How to write an internal sound on Android

In Android phones, there is usually no embedded method for recording internal dialogue. Samsung devices presented an internal entry on Android 7 and newer phones, and more recently Xiaomi allows you to record a screen with internal sound on Miui 10 (Android 8). However, this is a small list of devices that allow internal sound capture.

android, screen, entry, internal, sound

With the release of Android 10. Google presented API called AudioplayBackCapture for this, which was limited in earlier versions of Android. But permission to write internal sound depends on the specific application. YouTube has already been updated to support this newly represented API, while other applications appear on board.

Now many mobile device manufacturers have enabled built-in support for recording the screen with internal sound.

So, make sure that if your device has built-in support for writing the screen with internal sound, if so, use the built-in support to use the screen entry with internal sound.

If your phone does not have built-in screen recording with internal sound, follow this manual, we are going to show you some methods for internal sound recording on most Android devices. These methods were tested on Android 5 and above.

To devices that, as confirmed, work without root access include devices ONEPLUS, Xiaomi and Moto.

If you came to this article in search of the call recording method, it probably will not work. Google has stopped using third-party applications to record calls in Android 9 PIE, although there are bypass methods. We will touch this in another manual. This manual is intended for internal sound recording while recording a gameplay or normal phone use.

android, screen, entry, internal, sound

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Adv Screen Recorder: Rear and Front Camera Recording

ADV Screen Recorder is an extremely useful and free app for writing screen for Android having many powerful features. It is designed to record all that happens on your screen with a simultaneous sound entry. Rights to root are not required. To start writing the screen or finish it, you just need to press only one button. Video resolution, video bitrate and video frame frequency are adjustable in the settings.

During the Android screen recording, you can also safely record Facecam, opening the front and rear cameras, which are displayed in the corner of the screen and can be dragged into other angles. over, it is considered the best application to record the screen for Android, because it allows you to draw, write, specify or draw with your fingers. You can also choose and change the color according to your desire.

Recording in 2 modes: default and advanced

You can write freely and make notes on the screen during recording

You can install a fully customizable video banner

XRECORDER: Free Screen Entry Application with Excellent Design

XRECORDER. It is really an amazing and free app for writing the screen, it is convenient to use it to capture the screen using the Facecam function, as well as to record sound on your Android device. In addition, it allows you to screenshots when recording to instantly save moments that you need to just click on the camera icon. Using XRECORDER you can record a fantastic and uninterrupted gameplay with clear sound.

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After completing the record, you can edit the video, cut unnecessary, set the playback speed, add music and text and other parameters to create the required effects. You can not just draw on your screen during the recording process using the brush tool. With this tool you can write and print on the screen, selecting the color and size of the text, draw arrows, circles and rectangles. The disadvantage is that the application has advertising.

You can write or add information on the screen during recording

Many functions for video editing

No watermarks and root rights required

Overview 8 best applications for writing screen on Android phone

Now we have listed 8 Android Screen Capture applications and showed a screen recording method on Android. And you get what you want to download to your Android phone for writing. If you are not interested in the above description, the following table will also show you the answer.

Screen Recorders for Android Price Root Water Sign Requirements Recording Audio
AZ Recorder Screen Free / 2.99 for additional function The root is not required No water signs Android 5.0 lollipop and later Record internal sound and sound with microphone
ILOS Screen Recording Program For free The root is not required No water signs Android 5.0 lollipop and later Record internal sound and sound with microphone
Unlimited screen recorder Free / encourage to make donations to developers The root is not required No water signs Android 5.0 lollipop and later Record internal sound and sound with microphone
Telenes For free The root is not required No water signs Android 5.0 lollipop and later Record without sound
Scr Recorder Screen Free / 4.99 for full function Require root Free version has a watermark Android 4.1 JellyBean or later Record internal sound and sound with microphone
Rec. Screen recorder For free Not required root for Android 5.0 No water signs Android 4.1 JellyBean or later Sound recording from microphone
Airshou For free Not required root for Android 5.0 No water signs Android 4.1 JellyBean or later Record internal sound and sound with microphone
Play Games Google For free Not required root for Android 5.0 No water signs Android 4.1 JellyBean or later Sound recording from microphone

Rec Screen Recorder HD [Not Wanted Root]

REC SCREEN RECORDER HD. Several screenshots with the application

Application “Record Video from Screen” (Orig. Name Rec Screen Recorder HD) makes it possible to record everything that happens to you on the screen. The application copes perfectly with both different calls and games. over, you can simultaneously record and from the camera, and from the screen.

  • Ability to record video in HD quality (length is not limited);
  • Root rights are not required;
  • You can record not only the system sound, but also from the microphone;
  • good translation into Russian;
  • countdown timer;
  • Camera output over the application used;
  • Comfortable minimalism inteeis (many functions are available from 1-2 clicks).

Of the disadvantages: sometimes problems with sound are observed (on some devices it is not recorded).

How to record video from phone screen

First of all, you need to understand that there is a simple and complex way of writing the screen. Despite the above, the most simple, probably, is the use of a special application.

Most often we are edited using AZ Screen Recorder applications. It is free, not very demanding and overall reliable, although it also happens the failures and a couple of times it seriously failed when it was not possible to recover. For example, when we did something for our youtube channel and had to be removed simultaneously on the camera and record from the screen. As a result, the camera worked as it should, and AZ gave out a blank file.

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If you just need to scrape something to send, it will not be a big problem, because you can just replace. But if you need a different way and such simple ways are not for you, that is, another way of which we will talk below.

How to record video from Android screen without programs

Finally, we’ll figure it out how to remove the video from the screen android without programs. It all depends on the installed applications of the device itself. For example, in Xiaomi there is a “native” program.

So check the menu of your device, perhaps everything is already necessary in the kit.

How to record video from phone screen with Android 11

If you are the owner of the phone or tablet with the version of Android 11, you should use only internal functions, maximum making the minimum settings in your device. Developers, android 11 implemented the ability to record the screen using a default functional, and now you can use it “out of the box”.

To make a screen entry on Android 11, you need to add a screen entry function in the quick settings menu of your phone or tablet:

  • Make a swipe down from the notifications panel to open the quick settings.
  • Then click on “Edit” (Pencil icon).
  • Next of the list of settings, select the “Screen Record” icon (circle circled by dotted line), drag it to the rapid settings area.
  • Upon completion of editing, save changes to the fast menu.

How to enable video recording from screen on Android 11

  • Make a swipe from the notification panel down to open the rapid settings on your Android device.
  • Click on the “Screen Record” icon, after which the countdown will go to write video from the screen of your Android phone or tablet.
  • To turn off the screen entry and complete the video Make a swipe down opening quick settings and click on the screen record icon, after which the recording will be stopped.

How to find video recording from phone screen

Recorded video from your screen will be stored in the “Photo” application in the “Films” section.

We also recommend our article that will be relevant for all owners of Android devices: why android slows down?

Further in our publication, we consider the most popular and functional applications allowing you to record video from the screen with sound without root rights.

Why your Android smartphone did not write sound from games

Android 10 (in contrast to the predecessors) has a new API called Audio Playback Capture, which allows developers to record audio from other applications (such as games). However, for non-system applications for writing internal sound, game developers must manually register in the Google special service, which is not always fast, as you need to go through the approval procedure. Since most applications are not yet targeted on Android 10, support for sound recording is in a rather limited number of programs. But over time, almost all popular applications are guaranteed to receive support for AUDIO Playback Capture API. But to know how to record a video with sound you can not wait for the support of the option now. By the way, you have already updated the new version of the OS? Write about it in our chat in Telegram.

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To begin with, you will need to download the Special Screen Recorder application from Google Play Store. The program will ask you to give a couple of permissions like access to the microphone, screen and third-party programs. Do not be scared and boldly press “OK”. Also be sure to allow Screen Recorder to capture audio and video stream. There is a very important point: you need to go to the settings (click on the icon made in the form of three strips, located above each other) and select Record Audio items, which will allow you to record audio flow and “Audio Source”. The latter allows you to choose, actually, the sound recording source. Default is a smartphone microphone. We also need an item “Internal Audio”. These are the sounds of applications.

Without selecting this item to write the sound will not work

On this setting does not end, go back to the main screen and click there on the video icon. Do not forget to select the option “ALLOW DISPLAY OVER OTHER Apps”. It will allow you to capture the video stream not only the main screen of the smartphone, but also third-party applications.

You can then return to the smartphone and, if everything is done correctly, you will find here a new panel with tools for writing. You can start recording, go to the application settings or close this panel.

The entry is simply organized and understandable. To start it, we will need an extreme left button

You can start writing. The auxiliary menu will disappear from the screen, but in order to stop the record, simply pull the top of the screen down and you will see an entry stop. After the recording is done, you will be able to share it on social networks by clicking the “Share” button, edit in a simple editor. “Trim” or delete video by selecting the “Delete” option, respectively.

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