Google service error on Android. what to do

Google Play Services are specialized utilities that are based on a well-known application to download Play Play utilities. This is a specific system that is provided on all phones on the Android system. Despite the fact that users do not see their work, they help the phone to work in a stable rhythm, they perform an important function for the entire system as a whole.

Google Play is a powerful service that developers are constantly updated to improve work. It is impossible to call the application. Most likely, this is a special package by which the user can manage the system, updates and also basic applications. It carries great potential, and in some cases, under certain reasons, it may harm the device at all. For example, the discharge of the battery.

Also this service performs a huge number of background plan tasks and is a conductor for other utilities. In fact, the user only thanks to these services can open applications downloaded through Play Market, as well as regulate their work. Without Google Play services you can not use Play Market.

It is necessary to follow the user to be updated, because the incorrect update will first cause the fact that the services will start working incorrectly, often issue a mistake and other unpleasant consequences.

details about what Google Play services are available in this video

If we generalize all of the above, the services perform features such as:

  • Provide stable job store for application. As mentioned earlier, without these services, it is impossible to use Play Market;
  • Also, thanks to these services, you can view YouTube and use other built-in utilities, including cards;
  • To receive notifications from other applications is also possible using services;
  • Downloading games with Play Market is impossible without them.

Of course, the system can sometimes issue interference, and also has some drawbacks. Despite this, the user must have on his phone this utility to organize a stable work of the device and all those programs that are on it.

How to fix a mistake?

The error correction should be used comprehensively, that is, using all possible methods. We recommend to go from the method to the method until the problem is completely disappeared.

Clean the cache and delete temporary files

Lack of free memory and garbage files not only inhibit the smartphone, but also often lead to serious errors in the system. It is important to periodically clean the cache and delete unnecessary applications from the phone. Make it right, and most importantly you can quickly with additional programs, such as CCleaner or Clean Master. You can also use the built-in “cleaner”, which is present on the devices of popular manufacturers:

  • We go into the program.
  • Click on the “Cleaning” or “garbage” button.
  • We view the number of files available to delete and click on the “Clear” button.

If you install an additional software, you can simply clear the cache of the problem application through the standard settings capabilities. First of all, let’s get into them, and then execute the recommendations of the manual:

  • We go to the “All Applications” tab.
  • Go to the page with the program “Phone”.
  • Click on the “Clear” button and select “Cash”.
  • Confirm the deletion procedure by clicking in the appeared window on the “OK” button.

Most likely, after performing these actions, an error in the phone will disappear. But if this did not happen. go to the next method.

Disable dates and time synchronization

As practice shows, the system error often provokes the displayed time synchronization setting with the network. From this we can conclude that manual installation of the current date and time zone will correct the problem. Make it correctly will help the step by step instructions, presented below:

  • Open settings.
  • We go to the “Extended Settings” tab. Note that on some devices it is not necessary on some devices.
  • Go to the “Date and Time” section.
  • We remove a tick or translate the slider to the left near the Lines “Date and Time of Network” and “Network Time Zone”.
  • Install the date and time manually.

Disable dates and time synchronization

At the end, we save the settings and reboot your smartphone.

Scan the system for viruses

If you notice the appearance of an error not only in the phone application, but also in other programs, we recommend checking the phone system for antivirus. It can be like a built-in software firmware and downloaded from Google Play Utility. As a latter option, you can use Dr.Web, Avast, AVG and other proven services. For example, consider working with the DR program.Web:

  • Startup app.
  • Click on the button “Scanner”.
  • Select the scan type (we recommend using a full check).
  • Expect the end of the verification procedure, the duration of which depends on the number of installed programs.

When viruses are detected, cure damaged files using the built-in antivirus instrument.

By the way, we advise you to check the system with several antiviruses, but not at the same time.

Reset device to factory settings

This method is optimal to use if not one of the previous options helped. Please note that the phone reset to the initial settings will delete all applications, photos, video and system add-ons. To do everything right, use the detailed guide:

  • Go to the settings.
  • Go to the “Extended Settings” section.
  • Open the “Restore and Reset” tab.
  • Click on the “Reset Settings” item.
  • Click on the “Reset Settings” button.
  • Run the procedure by clicking OK in the window that appears.
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Reset device to factory settings

If the reset is not possible through the settings, it is possible to use the “Recavor” menu. For this:

  • Fully turn off the phone.
  • Go to the “Recavieve” menu, while at the same time clicking on several keys. Most often this is the power button and one of the volume control keys.
  • Using the volume adjustment swing we go into the section “Wipe Data / Factory Reset”.
  • Then select “YES. DELETE ALL UPER DATA”.
  • Reboot the device by clicking on the “Reboot System Now” line.

After performing these actions, an error in the phone will disappear with a probability of 99 percent. However, if this did not happen, then the solution is one. flashing the smartphone.

What to do with the problem “in the COM application.Android.Phone occurred error »

So, to correct the COM error.Android.Phone I recommend to perform the following:

  • Restart your apparatus. If the error has a sporadic nature, then it will disappear;
  • Clean the cache and phone and SIM Toolkit applications. Go to the settings of your device, go to “Applications”, select the “All” tab on the right. In the list of applications, find the “phone”, click on it, in the settings of this application, click on the “Clear Data” buttons and “Clear Cache”. The same actions are repeated for the “SIM Toolkit” application if you have on your smartphone;

Data Delete Button

  • If the error starts occurs after downloading any new applications to the machine, then try to delete the newly installed applications on your phone. It is possible that they have a software conflict with the Phone Application;
  • Check your device on the virus. Download Reliable Mobile Anti-Virus with Play Market (for example, AVG), install it and search for malware on your apparatus;
  • Download the external application for calls from Play Market (Exdialer, Dialer, and so on), and try using it functionality;
  • If nothing of the indicated helped, reset your phone to the factory settings (go to “Settings”, select “Restore and Reset”, and in it. “Reset settings”). At the same time, consider that when reset will be lost your data on the smartphone (including, for example, your address book);
  • Subject to use on the phone of custom (user) firmware it is recommended to reflash the phone, returning to it a test official shell.

Error “COM.Android.Phone “and” Android.Process.Acore »

This problem usually appears on smartphones after:

If you have seen this problem, it means that the interaction of the built-in communication modem with new software on the smartphone is violated on your device, or there are problems with a SIM card that does not allow fully interacting with the cellular tower.

To solve the problem, follow these steps:

  • Go to Settings. Applications. Phone and click on Clear cache and data, after which you reboot your device (article how to remove cache on Android)
  • Check the performance of your SIM card on another device
  • Reset Android settings (Return the device to factory settings)

How to fix the error Android Process Acore: 2 ways

Even if you have a similar problem on your device, you should not immediately fall into a panic and go to the store for a new phone. We also do not recommend you contact the service center and just give cash. You yourself will be able to correct this problem, even if you have purchased a device with an Android operating system. We conventionally divided the list of solutions into two categories, ranging from ordinary users who only started working with this OS, ending advanced users.

Method 1. for novice users

As practice shows, this error basically occurs when working with a list of contacts on your smartphone. For example, you are trying to add a new contact in a notebook or erase recording, edit. To correct the error, you will need to do the following:

  • Go to “Settings” and select the Applications tab.
  • Find the “All” tab, and then “Contact Storage”.
  • Now find the item “Erase Data” and click on it. Attention! All your contacts will be removed from the mobile phone, however, the error will most likely disappear. If you previously created individual copies in VCard format or synchronized the phone book in Google services, then it will be easy to restore all the data.

Another reason for which this error may appear. the incorrect work of the “Calendar” storage. Make the following to correct the error:

  • Go to “Settings” of your phone.
  • Select “Applications” and in the “All” tab, find “Calendar Storage”. Click this button and if the service has been disabled, select “Enable”.

The problem sometimes occurs when installing applications that optimize Wi-Fi wireless networks. In this case, we recommend you to view the full list of all installed programs on your smartphone, determine which of them are intended to optimize wireless networks and delete.

One of the extreme methods is a refund to the factory settings. Just keep in mind that all data will be completely removed from your phone, both personal data and all applications, as if you just purchased the phone in the store.

Method 2. for advanced users

If you are a confident Android user, and worked with a file system, built-in services and widgets, then when a message appears that an Android Process Acore error occurred, you can use the way that is described here. You can correct the problem with editing a system file. To do this, do the following:

  • In the file system, go through the next way: / System / CSC / OTHERS.XML and open it with any built-in editor.
  • Find the TRUE line in the file and change the value true on False.
  • As soon as the value is changed, save the file and restart the device. We recommend that you create backup copies of editable files.
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In general, it can be concluded that this error is not critical for the user and can be eliminated in several clicks. Remember that the last method with a rollback of data must be resorted only if all the methods described in the article do not eliminate the problem. When rollback, an application is deleted automatically generating an error, so it does not appear anymore. Data rollback can be done both with the standard menu of Android operating system and special keys. Read more in a separate article, the reference to which is given above in this material. If you have any questions on this issue. leave your Комментарии и мнения владельцев and our experts will help you solve them!

Differ stability and security. But, despite the fact that it works on the basis of a reliable Linux operating system, from time to time and there are different failures in it.

On many forums, users write that an error occurred in the Android application, as a result of which it does not start or crashes. In this article we will analyze the reasons for which these problems arise, as well as their solutions.

Main ways COM error correction.Android.Phone

Most often the problem “in the COM application.Android.Phone occurred error.

And in most cases, a simple cache cleaning and these applications helps. Next, it is shown how and for which applications it should try (the screenshots are shown “Clean” Android intees, in your case, for Samsung phones, Xiaomi and others, it may differ somewhat, however everything is done almost the same way).

  • On your phone, go to the settings. applications and turn on the display of system applications, if such an option is present.
  • Find the “Phone” and “SIM card menu”.
  • Click on each of them, then select the “Memory” section (sometimes this item may not be, then immediately the next step).
  • Clean the cache and these applications.

After that, check whether the error has been fixed. If not, try to do the same with the applications (some of them may be missing on your device):

If nothing helps from this, go to additional ways.

Error Android Systemui


Error “Process COM Android Systemui Stopped” for frequent can be seen on the Samsung Galaxy brand phones. It appears as a rule when you press the “Home” button, launch any applications, as well as cameras.

The method of eliminating the Com Android Systemui Com Android Error To date, the only one.

  • Go to “Play Market”
  • Enter to the search string. Google
  • Find Google app and click “Delete” on it
  • Confirm the action in the “Delete all updates of this system application that appears”
  • After which you reboot the phone and this error you will no longer disturb.

How to fix a mistake

There are several methods for fixing a system error. The most popular of them includes:

  • Cleaning cache and system trash on the device;
  • Disable date and time synchronization;
  • Check and clean the phone system from malicious programs;
  • Reset device to factory settings;
  • Reinstalling applications.

In order to provide an application with high-quality work in the future, you should check all methods, but first of all restart the device and clear all open tabs.

Clean cache and trash

When using any application, it saves files from external sources (most often from the Internet) for subsequent use. These files are stored in the application cache and occupy a certain space in the device’s memory. Due to the too large amount of cache, the application of the application itself may find it.

For example, when using an external web browser or social network, the utility will automatically save certain images to memory so that they can be viewed in the absence of an Internet connection. This cache saves user time and device data.

If the user wants to clear the cached application data to restore some used space or correct an incorrectly working application, this can be done as follows.

Every Android smartphone has application manager, access to which you can get through the settings menu. In most devices, this section is located at the top of the list of partitions in the settings. Next, go to this section and follow the instructions:

  • You must click on the “Storage” header to open the settings page.
  • Next, go to the “Other Applications” section to see the list of applications installed on the device.
  • Find in the list application from which the user wants to clear the cache and choose it from the list.
  • In the item you need to select the “Clear Cache” button and wait for excess data.

The next time the user uses the application, it will be downloaded from the Internet all the data that is necessary for it to work, as when first use. Clearing cached data does not delete other data, such as logins or saved games.

Usually cleaning corrects external and internal problems in operation, especially when the application downloads content from a website that is constantly changing and adds more data.

Personal data of the user, correspondence and photos when cleaning the cache are not deleted.

If, after cleaning the cache, the application does not work, it can help complete warehouse cleaning.

This will delete all application data, including user names and passwords, the course of the game, saved correspondence and photos, etc

  • You must click on the “Storage” header to open the settings page.
  • Next, go to the “Other Applications” section to see the list of applications installed on the device.
  • Find in the list application from which the user wants to clear the cache and choose it from the list.
  • In the item you need to select the “Clear Storage” button and wait for the removal of all data utilities.

Disable dates and time synchronization

An application error can also be caused by incorrect date and time synchronization on the device. This problem in modern devices is rare enough, but the failures can still call the application. In order to configure the right date and time, first of all, you should disable them synchronization.

  • To do this, go to the settings section and select the “General Settings” section.
  • In the list of points we find the “Date and Time”, click.
  • In the opened window, press the lever opposite the “time synchronization” or “Date and Time Auto Definition”. The next step is manually configured the correct number and time.
  • Reload the device and try to enter the application again, which issued an error.
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Check the system for viruses

Downloading malicious programs can also negatively affect the device. In order to clear the phone from viruses, you need to follow the instructions:

  • First of all, the device should be translated into a safe mode. This action will prevent the launch of any third-party applications on the mobile and will stop the malicious application. For most Android devices, the user can translate its device to a secure mode by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds until the phone is offered to turn off the device.
  • Then you should press and hold the “Turning off” button for a few seconds or until the mobile device will ask you to confirm that the user wants to go to safe mode. You need to click the “OK” button, and the phone will restart in safe mode.
  • When the device is in secure mode, all third-party applications will be disabled, and “Safe Mode” should appear in the lower left corner of the screen
  • When the phone is in safe mode, you need to go to the settings menu and select the section “Applications”. You should go to downloaded applications to find a utility that can cause problems on the device. If the user does not know which utility can cause problems, go to the general list and find the one that looks strange, or the one that the user itself has not installed.
  • Finding a malicious application, you need to click on it to open the page information page, and click “Delete”. In some cases, you can see that the “Delete” button is inactive, and usually this happens because the virus has appointed an administrator status.
  • After removing a malicious application, exit the application menu and go to “Settings” / Safety / Device Administrators. A list of applications that have administrator status on the phone will appear. To remove the application, you just need to check the checkbox next to it and click “deactivate” on the next screen. Now you can return to the application screen and securely delete it.

Reset to default settings in Android

Return the working status of your Android device will help return to factory settings or default settings. All system files and applications get rid of your settings. All files that downloaded the user will also be lost, including photos, music and video.

one Run the settings for your device again.
2 Find the item responsible for restoring and reset.
3 Then find the “Reset Settings” item in it and select it.
4 Confirm your actions.

The device will reboot and require you to enter your Google account data. After starting an error in the “Settings” application, which occurred on your Android device, should disappear. What else can still be done in this situation, look in the video.

Causes of failure

Most often, the problem appears on smartphones and tablets, where there are still outdated OS, frozen somewhere in versions of 4.2.2, 4.4.2, 4.4.4. stable in this plan version 5.1 (and higher), 6.0 (and higher). As such, the causes of the bug can be many. Creation of the installed application contains broken files and fails. Global bug in the firmware, because of which you will not be able to run system processes and programs (camera, battery, calendar, phone book, etc.). Separately, it is worth talking about the viral activity on Android and the presence of garbage in it (residual files).

Error in the “Settings” application on Android

Depending on the device model and version of the OS, the message may differ. For example, Samsung and Sony gives the message “Settings stopped”, and Chinese models can produce “Unfortunately, Settings Has Stopped”.

Correct the settings failure in Android

In any case, to solve a bug, you need to perform a series of cleaning and reset some services in the system. Select from the list of tips that most suitable for you. To begin with, simple steps, sort of semi-dimensions.

Before all actions, I recommend checking the device to viruses, use topical versions of antiviruses (DR.Web, Avg, Kaspersky, ESET, etc.). Also apply the system tool for cleaning. cache and garbage files. In the new versions of the OS, there is a built-in option for cleaning, or you can download a special software. Master Cleaner, for example.

  • The process of settings is directly related to the work of almost all applications. If any services are stopped, it will take. Run on the “Settings” device. “Applications”. Tab “All”. Leaf down. there is defaults all stopped programs displays, restart them all. Perhaps you will have a separate tab “Disabled”.
  • Go to the list of all applications and clear the data for two services. “Settings” and “Settings Wizard”. Additional look in the list (all) process COM.Android.Settings and also clean it and stop.

Dashing in the configuration applications in Samsung Galaxy

These steps should help in solving an error with the setup application. In extreme cases, if at all it will not be possible to fix the bug, then you will need to flash the device. Perhaps you are faced with a bat of the firmware that will dismiss constantly and you need to replace it. If in your case there are nuances, write about them in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, we will try to help.