How to listen to iPhone audiobooks in a standard application

To use this method, the user will need the IBOOKS application. Download files through a computer using the iTunes program or, direct adding a book in M4B format in iBooks.

In the application, only this format is reproduced, but if you could not find the desired book, with this format, you can use a special converter program.

How to download an audiobook using iTunes to the application:

  • connect the phone to the computer using the USB cable and start the program;
  • Go to the section “Books”, choosing. “Audiobooks”;
  • Add the file of the desired format;
  • Select in the program the phone for which the download will take place;
  • In the section “Audiobooks” put the flag near the point “Synchronize audiobooks”;
  • Select the desired book and click “Apply”.

After that, to play the file, the user needs to find a book in the application and add to the Library.

Audiobook format for iPad

Theoretically, you can listen to audiobooks in any sound format that will reproduce your iPad. But the native format of the Audiobook for the iPad can be considered. M4B.

In order to answer the question. “what is M4B” must first be said about the format of AAC audio files:

AAC. an audio file format with less loss of quality when encoding than mp3 with the same size. It is considered one of the highest quality formats where compression is used.

M4B. a variety AAC, a file supporting bookmarks. It is mainly used for podcasts and audiobooks.

How to upload audiobooks on iPad

Download the M4B file to your computer. Launch iTunes. Wipe the M4B file to iTunes. After the operation of the book in the BOOKS section, you will see a separate Audiobooks subsection:

We go into the book. we see the figure and there is the duration of the book and other parameters. But how are the bookmarks and breeding in chapters?

Having launched a book in the iTunes menu, a part item will appear and there you can choose the chapter you need.

In order for an audiobook to get on the iPad, you need to choose our iPad in iTunes. Then we select the book tab (BOOKS) and leaf down. Below there will be control of audio books. we put checks the way we need. And click the “Synchronize” or “Sync” or “Apply” button). After synchronization, the book will be on our device:

Where to listen to audiobooks?

To iOS 8.3 inclusive audiobooks were played in the standard “Music” application, but in iOS 8.4 (officially comes out within a month), the developers made an important rethinking: they added audiobooks to iBooks to a special section. So much more logical.

What are the functions of listening to audiobooks in iBooks?

a) rewinding 15 seconds. over, a funny life hack. there is a hidden rewind. It is necessary to pull the cover of the book left or right and the fast rewinding with acceleration will begin.

c) there is an opportunity to change the speed of playback (0.75x, 1x, 1.25x, 1.5x, 2x)

How to listen to audiobooks in mp3?

If you pour audio books in the MP3 in the iPad in a standard way, then the iPad will not see much difference between an audiobook and a music album. For iOS, mp3 files are the same musical files that need to be stored and played in the corresponding “Music” application.

It is more convenient to use the special MP3 Audiobook Player (Lite version) MP3. It is imprisoned for storage mp3-audioknig. The program recognizes separate files as chapters, there are bookmarks.

The application is curious, but it costs 169. For this money, you will not even get the landscape mode of operation of the program. But get bookmarks, sleep timers, etc.P.

The first method

Free Music Player

  • First you need to find and upload the product you need in the mp3 format.
  • Connect a smartphone to a computer.
  • Then open itunes.
  • In the upper left corner, press the “File” button (Figure 1, fragment 1, action 1).
  • Select “Add the file” to the media (1/1/2).
  • In the window that appears, indicate the path to the book you downloaded in the MP3 format (1/2/3).
  • Then go to “Music” (1/3/4) and choose there “Synchronize music”. Select the work (1/4/5) and click on the “apply” (1/4/6) button and wait for the end of the operation.

Next, just go to the music player and open the file with the name of the book there. The obvious disadvantages of this method are the lack of contents and search by chapters or pages. If you suddenly closed the player, return to the place where you stopped, it will not work. Will have to manually rewell in order to find it. But this method is completely free.

As special measures, you can resort to special audio converters. They know how to convert mp3 files into M4B, and break the file into chapters. It is very convenient for those who want to use the second method, but do not want to specifically look for M4B format files.

The third method

Free audiobooks

Using applications, you will face the fact that not all literature will be free. Very often there are works of little-known authors, some very old or well-known books. These audio books are specially in the application store as familiarization so that you can evaluate the design and ergonomics of the application.

The advantages of such programs are that an incredible number of literary works are collected here and all of them are only in Russian. All you need is to find and download (buy) the audiobook you like and start listening.

Do not forget to read Комментарии и мнения владельцев, there are also a lot of useful information. If there is no answer to your question, and there is an answer to later Комментарии и мнения владельцев, then the answer to your question is contained in the article, respect someone else’s time.

How to download an audiobook to iPhone

How to download an audiobook on iPhone? There are not many options, you can use the device cable by connecting it to PC and iTunes, or download it via the Internet. Some users prefer to work with audio documents through a social network of VK. In the latter case, just enter the word “audiobook” in the search field, and the necessary information will appear. As a result, the search gives out a wide variety of books available to download.

Other options for downloading audio books for iPhone are described below.

You can download the book to the phone in different ways

Download audio literature via the Internet

Free audiobooks for iPhone can be found on the famous Torrent website. Of course, it is recommended to download literature from legal sources and for a fee, but, unfortunately, this market is now not in the best condition. In other words, official sources do not always have what you need.

Another option is just to look for the right literature via Internet browsers on the device itself. What is needed for this:

  • Open the browser Safari, Google, Yandex or any other most suitable.
  • Get the name of the audiobook in the search bar.
  • Select on sites the most suitable option, download, open in a player.

Important! Before downloading, it is recommended to check the file format.

How to add an audiobook to iPhone via iTunes

The easiest way to transfer the audiobook to the iPhone is to use iTunes. How to transfer an audiobook from a computer to iPhone using iTunes:

  • Connect the device via a USB port to a PC or laptop.
  • Open the iTunes program on a home computer. Open the “file” in the upper left corner, and then the section “Add to the media”.
  • Download audio recordings into a media text. Previously, books will need to be downloaded to the computer.
  • After selecting the document, the load occurs automatically.
  • Find the mobile phone icon at the top of the screen and click on it. Open the “Settings”. “music” department, put a mark in the point “synchronize”.
  • Select the Audiobooks subparagraph and also put a mark next to the word “synchronize”.
  • The load is launched. You should wait for its end.

How to find Audiobooks Downloaded from iTunes

After the procedure is completed, the book falls in the audio recordings, and it can be listened to it through the iPhone.

To download the book through iTunes, you need to perform a sequence of steps

note! If the book is in mp3 format, after loading it falls into a regular music player. Documents of the M4B type are redirected to a separate audiobook folder.

Audiobooks on iPhones, iPads and iPodes

If the user has no desire to plow the Internet in search of a good book in the audio version, you can use iPhone audio books for audio books. The amount of electronic literature is more enough there, for sure everyone can find what needs.

Note! Search for audiobooks through applications for iPhone is quite simple. There is a special program designed for Apple products, as well as programs that also work on iPhones.

Standard player for audiobooks

Solving the question of which player is best for downloading and listening to audiobooks, you can use the standard option. iBooks. However, there is a certain feature. The fact is that you can install the program only on iOS 10 and above.

The program itself is very convenient. The main advantage is that it can be used not only as a player, but also to search for literature. Audiobooks are loaded in large quantities, so the user can almost certainly find the right work.

The second, no less important point is the work of the player itself. Through the program, you can stop listening at any moment, and after, even if the device was rebooted, resume the process. instructions on how to download a book through iBooks:

  • Go to the App Stone, find, download and install the program on the phone.
  • Open iBooks, pass authorization.
  • Choose a section “Audiobooks“.
  • Find the right literature by name or author.
  • Pay the subscription.
  • Throw a file on the phone.
  • Confirm playing through the program.

Important! Listening is not necessary to carry out through a standard player. If desired, you can choose another program and throw the audio file there.

Add Audio Books to iBooks App on iPhone using iTunes applications

In addition to standard programs, a lot of applications that download and reproduce audio literature can be found on the App Store. This option is the easiest and most affordable way to find the desired book on the Internet. What other programs are recommended for use:

  • MP3 Audiobook Player has a simple functionality, easy and understandable intenses;
  • Litres is a program through which you can download and listen to literature on Apple devices.

note! The work of these applications itself is free. You will need to pay for downloaded literature. There are only works of little.known or novice authors in the public domain.

Listening applications for audiobooks

It is worth telling about the simplest and most affordable method. Apps in the AppStore. There is a rather extensive program for software from various publishers, providing not only the ability to listen to audio books as functionality, but also the books themselves.

One of these is the “Read” application from liters. This application on the iPhone is designed specifically for the market and provides fans of literature with an extensive base of licensed books available in one touch.

There are other similar services, such as LoudBook, which can provide listeners with a collection of 7,000 audiobooks. Having loaded one of these applications, the user will not have to think about how to download audiobooks on an “iPhone” through a computer.

The advantages of the M4B format are obvious:

  • The most important thing is bookmarks. You can listen to one book, then interrupt the audition and switch to another. But when you want to return to the first, then reproduction will begin precisely from the moment where it was interrupted.
  • Also, the M4B format is able to provide good quality with low beat, which is impossible in the case of MR3. As a result, audiobooks in this format occupy less space, sometimes in a good 50%.
  • M4B provides not only the ability to see the cover of the book, but also provides navigation for chapters. you can view their list at any time and switch to the right.
  • And finally, instead of the scattering of small files (which are sometimes cut according to invested folders) you get 1-2, less often 3-4 large files.

It should be noted that when listening to the iOS audiobook, it provides opportunities such as accelerated or slowed listening, as well as rewinding 15 seconds ago or forward. In some cases, it can be very useful.

But what if you find an audiobook you find only in MR3 format? Fortunately, it is not difficult to update the MP3-Audiokniga in M4B. And the best solution for this is the Audiobook Builder program available in the App Store for 5. You can also use somewhat less functional, but completely free Audiobook Maker.

As for Windows users, they can be offered a free MP3 to iPod Audio Book Converter and the universal converter Audio Transcoder (Paid, 19.95).

The advantage of all four programs is their simplicity, it is not difficult to deal with them. This is what the process of creating an audiobook in Audiobook Builder looks like.

How to create an audiobook in M4B format:

The initial screen of the application. To create a book, you need to choose “Create a new project”.

When creating the project, you need to indicate the name of the book, its author and set the cover (optional). If desired, by clicking on “additionally”, you can set a description of the book, the name of the artist, etc. P.

Then click on the “chapters” and drag the necessary mp3 files. If necessary, some of them can be combined, for example, when one chapter consists of several MP3. To do this, select the necessary files and press “combine”.

Click on “completion” to start the procedure for creating. In this window you can familiarize yourself with the main parameters of the book received.

The creation process depends on the size of the book and may require quite a lot of time.

Audiobook is ready!

And finally, with regard to the transfer of adiknig to the device. Simple dragging here is not to do, synchronization is necessary. Otherwise, the device will not create bookmarks when listening, each time it will begin again. However, in the case of some old devices, you can sometimes do without it. But this is an exception, not the rule.

Big Library of Applications for listening to the iPhone audiobooks, but besides audiobooks there are also familiar formats for reading.

The application has a section “Interesting”, in which various kinds of collections: new receipts, top 20 per week, the best books according to BBC and others.


StoryTel is one of the most popular programs for listening to the iPhone audio rooms, which is focused on audiobooks.

Surely you saw an advertisement for bloggers or famous people who starred in an advertisement for this library. The application, like many in this top, was created not in and in Sweden in 2005.

After downloading, fast settings. they chose the country, chose the language of books and you can listen or read. Languages ​​can then be changed in the settings.

Further, you will be met by a section that is already familiar with the Paethephon with an interesting one, but in Storytel it is called “what to read” with different collections: books for weekends, series, editorial choice, etc.D

There are about 60,000 books in English in StoryTel, according to the statements of the creators of 125,000 audiobooks, lectures, podcasts, series. Books can be downloaded and listen offline. The application has goals and statistics on reading, like in mybook.

Listen to books for free, as in some other applications, it will not work, only to listen to a fragment to choose.

Before you download the longing, I recommend watching audiobooks on the site.

best player audiobook for Windows 10/8/7

iTunes. Great Auidobook player for Windows and Mac

iTunes is not only a good way to organize music and television shows, but also a good player audiobook. You can easily manage your audiobooks in iTunes by performers, albums, songs or genres. You can buy audiobooks via the App Store and add your own audiobooks from your computer. Itunes supports only MP3, AIFF, WAV, MPEG-4, AAC and Apple Lossless files.

Trout. Easy player audiobook for windows

Trout. A free audio book player that can support various formats, including AIFF, AIF, AIFC, MP3, OGG, WAV, MOD, etc. D. This free player audiobook for Windows supports several different reproduction modes, reproduction and track declaration. However, in this software there are no bookmarks, so it will be difficult to start with the place where you left last time.

How to put an audiobook on the iPhone for playback

iPhone is compatible with M4B audiobooks. If you have audiobooks in the M4B or MP3 format on PC / Mac, you can directly transfer them to your iPhone for playback. iTunes can help you transfer audiobooks to the iOS device, but powerful iOS data can do the best job. You can download it for free and try it. Here are the steps to transfer auditories from a computer to iPhone.

Download, install and start software for transmitting iPhone audio books to your computer. Connect your iPhone to it using a USB cable. It can automatically determine your iOS device and display its basic information in the intese.

Click “Media” on the left control element, and then click “Audiobook” in the upper list. If your iPhone does not have audiobooks, you can press the “Add Element” button to import audio books with PC / Mac to this program. Or you can click “Add” to transfer audio books to iPhone.

After clicking the “Add” or “Add element” button, you can choose audiobooks from a pop.up window. Then click “Open” to confirm the operation to transfer audio books to the iPhone. In just a few clicks, you can easily transfer audio books to iPhone.

Here we also recommend Free Audio Converter to help you convert audio books in M4B for your iPhone. If you have unsupported videos or audio formats, you can rely on them to convert a video / audio into your preferred format.

We are mainly talking about audiobooks in this article. Regardless of whether you use the iOS or Android device, if you want to listen to audiobooks on your device, you can easily do this using the recommended applications of the audiobook player. over, we will show you a simple way to transfer audio books to iPhone. If you are tired of using iTunes, you can try excellent iOS Data Transfer.

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