What iPhone has Magsafe? Full guide.

Apple Magsafe technology is relatively new, since it is currently available only on iPhone 12 iPhone series. iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max. Apple IPhone 13 phone line also supports Magsafe.

iPhone 11 does not support MAGSAFE, and no iPhone released before.

This means that if you want to use Magsafe on your next iPhone, currently you are limited to the iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 series series. At the moment, these are the only iPhone on which Magsafe is installed.

iPhone 11 will work with some MAGSAFE accessories, just not all. It has a ring for wireless charging, as in iPhone 12, but it is not magnetized.

This means that if you need an iPhone with Magsafe, you will have to purchase iPhone 12. Any model. or new apple. iPhone 13 When it starts in the second half of 2021.

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B0rm0t0s, and crutches too. Long live.

This is too crookedly painted by Type-C on the middle picture, Chet Padazer

I have a Chinese android charging cable with a magnetic lock.

MR-TRAMVAEV, so where Apple draws inspiration for patents)

B0RM0T0S, not crutch, and a stylish iaxe improvement improvement and “Incredible User Experience”!

Hryun25, as well as USB adapters

B0RM0T0S, today, under the balcony saw the homeless, threw MacBook about them, they were frightened and left

apool, it’s time to patent adapters for adapters.

After 3 years, reaching the last dashik, the Cook has an idea to return the minijack to the 10th Ohon.

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That foliage when not once did not buy the APLLE technique, and even more so the accessories.

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Leon_2907, luminous apple, adapter luminous apple

Good that they do not return it and remain 4 USBC port. adapter? Adapter for the sake of God

It’s not easier to just leave and all that the Bled is not so much space requires

Yeah, but the Chinese are already slipping them from the year.

Wow, but I don’t think it is still on the opinion of the people often. Well, if you return, it will in my opinion, the first time when the apple admitted his mistake and returned as it was

Everything is very simple. Another Watch is produced with such an adapter in a set in addition to an existing charging, the price of the clock rises by 119. Bloggers are published by Lifehak, the essence of which is that buying to his MacBook the latest watches get an innovative original accessory from Apple completely free!

Zvizdets as Apple wears without a host. One rubbish since then, no revolution.

And make price tag for this adapter in 149.99.

The news is obvious, it will be relevant only for the new Apple MacBook Pro, since only these devices completely switched to charging via USB Type-C.

But what about the macbuck 12 inch which is also charging only USB Type-C? Man wrote news is not familiar with the line of laptops Apple 2015-2017?

UPB without a magnetic connector is really uncomfortable, with unaccustomed a couple of times a little laptop did not throw off the table

Such an adapter is already on sale, alo

On Ali, such adapters are sold for a long time.

I remember a business trip to use a simple macbuk about 5-6 years ago. It was my first acquaintance with poppies. The main delight was a touchpad, followed by a magsayev, really cool thing, very comfortable and practical, the charger itself perfectly performed. I had to get used to the system, but I didn’t take much time and it was nice to use. From the specific I need only AutoCAD, there are free analogs, there is directly AutoCAD himself. I did not try to put, but I think no difficulties.

For myself concluded that the technique is excellent, but for me is expensive at the moment. However, accurately buy myself a 13 inches.

I do not understand this sarcastic and dismissive attitude towards lovers of Apple’s technique, exactly as to Xiaomi and in general these holivarov. There are a variety of automotive brands, brands of clothing and shoes and t.D. Everyone will choose herself that he taste and

Often I hear an opinion: I bought an overvalued iPhone. MyGak Candy. And what do you say about all sorts of solaries of 800 pieces or normal apartments of 80-100 pieces per meter (and this is not Moscow or Peter). This is normal, not overvalued, a gift of fate? And pay credit mortgages for years.

Johny_son, well, sarcasm about Apple’s technology is explained by the fact that recently the manufacturer tests its innovations at the expense of buyers, for example, they removed the panel with the keys, put the touch there, removed all ports left only USB C, removed charging on the magnet, and now decided return. I understand when the software is so tested, but damn it is iron and it costs it a lot.


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Apple will make the future MacBook Air Thinner and will return to him Magsafe magnetic charging

Apple develops a more subtle and light laptop MacBook Air, reported Bloomberg edition, referring to awareness sources. The updated version of the portable laptop can be released in the second half of this year or at the beginning of the 2022th. The novelty will be built on a new generation of Apple‘s own processors. In addition, Apple Magsafe magnetic charging technology will be returned.

Image Source: Stephanie Keith / Getty Images

According to sources, the Apple is currently dealing with issues related to the reduction in the size and weight of the updated model while maintaining the diagonal of the 13-inch laptop screen, the framework of which is planned to do thinner. Recall that the weight of the MacBook Air of the current generation is 1.29 kg, and the thickness is 1.61 cm.

The publication also added that the company is considering the possibility of creating a larger, 15-inch version of MacBook Air. However, sources indicate that this model is in any case should not be expected in the nearest update of the MacBook Air series.

Apple deprived ultra-compact laptops MacBook Air Magsafe magnetic connector in 2018. At the same time, the Magsafe power connector feature is that the cable connected to it is held by magnets. With a random hitch, the charging cord is simple and safe for a laptop disconnects, and does not pull the laptop along. The new MacBook AIR model will also receive a pair of USB4 connections to connect external devices, report sources Bloomberg.

The updated MacBook Air will come to replace the current version of the laptop, built on the Apple M1 processor. Recall that the last time the company updated the MacBook Air series in November last year, when it translated it from Intel chips to his own processors.

What is magsafe?

To simplify much, MAGSAFE. Magnetic Wireless Charging System for iPhone. But this technology has its own story. For those of you who do not know, explain that Magsafe was originally used for simple fixation of the charging cable to MacBook Pro and MacBook Air laptops.

Thanks to the power of magnets, the cable gently got up in his place in the charging port. But if you accidentally hook the wire for something, or someone awkward turns about the charger, the cable is easily disconnected from the port, and will not drain on the floor connected MacBook.

Similar scheme tried to implement Microsoft in its Surface laptop. But the Surface Connect port worked not as good as Magsafe. Over time, Apple’s desire to make MacBook even more subtle led to the transition to the USB-C ports, the places for Magsafe did not remain. Alas, but one of the most elegant and efficient features of Apple laptops has become part of the story.

Magsafe on the iPhone performs many features. This is a combination of fastening system and charging system that opens a huge potential for Apple and accessories manufacturers.

To create your own patented type of wireless charging with the possibility of fastening various accessories, in the available wireless charging coil of the Qi standard (on the back of the iPhone housing), Apple has added several components, such as magnetometer and NFC reader.

What is the iPhone Magsafe battery?

Battery iPhone Magsafe. This is an accessory for 99, which Apple released in 2021. This is an external power source for Apple smartphones series iPhone 12. Battery iPhone Magsafe essentially looks like a little white brick.

On the bottom side of the iPhone Magsafe battery you will see the maggsafe nozzle. This is what allows him to be perfectly attached to the back of the compatible iPhone. As soon as the iPhone Magsafe battery is connected to the iPhone, iPhone will receive energy from it. Thus, the iPhone Magsafe Battery Pack battery allows you to charge the iPhone without the need to connect the iPhone to the charger.

The iPhone Magsafe battery is perfect when you are out of the house, and not near the charging port, but you need to recharge the iPhone battery. It is best that he is thin enough so that you can put your iPhone in your with an attached iPhone Magsafe battery.

Apple declares that the iPhone Magsafe Battery Pack battery will extend the iPhone 12 mini another 70% of battery life, iPhone 12. 60% of the extra battery life, iPhone 12 Pro. Another 60% of the battery life, and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Another 40% of the battery life.

Opinion: Apple In vain refuses Magsafe in MacBook

Journalist and owner of many “apple” laptops Steve Kovach confident: Apple goes somewhere not there. Meeting Steve with Lappopami from Cupertino began with PowerBook G4 2004, which he bought for college classes. For those times, the “laptop” was simply luxurious. he was far exceeded by his design of all competitors.

The minus was only one. the port for charging. Old Powerbook has a round proprietary connector for connecting the connector- “Pill”. The design was unreliable, and two years later, Kovach broke it. at night she accidentally occurred to the wire. As a result, the small lever at the end of the connector and the port itself for charging. It was still possible to charge the G4, but for this it was necessary to insert the connector “just like that, and not otherwise”. No money for repairing a poor student then did not find.

But soon after this, Apple incident unexpectedly announced a revolutionary charging for their laptops. Magsafe. Today with her sign any owner “Poppy”: the connector holds in the jack on the magnets and in case the owner hits his foot, just “falls off” himself, without dragging the laptop. The perfect solution!

Now, Apple again woke up the reform. According to the latest data, the new generation MacBook Pro will not charge anymore through Magsafe, but through the mainstream USB-C.

The new standard, of course, has several advantages. Through it, you can not only charge MacBook, but also connect accessories and peripherals to it (for example, an external monitor). USB-C is good for everything besides charging laptops!

The genius Magsafe was that he left your head free. No need to think about not to hurt the wire. USB-C does not know how. and this is a problem.

But Cuppertinov does not stop. The newest Apple laptop is a 12-inch MacBook. already shipped not with MAGSAFE, but from USB-C. This year, the “apple” company will put a new connector on the MacBook Pro, and in the next year or two. and on the MacBook Air (if the latter does not take off production at all).

Before us. a rare example of how Apple refuses something good in favor of something more bad. USB-C is good for many things. But to charge MacBook through it, and not through an incredibly convenient and practical MAGSAFE With Jobs, this was not (and it could not).

How to reset SMC on Mac computers with Apple T2 processor

The “Security” processor Apple T2 Security Chip is equipped with:

  • iMac (with Retina 5K display, 27 inches, 2020 g.)
  • Mac Pro (2019.)
  • Mac Pro (rack model, 2019.)
  • Mac Mini (2018.)
  • MacBook Air (with Retina display, 13 inches, 2018 g and newer)
  • MacBook Pro (13 inches, 2018 and newer)
  • MacBook Pro (15 inches, 2018 and newer)
  • MacBook Pro (16 inches, 2019 g and newer)

In order to make sure the Apple T2 processor on your computer, go to the Apple menu () → “System Information”. On the left pane, select the “Controller” or iBridge depending on the MacOS version.

The inscription “Apple T2 processor” on the right means your Mac computer is equipped with Apple T2 processor.

Reset SMC on IMAC Pro (2017) and Mac Mini (2018)

Turn off the computer via Apple menu .

After turning off the computer, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.

Release the power button and wait a few seconds.

Turn on the computer by pressing the power button.

Turn off the computer via Apple menu .

Wait 5 seconds, and then turn on the computer again by pressing the power button.

Reset SMC on MacBook Air laptops (2018 and later) and MacBook Pro (2018 and later)

Turn off the computer via Apple menu .

After turning off the computer, press and hold the power button for 10 seconds.

Release the power button and wait a few seconds.

Turn on the computer by pressing the power button.

Turn off the computer via Apple menu .

Press and hold the right ⇧Shift key for 7 seconds, the left key ⌥OPTION (ALT) and the left key Control. Not releasing these keys, press and hold the power button for another 7 seconds.

Release all keys and wait a few seconds.

Turn on the computer by pressing the power button.

Cleaning 2. Warranty repair

The next day, Olga Prokofievna decided to start cleaning with wipes. Going into one of the departments and armed with special napkins, it went to the TVs and without rear thoughts spent several times on one of the screens.

What about Olga Prokofievna did not touch, everything struck to crumble, tear off, oxidize. In the corner on the floor, the demonstration robot vacuum cleaner was diligently coughed, which was suppressed by something. Wheat took him into hand and knocked on the place where the robot in logic should be back. In a second, a microscopic dust ball and a kilogram of some microcircuits flew out of the poorness nozzle. Robot gratefully pulled and drove back into his box.

Wheel shrugged and took a step back. At the same time, she accidentally came on the main manager of Ignat, which is why he literally became lower than a few centimeters and raised for several years.

Having finished distributing instructions, Ignat, looking sobly, left the meeting place.

Olga Prokofievna was able to not only wash the chamber to shine, but also managed to even return to her the factory smell. Having finished, the scarlet went to look for loaders. The sound of loud rhythmic blows brought it to the desired trail. Men were sitting in the middle of a span and enthusiastically played the drum, despite the height of the working day. Olga Prokofievna always supported creativity, especially she loved music. That’s just the movers were by no means musicians, and the drum was temporarily removed from the pot of the washing machine, which stood nearby: Men played in Domino and shouted loudly.

At that moment, the middle sizes of the halibut flew to his head, knocking down a long-term ringing in the ears.

“Businessmen” did not want. They rose where the eyes look, sparkling on the scales shook them.

Having gone to their gaze, rafken grabbed the drum. He managed to slightly deform from frequent blows and was all in scratches. Turning a piece of gay paste from his. Olga Prokofievna intense movements quickly returned to the subject of former mirror, and then hesitated to the drum from the inside, tightly pressed him to face. There was a cotton. all the dents of the VMIG disappeared.

Having installed the item back, the clining manager rolled the washing machine together with a freezer in a warehouse.

There was almost no light in the warehouse, only occasionally twisted on the ceiling a luminescent lamp, creating thick shadows. Search for goods to the set came to the touch. Olga Prokofievna walked very carefully, since with the upper shelves constantly something fell. A thick fog sailed over the floor, which pulled a broken air humidifier. Then here on the racks among kitchen appliances visible tails of computer mice. Quickly led with himself a conversation fucking Yandex Station. Not a warehouse, but the kingdom of darkness. Many workers could not stand and five minutes here, and those who remained, forever lost their mind and soul.

When the first dissected toasters and five-generations coated with five generations of fat began to appear on the way, it became clear that Olga Prokofievna came to. Among the heaps of all the rubbish on the chair sat, some kind of crossed man and dreamed, launching.

Seeing the washing machine and freezer, he lazily pointed out into some far corner, made by large technique to the limit:

He yawned and wanted to close his eyes again.

He saw Olga Prokofiena took the Nokia3310 mobile phone with the shelf, which came here when the master was still young, and no matter how accidentally broke in half.