Apple introduced 10th generation iPad in a new design

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Apple showed the 10th generation iPad in a new design and with improved characteristics.

10th generation iPad is similar to iPad Air and iPad mini. The tablet received a 10.9-inch Liquid Retina screen with a resolution of 2360 × 1640 pixels and a brightness of 500 threads. There is True Tone support.

Touch ID is built into the lock button on the upper part of the tablet.

The A14 Bionic processor is also responsible for the performance, which is also used in the iPad Air and iPhone 12.

10th generation iPad supports Wi-Fi 6 and 5G, and is also equipped with USB-C.

IPad front camera is located horizontally. This is a of 122 degrees and support for the Center Stage function with a review angle.

A 12 megapixel camera is installed on the back, which can shoot 4K video.

10th generation iPad is available in four colors: silver, yellow, pink and blue.

▪️ iPad Wi-Fi 64 GB: 449 or 27 900 ▪️ iPad Wi-Fi 256 GB: 599 or 37 300

▪️ iPad Wi-Fi Cellurar 64 GB: 599 or 37 300 ▪️ iPad Wi-Fi Cellurar 256 GB: 749 or 46 600

IPad pre.order in the USA and Europe is already open. Sales start on October 26.

For the new iPad, the Magic Keyboard Folio keyboard with a 1 mm key and a trackpad was also released.

The keyboard is attached to the iPad using magnets and Smart Connector, which provides power supply and data transfer. There is a folding cover on the back side. Magic Keyboard Folio costs 249 or 15.5 thousand.

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Princesses Pony

Princess Celestia

Princess Celestia (Princess Celestia). Princess Celestia (Princess Celestia). Alicorn, the princess, and her duty is to raise the sun (and while her sister was in imprisonment, and the moon) in Equestria.

This is a beautiful white tall pony, with a long horn and lush wings, with light pink-violet eyes, lilac-stroke-pink-thorough mane and tail, which flutter, even when there is no wind.

Princess Moon (Moon Pony)

Princess Moon (Princess Luna)-Alicorn, second pony princes, younger sister of Celestia.

Princess Moon (Princess Luna).

A thousand years ago, she rules Equestria with her sister Celestia, raising the moon. But she did not like that the ponies were hiding and sleeping at night. Gradually anger and envy took possession of the moon, and it turned into a moon pony. The lunar pony decided to immerse Equestria on the eternal night, but Celestia sharpened it on the moon with the help of harmonies.

After a thousand years, she returned, but the twilight spark with friends defeated her, turning her back into a good princess moon.

The moon ponies personifies anger, insidiousness and hatred, and the true princess Moon, on the contrary, is modest and good.

moon Pony. The appearance of the princess of the moon: a pale light blue color, a dark blue mane, green eyes with pale-dumped shadows. Further. The moon has matured: the color is darker, it grew (but not to Celestia, a little smaller), the hair began to develop longer, began to develop, became blue (with transparent-violet edges) with star specks.

Evil moon ponies: black color, green eyes (pale pink eyelashes) with a narrow feline and purple shadows, mane like a night sky with stars, wears a blue metal helmet, blue metal shoes, a blue, a metal bib (with a light-blue crescent).

Distinctive sign. blue crescent against the background of the night sky. The princess of the moon with the black sky, and the moon pony. With purple.

Princess Cadence

Princess Cadence (Princess Cadance; The full name of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. Princess Mi Amore Cadenza). Princess Cadence (Princess Cadance; The full name of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza. Princess Mi Amore Cadenza). nanny sparks. Talent. MISTOSE PON.

The wife of the brother sparks. the shaining of Armora. Pink pony-alicorn with purple eyes, pink-violet wings, with a mane twisted from dark pink, purple and yellow (go into white) stripes.

Distinctive sign. crystal blue heart in a gold frame in the form of a ring.

Princess Skyla

Skyla. Princess’s daughter Kadens and shaining armor. Skyla Pony.

Since Skyla. Princess, on her head. Golden crown.

Other characters

Shaining Armor

Shaining Armor (SHINING ARMOR). Shaining Armor (SHINING ARMOR)-the brother of the twilight spark, a white unicorn with blue eyes, with a blue mane of decorated blue and dark blue stripes, the husband of Princess Cadens. Controls the royal guards of the canterlot.

A distinctive sign-a dark blue shield with a pink star and three white stars above.

Big Makintosh

Big Makintosh (Big Macintosh). Big Makintosh (Big Macintosh). stallion, brother of Applejack. Orange hair, red body, green eyes, freckles on the face.

Distinctive sign. half a green apple.

Granny Smith

Granny Smith (Granny Smith). Granny Smith (Granny Smith). grandmother Applejack, Big Macintosh and Apple Bloom. It was her family that founded Ponyville when she was still small.


Zecora (Zecora). Zecora (Zecora). zebra living in an evergreen forest, very kind and generous. He knows how to cook various potions from herbs and almost always speaks in rhyme.

Distinctive sign. African symbol of the sun.


Cheralyi (Cheerilee), Chirili, Cheryli. Cheralyi (Cheerilee), Chirili, Cheryli. a kind and cheerful teacher Apple Bloom, crumbs Belle, scutal, and other small ponies.

Earthly pony of cherry color with a gently pink mane decorated with a wide pink strip. I studied with Rariti in the past.

apple, bloom, received, sign, distinction

Distinctive sign. three smiling flower.

Derpi (Ditzi)

Derpy, she is Ditzi Du (English. Derpy, Ditzy Doo, Derpy Hoives), shock.eyed ponies. Derpy, she is Ditzi Du (English. Derpy, Ditzy Doo, Derpy Hoives). Gray with yellow eyes and mane Pegasus, she suffers from strabismus.

In the series, it rarely appears, but among collectors is very popular. Probably precisely thanks to their memorable eyes.

Distinctive sign on the leg. soap bubbles.

Lighting will give

Lighting will give (Lightning Dust). Lighting will give (Lightning Dust), Lighting will give-Pony-Pugas of a light turquoise body, with a mane of orange color. Fast and capable of ponies, like the rainbow of Dash (they were friends and both wanted to become miracles).

Apple Tree Buds. Fruit vs Vegetative Buds

apple, bloom, received, sign, distinction

However, Lighting will not take care of the problems of others, she thinks only of her own achievements, selfish.

Distinctive sign. three stars under white lightning.

How Apple Bloom got their distinction

Accumulators (Cutie Mark Crusaders, Signs of insignia Translated by the carousel, there is a deeply wrong for the time being, but quite understandable after the 18th series of season 5, the Translation of the Metkonostsy). the heroes of the series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, the second most important for the plot after the main six. The principle and essence of this local club is one. to find a mark on the cereals and help others in this. Which is the engine of the plots of most episodes with them. An important point in the conflict is that in fact, each of them has its own talent, and it was possible to show it more than once. But none of the club members for a long time thought to realize their true calling, and therefore, the armor in a row looked at the rebellious foals in a row. In the 18th series of the fifth season, a historical event finally happened. those who were able to help their enemy Diamond Tiare correctly understand their true talent of the organizer by the seekers finally received the insignia of the insignia seekers. Now their mission is to explain to others what their true calling is (in a word, motivation).

The permanent members of the club, its founders and permanent participants are three mares:

  • AppleBlum (English. AppleBloom). younger sister Applejack, earthly ponies. Studies at the School of Ponyville, helps his relatives on the farm of the Apples. It has exclusively screwed hooves in the case of Plotnitsky, craft and requisition (she herself restored the club’s house alone) and a little in potion (this is after the lessons taken from Twilight). I received a sign of distinction in the form of a shield with an apple-Apple all the same.
  • Svita Belle (English. Sweetie Belle). younger sister Rarity, Unicorn. The gifted singer modestly, but confidently uses his own unicorn magic; Acraft, of course, can sew (though Rarity still have to finish). Received a sign of the difference in the form of a shield with a note.
  • Skutalo (English. Scootaloo). a draw is not a younger sister (except for the Rainbow Dash named sister, who loves and who cares about her), Pegask. It does not fly particularly good (in truth. it practically does not fly at all), but all Ponyville will jump on a self.point and well, if not all of the Equestria. Which paradoxically even makes it even cooler. In addition, it is no worse than AppleBlum who knows how to fix something or make. And also sports and has good skills of a dancer and choreographer. Received a sign of the difference in the form of a shield with a wing. Until the final episodes, the series did not give information about the family and the Skutal house, which is why many viewers even saw an orphan and homelessness in it. How, in the end, it turned out that parents disappear for a long time in distant and risky expeditions, and she lives in periods of their absence with two of her aunts.

There are also other participants in the club with whom the Trinity maintains communication:

  • Babs Seed (English. Babs Seed). Eppleblem cousin from Maynhatten. At first, the uncertain ponies, which, under the influence of Diamond Tiara and Silver, became Bully and another nightmare for accumulators. Not knowing about what was happening, Applejack revealed that Babs at her school suffered from persecution due to the fact that she had no distinction. Having abandoned revenge, accumulators forgive Babs SEED and encourage it in the opening of the club branch. In season 5, she tells the cousin that she received a sign. scissors.
  • Gabriella, or just Gabby (English. Gabbie) is a young griffin who is engaged in the delivery of letters and parcels. Funny and energetic, white sheep in the community of grumbling, greedy and rude griffins. And although she had to make sure that the receipt of the insignia is characteristic of the ponies, the accommoders included it in the club and handed it a drawn sign. a shield with a cup.

Characteristics of AppleBlum [edit]

  • Girl-jumping girl is an energetic baby who proves the family her responsibility and hard work. She shares the love of adventures with friends. The bonus for voiced it was voiced by Michelle Kreber, who is funny and restless in life.
  • Friendship between generations. AppleBlum and Zekora.
  • To whom the nyashka, to whom Kondrashka-in the spin-off of Equestria Girls, AppleBlum receives a caterpillar in one of the shorts in pets. Scenes of the touching friendship of the girl and the pet end in those, (spoiler: that the apple harvest was spoiled by the relatives of the same caterpillar. )
  • Lady with the manners of the kid/kid with lady’s manners. she balances in the trinity of Svita Belle and Skutala.
  • Cutie. she is considered one of the most charming characters.
  • It is named in Honor a flower. her name translates as “a flower of apple tree”.
  • The song is about me and at the same time a song about the desire. “We are”, as well as “The Show Stoppers”.
  • Smile. she smiles gloatingly with her friends when Spike asks them not to leave the train in the crystal empire. They knock him down with tickling.
  • A corporate item is a large pink-red bow with which it will never part, (spoiler: Even when it grows up ). In season 4, it was shown that she has a bottomless wardrobe of such an accessory.
  • Four forms of love are three out of four:
  • Filia: with insignia seekers, as well as with a mane of six and a convict;
  • Storge: AppleBlum with his family;
  • Agape: All she wants is that you find your place in life and your favorite thing!

Sweetial characteristics BELL [edit]

  • White. the color of femininity. she has a snow.white suit.
  • Big yes!. When she managed to bring together (spoiler: Big Maki and Miss Cheryli ).
  • Baby in love. she has a dreaming look at Banges’s physical education in the episode “Hard to Say Anything”.
  • Girl-jumping girl-crumb Belle rather restless when he wants to help someone, even if he suits the house in the house.
  • The only normal pony. from time to time it manifests itself like this. So, Sviti Belle repeatedly insists that they tell Applejack about the bullying of Babs.
  • Feminine purple. she has a lilac mane and a tail with pink curls.
  • Sharpy quiet. she is a kind and cute unicorn with a beautiful vocal, but hesitate to perform on stage. However, in season 4, it grows out of this, as she is engaged in directing, script and performance in the school play.
  • Yopt In Translation. In Russian Dubbing, the mare calls Bell Bell.
  • Canonical slap. on the day of her heart and hooves, she is seriously interested in finding a couple for her teacher.
  • Lady. in a duet with a scutal (kid). However, she is not against getting dirty.
  • Milashka. Sweet Belle with friends, Fluttershy and Spike is considered the sweetest character.
  • In the world of Mazana. she is with her sister Rariti. They both love that things are very clean, and their idea of ​​“several essential items” is a huge bunch of suitcases and bags. They both also demonstrate amazing physical strength, much superior to what is usually expected from their race.
  • They are also inclined to be very emotional, but often find themselves in the role of the only normal when others behave irrationally.
  • Filia: she has strong friendship with accumulators, as well as with the main characters;
  • Storge: Baby Belle loves his older sister. It seems that parents do not bow in her souls;
  • Agape: She helps each pony find their calling or rethink their abilities;
  • Eros: Sviti became the only one in the trio who showed interest in this form of love. In season 7, she thinks that she received a gift from a secret fan for the day of hearts and hooves, the Equestrian analogue of all lovers Day. This is prevented, (spoiler: because the gift was originally for Shugar Belle from the Great Maki ).

In the footsteps of the episode: One bad apple (rotten apple)

IF I MAKE Another Move, IF I Take Another STEPH IT All WOLD FALL APART. There’d Be Nothing of Me Left ’’s Crying in the Wind, If I’m Crying in the Night Will There Ever Be a Way? Will My Heart Return to White? (c)

Yes, no such pathos epigraph will confuse anyone, he has a very indirect attitude to the events of the series (we assume that Babs was a subtle nature with a rich inner world): the rest of the review I will try to adhere to a neutral line of behavior, to reason sensibly and logically, without plunging into the abysses LNGS and search for hidden reasons for characters’ actions. Honestly. over, the series is not too much to this and encourages, “One Bad Apple” offers us a rather template plot, the existence of which in various media is justified only by its everyday reflection in our world.

Small educational program: The word “Haller” describes not only the persecution of a wild beast simply for the sake of its entertainment, but also the process through which the “omegs” pass in any proper developed school structure. I sincerely sympathize with those readers who, in their own skin, experience all the “charms” of the very merciless world of children and adolescents, but very rarely when it is possible to meet a class organized in another way. We all know about this, but having matured, we allow us to slip away to some “exploits” or shame from our past If it turns out. They remind us of those lived years both in a rather merciless form, and with such series from the category “how to behave correctly when a bully appears” (no, “get a butterfly knife” is a wrong answer). over, completely unintentional. these series are intended for children, the original target audience, which is just beginning to receive lessons of social life. Such instructions for treating unwanted elements can still be useful to them, and someone can be repaid from the path of a school bully.

But what is the “One Bad Apple”? How is it so notable? Hmm, but is it notable at all?

“Let’s confess, you could catch me as much worse than cosplay Sailor Mercury.””

Before you find out why Apple Bloom keeps a sailor in the closet, let’s talk a little more about the timeliness of this series on the air. November 24, 2012. A short excavation session of Wikipedia (and a couple of foreign reviews on the same series) gave a hint on Anti-Bullying Week (“Week of Combating Hooliganism”), which took place from November 19 to 23 in England. It would seem, here is the answer, but I have some doubts about the fact that the animated series broadcast primarily in the United States was driven to the format of events in Europe. However, the coincidence was really very successful.

Apple Bloom����������

But on this interestingness with the broadcast does not end. There is one more funny event in your own way, which almost no one noticed. viewing the broadcast on Bronystate personally for me and many other armor was overshadowed by the hack of this very broadcast. Needless to say, for the most part to this event, everyone was quite philosophically, just waiting for the filling of the next episode of ponies on YouTube. But evaluate the irony of fate: to hack a broadcast, the main moral of which boils down to how much it is actually shitty to poison others and make them nasty things. 🙂

To the series itself. If we talk about the opening stage, then not familiar with the synopsis of future events, she probably raised some questions: Apple Bloom rushes around her room with shouts “What to put on, what to put on” and try on various outfits. It is difficult for me to call them somewhat difficult, if only for the reason that among them is such a variation of rescuers Malibu. And on the only costume, the search for their image ends Another question is, what caused such unexpected throwing.

“Ghoul chamal, pah, die ardor, apple Bloom. Your cousin is the same as you wear.””

And she will remain as charming in any outfit.

The pony gathered at the station for meeting the cousins ​​arriving from Meinhatten, which (as we later find out) is the name of Babs Seed. And her name is quite curious, but not at the expense of the second part (Seed. Per.: seed, seed), and “name” (in fact this is just the surname, given that the Eplov clan unites the first part): Babs is a reduction from Barbara, t.e. quite familiar name for girls from planet Earth. Before that, the names of the ponies turned out to be one way or another, so such a choice can be called rather strange for the character MLP. And she also has a namesake. Alas, in addition to cartoon origin, there is little to unite.

Along the way, we learn that Babs does not unite with any characters of other series that are alien to us there (although Tiny Toon Adventures, we must pay tribute, were pretty cool), and very much with Apple Bloom itself: both of them still have not gained their tags of fate! Needless to say that only after hearing about such news, the idea instantly forgets about all her training camps and goes for Svita Belle and Skutala to meet a dear guest with all the affordable arsenal of goodwill.

Of the interesting: you can write off on an accidental coincidence, but the glasses in the last frame are very reminiscent of one extremely charismatic character of comics. Spider Jerusalem. With Apple Bloom, by the way, unites the passion for journalism, it is a pity that our ponies with her. Did not read “Transmetropolitan”? Well, maybe for the best.

Oh, do not do such a face, Applejack, this episode was not even supposed to be your personal.

So do not be surprised when you are so shamelessly obscured.

Applejack clearly does not share the cheerfulness of the younger generation. Maybe she already knows the further plot? No, it is unlikely, there is simply too much boiling energy in excessive proximity to it does not waste something important-for example, shaking of apples. Kh, jokes to the side, the scene is quite funny (in t.h. And due to the expression of restrained discontent on the muzzle of one farmmer): young filly are impatiently awaiting the arrival of a new pony, a little reminding Pinky Pie with their violent joy. In addition, we become witnesses at once a couple of very curious moments for all fans: first we see a scutal flying from place to place (though in the style of crocodiles-low-nizenko), and then almost the first magic experiments of Svita Belle, which literally sparkles from Joy. And her magic is green. Like chainjling. Not suspiciously.

What does the serial number iPhone, iPod, iPad mean

and other Apple products are a unique combination of numbers and letters, which contains certain information about the device: its model, place of production, release date and much more.

How to find out the serial number iPhone, iPad?

You can find out the serial number of your device in several ways. The easiest way is to look into the settings of your iPhone or iPad. To do this, we launch the “Settings” application and go to the “main” “about this device”, where in the general list we look for the treasured line “serial number”. If you have a box from a mobile device somewhere nearby, take a look at it. Information about the serial number should be sought on the sticker located on the back of the box. If for some reason the box is not preserved, and the device screen does not work, use the iTunes program. To do this, the device must be connected to the computer and, running to PC iTunes, go to the “Review” section.

Also, the serial number can be engraved on the device of the device. However, only iPad and iPod Touch can find this information.

Deciphering the IPhone serial number, iPad

After you found the serial number of your mobile device, before moving on to its decoding, you must count the number of signs in combination. Not so long ago, Apple has used 11-digit serial numbers, but since 2010 the company began to switch to 12-digit. over, the structure of such numbers varies, which is important to consider when trying to decipher. The structure of the 11-digit series is as follows:

  • The first two signs are the unit identifier, roughly speaking, the number of the workshop;
  • The third sign is the last figure of the year of production of this device. For example, if the phone was released in 2010. it will be 0 if in 2011. 1, in 2012. 2 and so on;
  • The following two red signs. production week. I have this “08”. the eighth week of 2011, that is, February;
  • From the sixth to the eighth sign. the code of the iPhone number in this party, in 8 week 2011. I have this “4CQ”;
  • Two signs, enclosed in an orange square, indicate a model and its color;
  • Well, the last sign (yellow) indicates the size of the memory of the device.

In the present, Cupertinists use 12-digit serial numbers, such as this: such serial numbers have the following structure:

  • The first three signs are the unit code. All iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch are produced at the Foxconn giant factory in China. This enterprise has many divisions and, unfortunately, no one has a full list of values ​​of the combination of these signs, except for Apple;
  • The fourth sign is a half.year code in which the device is released;
  • The fifth sign is the code of the week, and the countdown comes from the beginning of the half.year, which is encrypted by the fourth sign;
  • from 6 to 8 digits. a unique code for each device
  • The last four signs are a model code that tells about generation, memory volume, model color, and so on.

The network has a very convenient service that issues all information about the device by serial number. Very comfortably. Chipmunk. If you did not find an answer to your question or you didn’t succeed, and in the comment below there is no suitable solution, ask a question through our help form. It is fast, simple, convenient and does not require registration. You will find answers to your own and other questions in this section.

Qr for itself: the analogue of Apple and Google Pay for the Mir cards will appear in

The Apple Pay and Google Pay for Mir cards begin to introduce an analogue: October 25, a new method will become available for integration to banks. This was reported to “Izvestia” in the payment system and credit organizations. A QR code will be generated on the client’s smartphone, which will scan the cashier and write off the money for the goods. Owl owners of Apple smartphones will be able to use the new service of Mir cards. This will allow them to pay for purchases again without the help of “plastic”.

Publishing a technical release according to a new method of payment by Mir cards is planned on October 25, informed Izvestia in the payment system. They specified that Functionality will be available to customers as technology is introduced in each particular bank.

-The QR code in this case will be another form of the card factor and will allow you to pay for goods and services without presenting a bank card, only using a smartphone. The Mir card holder will be able to form a QR code on its mobile device and present it to read a scanner in a trade and service enterprise. explained in the Mir payment system.

The bank supports the emergence of new cashless payments. The development of the Mir system will allow citizens to make purchases in the usual way: without presenting a bank card, Only with the help of a smartphone, they told Izvestia in the Central Bank. The regulator emphasized: it is important that The final choice of which payment tool to use in a particular situation remains with a person.

Implementation of this method of payment is planned to be implemented by the Bank. Now preparatory measures are being held, said Mikhail Bakhirkin, head of the electronic business of a credit institution. However, he did not specify the deadlines. According to the specialist, This technology comes to replace the departed from foreign Pay services-Apple Pay and Google Pay.

-Unlike payment through SBP, where the client with the help of the phone scans the QR code at the cash desk of the store, here, on the contrary, the store employee scans the QR code, which is generated in the client’s banking mobile application. Payment in this way is faster than in the case when the client needs to scan a QR code himself and confirm the operation in the bank mobile application. And this is an important factor for retail chains where it is necessary to serve people quickly, ”Mikhail Bakhirkin explained.

However, he emphasized that for the widespread implementation of this technology Both banks and stores will need to finalize their information systems, what will require time and financial resources.

MTS Bank clients will begin to generate their QR code for Mir cards on October 25, They said in a credit institution: this can be done in the MIR Pay application and pay for purchases at a outlet that ensures the acceptance of this payment method. Plans to launch payment by Mir cards through the generation of the QR code on the smartphone also PSB, told Izvestia at the bank.

Again without a card

PSB emphasized that Such functionality will allow you to preserve the opportunity for the client to receive cashback as part of the loyalty programs of banks and the payment system. For example, during operations in favor of legal entities through a system of quick payments, cashbacks are not provided. The credit institution expects that The new functionality of the national system will be especially in demand among customers with Apple smartphones, since they currently have the opportunity to use the usual NFC technology for payment for payment.

Work on the provision of a new functionality of “Mira” in UBRR is planned for 2023, Izvestia was told in the bank. Russian Standard is involved in the development and implementation of the project. At Zenit, they also consider the possibility of its integration.

Izvestia sent requests to the largest retailers about whether they plan to accept payment on Mir cards, scanning the QR codes of customers. The introduction of new payments requires improvements, noted a member of the General Council “Business Boris Katz. According to him, Whether retailers will be invested in such improvements depends on the conditions, commission, technical complexity and cost. Another key factor is the frequency of requests from customers, added Boris Katz.

For refinements for the implementation of such a service, all participants will have to participate: issuers (banks issuing cards), acquires (banks providing payments) and retailers, said Georgy Nikonov, Director General of the Vepay payment service. According to his estimates, the cost of such actions would be impressive, but he found it difficult to clarify the procedure for the amounts. Besides, It is important to remember the safety of such payments that the QR code is unique and personal, without the possibility of its substitution, The expert emphasized.

According to his expectations, strategically for debugging all scenarios with returns, abolitions and other actions needed by users will take at least 6-12 months.

Apple TV 4K 2022. What’s new

Start with the fact that both new versions support 4K reproduction. I am glad that Apple finally abandoned this adventure when one of the prefixes issued a maximum Full HD. In 2022 it would be just ashamed. The younger version has 64 GB of memory on board, the Apple A15 processor is the same as installed in the iPhone 13 and the basic iPhone 14. Plus everything, on the case she does not have an Ethernet connector. That is, you will not be able to connect the prefix to the home network on the wire. Everything is strictly through Wi-Fi. The cost of this version is 129.

How to distinguish versions from each other? Only by the presence of Ethernet.

The senior version of Apple TV 4K offers us already 128 GB of internal memory, exactly the same Apple A15 processor. But at the same time, the prefix, as before, is equipped with an Ethernet port. Its cost is 149. That is, an increase in memory is double and support for wired connection to the network will cost you 20 bucks.

You ask, what about other functions? Maybe there is some feature that distinguishes the new Apple prefix from competitors? Not. Not appeared. You can not even hope. This is still the same Apple TV 4, just with a more powerful processor and 4K support. All. There is nothing new in it. Any normal Smart-TV can do everything the same thing. This is not to mention television consoles from competitors who do the same thing, but at least two, or even three times cheaper.

This is what the price of Apple TV 4k looks like. Almost all competitors are an order of magnitude cheaper.

All the same applications, everything is the same as before. No new scenarios in Cupertino were offered to us. Apple, you’re drunk there? What was it? You offer to play on TV for smartphone games? No, thanks. I can very weakly imagine a user who, seeing a novelty, will run headlong to change his old prefix to her. Those who were thinking about buying, but wanted to see a new version, I advise you to calmly go and buy the old Apple TV. And it’s better to save and buy Xiaomi Mi Box at all. For some reason it seems to me that you will not even notice the difference.

Is it worth buying Apple TV 4K 2022

Do you know which Apple chip promotes especially actively? The ability to call the Siri voice assistant with a separate button on the remote control. Somewhere in China Xiaomi choked on rice. On the remote control of any Xiaomi devices related to television, whether it be TVs or consoles, for several years there is a GOOGLA Assistant call button that has been fully practiced by any voice commands.

A USB-C connector for charging appeared in the remote control. This is the most revolutionary that it has.

When using Android TV, without any problems, I control them in a voice. But for Apple TV is a revolution. But what a beautiful remote control. Here we must pay tribute. Apple designers are not in vain eat their loaf. The remote control turned out to be unrealistically steep outwardly. Only now I want to ask: but you really are dealing with what the remote control from the TV or prefix looks like? I don’t. Well, okay, at least it is clear here for which they ask for that kind of money. But you know what is the funniest? There is no cable for charging the remote control with the prefix. That is, if you do not have USB-C at home, then you cannot use the prefix. Client.orientation on the verge of fantasy.

Subscribe to the telegram channel alibaba chest. There are selection of the best products with Aliexpress every day

Naturally, from Apple TV 4K there was no opportunity to display the iPhone display on the TV screen, the ability to share sound with several pairs of AirPods headphones with a separate sound adjustment for each. New prefix, just like the old one can be a smart home management center. This cannot be mentioned, since not all TVs can do this. But to be objective, except for light bulbs and sockets, you have something smart at home? It seems to me that the smart house in the form in which Apple sees it, not everyone has. Therefore, it is unlikely, at least someone will seriously use these possibilities.

Honestly, I don’t understand what has been happening lately with my favorite company. First, the iPhone 14, which is actually iPhone 13, which is almost like the iPhone 12. Then endless glitches in the iPhone 14 Pro, and now such an Apple TV 4K. Well, like an update, just a new processor and all. No new opportunities selling chips, nothing. I really want to praise all the products, but in this situation it simply cannot be done. If you are the owner of the old Apple TV 4K, you can safely pass by. This product is not for you. For whom? Most likely, for those who, like me, own Apple TV 3. But, to be honest, after such innovations, I don’t want to vote for this craft at all.