How to check the phone for viruses. iPhone

When a malicious program gets on the iPhone, the phone begins to behave in a non-standard way. He can no longer do anything without “blind” or brake.

This often happens when problems with disadvantage of memory or battery, as well as when installing a “broken” application. However, this may be caused not only by these reasons, but also malicious software, in any way that fell into the phone.

Standard scenario

If you do not put an antivirus on Windows PC, then after a couple of weeks, you will definitely notice how the computer works slower. There is no place from where advertising banners, programs hang, or the system reboots without any reasons.

Drawn the antivirus to check the Windows, you start checking and amazed how many malicious garbage managed to pick up. Suspicious sites seemed to not climb, the content has shook with proven torrents. Tired!

And at some point you go and buy a new MacBook, Macmini or iMac. Happiness There is no limit. the end of the experiences for the information on the hard, no virus will crawl into a new OS X, do not need to spend money on the extension of the antivirus subscription every year, you think you. And so many owners of “apple” computers and laptops think.

IOS Ourser is also not available for hackers, because the platform is closed unlike Android OS. And in general. 99% of all viruses Mobile viruses today create for a “green robot”. IPhone and iPad users can sleep well.

Spy Games

By 2013, when Apple‘s mobile phones have already firmly occupied their niche in the world market, and iPhone 5S appeared in the retail, about 50 spyware for iOS has been known. Almost all of them were intended for apparatuses with jailbreak, and practically everyone spread through the “Pirate” repository Cydia. an alternative directory of applications for hacked “apple” devices.

The user could find a spy on his phone either by ignorance (some were presented in the catalog under quite neutral names), or as a result of a focused installation, if some kind of well-wisher decided, for example, help her neophyte with a device setup.

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Despite the fact that the iOS is really a very protected and secure operating system, we see that the viruses could find loopholes and in it. True, all of them without exception are close symbiosis of technical techniques and social engineering. Virus developers for iPhone and iPadov work in this direction. playing the naivety or greed of the owners of “apple” phones.

However, interest in them is not surprising: it is believed that buyers of the non-deployed phones of the production of Apple Corporation are quite consistent so that they have something to get. Therefore, users of such devices need to be special vigilance and caution: at any moment they can be under the sight of intruders, because technology does not stand still.

What to do in the case of iPhone infection


Simple and quick way to clean the iPhone from the Pegasus virus at the moment does not exist. In the case of Pegasus, malicious code is masked under system files and cannot be identified and deleted by any software.

You can get rid of the spy code only with complete flashing of the gadget. Instructions for full reinstall iOS available on our website.

After loading clean iOS on the smartphone there will be no malicious code, but no one is insured against re-infection. over, it is possible to implement it remotely without any participation on your part.

For maximum security, it is recommended to regularly update iOS and installed applications to immediately receive “patches” from developers for found vulnerabilities.

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How to protect iPhone from viruses

Even if the iPhone is not infected, the owner of the device should know how to protect its device. After all, the virus may appear suddenly and introduce negative adjustments to the operation of the iPhone.

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No, this is myth. Update on the contrary brings augmented security patch. The penetration of the virus becomes almost impossible.

Infection usually happens via the Internet. Therefore, do not attend suspicious resources. Carefully check the sites to which you want to go.

Yes, for this, there are antiviral programs. You can open the App Store and select a suitable application.

Popular “Antivirus

On the Internet, numerous programs for “capture” and the destruction of viruses are offered both in the online mode and by downloading and installing on your own computer. Little reviews have some of the “antivirus”. Of course, on a hearing:

But, unfortunately, the “serious” diseases of the “apple” apparatus “Antivirus” are not “treated”. over, the full scan of the smartphone them is beyond. And all because of the special “Operations”, its closedness.

IOS extraneous applications will not miss, but only local viruses will be destroyed. However, some are confident that you need to download the app, conduct a regular check to understand there are viruses or not.

How to check if there are viruses on the iPhone

Noticing suspicious activity on its device, you can suspect the presence of a virus. However, except for visually, check it impossible. See by visiting the App Store page: When you enter the Antivirus search query, you will not find the right program, since the system developers did not consider this opportunity, but rather only organized spam security directly when working with e-mail.

You can learn about infection by PC. To do this, connect your Apple device to a computer via a wired connection, allow access and check the antivirus as an accumulation disk.

One of the applications that will save personal data and passwords is Avira Mobile Security. It is intended mainly to duplicate the operating system to the software.

To access the file system in this version of the OS is not possible, as it is hidden by developers from external influence. The only thing you can do in order to prevent infection is to choose secure browser parameters.

How to check the iPhone for viruses through a computer in online mode

Directly on the network, for example, from a browser to scan the computer is impossible, because all the applications of the operating system will not be available. If you plan to scan your iPhone for malicious programs without pre-installing special software, then you need to use the cloud storage. To do this, download the anti-virus application there, then install it on the PC in the standard mode, and connect the phone via USB to the computer and allow access.

Next, scan in the usual mode. There are several applications that scan the device without the need to install third-party utilities.

  • ESET Online Scanner. Designed to install on Windows, in the background, it is capable of viewing files and existing discs on a computer.
  • Kaspersky VirusDesk. Internet service operating in online mode. The application is not intended for complete analysis, but is able to check only some files or references not exceeding 130 MB.
  • Virustotal is a free online program that verifies some system files for viruses. Can handle links of sites and find infection with trojans, worms and other computer pests.

Each of the network inspection means has some restrictions, some of the cloud resources are able to even clean the infection and give the functionality of files in order.

But before you open a suspicious IOS system file, you need to access the platform kernel.

New vulnerability at the hardware level

Chinese Pangu Team Developer Team A week ago reported on found unreasonable malfunction, this time in the Sep chip (Secure Enclave Processor). In the risk area there are all iPhone processors A7-A11.

SEP stores key, literally words, information. These include cryptographic functions, authentication keys, biometric data and Apple Pay profile. It divides part of RAM with Application Processor, but its other part (known as TZ0) is encrypted.

SEP itself is an erasable 4MB processor core AKF (probably Apple Kingfisher), Patent 0130308838. The technology used is similar to ARM TrustZone / SecurCore, but in contrast to it contains proprietary code for Apple KF nuclei as a whole and SEP in particular. He is also responsible for generating UID keys on A9 and newer chips, to protect user data in statics.

SEP has its own boot ROM and it just like SECUREROM / BOOTROM is protected from writing. That is, the vulnerability in SEPROM will have the same unpleasant and unreasonable consequences. Combining a hole in Seprom with an exploit Checkm8, which has already been said above, you can change the I / O display register to bypass memory insulation protection. In practical terms, this makes it possible to blocked the phone without the ability to unlock it.

Pangu hackers demonstrated that they can use an error in the memory controller, controlling the contents of the TZ0 register. All parts and source code they did not reveal, hoping to sell their find company Apple.

Already known to us researcher IB AXI0MX wrote in. that seprom vulnerability can be used only when physically accessing the smartphone, as in the case of Checkm8. precisely, the possibility of manipulations with the contents of the TZ0 register depends on the availability of holes in the SecureRom / Bootrom, since after the iPhone’s standard loading change the value of the TZ0 case cannot be changed. New iPhone models with SOC A12 / A13 are not subject to a new vulnerability.