Apple Watch won’t connect to iPhone 10 requires update

Use your iPhone to update the software on your Apple Watch.

If you need help updating

Try the following:

  • Make sure your Apple Watch is connected to the charger.
  • Restart your Apple Watch. Press and hold the side button until you see turn off, then drag the slider. To turn the watch back on, press and hold the side button.
  • Reboot iPhone connections. Press and hold the Sleep / Wake button until the red slider appears, then drag the slider. To turn your iPhone back on, press and hold the Sleep / Wake button.
  • Try to run the update again.

If the update does not start, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, click the “basic” “statistics” software update, and then delete the update file. After deleting the file, try to download and install again in watchOS.

Before you start

It can take from a few minutes to an hour for the update to complete. You might want to update all night or wait until you have time.

Checking compatibility with watchOS 5

watchOS 5 requires iPhone 5s or later with iOS 12 or later, Apple Watch Series 1 or later.

watchOS 5 is not compatible with Apple Watch (1st generation). Find Your Apple Watch Model.

Update your Apple Watch

When a new update is available, your Apple Watch will notify you. Tap Refresh Tonight in the notification and then go to your iPhone to confirm that you want to refresh overnight. At the end of the day, leave your Apple Watch and iPhone to charge overnight so the update can complete.

To check for updates manually, follow these steps:

  • Keep your Apple Watch on the charger. until the update is complete.
  • On your iPhone, open the app, then click on the “My Watch” tab.
  • Tap General Software Update.
  • Download the update. If asks for your iPhone or Apple Watch password, enter it.
  • Wait for the progress wheels to appear on your Apple watch. It may take from a few minutes to an hour for the update to complete.

Leave your Apple Watch on the charger until the update is complete. Don’t restart your iPhone or Apple Watch, or quit the Apple Watch app. When the update is complete, your Apple Watch will restart.

If you have installed iOS or watchOS third beta or seed developer

To continue using the iOS public beta, you can re-install the beta profile.

Apple Watch won’t connect to iPhone, how to fix it

Pairing Apple Watch with iPhone. quite a simple exercise. Once you’ve set up your connection, you’re usually ready to go. However, there are times when your Apple Watch fails to re-pair with your iPhone, leading to all sorts of problems.


The problem is most likely with your iPhone. Most of the time, when we encounter Apple Watch issues, we find that they are all related to some aspects of the iPhone’s erratic behavior, which are usually corrected with small changes to the settings.

One way to fix this problem is to try to pair your Apple Watch with another iPhone. If you can do this, it confirms that your Apple Watch is working fine and that the underlying problem is with your iPhone.

apple, watch, connect, iphone

Pairing / re-pairing problems occur due to connection problems between two devices. They can be related to Bluetooth or network settings.

Please follow each of the easy steps below and check if it solves the pairing problem. Fully charge your Apple Watch before trying to fix the problem. Sometimes low power issues lead to connectivity issues.

Solutions: 3 steps to fix Apple Watch connection problems

Step. 1 Make sure Airplane mode is not turned on on your Apple Watch. Turn airplane mode on and off on your watch.

Step. 2 Start with the Bluetooth settings on your iPhone. Tap on Bluetooth Settings. Switch Bluetooth to OFF, wait a minute, and then turn it back on. Now try to re-pair your Apple Watch with your iPhone.

Step. 3 Several users have fixed this issue by resetting your iPhone’s network settings. On your iPhone, tap Settings General Reset Reset Network Settings.

After your iPhone starts up, try connecting your Apple Watch again. When the watch is connected and you have restored it using a backup, you should have no problem.

Reboot both devices. Better to restart your iPhone before restarting your watch. After restarting the devices, check the connection.

Hopefully the steps above should fix the pairing issue. If the issue persists, contact Apple Support and get Genius help to help identify the issue and provide you with support.

Check your Apple Watch connection

If you do not receive notifications, messages, or calls on your Apple Watch, Apple Watch and iPhone cannot be connected. When your devices turn off, or appears on the watch face. You can also check your connection in the Control Center. When your Apple Watch connects again, appears.

If you need help, try the steps below. After each step, see if your devices can connect.

Apple Watch won’t connect to iPhone

If you see a red iPhone icon on your Apple Watch, or you are trying to pair and cannot find the “i” icon, try reconnecting the devices.

Pairing your device and then pairing them again

If your Apple Watch still can’t connect, disconnect the devices and then reconnect them:

  • On your Apple Watch, tap Settings General Reset Erase Content & Settings.
  • On your iPhone, open the app, tap the My Watch tab, then tap your watch at the top of the screen. Click on the “Me” icon next to the watch that you want to disconnect, then click Pair Apple Watch. Press again to confirm. Find out what to do if you can’t find the “i” icon.
  • Pair your Apple Watch and iPhone again.

Apple Watch won’t connect to WI-FI: how to get rid of this problem

In watchOS 5, Apple introduced a feature that lets you manually connect your Apple Watch to a Wi-Fi network. The idea behind this option is to allow you to use your watch to communicate with your contacts without using an iPhone.

Let’s say your iPhone shows a low battery and you can’t use Wi-Fi or LTE on your device. In this situation, you can use standard as well as third-party applications to interact with friends and colleagues.

This post addresses the issue where your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network and your watch cannot connect to that Wi-Fi network. To find the right solution to the problem, let’s first look at some of the key points that will clear a lot of clouds.

Solution Forget Wi-Fi on iPhone

Make sure your iPhone and Apple Watch are connected via Bluetooth and your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network.

On your iPhone, open Settings.

apple, watch, connect, iphone

Now click on Wi-Fi.

apple, watch, connect, iphone

Click on the (i) icon next to the current Wi-Fi network.

Fix Apple Watch Won’t Pair with iPhone Problem| Apple Watch Pairing Failed Error Solved

Step Then click on Forget This Network. Press again to confirm.

Please note that your watch is still connected to your iPhone via Bluetooth.

Step Connect your iPhone to a Wi-Fi network.

Don’t forget your iPhone is connected to a 2.4GHz network.

Wait a few seconds for your iPhone to connect to your Apple Watch to establish a Wi-Fi connection.

Then turn on Airplane Mode on your iPhone.

Check the Wi-Fi icon on your Apple Watch by swiping up on the watch screen to open Control Center. If this

The Wi-Fi icon is blue, your watch is successfully connected to a Wi-Fi network.

You can now turn off Airplane Mode on your iPhone.

Solution Turn Wi-Fi on / off on Apple Watch

It may sound silly, but in some cases toggling Wi-Fi On / Off does the job.

WI-FI not working on Apple Watch? Here’s how to fix it

Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. When the Bluetooth connection is lost (you disconnect your watch, or go 30 feet away, you. your iPhone), your Apple Watch is still connected to your iPhone via Wi-Fi. But many users have experienced Wi-Fi issues on their Apple Watch and therefore they are unable to check some of the notifications on the watch.

If your Apple Watch isn’t connected to Wi-Fi, here’s how to fix the problem. This guide also covers some basic facts to keep in mind when troubleshooting Wi-Fi disconnect issues on Apple Watch.

Solution: Disable iPhone Mirror Function

Launch the Watch app on your iPhone.

apple, watch, connect, iphone

Scroll down and click on the general.

Click on airplane mode.

apple, watch, connect, iphone

If it’s on, just turn it off.

apple, watch, connect, iphone

When the mirrored iPhone is turned on and both devices (iPhone and Apple Watch) are in Bluetooth range, turning on Airplane mode on the Apple Watch will also activate it on your iPhone, and vice versa.

Solution Change Wi-Fi network on Apple Watch

In case your current Wi-Fi network is not strong enough, you should check other public networks to fix the Wi-Fi problem on Apple Watch.

Click on the digital crown of your Apple Watch. In the application cluster, click on “Settings”.

Then tap on Wi-Fi.

apple, watch, connect, iphone

If your iPhone is connected to a Wi-Fi network, your Apple Watch will show that network here.

Then swipe up on the browsing screen and you will see other Wi-Fi networks.

Step Click on any trusted network; enter your password and then click “Join”.

Your Apple Watch is now connected to a public Wi-Fi network. Both your iPhone and watch are on different networks.

iPhone (left) and Apple Watch (right) are on different Wi-Fi networks

First of all, you need to check if your Apple Watch can connect to any Wi-Fi network. To do this, take two quick steps on your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Turn on Airplane Mode on your iPhone: Swipe up from the bottom of the iPhone screen to open Control Center and tap the Airplane Mode icon.

On your Apple Watch, launch Control Center by tapping on the watch face. Make sure you are on the home screen of your watch. You will see

blue Wi-Fi icon in your Apple Watch Control Center.

If your watch is not connected to a Wi-Fi network, you can use another method to get rid of the Wi-Fi problem on Apple Watch.

Apple Watch won’t connect to Wi-Fi, how to fix it

Several users who have recently updated their Apple Watch to the latest watchOS have noticed that their Apple Watch is unable to connect to Wi-Fi. Even when the device manages to connect to Wi-Fi, it is difficult for it to maintain a connection for extended periods of time.

Apple Watch Incoming Call Information Not Displaying Correctly

Apple Watch Haptics Not Working How To Fix

How to get rid of Apple Watch music controls

If you’re having problems with Wi-Fi on your Apple Watch, here are some simple tips that might help you fix the problem.

Advice. First, make sure you haven’t configured your iPhone and Apple Watch to reflect the inclusion of Airplane Mode:

  • On your iPhone, in the Clock app, select: My Watch (tab) General Airplane Mode. disable iPhone mirroring.

Tip Make sure you are using a compatible Wi-Fi network. According to Apple,

Compatible Wi-Fi for Apple Watch

Your Apple Watch can connect to a Wi-Fi network:

  • If your iPhone, although connected to the watch via Bluetooth, has previously connected to the network.
  • If the Wi-Fi network has 802.11b / g / n 2.4GHz.

For example, your Apple Watch won’t connect to 5GHz Wi-Fi or public networks that require sign in, subscription, or profiles.

It’s important to keep this in mind and make sure you’re trying to connect to a compatible Wi-Fi network.

Before proceeding with the following steps, be sure to write down the following and keep it handy.

  • Your Wi-Fi network name
  • The type of encryption it uses
  • Your Wi-Fi password
  • Make sure your watch is charged

Steps to fix Wi-Fi issues on Apple Watch

Make sure your iPhone is connected to Wi-Fi and you’ve connected your Apple Watch to iPhone via Bluetooth. Follow these steps:

Step. 1 On your iPhone, tap Settings Wi-Fi

Step. 2 Click on the “i” icon to the right of your current Wi-Fi connection;

Step. 3 On the next screen, click Forget this network

Step. 4 Tap Settings Wi-Fi. Disable and enable Wi-Fi on your iPhone by toggling settings.

Step. 5 Connect your iPhone to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network. Enter your Wi-Fi credentials when prompted.

Step. 6 After reconnecting iPhone, wait for a while for the information to be transferred to the watch.

Step. 7 Test the watch’s ability to connect to the network by putting your iPhone in Airplane Mode (via Control Center or Settings Airplane Mode).

Step. 8 On the watch, swipe up on the watch face to open the Control Center.

  • This should say Connected and show a green cloud icon to indicate that it is connected to Wi-Fi
  • Swipe down again to return to watch face

Step. 9 When finished, take iPhone out of Airplane Mode.

The sequence of steps above is handy when you have problems connecting your Apple Watch to Wi-Fi.

Another solution that worked sometimes. this is to reset the network settings on your iPhone and then try to connect your Apple Watch to Wi-Fi.

Please let us know in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below if you have any questions or if you would like to share additional tips that worked for you.

Reset Apple Watch

In some cases, a simple reboot is not enough, and you need to reset your Apple Watch. To do this, go to General Settings on your Apple Watch and select the Reset option at the very bottom. This will erase all content from your Apple Watch and you’ll have to set it up again.

Reboot Apple Watch

If the problem has not been fixed yet, it may be caused by some system bug. A regular restart of the Apple Watch will help fix it. Hold the side Apple Watch button to open the shutdown menu. Swipe the slider to turn off the clock. Then turn on your Apple Watch by pressing the side button again. Now try to reconnect them to iPhone.

Check connectivity on Apple Watch

The first step is to check the connection on your Apple Watch through Control Center. Swipe up from the bottom of the Apple Watch screen to open Control Center. If you see a green iPhone icon, then your smartphone is connected to the watch. If the icon is red, there is no connection. Try moving your smartphone closer to the watch to pair it. Also make sure your watch has Wi-Fi turned on.

Apple Watch won’t connect to iPhone? What to do

Your Apple Watch won’t connect to your iPhone? This problem often arises, but in most cases it can be solved in a couple of minutes.

apple, watch, connect, iphone

The Apple Watch is an iPhone accessory, and your smartwatch works best when you have a connected smartphone nearby. Connection problems can arise for a variety of reasons. Sometimes this is due to system bugs that can be fixed by resetting or rebooting.

Below we will share about different ways to fix the problem with connecting Apple Watch to iPhone. The tips below are suitable for all Apple Watch models with any version of watchOS.

Unlink Apple Watch from iPhone

You can try unlinking your Apple Watch from your iPhone if the methods above didn’t help. This is essentially the same as a reset. Both methods will erase all content from the watch.

  • Launch the Apple Watch app on iPhone, open the My Watch tab and tap All Watches.
  • Click the “i” icon next to your Apple Watch.
  • Here you can Unlink Apple Watch.

After that, you will need to reconnect Apple Watch to iPhone through the same application. Then you can restore your data from the copy or set your watch like new.

We hope one of the above methods helped you solve your problem. If it is not resolved, we advise you to contact a specialist. The watch may need repair.

How To FIX Apple Watch Not Connecting To iPhone!

First solution: restart (soft reset) Apple Watch 4 and your iPhone.

The first thing you should fix is ​​small software bugs that prevent your devices from communicating. And the first potential solution is a soft reset or restart on iPhone and Apple Watch 4. Performing a soft reset also flushes unneeded files from the cache. This does not affect the internal data, so there is no need to create backups. Just skip to these steps when you’re ready to soft reset your iPhone:

  • Press and hold the side button for a few seconds until the power off slider appears.
  • Drag the Power Off slider to turn off the watch.
  • After 30 seconds, press and hold the side button on your watch and then release it when the Apple logo appears.

After restarting your iPhone, go to your Apple Watch and restart it by following these steps:

  • Press and hold the side button for a few seconds until the power off slider appears.
  • Drag the Power Off slider to turn off the watch.
  • After 30 seconds, press and hold the side button on the watch, and then release it when the Apple logo appears.

Wait for your watch to finish restarting, and after that is done, try connecting it to your iPhone again and see if the iPhone connection error goes away. If your Apple Watch still refuses to connect to your iPhone, work on network attributes.

Third solution: forget about the Wi-Fi network on your iPhone and then reconnect.

If the problem is with a damaged Wi-Fi network on your phone, you need to delete the Wi-Fi network and set it up as new. It is by far the most effective solution to fix a damaged wireless network and eliminate its associated symptoms. Just follow these steps to forget about Wi-Fi on your iPhone:

  • On your iPhone, tap Settings.
  • Select Wi-Fi and make sure the switch is on.
  • Find your Wi-Fi network from the list of available networks.
  • Click to select your network.
  • Then click the information icon “i” next to your SSID / network name.
  • Select the option to forget this network.
  • Confirm when asked to continue.

If you see any other saved Wi-Fi networks, follow the same steps to forget them all separately so that none of them cause conflicts with the selected network.

After you forget Wi-Fi networks, restart your iPhone to clear its network caches. Once it boots up, go back to Wi-Fi settings and set up your Wi-Fi network as new.

As a last resort: factory reset your iPhone and Apple Watch 4.

Performing a factory reset will turn off your devices. You can resort to this method if your Apple Watch 4 still won’t connect to your iPhone. Here’s how:

  • Go to Apple Watch, then tap to open the Settings app.
  • Click General.
  • Click Reset.
  • Then click on “Erase All Content and Settings”.

This will force your Apple Watch to erase all of its data. After erasing the clock, set it as new. Then go to your iPhone and continue with these steps:

  • Open the Apple Watch app on your phone.
  • Click on the “My Watch” tab.
  • Tap your clock at the top of the screen.
  • Then click the information icon “i” next to the name of the watch you want to turn off.
  • Click Unpair Apple Watch to continue.
  • Then press Unpair again to confirm the action.

After unplugging your devices, restart / restart both of them, then follow these steps to pair your devices like the first time:

  • Turn on your Apple Watch and put it on your wrist. It may take a few minutes for your Apple Watch to turn on after a factory reset, so just wait patiently.
  • Hold your Apple Watch next to your iPhone, then wait until the phone displays “Use your iPhone to set up your Apple Watch,” then click Continue.
  • If you don’t see the message, launch the Apple Watch app on your phone.
  • Then tap an option to start pairing.
  • Keep your devices close to each other until the pairing process is complete.
  • When you see a message that your Apple Watch is paired, you can set your watch as new or restore it from a backup. The first option is recommended if this is the first Apple Watch you own.

Follow the rest of the onscreen commands until your devices sync. As soon as you hear a beep and feel a light touch from your Apple Watch, press the digital crown. Then you can start using your Apple Watch.

How to fix Apple Watch 4 battery drain problem. battery drains so quickly

Fifth solution: update your iPhone and Apple Watch software.

For optimal performance, it is recommended that you keep your device software up to date. If you have not turned on the automatic installation of updates on your devices, you must update them manually.

  • To check for an iOS update on your iPhone, go to Settings. “Basic”. “Software update”. Then click on the “Download and Install” option if a new version of iOS is available.

To update your Apple Watch 4, follow these steps:

  • Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.
  • Click on the “My Watch” tab.
  • Click General.
  • Click “Software Update”.
  • Download watchOS update if available.
  • Enter your iPhone or Apple Watch passcode if prompted to continue.
  • Then wait for the progress wheel to appear on your Apple Watch display.

After installing software updates, restart your devices to apply the latest changes to the system and reset unnecessary files and temporary data saved as a cache in the memory of your iPhone and Apple Watch.

How to fix Apple Watch 4 that won’t connect to your iPhone

apple, watch, connect, iphone

The solutions described in this post are used to troubleshoot factors that are not causing iPhone connection error, in order to fix your Apple Watch 4 that won’t connect to iPhone.

No iPhone connection error is just one of the possible errors that can occur when trying to pair your Apple Watch with an iPhone. Find out what is causing this error and how to fix your Apple Watch 4 won’t connect to your iPhone.

Your iPhone plays a vital role in keeping your Apple Watch running. Hence, your Apple Watch must be paired or connected to your iPhone. Both devices communicate via Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. That being said, an issue with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth can also cause the Apple Watch to turn off. Below are some suggested workarounds and possible solutions for a similar issue on Apple Watch 4 that won’t connect to iPhone. You can use the described procedures to deal with the lack of an iPhone connection on Apple Watch 4. Read on for more information.

Before moving on, if you have problems with your smartwatch and are trying to find a solution for them, please visit our Apple Watch 4 troubleshooting page as we have already covered some of the most common problems with this device. Find problems that are similar to yours and feel free to use our solutions. If you need more help, please fill out our questionnaire so we can help you.

Your Apple Watch 4 still won’t receive iPhone connection error and won’t connect to your iPhone?

Complicated system errors are likely present on either the Apple Watch or the iPhone, given that they still haven’t been able to communicate up to this point. If you have another iPhone, you can try pairing it with your Apple Watch 4 and see if the iPhone connection error goes away. If your Apple Watch 4 still won’t connect to this iPhone, then there must be some tricky errors that were causing problems on your operating system.

For more detailed solutions and official recommendations, please report the issue to Apple Support. If this happens after an update on an iPhone or Apple Watch 4, a dedicated hotfix needs to be installed.

To rule out hardware damage on any device, you can take them to the nearest Apple genius hardware rating panel.

Fourth solution: reset network settings on your iPhone and Apple Watch 4.

Network connectivity issues related to incorrect network configuration on iPhone can prevent your devices from communicating. To clear this, reset the network settings on your iPhone to erase all configured network settings and related errors. Here’s how you should proceed:

  • From the home screen, tap “Settings”.
  • Select General.
  • Scroll down and tap Reset.
  • Select the option to Reset network settings.
  • Enter your device password when asked to continue.
  • Then tap on the option to confirm that you want to reset the network settings.

Your phone will then initiate the reset process and then reboot on its own. Once it boots up, turn on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections and reconnect to your Wi-Fi network. After reconnecting, try reconnecting iPhone and Apple Watch 4. Make sure both devices are close to each other, as proximity matters when pairing.

Performing a network reset on Apple Watch 4 is very similar to doing a network reset on your iPhone. Just refer to these steps:

  • Tap Settings on your Apple Watch home screen.
  • Click General.
  • Scroll down to the bottom then hit “Reset” from the specified options.
  • Click Reset, then select the Reset Network Settings option.

Reboot your watch when the reset is complete. Then turn on the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth functions so that your watch is ready for the next pairing attempt.

How to fix poor performance issue on Apple Watch 4 that is very slow

Reboot Apple Watch

If you’re a new Apple Watch user, you may need to restart your smartwatch. However, this tutorial will walk you through everything including power off, hard reset, and Apple Watch restart.

Software updates on your iPhone

Sometimes troubleshooting requires users to delete some data. Before losing data, you can update your iPhone to the latest software and then connect your Apple Watch.

Reboot your iPhone

You have completed enough of the required checks on your devices. Now you can get started troubleshooting your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Start by restarting your iPhone and Apple Watch. We’ve covered a separate post on how to restart any iPhone.

Check settings on Apple Watch and iPhone

Airplane mode on iPhone and Apple Watch / Bluetooth on iPhone

There are many times when you miss some of the necessary checks like airplane mode and Bluetooth. As mentioned above, your watch and phone communicate via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. When airplane mode is disabled on any device, Wi-Fi will not work on any device.

On Apple Watch, swipe up on the watch face and turn on Airplane mode (if it’s off).

On iPhone, tap Settings → Enable Airplane Mode.

Then try pairing your Apple Watch with your iPhone.

When your iPhone is not connected to the Internet (Wi-Fi or mobile data), it communicates with your Apple Watch via Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is disabled on your iPhone, the connection will be interrupted.

Can’t Pair Apple Watch with iPhone Running iOS 13. Troubleshooting Tips

Set the correct time on iPhone

Thanks to our vigilant users, we found another solution to the problem that the Apple Watch won’t connect after the iOS 13 update. We received an email from user Cliff Warren. which says, “I found another reason why the iPhone might not connect to the watch. If the iPhone has the wrong time, or if it doesn’t get the time from the cellular provider, it won’t connect to the watch correctly. It will look like it is connected, but it will not send notifications or receive phone calls. “.

Two methods to reset your Apple Watch

Still having trouble pairing your Apple Watch with your iPhone? You may need to reset your Apple Watch. There are two ways to reset your smartwatch: use the Apple Watch or the Watch app on your iPhone.

Choose the latest watchOS 6 watch: Series 3, 4, or 5

apple, watch, connect, iphone

New Apple Watch Series 5 and Apple Watch Series 3, which are still on sale

Yes, with the release of watchOS 6, the Apple Watch has become a fairly independent device. After installing the update, it is not necessary to have an iPhone in your during regular use.

One of the features of the new version of the operating system is the built-in App Store, which can be used directly from the smartwatch screen. Any software with its help can be installed on them without the help of an Apple smartphone.

“Dictaphone”, “Calculator”, “Podcasts”. all these new applications, together with the update, can be tried even on Apple Watch Series 1 or Series 2. But today their power is frankly not enough for this.

It’s best to stick with Series 3, Series 4 or the new Series 5. you can unleash almost all of their capabilities on watchOS 6 even with a smartphone based on the Android operating system.

How to use Apple Watch when you have Android. It’s hard

apple, watch, connect, iphone

There are plenty of discussions on the web about connecting Apple Watch to Android smartphones. It is the most popular smartwatch on the market with a quick interface and a convenient strap replacement system. It’s no surprise that iPhone owners aren’t the only ones who want to wear them.

But is it possible? Previously, this question could be answered unequivocally. no. Today the situation has changed, and we will give some advice on this matter.

What features of the Apple Watch will not be available anyway

apple, watch, connect, iphone

Call and write messages from Apple Watch without eSIM and iPhone will not work

We were unable to access the capabilities of Apple Watch, which use the usual cellular networks. these are standard calls and SMS.

Nevertheless, today these are not the most demanded features even in smartphones, and there is no need to talk about smartwatches. This nuance can be neglected.

Stop! And you can’t officially connect Apple Watch to Android?

apple, watch, connect, iphone

No official connectivity

It will not work officially. But if you can’t and really want to, then you can. albeit in a roundabout way.

Officially, Apple smartwatches are only compatible with the iPhone. There is no Google Play and it is unlikely that there will be an application for connecting the coveted gadget to the operating system of the main competitor.

Apple Watch cannot be connected to an Android smartphone via Bluetooth to receive call and notification notifications, as it does with other smartwatches.

But how can all this stop you?

How to connect Apple Watch to an Android smartphone

apple, watch, connect, iphone

iPhone 11 will do the job too

❶ Activate Apple Watch via iPhone. To use a smartwatch with Android, you can’t do 100% without an Apple smartphone. It is needed for the initial setup of smart watches, their updates, uploading music to them for listening offline through wireless headphones.

Any Apple smartphone running iOS 13 will work. This version of the operating system is available on iPhone SE, iPhone 6s and newer devices. You don’t have to carry it with you, so it can even be a gadget in an absolutely dead state.

It’s a pity, but the iPhone 5s and iPhone 6 on iOS 12 will work with Apple Watch only on watchOS 5. It is noticeably less independent, so our venture will fail with it.

apple, watch, connect, iphone

iPhone becomes a server for Apple Watch

❷ Connect iPhone to the network and leave at home. Through experience, we managed to find out that you can receive Push notifications on the watch from most applications, even if the iPhone is not nearby. For example, this definitely works with Telegram.

The iPhone to which the Apple Watch is tied, in this case, acts as a server for notifications. Therefore, it must be connected to the Internet, but it can be hundreds of kilometers away from the smartwatch.

It can be connected to a power supply and wireless network and dropped into a desktop drawer. There is almost no need to get it out of there.

apple, watch, connect, iphone

Apple Watch connects seamlessly to any Wi-Fi

❸ Connect watch to Android tethering mode. Apple started making its smartwatches as self-contained as possible when it added eSIMs. It happened on Apple Watch Series 3 in 2017.

According to the company’s logic, the watch along with the electronic version of the SIM-card can be taken with you where the iPhone cannot. For example, you can safely go to the water park with them, call and correspond without a smartphone.

It is a pity that eSIM in Apple Watch is still not available with us. Therefore, if the watch is near the iPhone, it uses its mobile data or wireless network connection. If not, connect to Wi-Fi.

apple, watch, connect, iphone

Sharing the Internet on Apple Watch. a matter of a couple of seconds

If you use Apple Watch with Android, no one bothers you to activate the tethering mode on your smartphone and connect your smart watch to it.

In this case, you will be able to fully use all applications with access to the Internet, even outside the Wi-Fi network. It will turn out, for example, to listen to music in Apple Music through Airpods.

Summing up: what you need to connect Apple Watch to Android

apple, watch, connect, iphone

Apple Watch can be connected to Android

For our venture, we can’t do without an Apple smartphone. IPhone SE, iPhone 6s based on iOS 13, or something newer will do. It is needed for the initial setting of the clock and will become a server for receiving notifications. However, you can leave it at home.

From Android to Apple Watch without eSIM, calls over cellular networks and SMS will not work. The rest will start without any problems. For applications that need an internet connection, a modem mode from any smartphone is suitable.

As a result, today the Apple Watch Android bundle becomes one step more possible. It is especially relevant if you just have two smartphones on different systems. Then they will show themselves perfectly together with smartwatches.

What to do if iPhone can’t see Apple Watch

If you have problems connecting, to pair your Apple Watch, you need to pair the devices again:

  • Place your Apple Watch and paired iPhone at close range.
  • Check if the iPhone is in airplane mode, and if the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth modules are activated by opening the “Control” item.
  • When the airplane mode icon is highlighted on the screen, enter the “Control” item and turn it off.
  • Reboot the connected devices.

How to sync iWatch and iPhone

If the problem persists, try breaking and pairing devices:

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  • On your watch, go to erase content and settings.
  • On the paired device, launch the Apple Watch app, open the watch page, and select Apple Watch on the screen. Activate the “i” near the clock where you want to re-pair, and select the item that allows you to unpair. iPhone with the clock. Confirm your choice.
  • Pair the watch and pairing device again.

If the clock cannot be synchronized, it is likely that the clock communication modules or the Wi-fi or Bluetooth antennas need to be replaced.

Why Apple Watch won’t sync with iPhone?

If your Apple Watch won’t sync with your iPhone, it’s worth checking the connection between the watch and the paired device. When the red iPhone icon is highlighted or paired and it is impossible to see the “i” icon, you need to connect the watch to the smartphone again.

If there are no new notifications, messages, or calls, the connection of the paired devices is likely to be disconnected. If the watch and the paired device are not connected, the corresponding red icon is displayed on the Apple Watch screen. Today we will answer the question: how to link Apple Watch to iPhone.

How to connect Apple Watch to a new iPhone

To connect the Smart-watch to a new smartphone, you must fulfill a number of conditions:

  • Service identification number and password (Apple ID) required.
  • Old and new devices need to be connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Charging of watches and phones must be at least 70%.
  • An old smartphone must be updated to the latest version before the operation.
  • I want to back up my information on my old iPhone.
  • On the new phone, you need to sign in to iCloud and restore the saved information.
  • At the moment when the watch asks for permission to connect, it should be allowed.
  • iWatch and the new smartphone must be located next to each other.

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple’s third generation smartwatch with optional cellular launched on September 22, 2017.

I just bought an Apple Watch Series 3. I have my iPhone 6 Plus updated to version 12.4.3. I have successfully walked the entire process to the very last step on Apple Watch. It had a black screen with dashes formed by a circle that slowly faded from gray to white. I assumed this meant the process was almost complete, but all of a sudden my watch app on the iPhone said it was disconnecting the devices, even though I hadn’t even touched any of them. I have restarted both devices. I made sure to disconnect my iPhone from the watch in my settings as well as the watch app and then restart both devices again. Airplane mode is off, and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are on. I have no problem connecting devices, but he keeps saying that I need to update my iPhone, even though I have already done so. I was just dying to finally get an Apple Watch and would really appreciate your understanding.

the answer

I know from experience that if the display was previously replaced with a display that does not have the correct antenna connected (GPS or GPS LTE only), it can cause problems when trying to pair with a new device. You may need to return this watch and / or exchange it for another to complete the setup process.

Jeff, I used a watch. No screen has ever been replaced. The person I bought it from had a screen protector and a protective film that surrounded the watch. She also never wore it in the water. When I click the info button after getting to the screen that says to start the installation, the watch indicates that it only requires iOS 12.0 or newer.

If the Bluetooth connection between the watch and iPhone is working, the problem might be with the watch app on your phone. Try deleting and re-downloading the update file the watch is trying to use and / or reinstalling the watch app on your phone.

You need to use your iPhone camera to look at the patterned watch face! This is how the phone and the watch confirm each other.

point your iPhone at the watch screen as instructed in step 3.

Why won’t my Apple Watch connect to my iPhone?

Update (11/22/2019)

@kaelynnrenae. No, I read your description and was (and still confused) as you have two stories here. One of them. this is the update process and the second. this is a handshake after a fresh install on your iPhone.

At this point, I think you need to wipe the watch and start over. If the clock is now frozen, follow this guide. Fix a stuck or faulty Apple Watch by restarting it

The only thing I see here is About Activation Lock on Apple Watch, but what attracted me was that the watch was approved by the previous owner, otherwise you would not be able to link it to your iPhone (Apple ID) upon purchase (if you have never didn’t tie them).

Thus, if the original owner turned on Activation Lock, the watch must be cleared by the original owner in order for you to use it.

Dan, I don’t think you read my description. I was able to connect them together, but I was unable to get them to connect. Bluetooth capability has been more than successful on several occasions. However, I was unable to complete the software update process on the watch because it gets stuck on a screen that tells me I need to update my software even though it’s updated to the latest currently available version.

Have you fixed the problem? since today I have updated my Apple Watch with OS 5.3.6 and iPhone 6 with iOS 12.4.6 and have the same problem that you describe in your post. Please if you can help if you were given a solution.

@chico_vip_sps. You are the original owner of the Apple Watch and the iPhone you are using?

If this is not possible, the user IDs do not match, which will prevent you from setting the clock.

What to do if Apple Watch won’t connect to WI-FI

There is such a problem, but it can be solved.

By default, Apple Watch connects to iPhone via Bluetooth at a distance of up to 10 meters and should switch to Wi-Fi mode if the smartphone cannot be found. This is not always the case.

Important to know: the watch can only connect to a 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network. They cannot work in 5 GHz networks. Your iPhone must know this network and synchronize the access keys with the watch in advance.

My network is built only by Apple routers, so I did not expect any problems. But. the trouble.

The first thing I did was scan all corners of the WI-FI Explorer room and make sure that there is a good signal everywhere in the 2.4 GHz band (diagram above). But I didn’t want to turn off the “pure” 5 GHz at all. The solution found this.

How to make Apple Watch work over Wi-Fi

Wait until the watch finds the phone and a green connection icon appears on the “Preview” screen.

Check the connection by sending a search signal from the watch to the iPhone. If all is well and they are connected reliably, you can try turning off Bluetooth on your phone again to test the Apple Watch’s WI-FI connection. First, a red icon of a loss of connection will appear, but then, if everything went well and the clock updated the information about the network, a green cloud will appear, symbolizing an indirect connection of devices.

If the instructions didn’t help, try unpairing your iPhone and Apple Watch and then pairing it up again. As a last resort, temporarily turn off the 5 GHz band in your network and restore it after making sure that the watch is connected to WI-FI stably.

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