TOP-10 navigators for Android phone

Each of us sometimes has the need to get to a certain place, without knowing the route. It doesn’t matter whether you are a motorist or a pedestrian, you are in your country or travel around the world, but having the best GPS navigator for Android will never hurt. Well, if the application, moreover, works offline, then it can become an indispensable driver’s tool.

To find a standing program that is right for you, our navigators rating for Android will help.

Attention: The rating shows only navigators for smartphones operating Android, and individual-autonavigators are not considered.

Mapfactor Navigator

This application works with two versions of data. freely distributed OpenStreetMap and paid cards (from 1 199 once) TomTom. But even in the free version there are a lot of useful functions. An unlimited number of territories can be downloaded from the OSM base in memory. GPS navigation with route planning and voice help in different languages ​​is available.

On the map you can look for interesting places and make a list of them. There is a separate paid module for displaying traffic jams for 249 per month. Navigation routes work for cars, trucks, cyclists and pedestrians. For night driving, a separate color scheme is provided.

Mapfactor Navigator offers many settings and expandable opportunities, but it is not always easy to deal with them due to an old integration.


OSMAND is another popular navigator application that works in autonomous mode. There is also an online mode for those cases when you are not limited in downloaded traffic. OSMAND also has voice tips, the guide to choose the optimal speed and lanes, the night mode of the screen, and even specialized bicycle routes. There is also a paid plugin that shows maps of ski routes for the most popular resorts in the world.

Maps.Me is a completely free application for GPS navigation, which also allows you to save cards for offline work. In autonomous mode, you can use a full.functional search option, voice navigation, calculating traffic routes and the ability to search for ground transport routes. In addition, the program will tell you where the nearest ATMs, shops, attractions and other points of interest are located. You can even book a hotel and share a location with friends right in the application window. But for the last two functions, as you know, you still have to include the Internet (as in order to read the latest news in our news telegram channel. We recommend subscribe).

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2gis: reference and navigator

This is a very popular application that downloaded more than 10 million times. And this is not surprising, because the service has in its database not only maps with optimal routes for pedestrians and cars, but also a huge number of various organizations. We are talking about shops, hospitals and establishments. So you can find a place you need to get into, even if you don’t know the address.

The application allows you to download all the necessary databases to the phone so that you do not have to connect to the Internet to search for the route. The navigator is able to independently detect traffic jams. In addition, it is relevant for almost all major cities in Russia.

And again the minus of the service is called too annoying advertising. 2GIS: reference and navigator

How to use GPS Navigation WITHOUT Internet on Android And iPhone | GPS Mr.Growth


This search Russian system is also aware of the novelties of mobile developments, so it quite often releases its high.quality software. Many call the best free GPS navigator for Android. He has accurate locations, can quickly lay the route and another. You do not need to pay for it, there is no intrusive advertising, a rating in Play Market. 4.3, is able to show traffic jams, but, unfortunately, offline is not active.

Development from Yandex easily builds the shortest way along Russia, taking into account auto-charges, repair and traffic accidents. It offers you to choose from several options for the track, warns of a paid road, also announces the speed, interval to the final point. Download from Google Play, while you will immediately have all the possibilities and a full version. In manual mode, you can set the necessary schemes, for this you will first need to download them on your PC. So the utility will not load locations during movement, spend traffic.

One advice: do not leave the program in the background on the recommendation of the developers, because it can significantly reduce the period of service of the battery. Another feature is Yandex. The navigator has voice control. You just need to say. “Listen, Yandex” and say the address of the appointment. For drivers, this is a kind of mast-HEV. Of the main advantages I will note:

  • different types of display of plans;
  • You can throw locations in the memory of a smartphone manually;
  • Night shooting;
  • 3D;
  • voice control;
  • regular update;
  • No need to pay for use.
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5 Best Free GPS Apps For Android of 2022 ��

The main and only drawback is not working without the Internet.

How to choose the right navigation for a car

The main task of any navigation map is to build a route as detail as possible and accurately. However, GPS navigators can have various functions that facilitate the process of laying the route. When choosing a suitable program, you must take into account:

  • Extended opportunities, such a function allows not only to pave the way, but also to display objects. This is very convenient if the driver is in an unfamiliar area.
  • Support for modern systems. Many popular programs can be installed on Android, iOS, Windows Phone.
  • Information update mode. The optimal option is when the card is automatically updated after connecting to the network. However, when using a map abroad, this option may be expensive, so the presence of manual update function will be useful.
  • Price. Popular navigation applications offer a free basic set of functions. However, if high detail is necessary, attention should be paid to paid offers.

When choosing a suitable navigation system, it is necessary to study the features of the menu. Since there should not be difficulties with the ways on the road.

Yandex. Navigator

For many years, the Russian company has been developing and improving a free navigator. Finally he began to work autonomously, which made him publicly available and comfortable. The application with an accuracy of several meters determines your location and offers several alternative routes in order to get to the right place.

Promptly displays traffic jams and any difficulties in road traffic. But still, many users say. the program periodically freezes and does not reflect reliable data. This aspect requires additional study by experts and developers.

Compatibility with Android versions 4.2 and above
Paid content No
Interactive user interaction, several alternative tracks from point A to paragraph B
  • fast synchronization with services from Yandex;
  • warning about chambers and high.speed restrictions;
  • convenient navigation;
  • stable work after updates;
  • search for parking and their payment; ;
  • can be downloaded directly from the browser.

Without the Internet, sometimes the service does not work so good. I try to support the settings, but I do not always succeed, especially if we go out of town. But the presence of additional functions and opportunities (parking, refueling, payment of some services) simplify my life. I use the navigator often, especially when I find myself in the neighboring city. It helps to quickly build a route and not get into the cork. I recommend, but I hope for a quick elaboration of some internal errors.

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This application, like many in this article, operates on the basis of the Open Street Map project, so the accuracy of the cards is quite high, plus software indicates the user about interesting attractions around. Separately, I would like to praise the application for the support of many plugins (sea, ski maps, parking lots, functions for people with disabilities and so on), as well as for a very convenient menu for building a route. True, there were no shortcomings. in the free version they make it possible to download only 7 locations in offline, then you need to buy a paid version.

  • extremely accurate maps;
  • There is support for many useful plugins;
  • You can download entire cities in offline;
  • Convenient menu for building a route;
  • guide (for some cities).

The WAZE application currently belongs to Google and is one of the best solutions in terms of navigation for motorists and cyclists. The application accurately determines the location of the user and its movement, boasts a convenient GPS navigator, as well as extensive information about gas stations and diner in the radius of the route. In addition, the user can connect the music service directly to the application to listen to music without leaving the navigation program. Of obvious shortcomings, it is worth highlighting the difficulty of building a separate route.

  • Convenient GPS navigator;
  • many convenient functions for a motorist;
  • the ability to indicate the type of transport and fuel;
  • Clear modern integer;
  • speedometer with a notification of speed.
  • The application is convenient only to a motorist and a cyclist;
  • Fullly does not work from offline (you can create a route on the network and follow it without the Internet, but without navigation);
  • Not the most understandable mechanism for creating a route is not from its current location.