Logitech Webcam Software in Russian

The program for the Logitech HD 720p WEB-camera can be downloaded from our website. The link to download the executable file is at the bottom of the page. The link contains the Russian version of the software for the operating system of any bit size (64 bit / 32 bit). Supported OSes include:

  • Windows 7;
  • Windows 8.1;
  • Windows 10.

How to install the program correctly?

There is nothing complicated during the installation of the application, each stage of the process is briefly described in the window of the installer itself, but beginners sometimes have problems with this. In the first window, specify the language of the utility.

Then connect the camera to the USB interface if it is not connected.

Choosing components for installation on a computer:

  • Driver for Logitech HD 720p. the component is installed by default;
  • Logitech HD Webcam c270. an application for convenient and simple operation of a digital camera in the case of connecting the device with a PC for data transfer;
  • Logitech Motion Detection Component.

Point the recording device (microphone).

Program features

Software c170 is equIPped with everything you need for easy management. collection and its own catalog of photos taken with a webcam. The utility allows you to use the device to take and create photos with their transfer to the laptop hard drive for further processing or send the source code to friends on social networks or on Youtube for free after authorization in the services.

Through the utility in Russian You can not only upload footage, but also use the camera to record something in real time or as a high-resolution web camera. A motion detection option is also available, which starts recording when something moves in front of the lens. Here you can rotate the device, zoom the image and change the lighting settings. In order to achieve maximum picture quality.

To open the recorded and photo via Webcam Software, it is possible to set any supported program (graphics viewer or media player) installed on the computer.

If there are two or more devices, the option to switch between them will become available, indicating the personal settings for each camera.

The program GoProduct includes a short instruction manual, technical support answers to popular user questions, and detailed contextual help on using the program, available for free download.

Laptop webcam software

In order to fully use the webcam on your laptop, you need a special program. We offer some great solutions.

Active WebCam is a program for receiving images from webcams, analog, network, digital cameras and tuners, which are defined by Windows.

  • Broadcast to MPEG 4 at up to 30 frames per second
  • Simultaneous work with multIPle devices;
  • Overlay on various additional elements: date, time, text fragments, etc.
  • Image rewind;
  • Pause function;
  • Continuous recording and sound to hard drive;
  • Protection and encryption of recorded materials;
  • Own web page for broadcasting;
  • Viewing recorded files in a browser;
  • Motion detection capability.
  • Work with numerous types of devices;
  • Full replacement for a professional surveillance complex;
  • Application reaction to actions taking place in front of the camera lens.
  • Quite high system requirements;
  • Complex interface;
  • Slow performance while capturing an image with an embedded FTP server.

Live WebCam is an application for shooting from a webcam in automatic mode. With its help, you can easily organize tracking of movements occurring in a certain area of ​​the room.

  • Automatic webcam shooting;
  • Save free GoPro space on PC by Tracking duplicate images;
  • Automatic noise removal;
  • Built-in module for maintaining photo quality, despite poor indoor lighting;
  • Parameter settings: frame interval, size, etc.;
  • Creation of archives of photos taken from a webcam;
  • Uploading files to your own FTP server.
  • Automatic shooting of events that occur in front of the camera lens;
  • Noise removal;
  • Protection from unnecessary duplicates.
  • Complex interface;
  • Mandatory availability of special equIPment;
  • Lack of some settings.

Webcammax is an advanced webcam application. It has a huge number of possibilities. In it you can create slideshows, records with vivid effects, take snapshots, process your pictures, set up automatic broadcast from your webcam.

  • Overlay on floating text;
  • Switch between signal sources and desktop. Movies and other files in real time;
  • Using built-in or creating your own effects;
  • Substituting background photos.
  • than 1.5 thousand built-in special effects;
  • Demonstration for your interlocutor;
  • Automatic connection to other communication programs;
  • Switch between real and virtual webcam.
  • The free version of the program places on the screen the inscrIPtion “WebcamMax”, which cannot be removed.

Laptop webcam software will give you the ability to record. Add effects to them, save the desired images from the camera, Process them, set up automatic shooting at the right time or when movement appears in front of the lens.

Programs for working with webcams

A useful application for a computer, with which you can view in real time from the Internet, USB, IP cameras. Allows you to organize an easy-to-use surveillance system for home or office.

Cyberlink YouCam

Multifunctional laptop software, thanks to which the user will be able to upgrade his webcam. Provides the ability to create avatars, allows you to change the background on the photo, add effects, distortion, curvature, face masks.

Live WebCam

A program that is well suited for photographing yourself on a webcam and organizing a surveillance system based on it. There is a function of automatic removal and recording of sound when motion is detected in the frame, it can work on a timer.


Proprietary software for connection, configuration and subsequent control of a PC-based surveillance system and a camera. Allows continuous monitoring of objects, reacts to any changes in the frame.

Webcam Surveyor

An improved version of the program that allows you to discreetly control your webcam and compatible microphone. Automatically installs the driver necessary for work by downloading it from the network. Can take snapshots, delight pictures and record audio on schedule.


Advanced free software for creating a surveillance system, which implements support for well-known cameras, sensors, detectors. Installing, configuring and adding equIPment to the system is straightforward.


A functional application without viruses, designed to work with a webcam and allows you to GRANT access to it for any user on the network. After switching on, you need to configure the signal transmission quality, specify the path to the local folder.

Webcam Monitor

An undemanding program with a pleasant interface, which is a worthy replacement for a full-fledged surveillance system and is endowed with a recognition function. In addition to the image from the camera, it can record voice from the microphone.


A compact laptop application that allows you to communicate in several messengers at once, Using one webcam. With its help, you can show your interlocutors an image processed with special effects.

Active WebCam

A program for capturing images from Web, IP cameras, TV tuners connected to a PC. Allows you to take photos on a specified schedule, streaming HD content is saved in AVI, MP4 formats.

The webcam can be used to chat with a friend or the Internet, have fun, take pictures and observe. In the latter case, the gadget will act as a spy, performing inconspicuous shooting. We offer to download programs for a WEB-camera for Windows 10 in Russian without registration and SMS. The latest versions of 2020 are presented (32/64 bit).

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VirtualDub working window

This program will allow you to quickly and efficiently record streaming from your webcam.

With its help, you can not only record new, but also edit the existing one. Saving the finished project in any popular format.

Virtualdub has the ability to expand its functionality by installing various plugins.

The program itself has a fairly fast operation, small size and no need for installation, so it is preferred by a fairly large number of users.

Application For Configuring The Web-Camera

IP Camera Viewer

IP Camera Viewer working window

With this application you can easily create a surveillance system and view from both IP and webcam.

In the settings of the IP Camera Viewer, it is possible to set various signal parameters, as well as enlarge the picture using digital zoom.

Along with image recording, the program allows you to save sound, however, to implement this function, you need a special camera or a separate microphone.

Install and try this application, which is not inferior to expensive professional equIPment for organizing surveillance.

Active WebCam

Active WebCam appearance

This multifunctional program is considered one of the best for working with webcams.

Among the available possibilities there is a recording by a motion sensor.

Among the connected devices, local cameras are supported, connected to a computer via a USB port, network cameras with an IP interface, as well as remote.

To use the latter, you must have an installed copy of the Active WebCam program on the remote computers.

In the settings you can choose how to capture. So is the device with which this will happen.

In addition, you can adjust the image resolution and select the sound source.

On the “Compression” tab, you can specify eGoProcentage, but remember that the more the image is compressed, the less information will be saved, and the quality itself will be poor.

On the same tab, you can also Compress the recorded sound.

The item “Motion” allows you to activate and configure the motion sensor so that it does not work in vain, starting once again recording a clIP.

Webcam Monitor

Working window of WebCam Monitor

This program is designed to monitor using a conventional webcam connected to your computer.

In its settings, there is the ability to send messages when detecting any noise and movement in the range of the device.

In case of motion, the program starts recording. And also creates screenshots, which are immediately sent along with the notification by mail.

In addition, you can set the beginning and end of the recording in a certain period of time, which is sometimes also very useful.

Webcam recording software

Droid Cam

Droid Cam working window

This small program will allow you to use your Android device as a webcam for Internet communication.

The connection between the computer and the phone is carried out by installing two parts of this program on both devices, and the connection is done using a USB cable or by using the Wi-Fi module.

In addition, in the settings, you can use the phone flash and the zoom in / out function, as well as adjust the brightness and contrast.

Live WebCam

Live WebCam working window

This program has good functionality, as a result of which it has received recognition among a large number of users.

With its help, you can take both photos and shooting even in automatic mode, in which the presence of the user is not at all necessary.

Everything that the webcam captures with this program is saved in a separate file, which can be viewed at any time.

In addition, Live WebCam gives you the opportunity to view in real time everything that is recorded.

To save the footage, the program uses the most common formats. JPEG and PNG, and also applies content compression when using loop recording.

D-view CAM

D-view CAM working window

The program from the well-known company D-Link is absolutely free, supports the Russian language and has wide functionality.

Among the various settings, there is a recording according to a user-defined schedule, as well as a Smart Guard launch menu, in which there are settings for various events and actions.

In the settings, it is possible to specify the server on which all archive records will be stored and to which you can contact to view any of them.

It is possible to customize the OSD menu, in which there are fonts, background and information displayed in the window.

Altarsoft Capture

Altarsoft Capture working window

This is another program that allows you to record from the webcam.

You can save the created project in the most common formats. wmv, avi and asf.

Before you start recording, you will need to make certain settings, including the choice of audio devices, as well as adjust the brightness, contrast and saturation of the image at your own discretion.

You can even completely remove the color, making the most black and white picture.

You can also record only an audio stream by saving it as a wav or mp3 file.

Paused the recording, you can skIP all the frames that need to be saved.

This program allows you to make and save screenshots even while recording material, indicating one of the available extension formats. jpeg or bmp.