How to restore a photo on Android: with Root rights and without

Most of the users of smartphones running Android at least once faced the problem of random removal of photos from the device, but many of them do not know that any erased data can be returned. The article provides instructions for restoring photographs using applications using Root (the possibility of editing system files) and dispensing without opening this possibility.

It is most convenient to return pictures without using devices. This section provides instructions for working with the most popular photos to restore photos.

Without the opening of “Root” rights

The opening of the “Root” options leads to the cancellation of the warranty service of the smartphone, so first will be considered utilities that do not require the inclusion of this mode.

Diskdigger Photo Recovery

The DiscDigger Photo Recovery utility has a friendly integration, it is Russified and its free version allows you to restore only images. Algorithm:

  • Download Diskdigger Photo Recovery with Google Play.
  • Install and run the program.
  • Click on a large button “Start a simple search for images”.
  • Expect the end of the process.
  • Choose from the photographs that have appeared on the screen those that need to be restored.
  • Indicate the place to save images.

Please note that the program allows you to carry out full scanning if there is a “root” right. This method significantly increases the chance of data restoration.

Photo recovery

The “Photo Recovery” application from Tasty Blueberry Pi spreads free. It can restore data with two methods, but does not support the Russian language. To search for remote pictures using this utility:

Restore Image Photo Recovery

The Restore Image Photo Recovery program is extremely simple to use. It restores data on the following algorithm:

Restoration with “Root” rights

There are rights to search for remote photographs, as they can return data with a much greater probability than utilities that do not need them.

GT Recovery

The GT Recovery utility has been completely translated into Russian and has a convenient integration. To restore images:

  • Download, install and run the program.
  • Click on the point “Restoration of photography”.
  • Choose a carrier of information on which the search will be searched for remote images.
  • To open “Root” access, click on the “Provide” button.
  • At the end of the search, click on OK.
  • In the list that opens, mark the image for recovery.
  • Select a place to save photos and click on OK.
  • Wait for the end of the process and click on the “view”.
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The Undeleter application allows you to look for photos in selected formats and save them not only on physical media, but also in cloud storage. Working with the program:

How to restore deleted files on Android?

Some Android users believe that deleted files are not subject to restoration, but this is not so. The memory in the tablets and smartphones Android consists of cells where information is recorded. Therefore, when the file is deleted, the cell is not erased, but only prepared for re.record. Until this moment, the remote photo is still stored in memory. Thus, from the phone’s memory it is easy to return the photos deleted a year ago. Exception. full rewriting of the carrier.

Windows OS for temporary storage and quick recovery of remote files, a basket is used. There is no such element in Android, so the only way to restore the photo is to install a special program. For this purpose, Diskdigger, Undeleter or GT Recovery are suitable for this purpose; Software for Android Data Recovery, DR.Fone Android Data Recovery and Free File Recovery.

We set up the “cloud

The easiest way to save photos on Android, even with direct removal of them from the device, is synchronization through the cloud storage by accounting Google.

To do this, there is an application “photo”, automatically transferring all files to a cloud storage. You can configure it in the corresponding section on the device itself, since all Google applications have already been installed. It is necessary to activate the car synchronization mode and make sure that the list of accounts through which it is made is listed.

File deleting from the cloud is manually carried out. They will not disappear from the cloud storage if remove them from the phone.

Best deleted photo recovery app for android [hindi/urdu]

Restoring the remote data is quite simple if you use convenient tools in a timely manner that allow you to “pull out” the files from the system before it updates the information and gets rid of them completely. In the case of phones working on Android OS, you can use a variety of options. on a computer or specialized applications on the smartphone itself. The only thing to remember is that you can return files deleted no more than a month ago.

Diskdigger Photo Recovery

The Photo Recovery application will help you restore only photos. it is not suitable for returning other information. But the probability of getting a photo is higher than that of many universal programs. The utility is capable of working without a ROOT-access-but in this case the searches will be limited by the folder “.Thumbnails “.

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On a smartphone with the “superpowers’ rights”, the program, as the test showed, resumed remote photos, regardless of its location in the memory of the device.

In order to return the necessary pictures from the android, it should be:

Depending on the number of pictures, the process of returning access to remote photos from the phone will take from 5-10 minutes to 2-3 hours.

application, restoring, remote, photos


One of the most popular free utilities designed to restore photo on Android will help you find remote images. After starting, it performs scanning and provides a detailed report. You will have to choose the necessary frames from remote photos on the device. And then confirm and restore the recovery. Diskdigger supports working with the main smartphone drive or SD cards. Therefore, to replenish the smartphone gallery and restore several valuable digital images even from the memory card.

The application can restore lost photos in two modes:

  • Basic. looking for lost files according to the sketches of remote shots or application cache;
  • extended (with root). performs deep scanning by system files and can restore the photo lost for a long time.

The application will offer you immediately unloading earlier photos on Google disk, dropbox or send to email. You can also simply save them when recovering on a smartphone. However, Diskdigger does not always cope with the return of pictures. Many users are faced with the lack of full.fledged search results. Instead of deleted graphic files, they receive a demonstration of available shots. And rare old photos found with the recovery process often lose quality and become pixel.

Other applications to restore deleted files, photos, data

The article did not include the GT Recovery program, as the application refused to start. The utility works with the rights of the super sexman, and allows you to restore previously remote applications.

We did not describe other applications due to meager functionality and aggressive advertising, which is traditionally for Chinese development programs.

Four programs presented above is the best way to restore deleted files from the device on Android.

Recovery instructions

There are 2 main directions: use the cloud or applications to restore data from the phone memory.

Through the cloud storage

If synchronization of photos with a cloud was active on the smartphone, they remain on the service even after removing the phone in memory. You just need to enter the cloud storage using a personal profile and download photos again.

Using special services

There are special utilities that can analyze the contents of the memory of the smartphone and get already remote photos from it.

  • Diskdigger Photo Recovery is a special utility for restoring photos on Samsung, Xiaomi and other smartphones. Its advantages include: it does not require Root-right, works with all carriers (both a memory card and a smartphone memory), can restore data from the Dropbox and Google Drive sections;
  • Digdeep. a similar service with high accuracy of detecting remote files. All photographs found are divided into groups depending on the location of the files. All restored data is added to the Restoredpictures catalog in memory of the smartphone;
  • Photo Recovery is an interesting utility in that it supports 2 methods for detecting and restoring pictures. The first method implies a quick search for data, it is relevant in cases where the photo was deleted recently. The second method is a deep scanning of memory. The procedure, although long, allows you to find much more files in memory. The application is more advanced in terms of functionality, the ability to find photos;
  • Restore Image is another application in which opportunities do not differ from previous analogues. By functionality, the program corresponds to the first two options, but a little worse search quality. The utility has an additional function of completely erasing files without the possibility of their restoration;
  • Recovmy strongly resembles all the above programs, it also does not need Root Rights to restore. A positive application feature is to save the structure of the files.
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It is difficult to say which of the applications will be better. In each case, the results differ. You may have to try several programs before you can find the right.

How to return remote photos from the phone using utilities:

  • Download the application on the phone and install (preferably on a memory card).
  • We open the program and start the procedure for finding photos in the folder where they were stored.
  • Choose the necessary photos among the found and start recovery.
  • We check the result of the work.
application, restoring, remote, photos

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Data Recovery, Trash Bin, Deleted Video Recovery

This application is universal, as it makes it possible to restore not only lost photos, but also videos, music and documents. The application has a tab where the last files deleted on the phone shows. Launching the recovery process is carried out by pressing one button: depending on the necessary file format (image, video or music).

It can also restore the data of Android applications if they are not deleted from the Samsung or another phone. Automatically creates backups of deleted files. The application does not require online connection to the Internet to restore and obtain a ROOT-right for full work. You can download the program on Google Play.