Fix 12. Wait for the next update from Apple

You may not be able to install watchOS updates on your Apple Watch due to a software error. This error could be in the current version of watchOS, the version you’re trying to install, or the iOS version on your iPhone.

Hopefully the next watchOS update will be even better.

If you can’t get rid of the error in the software, your only option. wait for Apple to fix it in the new update. Then try installing this update instead. Sometimes it takes a couple of weeks, so be patient and keep checking for new updates.

I hope it won’t take long for an update.

Check the Apple Watch‘s connection to your iPhone

The Apple Watch and iPhone communicate with each other via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Consequently, you should carefully check whether your smart watch is connected to your iPhone. But how do you know if your Apple Watch is connected to your iPhone?

On the Apple Watch screen, swipe up from bottom to top.

This will open the Control Center of your Apple Watch. When the iPhone icon lights up green. your watch is connected to your iPhone, and if red it is not.

In the Control Center, also check that the Wi-Fi symbol is blue. If not, your Apple Watch is not connected to the Wi-Fi network.

If your Apple Watch is not connected to Wi-Fi, tap on this Wi-Fi symbol and start pairing your watch with your iPhone.

Step Red iPhone means your Apple Watch is disconnected from your iPhone. Maybe your Apple Watch and iPhone are far apart; there may be more than 30 feet between them. Place the two devices close together, and then check the connection.

Check the settings on your Apple Watch and iPhone

Flight mode on iPhone and Apple Watch / Bluetooth on iPhone

There are many instances where you miss some necessary checks, such as Airplane Mode and Bluetooth. As mentioned above, your watch and phone communicate via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi network. When airplane mode is disabled on either device, the Wi-Fi will not work on either device.

On the Apple Watch, swipe up on the dial and turn on airplane mode (if disabled).

On your iPhone, tap ” Settings” → “Enable Airplane Mode”.

Then try connecting your Apple Watch to your iPhone.

When your iPhone is not connected to the Internet (Wi-Fi or mobile data), it communicates with your Apple Watch via Bluetooth. If Bluetooth is disabled on your iPhone, the connection will be interrupted.

Reboot your iPhone

You have done enough of the necessary checks on your devices. Now you can get busy troubleshooting your iPhone and Apple Watch.

Start by rebooting your iPhone and Apple Watch. We covered a separate post on how to reboot any iPhone.

Reboot the Apple Watch

If you’re a new Apple Watch user, you may need to reset your smart watch. However, this tutorial will tell you everything, including unplugging, completely rebooting and rebooting your Apple Watch.

Updating the software on your iPhone

Sometimes troubleshooting requires users to delete some data. Before you lose your data, you can update your iPhone to the latest version of the software and then connect the Apple Watch.

Resetting the network settings on your iPhone

When you reset the network settings on your iPhone, all your network passwords will be deleted. So first save all those passwords in the Notes app, then reset the network settings on your iPhone. When reconnecting your iPhone to the network, your Apple Watch may not encounter any problems pairing with your phone.

Go to “Settings” and press “General” on your iPhone.

Scroll down and press Reset from the bottom.

You need to click on Reset Network Settings and enter your password on the lock screen to reset the network settings on your iPhone.

Two methods to reset your Apple Watch

Still can’t connect your Apple Watch to your iPhone? You may need to reset the Apple Watch. There are two ways to reset your smart watch: use the Apple Watch or the Watch app on your iPhone.

Method : Reset the Apple Watch with your iPhone

Open the Watch app and tap the “My Watch” tab on the bottom menu of the iPhone.

Click on the “(i)” icon next to the Apple Watch at the top of the screen.

Finally, click on the Unpair Apple Watch option. Apple Watch without the eSIM feature will start the pairing process without asking users to save or delete their data plan. However, they must enter their Apple ID password before they can disconnect their watch.

Note. If you have an Apple Watch with eSIM. The Watch app may prompt you to click on one of three options: ” Save data plan.”. ” Delete data plan” and ” Cancel unlinked”. If you want to unlink, you can tap “Save Data Plan” or “Delete Data Plan”.

Method : Resetting the Apple Watch

Tap on the digital crown of your Apple Watch.

Then click ” Settings” in the cluster or app grid.

Now click on General.

Step Then click on Reset.

Phone out of date while connecting Apple Watch won’t pair with iPhone 2021.

Step In the last one click on “Delete all content and settings”.

Set the correct time on your iPhone

Thanks to our vigilant users, we found another solution to the problem that the Apple Watch will not connect after the iOS 13 update. We received an email from user Cliff Warren. which says, “I found another reason why the iPhone may not connect to the clock. If your iPhone has the wrong time, or if it doesn’t receive the time from your cellular provider, it won’t connect to the watch correctly. It will appear as connected, but will not send notifications or receive phone calls “.

apple, watch, requires, iphone, update

Call Apple Support

If nothing works, you can make an appointment with Apple Support to get rid of this Apple Watch pairing problem on your iPhone.

Preparing to update your Apple Watch

If a person is a happy owner of an Apple Watch or just planning to become one, updating the operating system of the watch to the latest versions will be a must-have in everyday life. This is necessary not only to add new features and functions, but also to fix bugs and vulnerabilities.

FYI! Unlike other “apple” devices on the smart watch from Apple requires a number of preparatory steps.

First of all, if the update will be done through your iPhone phone, you need to update it to the most current version of the software. To do this, go to the settings menu of the device, select the main settings section and the “Software Update” subsection. If there are updates, they will be highlighted with a red circle.

Next, make sure the Apple Watch has been set to charge the battery or has been powered up to at least 50 percent before. The smartphone is connected to the Wi-Fi wireless network and placed next to the watch to ensure it is within range.

Note! If the watch is not the latest version, the update can be downloaded to it and installed within a couple of hours. Even the newer models don’t stand out for fast downloads and installing updates. For the third series, which the company assures has been optimized, the update takes more than half an hour.

AppleWatch can be updated through a variety of methods, but not through a personal computer

The current version of the Apple Watch software

The Apple Watch is currently running watchOS version 5.1.3. It was released on January 22, 2019. This update fixed only minor bugs that users encountered after the release of update 5.1.2 in December. From watchOS 5.1.2 the ECG function was activated and new widgets and animations were added. WatchOS version 5.2 is already in beta testing and may soon be released.

How to update payment information on your iPhone

How to update payment information on iPhone and get rid of irrelevant information:

  • Go to the main menu and move to “Wallet and Apple Pay” subsection.
  • Select the label of the desired media and the items that need to be updated.
  • Confirm system request to overwrite information.

Note! Go to “Wallet and Apple Pay” subsection to make changes to email address, cell number, and shipping address from the settings block. It’s looking for items that need to be changed.

How to download and install a watchOS firmware update on your Apple Watch

In the instructions below we will tell you how to update the operating system watchOS Apple Watch.

To install the update, you’ll need an iPhone with the latest firmware version and an Apple Watch charger. The battery level should be at least 50%. The process of installing the watchOS update itself takes about 30 minutes, so be prepared for the fact that the installation may take several hours, depending on the speed of your Internet channel and a number of other factors.

Connect the Apple Watch charger to a power source and connect the watch. Make sure the iPhone is close to the gadget. Do not disconnect the Apple Watch from the charger during the update.

On your iPhone, open the Apple Watch app and click the “My Watch” tab. “Basic”. “Software Update“.

After the iPhone checks for the update, click on the “Read more” option to get information about the innovations in the update.

When you’re ready, click “Download & Install” to start the installation process.

You will need to enter the passcode on your iPhone.

Wait for the iPhone to download and prepare the update.

After a few minutes, the watch will display a notification that the update is available. Then you can click “Install” or wait 15 seconds for the installation process to start automatically. The Apple Watch screen will turn black and the Apple logo will appear during the update process. If you are prompted to enter your iPhone or Apple Watch password, enter it.

The process of installing an update for the Apple Watch looks like this:

When the installation is complete, the device will restart automatically.

Installing watchOS software updates using the Apple Watch

Open the Settings app on your Apple Watch.

Wait for the clock to check for updates.

Your Apple Watch will now download the update and can install it later. But to install the package, the Apple Watch must have a battery level of 50% or higher and be connected to a charger. Also, the Apple Watch needs to be connected to the Wi-Fi network to download the update and start the installation.

Installing Apple Watch updates is not a required procedure, but you can still download and install them using the Watch app → My Watch → Basic → Update SOFTWARE.

Not updating Apple Watch 3. not enough space, how to solve the problem

The Apple Watch Series 3 hit the market back in 2017, remaining a relevant Apple product today. Then this device was an instant hit due to its fast processor and improved fitness monitoring capabilities. The 2021 Series 3 is still on sale and represents the entry level of Apple’s smart watch lineup. Apple Watch 3 functionality remains more or less up to date due to constant watchOS updates.

apple, watch, requires, iphone, update

The watchOS 7 operating system was released back in 2020, and it still supports the Apple Watch Series 3. But, as it turned out, the sale and support of the product are already on the residual principle. After all, updating these watches to the current version of the operating system generates a whole placer of difficulties.

In a normal situation, updating the Apple Watch is not a big problem. even if it’s not fast, it’s a simple process. All you have to do is charge your device to 50%, press a couple of buttons, and wait for the software to install. However, the Apple Watch Series 3 does not fit into this algorithm. the watch has only 4GB of internal storage. Initially this memory is quite enough to install the update. That’s just during the time of use the owners of the watch have already been able to fill the drive with files, programs and settings. As a result, there simply isn’t enough space on your device to install a major watchOS update.

over, manually deleting all content in this case will not help. no matter what you do, the update will not install. “not enough free space on the clock”.

It’s too slow

A large number of users complained about the slow operation of the device. There are several ways to improve its performance.

First, make sure the software on your Apple Watch and paired iPhone is updated to the latest version.

Break up the watch-smartphone pairing and recreate it.

Performance slows down when too many apps are installed on the Apple Watch. Open the Watch app on your smartphone, go to the “My Watch” menu and scroll down to see the installed programs. Tap on the name of the unwanted program and disable the “Show on Apple Watch” option.

Presented list of problems and malfunctions, of course, is not complete. With more rare and exotic problems, you should contact Apple Technical Support (on a business day and preferably not on Monday). Or, as an option, pay attention to Android smart watches: they are bigger, cheaper, and now compatible with iOS.