How to connect two pairs of Airpods to one iPhone or iPad

A similar trick works on any gadget with iOS 13.1 or iPados As for the headphones, not only AirPods of all generations are supported, but also some Beats models, among them Powerbeats Pro, Beats Solo 3, Beats X, Beats Studio 3 and Powerbeats 3.

How to Use AirPods and AirPods Pro with Your PS4!

How to display the sound to the second Airpods in the case

  • Connect your Airpods to iPhone. The second headphones at this time should be in a case for charging.
  • Listening to music from your Airpods, bring a smartphone to an open case of another couple.
  • In the menu screen, select “Temporarily Share Audio” and confirm the action.

How to display the sound to the second Airpods without a case

  • Connect your own AirPods to the iPhone and put them on.
  • In the player or from the lock screen, open the AirPlay menu, and then “share audio”.
  • Bring your smartphone to someone else’s iOS device and click “Share audio”.
  • Ask a friend to confirm the connection on his gadget.

How to display the sound to the second headphones Beats

  • Connect your Airpods to a smartphone.
  • Quickly press the power button on Beats.
  • Bring the iPhone to other people’s headphones.
  • Select “Temporarily Share Audio” and confirm the action.

How to change the volume

Sound intensity can be adjusted both simultaneously on both pairs of headphones, and separately. In the AirPlay menu, the lower slider is responsible for the overall volume level, and the upper ones are for specific headphones.

At the control point of the main slider is a general parameter regulator. If you call an additional menu, holding your finger, separate sliders will appear for each device.

How to disable the second headphones

To stop the output of the sound, you need to open the AirPlay menu, find other people’s headphones on the list and remove the checkmark opposite their name.

Using manual connection

How to create a couple with second headphones

  • Connect your headphones to iOS device.
  • Run the settings and go to the Bluetooth section.
  • Open the case with the second Airpods and hold the conjugation button (or the power button. on Beats) until the indicator starts to flicker.
  • Wait for the appearance of headphones in the “Other devices” section and select them.

How to change the volume

The sound is tuned in the AirPlay menu or slider at the control point, as in the case of the “share audio” function.

How to disable the second headphones

To use the second headphones with your iPhone or iPad, a friend will have to re.carry out the connection procedure. This is done like this:

airpods, headphones, connect

In the latter, the iPhone does not have an audio jack. Does this mean that I should use Airpods?

Not. The iPhone is compatible with wired headphones with Lightning support or any other Bluetooth lunkers. You can also use an adapter that works with ordinary headphones.

Airpods work through Bluetooth?

Yes. AirPods use Bluetooth to connect to iPhone.

AirPods operate on the developed Apple processor W1, which ensures the functioning of headphones. The chip allows you to simplify Airpods with iPhone. just open the case next to the smartphone and the synchronization window with iPhone will be displayed on the device.

W1 also provides a wireless connection, helps economically spend the battery charge, as well as together with an accelerometer of movement and optical sensors automatically regulates reproduction and includes a microphone so that the owner of the accessory can use one or two headphones. Thanks to this, AirPods include sound as soon as the user puts on them.

What devices support two pairs of Airpods

Unfortunately, this opportunity is not available for all headphones and iPhone. Airpods owners of all generations may not worry. there will definitely be no problem with them. Probably, some other models will also work, but, alas, so far the only officially supported headphones in addition to AirPods are the Beats with the H1 chip (for example, PowerBeats Pro). As for devices that support technology, among them there are somewhat more models:

How To Connect AirPods To PS4

  • iPhone 8 and newer
  • 10.5- and 11-inch iPad Pro and new
  • iPad Pro 12.9-inch (second generation and newer)
  • iPad Air (3rd generation)
  • 5th generation iPad and newer
  • iPod Touch (7th generation)
  • iPad mini (5th generation)

What headphones can be connected to Airpods

The easiest way is using the “control point” in the iPhone or iPad. There you can choose which AirPods to display an audio switch, as well as the volume of each pair of headphones. It is possible to broadcast the sound to two pairs of headphones at the same time or for each separately. In the volume menu of the “control point” by long press, you can activate a more visual setting of sound level. Pull the volume run runner for individual headphones or select the volume level for both headphones by pulling the volume runner at the bottom of the screen.

You can manage the noise reduction of headphones separately

airpods, headphones, connect

You can view the charge level of all connected Airpods using the usual widget “Elements of power” on the pile to the right.

So you can view the level of charge of both pairs of headphones

Reproduction can also be controlled by head management elements. When the volume is changed using headphones, the sound will change only in those headphones on which the corresponding buttons were pressed.

You will find even more tips and life hacks for working with the iPhone in our channel in Yandex.Zen “.

At first glance, there is nothing like that, but this is for those who did not listen to music together from one player and one headphone. In fact, the ability to reduce or add sound can be a very convenient addition to the function described above.

How to connect two pairs of wireless headphones to Mac. Not only AirPods, but also any others are suitable

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IOS and iPados mobile operating systems have long supported sounding to two pairs of connected headphones. There is such a chip in MacOS, but it is not being tuned as intuitively and simple as on the iPhone.

In this way, you can connect not only the original Apple or Beats headphones, but also any other Bluetooth nashelds.

How to bring sound to two pairs of headphones on Mac

First, in turn, mare both headsets with Mac.

Launch the Audio-Midi settings application. It can be found through the search for Spotlight or in Launchpad.

Click in the lower left corner and select the item Create a multifaceted device.

On the right panel, mark two connected headsets.

Expand the list of devices of the created multiple device. The first connected headset will become the main one, and for the second, the option should be enabled that the sound is displayed synchronously without delay.

For convenience, a multifaceted device can be renamed in the Audio-Midi list.

It remains only to go to the sound settings and change the exit to the newly created device. This can be done through the volume indicator in the line of the MacOS menu.

Now the sound will be displayed at once for two headsets.

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How to manually connect to the iPhone or iPad second AirPods

This alternative method does not work on the basis of the proximity of two devices. You need to make a little personal effort to implement it.

First you need an iPhone with AirPods connected to it.

Open the Bluetooth section in “Settings”.

airpods, headphones, connect

Hold the conjugation button on the rear panel of the second set of AirPods.

In the section “Other devices” a second set of AirPods will appear, which means their readiness to conjure. I have to click on it.

Make sure that both devices in the list are marked with the status of “connected”.

Happened! Now we have two pairs of Airpods connected to one device with iOS 13. From the AirPlay menu, both pairs of headphones should be visible, the same sound should come to them.

During the testing, no delay was found between the sets of headphones. Each of them can regulate the sound independently of each other, like speakers with support for AirPlay 2.

Apple states that this function works both with AirPods and Powerbeats Pro on the iPhone 8 and newer, 12.9-inch IPad Pro-generation iPad Pro, 11-inch and 10.5-inch iPad Pro, iPad 5.the generation and newer, third.generation iPad Air, fifth generation iPad mini and seventh generation iPod Touch.

Connecting headphones to iPhone

We take a branded package with Airpods and carefully open it with a clerical knife or scissors, take out the case and place it near the iPhone. Then we perform the following actions:

We extract Airpods from a case. As soon as we insert into the ears, playing begins. If we want to stop the sound, we take out one headphone, if you stop completely, both.

The procedure for connecting headphones to another ipnone

If you wanted to listen to music on another iPhone, then when placing a case next to this device, in return for the inscription. “connect” “not your AirPods” appear. What to do with it? For connection, you need:

  • Install headphones in a case
  • Open the case of the case
  • Press and hold the button located on the back of the case, until the indicator on it blows white

Further, as in the previous paragraph. we see the animation, select “Connect” and “Ready”

Connection to two different devices at the same time

In order to connect AirPods headphones to two different devices at the same time, we take out both headphones from the case and set up on one of the gadgets. Then we remove one headphone in the case, and the other is adjusted to the second device.

Which iPone can be connected to the headphones

Connect AirPods headphones so that they function in the full volume of capabilities in them, you can for any iPhone with iOS 10 or later version.

Compatibility is possible with the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone Se, iPhone 5C, iPhone 5, indicated in the spices of the headphones for headphones. But at the same time, on old devices it is necessary to update OC iOS to OS iOS 10.

Airpods headphones will work with older devices and even with these devices on the old version of iOS, but at the same time they will lose all their chips and will function, in fact, as an ordinary wireless headset.

How to listen to Airpods headphones from different steam

Apple has long thought out this moment by establishing the sale of these headphones in a piece. Cases for them can also be bought separately.

And on trading Internet platforms, including “flea markets”, you can find and purchase left or right Airpod.

Such headphones seem cool and comfortable to many, one minus like all wireless ones is easy to lose. Statistics on the Web suggest that the loss and subsequent attempts to connect h. However, constantly re.acquiring airpods. “expensive pleasure”, since in official stores the cost of at least 68

Everyone is accustomed to wired headphones, which are always fastened together, but I also want to try something new and unusual over time.

With the loss of one headphone, you can at least try to find it using the function “Find iPhone”. This is possible if the charge on the lost headphone is still preserved, and the airpun itself is in the area of ​​the Bluetooth module of the smartphone, and for this you will most likely have to go through the places where the last time you saw your headphones.

This method does not always help to return the loss, and another option remains. buying a new headphone.

How to connect AirPods from different sets for listening?

There will be no difficulties in this, because the very connection of a new headphone to the old is performed in a standard way. The fraud of headphones with the iPhone occurs as usual, despite the fact that the airpodes from different pairs.

  • Observe the indicator of the connection state: when orange blinking, you must clamp the connection button on the case for 5 seconds, then the indicator will change to white color.

If this does not happen, then the case should be closed and set to charge 15 minutes.

What to do if my AirPods headphones were stolen (lost), but I still have a case from them?

It may seem to you that the thief or found will not be able to use your Airpods if you have a case for charging. There is a certain meaning in this, since the headphones must be placed in the case to connect them to another iPhone.

However, it is quite possible to use any other case for AirPods for these purposes.

Airpods headphones work with any charging cover, provided, of course, compatibility of models. The case for the Pro model will only work with AirPods Pro.

Thus, if the thief stole your Airpods, they can still be connected to another iPhone, just using another cover for charging. Perhaps for this a separate case will be used, stolen from someone.

And if only one of the AirPods headphones was stolen (lost)?

One headphone from AirPods pair is certainly less useful for a thief than a couple. But if the criminal stole a second headphone from someone, then you can tie a couple together by forming a full set and use it with a charging cover. The owner can only console himself with the fact that he can still listen to music with one remaining headphone.

The locator application, which used to be known as finding iPhone, is a very useful tool for tracking many of your missing Apple devices, including AirPods.

airpods, headphones, connect

Open the locator application on the connected Apple device or open the section Find the iPhone on the icloud If your AirPods have been connected to the device using the locator, you should see them in the list with your other devices.

You can track AirPods headphones when they have an active connection with one of your Apple devices. This happens when one or more of your AirPods are outside the case and are located in the Bluetooth area of ​​your device. Headphones must have a residual battery charge.

The locator application marks the location of your Airpods on the map and plays sound as a help help. This will be useful if you have lost your AirPods somewhere in an apartment or among furniture, and not someone stole them. But this method can still help you find a thief in a small room.

If your AirPods is discharged, then the locator shows only their last known location and does not offer any other tracking options.

How to look at the AirPods charge on Apple Watch

I don’t know how for you, but for me, viewing the battery level on Airpods is always some kind of problem. Yes, there seems to be widgets, but so far you will get to them a hundred years. But this is still half the trouble. What do you order to do when I tied Airpods to Apple Watch, and Iphone left the iPhone at home? It turns out everything, find out charging will not work? As if not.

See AirPods charging right on Apple Watch.

Here Apple seems to be positioning itself as a company that produces products with an extremely understandable and simple integration. But, friends, I myself would not have done in life how to look at the AirPods charge on Apple Watch:

  • We connect the headphones to Apple Watch.
  • Then we go to the control point with the swipe from the bottom up.
  • Tap to the charge level as a percentage.
  • Watch the charge of watches and headphones.

If someone knew about this feature, write in a comment on how you guessed before?

Airpods pro. What to do

No matter how tried Apple to make headphones with active noise reduction, which do not fall out of the ears, nothing came of them. Let’s honestly admit: AirPods Pro falls out almost every third. We in the editorial office faced a problem for a long time and and firsthand we know how unpleasant it is.

Foam nozzles are the best way to get rid of the problem of Airpods Pro loss.

Having tried a bunch of nozzles of different sizes and shapes in came to the conclusion that it is better to find anything than foam nozzles. Unlike the usual silicone nozzles, they sit in the ear canal much more convenient due to slow melting.

The chip in the editorial office checked everything. Those to whom Airpods seemed uncomfortable finally straightened their shoulders. Here’s what Appleinsider author writes about Alexander Bogdanov:

The foam nozzles for Airpods Pro turned out to be no worse than the original, but something better: yes, now the headphones are well fixed in the ears and do not fall out when running.

It is also cool that on Ali they are sold completely cheap. Agree, everyone will be able to give 220 for their own comfort.