Programs for working with a WEB-camera

Would you like to expand the standard webcam capabilities of your computer or laptop? Our selection of utilities for Windows will allow you to achieve completely new effects when broadcasting in real time and provide you with innovative functionality while communicating with your friends, family and colleagues.

General information:



Xeoma is recognized as a professional video monitoring tool that senses not only devices connected to a PC, but also remote IPs and web cameras. Differs in a rather flexible system of configurations, set according to individual user preferences. Includes built-in motion sensor. The application perceives various types of cameras immediately after they are connected to a computer, without the need for any preliminary settings.

Key features of Xeoma:

  • Integrated scheduler;
  • Support for additional plug-ins;
  • Remote access to the video surveillance system, as well as to devices based on Android;
  • Many types of alerts for the owner;
  • Intuitive interface in Russian;
  • Fine-tuning the display of the picture.

It should be noted that the functions are implemented at a professional level. All application parameters are fine-tuned. It is possible to add your own effects and objects, create a mix from several preset ones. You may also find the screencast option useful. Now the interlocutor does not have to chew the information. just show the order of actions!

  • Video recording, live broadcast and snapshot creation;
  • Receiving a “picture” from several cameras at the same time;
  • Advanced on-the-fly image editing;
  • Adding effects, masks, text, timers and other objects;
  • The ability to create your own special effects;
  • Synchronization with popular video hosting and messengers;
  • There are practically no restrictions in the free version.
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Configure your camera privacy settings in Windows 10

WebCam Monitor allows you to set automatic parameters of the monitoring process. Takes quick screenshots, can start the recording process if any motion is detected in the frame. Has a built-in media player that allows you to immediately analyze the footage. Does not require additions in the form of backup drivers.

Main features of WebCam Monitor:

  • User notification by e-mail or SMS to a mobile phone when a motion detector is triggered;
  • Capture video from a webcam in real time
  • Uploading finished content via FTP;
  • Integrated scheduler;
  • Adding the time and date of filming to the materials;
  • Sensitivity of sensors to third-party sounds;
  • Broadcasting over wireless networks.

Movavi Video Converter compares favorably with other programs in the collection due to its versatility. She will not only record a video, but also help you process it, cut it, edit it, arrange it in a clip or film format, recode it for any device, and even upload it to YouTube right away. The possibilities are vast.

You pay less than professional video capture software and get much more. Compared to popular analogs, Movavi has only one drawback. it does not support IP cameras directly, but you can activate screen capture by launching viewing in any browser!

Features of Movavi Video Converter:

  • Ease of use with the utility, availability of reference materials in Russian;
  • The ability to work on weak computers;
  • Availability of editing tools, nonlinear editing;
  • Synchronization with video hosting social networks and YouTube;
  • Built-in format converter with presets;
  • Extensive sound recording and track processing functions;
  • The ability to professionally create videos from different components;
  • Low license price.

The program for working with a webcam WebcamXP is distinguished by the advanced capabilities of transmitting your broadcasts to the World Wide Web. Defines TV tuners and can provide access to the control of your webcam via a smartphone, for this you need to download the corresponding application on the market of your mobile platform.

Key features of WebcamXP:

  • Ability to take screenshots and record video over a local network;
  • Selection of broadcast sources, settings of its speed and restrictions;
  • Installable tracking sensor configurations;
  • Configurable notifications when motion is detected in the frame;
  • Utility for working with a wide range of TV tuners.

Cyberlink YouCam. popular program that adds various effects to broadcast content. There are options to create your own clips, lessons and presentations. An exclusive feature of the software. formation of a high degree of protection of the PC, it consists in photographing the user. To unlock the protected computer, you need to match your photo with the owner’s photo.

CyberLink YouCam Key Features:

  • Ability to take screenshots from the desktop;
  • Mirroring function;
  • Sending your pictures for printing;
  • HD video recording;
  • Uploading content to social networks and YouTube, transferring to an e-mail box;
  • “Face-out” personal computer blocking in the absence of the owner;
  • Adding visual effects to the image from the webcam;
  • Applying a variety of frames to media files.

Main characteristics of WebcamMax:

  • Integrated Video Recorder;
  • Ability to upload your own pictures and flash-animations;
  • An extensive database with templates of ready-made effects and the ability to create new ones;
  • Adding floating text and background during shooting;
  • Start recording after fixing the movement in the lens in the Full version;
  • Saving content in multimedia formats.

The main purpose of IP Camera Viewer. it is the formation of video surveillance via IP or USB devices. The software can work simultaneously with four cameras; there is an option for joint display of all broadcasts in a single window. You can quickly set image quality parameters.

Webcam Driver Windows 10

Key features of IP Camera Viewer:

  • Change the color palette, as well as the orientation of the picture;
  • Individual configurations according to the preferences of the owner;
  • Support for images transmitted by panoramic cameras;
  • Changeable number of viewed materials with one click;
  • Adjustable soundtrack.

Webcam Toy is an online webcam application. Immediately on the developer’s website, you can quickly endow your own pictures with special filters, including mirroring, fisheye, and so on, and then send the finished photo to the social network. Due to its simplicity and ease of use, the application supports any Windows operating system.

Main abilities of Webcam Toy:

  • Photo resizing, cropping;
  • Saving a picture to the hard disk of a computer or sending it to the Internet;
  • Use of inscriptions, flash activation;
  • An impressive list of supported devices;
  • Modern interface with simple controls.

Some of the software listed in the collection can be downloaded for free; for expanding the functionality in certain utilities, you will need to purchase a license. Depending on the software you choose, using a webcam, you will have the opportunity to realize your plans, whether it is a fun shooting for your friends from VK or purposeful tracking of CCTV cameras by IP address.

ManyCam will help you create a colorful live broadcast, webinar or a productive Skype communication session. The utility edits video and audio online at a professional level, but it is not devoid of presets and “chips” for amateurs. It tightly integrates with popular platforms, works quickly even on a weak PC. We recommend trying at least the free version.

Xeoma is considered one of the most advanced tools in its category, allowing even inexperienced users to conduct professional video surveillance. The program is distributed free of charge, but if you want to expand its functions, you should think about buying the Pro version, which can be called one of the most optimal price and quality options. IP Camera Viewer will help you build a simple and convenient monitoring system without going into the detailed settings of certain configurations.

Movavi Video Suite combines the best qualities of the other programs described, generously seasoning them with the functions of a quality video editor, video editing application, format converter and viewer. Record, cut, add effects, enhance and create entire films in one program. There will be no questions with their conversion and uploading to YouTube.This is all done within the Movavi Video Suite menu !

WebcamXP will appeal to fans of remote control, because it allows you to monitor what is happening from both remote computers and mobile devices. The official website of the developer provides not only the usual modification, perfect for home, but also Pro, which, although it costs 99, will allow you to manage several streams simultaneously broadcast to the network.

WebCam Monitor stands out from the competition with a well-thought-out task scheduler and is considered a professional tool. The disadvantage may be the absence of the Russian menu language, but the exclusive possibility of sending SMS to your cell or smartphone in case of motion detection in the frame will be a clear plus.

CyberLink YouCam will appeal to lovers of presentations and video tutorials, as well as supporters of high-quality protection of their PC from prying eyes. It knows how to change your appearance, but from the point of view of an entertainment nature, WebcamMax will better cope with this function, which is recommended to download for everyone who wants to laugh heartily while communicating with friends in popular online services. But the simplest means of photographing oneself will be the Webcam Toy, created specifically for the purpose of further posting the processed photo in social networks.