How the Chinese are bred by the whole of Russia on fake iPhone

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To date, there are several types of so-called “restored” iPhone.

The first is official “refs”. They pass Apple quality control are issued in service centers as “exchanges”, that is, the devices for the replacement of defective. And still sold in large stores.

The second is much more interesting, more common and more dangerous. These are “Chinese refuses”. up to 90% of the iPhone sold in informal shops and on the ad sites.

Bought iPhone with hands or in a small online store? Very high chance that you have a “Chinese Ref”. It’s time to figure out what it is.

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I give a word to a person directly connected with the shadow industry recovery of the iPhone in China. Alas, he wished to remain unknown.

AIRPODS and Airpods Pro packaging

Often, fake airpods can be detected before the packaging itself is opened. In fact, it is important to check even it, because the preservation of the initial integrity of the box will help return the money in case of refusal.

Apple sometimes changes the packaging design for its products, so the Airpods packaging may differ from the photos found on the Internet. However, real airpods will never have clearly printed or pixelized images, which are characteristic of fake products.

Carefully read the entire text and inspect each image on the Airpods box for errors. Any typos, double gaps or low-quality pictures give reason to assume that in your hands. fake.

The original Airpods Pro packaging has a shortcut with an arrow for convenient unpacking.

The best airpod clones provide the right external packaging. the headphone box can even be packed in a film with a label with the arrow. But do not judge the book on her cover. Just that outwardly the box looks correctly does not mean that inside the real airpods.

Open the box and look for typos or errors in the accompanying documents.

You must also make sure that your airpods come with all accessories listed on the Apple website: Go to the specifications page for your specific Airpods.

Be sure to turn on the iPhone

It will sound strange, but some buyers really do not include an iPhone when buying, relying only on appearance, complete set and box.

First, the fingerprint sensor must work properly. If you buy the iPhone “from the hands”, ask to add your mark.

apple, distinguish, fake, original

The screen of the original iPhone should not be given blue, green or other shades. All colors juicy and pleasant. Tilt the device and look at the picture. even at a large color angle and the image will not change. iPhone has very good viewing angles, so the non-original screen will give up immediately.

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IOS inteeis should literally “delight eyes”. clear readable fonts, smooth, square icons of applications with rounded corners. The operation of the operating system smooth, without “lags” and jerks.

apple, distinguish, fake, original

Little trick: Pay attention to the clock application icon. On the dial shooter will definitely move (in some “pseudo-ios” such trifles may be absent).

Subtleties of intees. Open the App Store and try to download any program for iOS. for example, Numbers or Garage Band. First, when you open the App Store, no redirects in the browser (and especially on Google Play) should not be, and the search for the specified programs will allow them to establish.

Also look for such items such as iCloud and “Find iPhone”. In the fakes learned with particular accuracy to copy the settings menu, but these features you will not find there.

In fact, the most effective way to check the originality of the iPhone and its operating system is to download the iTunes application from the Apple official website. After connecting the smartphone to the computer, the program identifies the original device by providing information about its serial number and model.

Be sure to purchase Apple products from proven sellers. for example, the partner of Appleinsinder.RU. Service SmartPrice. Only then, you can protect yourself from getting into a network of fraudsters, which has recently been a lot on the market. SmartPrice sends all its smartphones to a certified center for diagnostics where specialists detect all device defects.

We remind you that appleinsider.en Share with SmartPrice.RU launched a project with which you can not just buy an iPhone much cheaper, but also exchange your old smartphone to a new. On a special page you can buy any of Apple smartphones with maximum savings up to 30 thousand.

How to distinguish the original iPhone from the Chinese fake on Android using Apple ID

Apple ID is a universal account for a variety of Apple services. Create Apple IDs can not even having available iPhone, iPad and Mac. The thing is that the iPhone fakes work on the basis of the Android operating system, carefully disguised as iOS. graphic inteeis will not allow the inexperienced user to detect deception. However, the Chinese apparatus does not have the functionality of the original.

How to create an Apple ID without Apple devices (any computer with the iTunes installed program is required), we told in more detail and showed on video in this material.

Having your own Apple ID You are with a 100% guarantee to identify the fake, for this:

Run the setup application and go to the iTunes Store and App Store section.

If such a partition is present and someone’s account is specified in it (Login Button), enter your data. In case the entrance to your account does not obstruct anything. it means that you are original iPhone. It should be like this:

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For greater confidence, go to the App Store application and type iMovie or Garage Band search. These are Apple applications that are not on Android. It is logical that if such applications are available in search issuance, then the original iPhone.

How to distinguish a Chinese charging on the iPhone

Today we will talk only about the differences in the original MAGSAFE from accessories of any other brands. It will be needed to us first in order not to get caught on the trick of fraudsters who issue accessories in the original box for the full price.

Of course, Apple initially understood that the accessory would often fake. It is actually not surprising. Daily Chinese produce thousands of accurate copies of original charges on the iPhone. On aliexpress their just sea.

That is why Cuppertinovs allowed to check the originality of MAGSAFE through the smartphone settings. This can be done as follows:

  • Connect any iPhone 12 and older to Magsafe.
  • Go to Settings, Basic.
  • Next, go to the section about this device.
  • Scroll to the end and find the MAGSAFE subsection.
  • Here will be indicated serial charging number.
  • If charging is not original, nothing will appear in the menu.

Look in the settings and distinguish the original from the copy will not be much labor.

I ask you, do not turn on the animation when connecting Magsafe. Each second Chinese copy without problems can reproduce it. Trust only the described instructions. This is the surest way to distinguish a copy of the original.

Many now tell me that I am the smartest. Will be right, of course, but there are still nuances. First, what to do if Magsafe is supplied in the box and you acquire it for a gift? And what if you want to buy Magsafe for your future iPhone, and now we go with some eleventh? They do not support new technology. About this and talk below.

Design and packaging

Most often, the fake iPhone from the original Apple device can be distinguished even in appearance. For example, separate models are obtained by plastic housing together metal or glass into which iPhone 8 and later brand smartphones are concluded. Other “samples” get buttons of incorrect dimensions, inscriptions on the case with grammatical errors, inappropried the color of the SIM-card connector. The most blatant fakes are equipped with microUSB or USB Type-C ports instead of the branded port Lightning.

Smartphone box can also talk about the fake gadget status. Original iPhones are delivered in packaging from expensive materials with all official information about the device. You can also see the serial number that matches the data in the mobile phone settings.

If at this stage, no prompt is detected, then you should move to the following checks.

How to check the airpods on originality

Here are some tips to help you identify a copy of Airpods.

Lattice speaker

Carefully inspect all the lattices, especially at the dynamics. The real airpods lattice is not particularly highlighted and neatly hidden. In the fake, the grid can be of another color and highlight.

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Lattice of real airpods (left) and copies (right)

Lower airpods

Looking at the real headphones, you will notice the lattice area. this is what is often called the diffuser.

In real airpods (left) the lower part oval

As you can see, the form at the diffuser of fake headphones is completely different. The original airpods, it sometimes is also slightly different, but always has an oval shape, not a round. In addition, you can see the difference in two white stripes around the edges. They not only differ in color, but also in fake headphones are noticeably deeper.

We study the screen

Display. just a storehouse of weaknesses. What to pay attention to.

Lift the screen in different places with a little effort. It should not be cristened here, creak or hang out. Otherwise. smartphone dropped or opened.

The backlight must be uniform. Open the image with a white background and with black and pay attention to the glow at the edges. There should be no obvious spots and too bright places. If there are no such images. open any application with a suitable biscard. Well, or make a photo, for example.

There should be no yellow spots on the screen. Those that appear after the overheating of the smartphone. The fact is that under the influence of temperature, glue between the touchscreen and the display changes the color. Similar jambs appear if the device was constantly squeezed, for example, held jeans in the back and sat down on hard surfaces.

The same set of pictures check on the strips and on broken pixels.

Using fake

Fake iPhone turned out to be very different. At least if he cost 5 thousand and sold as an independent apparatus.

A good display is used in the smartphone. Judging by the surveys and absence of color inversion. IPS matrix. However, pixelization is noticeable.

You can use fake. But it is not necessary. it is unknown which components (in particular, the battery) are used. How long will the device live, whether they will not explode in his hands or on charge. even the Chinese manufacturers will not be able to answer.

take care of yourself! And do not try to save, buying a frank fake.

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Read, remember, distribute. to throw up 10 thousand to the pipe can each. Commentary of the expert “m.Video “fakes for flagship devices, like fakes under the luxury brands of clothing, shoes and bags, unfortunately, always find their audience. There are people who consciously buy a fake. But we are not talking about them. Our task will warp those people who are in need of inconsistency.