Apple disables the last payment method: how to save subscriptions on the iPhone

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Sanctions and the position of foreign companies that do not want to work with are inserted more and more sticks in the wheels of iPhones of users. Now difficulties are observed even with the recently worked on AppStore from the account of the mobile operator. How to save the opportunity to extend subscriptions and buy paid applications? There are still several ways left, Finnov explains.

Gradual disconnection

After the start of the military special operation in Ukraine, international payment systems Visa and MasterCard ceased their activities in Ukraine. This did not reflect in the country’s payments almost in any way, but the payment of cards abroad (including foreign online services) stopped working. The first, of course, noticed problems with payment in applications stores.

For some time, the App Store was accepted for payment of the Mir card, but soon this opportunity was disconnected. Formally, paying any card as it were (and even indicated among the payment methods in the application), but in fact, payments from banks do not pass.

Some users who want to pay Apple for applications and services have switched to QIWI pickers. But in early May, the American company blocked this opportunity.

Apple “Your Payment Method Was Declined” Error, How to Fix?

The last way remained. payment from mobile phones accounts. But the other day and he staggered. Apple disabled the possibility of such payment for a number of operators. The list of permitted ones now shows only payments from Beeline subscribers, MTS and Tele2.

What will happen to the cards

They hit the alarm. Many simply do not understand what is happening and what other sanctions to prepare. Users are saddened that they will no longer be able to pay for various entertainment or educational services like games on the Apple Music music, ICLOUD storage tariffs.

Bank cards on the territory itself will work. Visa and MasterCard systems. until the duration of their validity expires, bankers say. The date is written on the front side of each bank card.

Important! Some banks have already extended the validity period of all Visa and MasterCard cards. Alfa-Bank and Sovcombank-until the end of 2028. Credit Bank (ICD). until the end of 2030. Gazprombank and VTB reported that their cards will act indefinitely.

However, now it is clear that Visa and MasterCard have stopped working as payment systems for purchase in foreign online stores. As well as ApplePay and GooglePay services, if you try to pay with their help with a pure Mir card. How to be?

How to pay for foreign subscriptions now

Opportunities for payment remained. There are people who paid for subscriptions in advance for six months a year a year, and they still work for them. If you believe social networks, some people work out to pay foreign bills and after March 10-11. Disconnecting, apparently, for some stores, is not a quick thing. Try to pay or buy something important for you right now. In any case, it’s easy to try, suddenly it will work out.

Many rushed to tie to their iPhones and androids maps of the Mir system. But, as readers of the Fintono write and how we managed to verify ourselves, it is impossible to do it now. Apple does not give such an opportunity. You can try to tie the card of the Chinese Unionpay system, there is no problem with it. However, these cards are not accepted in all online stores.

How to pay in App Store

How to pay for subscriptions in the App Store now? A mass of tips and instructions dispersed over the network, what and how. Let’s figure it out.

Advice Council of Apple ID can try to replenish from the card that is already attached to your account. Everything is simple here, as before: open the App Store application, click on the icon of our profile at the top right and click on the “Replenish Apple ID” button. Enter the desired amount and voila. Of course, if your bank card is no longer working or you are not ready to pay for your subscriptions ahead, then this option is not good.

How to use Apple Pay — Apple Support

apple, does, work, subscription, payment

We checked, the method does not work. Although you can try, someone is writing, it comes out.

Council Account can be replenished through a bank mobile application. We go to the bank application, to the “Payments” section, we find the provider “App Store iTunes”. We write in the opening window of our phone, we get an SMS with a code, indicate the right amount, replenish. It is necessary that your bank has this provider in his list. We tried. It did not work out. Sberbank and Tinkoff have no such provider.

Advice in App Store can be paid using a mobile phone account. Just change the payment settings on your iPhone. Go to the AppStore application, click on the profile icon, find the “Manage payment methods” section, select “Add Payment Method” and then click on the “Mobile phone” button. Enter the number, look forward to SMS with a code to confirm payment. All is ready.

We tried. The method works.

P.S.: If you received a message “payment rejected by the telecom operator”, contact your operator. Write to the application chat or reach the office. Perhaps you have connected services that block payment from a mobile phone account, or, for example, a mobile operator wants to check your passport data.

Important! If Apple’s services are blocked, then money from the Apple ID account you will most likely lose.

How to pay on Google Play

In Google, you can also try to replenish your account through a mobile. We go to the settings of our account in the “Payments and Subscriptions” section, then select the “Payment Puts” section and click on the “Add Operator” button. Enter your phone number. Ready.

We checked: the method works.

We pay through the QIWI wallet

For purchases in Google Play, you can use an electronic wallet. From unlotted popular remains, for example, QIWI. You can replenish it online via the Internet, and in any terminal, if you have a cash. Terminals are often found, now they are working normally. However, the App Store does not have the opportunity to add an electronic wallet as a payment method.

We buy a gift card

Another option for payment on Google Play, App Store and iTunes is gift cards. Like those that can be bought in stores for a certain amount. In fact, for and everything is not so simple here.In the case of Google there is a risk. The fact is that it is not included in the list of countries in which it is possible to buy a gift card. But they are still bought, according to the gray scheme using VPN.

VPN. Virtual Private Network, or virtual private network. It is used, for example, to track the activities of users on the Internet and social networks.

Important! Activating cards through VPN is unsafe. As a result, the card can generally block.

apple, does, work, subscription, payment

As for the purchase of gift cards, iTunes and App Store, here the situation is not much easier. Such cards were recently available, for example, in Yumoney. Now, if you go to Yumoney to the “App Store iTunes” section, we will see this picture:

That is, by and large, it is impossible to buy a gift card. Now on ads services are sold at a price of 200 to 3,000. For 200 you promise you an empty card with the possibility of replenishing. For 3,000 and a little cheaper selling cards with 500-650 rubles on the balance sheet. Fraudsters? maybe. Now there are a lot of people who want to cash in on the people’s grief.

Payment using a foreign bank card

If you have a bank card issued abroad, then there is no need to look for alternative payment methods. The maps of Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Armenia, Georgia, Turkey are popular with the popularity of.

Since March 2022, the requirements for the documents necessary for opening an account with documents have significantly increased. At the moment, almost nowhere can you do it remotely.

You can get and draw up a bank card of Kazakhstan remotely with delivery in. Details see the telegram of the HTTPS: // T television.Me/Visamastercardrussia.

Apple payment using special service sites

Now on the Internet you will find a lot of offers on payment of foreign services (including Apple). For their services, they will take a certain commission.

  • The main of the payment methods is the one that is on the top line. Apple ID. Further order on the list.
  • If you are going to pay for a new subscription, program, be sure to tie at least one mobile phone number.
  • It is allowed to use several numbers.
  • To delete the current phone number, you first need to tie a new.
  • Payment from Apple ID or from a mobile phone account will pass if you delete a bank card from payment methods.
  • If the card is not deleted, check the current subscriptions that it has paid for. They will have to be removed too.
  • After the paid subscription is over, offers may appear with a trial free period.

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apple, does, work, subscription, payment

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Search for cards on Avito

Now there is an additional way to throw money on the Apple account through gift cards. But the problem is that after the start of the crisis they began to buy them massively on official sites. Now there are practically no left. Some users decided in this way to ensure uninterrupted purchase payment for themselves. Others saw self.interest in this and are now selling them much more than the price for which they themselves purchased. You can find gift cards today on

On a virtual window, the price can be standard, but in fact it turns out that it is sold more expensive. Be careful when this product is offered at the old price or even lower than the market. Perhaps this is only a trick for fraud. In this case, it is better to refuse to buy such a product. Sometimes it’s enough to look at the seller’s rating, as well as at the reviews of people who bought goods from him to understand who you are dealing with.

Automation of the balance of Apple

For subscribers of some operators, the way to replenish the Apple account through the balance of the phone is still available. In this case, it is affordable to configure auto payments, and the funds will be automatically sent to your account monthly. Thus, you can pay for Apple Music, iCloud subscriptions and other branded services.

  • Go to the phone settings;
  • Open the section “Content and purchases”;
  • Open sending and delivery services;
  • Go to your ID and open the “replenish” item;
  • Select the amount for the auto payment and add a way to replenish. the mobile phone score.

While the method of entering the funds from the phone account will be valid, there will be no need to do it manually. How much more he will work, time will tell.

How to extend Apple’s subscriptions (iCloud, Music, TV, etc.) without MasterCard and Visa cards [updated]

Most of the methods of payment of Apple subscriptions are blocked. I tried a bunch of different ways of payment iCloud and found one worker.

What I tried and what definitely does not work:

  • Apple Pay Mastercard card (Sberbank, Tinkoff, Alfa-Bank),
  • Apple Pay Mir Mir (Sberbank),
  • Payment through the mobile operator Yota and Tele2,
  • Buying gift certificates through applications Sberbank Online, Alfa-Bank, Tinkoff (they simply are not deleted).

Updated: readers and subscribers report that payment via Yota and Megafon still works. Only on condition, if the operator of the mobile communications “Actual data” about your account. Otherwise, you need to go to the office and update the data, after which the ability to pay through the phone should earn.

How to replenish the balance of Apple ID

The Kiwi application (Qiwi) came to the rescue. It currently remains the opportunity to buy a gift certificate of the App Store iTunes.

  • Download QIWI application from AppStore.
  • If you are not a “kiwi” client yet, register (you may need confirmation of a person through “public services”).
  • In the application in the search bar, find and select the App Store iTunes.

When the gift card is activated, among the ICLoud settings, a new way of payment Apple ID will appear. Your balance will be displayed below.

Subsequently, when once again, Apple tries to withdraw money from your card for subscription to Apple Music, ICloud, Apple TV or other service, the will occur from the balance ID.

How long this method will work is unknown, so hurry up and replenish the Apple ID balance with a margin. The method is relevant for March 15, 2022. If you also succeed in paying for Apple services described by the described method, share instructions with friends in social networks.

UPD 6.05.2022: Apple disabled the ability to replenish the balance via Qiwi. This method temporarily does not work. Remains replenishment through the phone number.

Connection of the Mir “Mir”

The use of Mir cards for purchases in App Store and iTunes is in question so far. Judging by the reviews of the owners of smartphones, the success of attaching the payment system through the Mir card depends on which bank released the card.

apple, does, work, subscription, payment

Some Apple cards refuses to register, saying that “the payment method is rejected”. “Update the data or indicate another payment method, and then repeat the attempt,”. such a message appears with a red text.

However, in exceptional cases, the Mir card can be tied to the App Store.

This method is extremely unreliable, and can only work in a small percentage of owners of the company’s gadgets from Cupertino.

Through a banking application

The replenishment of the account of the Apple gadgets acted through banks. Most often, for this it is only necessary to find the “Payments” section and drive into the “App Store” search field, and then select the “App Store iTunes” provider in the results.

Payment works as follows: you need to register your mobile number in the field. It will come to the activation code in the SMS message. You must first choose the amount of replenishment.

However, in the last hours, messages have come from users that this method of payment began to work with failures. Several customers of banks noted that the payment has passed, but the certificate with the code never arrived. In this regard, it is worth considering potential problems with obtaining code and checking different banking applications for the performance of the method.

How to pay for Apple Music in doubt, until recently 99% of the owners of apple devices used various subscriptions for services developed and served Apple. Usually, they were paid automatically (in accordance with the user settings) using Apple Pay. Today-this is impossible due to the fact that the workshop and visa temporarily suspended transactions made from the territory outside the country. A natural question arises: how to pay your favorite Apple music from a card? Unfortunately, today it is impossible. However, there must be some options?

Today there is one way that allows you to continue to pay for the Apple Music subscription and other services. This can be done from the account of the mobile operator. Since pay for Apple music from the phone balance? There are 4 operators that allow you to make transactions from accounts serving mobile communications. That is, the payment of subscriptions will be made from the same details as payments for mobile communications or the Internet.

Payment Apple Music through a cell phone number

So, the algorithm of actions for those who want to save the available subscriptions and easily replenish the Apple ID balance should be as follows:

  • Go to the Apple Store (in your profile).
  • On the account tab, select “Management of payment methods”.
  • Next, click on this inscription: “Add methods of payment“.
  • After that, you will need to mark the item “Mobile phone”.
  • It is possible to use the main phone number or any other (for example, spouse or spouse, parents, etc.).
  • After the changes made, you must wait for an SMS in which the code confirming the changes will be sent.
  • By sending this code, the user confirms the changes when paying for subscription.

Usually, after such changes, cellular operators send information after each payment in the form of SMS notifications.

The availability of the opportunity to continue to use your favorite services and knowing how to pay Apple Store in allows you to further use the usual services. In particular. Apple Music. This service appeared in 2015 and in a very short time became in demand by a huge number of music lovers. This is natural, since the application offers:

  • more than 50 million. compositions that can be listened without advertising;
  • ordering playlists to the mood;
  • high.quality sound, even with a not very high Internet speed;
  • the possibility of preserving your favorite music and listening to it in offline mode;
  • discussion of some compositions with some performers and much more.

So, knowing how to pay for Apple ID in the new conditions, you can continue to use not only the music service, but also other services from Apple. In any case, the difficulties are temporary, the normalization of the situation is expected very soon.

Apple Pay earned on Yamal?

A resident of the Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug placed a video in his social networks, how he orders pizza in a local pizzeria without any problems and pays for the purchase of Apple Pay.

The video clearly traces the order process in the company’s application:

  • The user selects pizza and puts it in a basket;
  • presses “place an order”;
  • selects the method of payment “Apple Drink”;
  • presses “pay”.

Payment takes place without any problems. The system writes that the order is accepted.

That is, it turns out that, formally in this pizzeria on Yamal, one can calculate the foreign mobile payment system, which today has suspended activities on the territory

Khovosts from the front: a new combat map in Ukraine October 16, 2022. Special operation in Ukraine day 235. Donbass Today: Latest News 16.ten.2022

But, without linings, of course, there were not. The pizza was never delivered to the client, since the restaurant did not receive payment. The order was canceled. Thus, it makes no sense that Apple drink formally on Yamal, there is no.

Tinkoff card works in Apple drink?

Recently, information has appeared on the Internet that Apple drink is working in particular, with the world cards. This is inaccurate information, and before the introduction of restrictions on the card of the domestic payment system were added to this service in a very limited format. For example, if the question of whether Apple works, drink Tinkoff or Sberbank, it was possible to answer in the affirmative, but the plastic of the domestic payment system from most other banks never functioned.

Whether Apple is working with a world card today? Most iPhone owners claim that no. Sometimes there are messages on the network that someone managed to make a payment in the same familiar way, but most likely this is inaccurate information. In any case, the company is trying to distance himself as much as possible from users, despite the tangible losses from leaving from so, we answered the question of whether Apple is working with a Tinkoff card or some other banks on the territory if it is a visa or workshop, it is definitely not. In the case of plastic, the world is partially open. In any case, the virtual cards of the domestic system of payments cannot be tied to the service.

Payment Apple Drink does not work: how to make payments with a phone?

Today there are several options that will allow you to use a smartphone with NFC technology to pay for services and purchases:

  • Add to the Apple service drink a card of a foreign bank that did not fall under the restrictions.
  • Use payment by QR code. In some places this is already practiced, but for this, an application of one of the banks with a card added to it should be installed on the smartphone.
  • Agree with a relative abroad. He will discover a card in a foreign bank and give you the details that you will add to one of the payments services. With relatives you can pay cryptocurrency, there are no restrictions on transfers yet.

Unfortunately, we must admit that all these options are not very workers or rarely used, so so far you will have to forget about making payments using the phone.