How to connect a macbook to a TV with HDMI cable or via Wi-Fi network

As with the usual laptop on OS Windows, you can display the image from MacBook to another screen. In our case, the playback device is Smart TV TV. The easiest way to connect to the modern television receiver of the last years of release. The technique of well.known manufacturers of recent versions is designed for synchronization with Apple (iPhone, iPad, MacBook) using AirPlay technology.

If the TV is a completely old or outdated model with limited functionality, it will also turn out to connect to MacBook, but the cable. The connection technology is the same for all MacBook models. Air, Pro. The algorithm of action can differ slightly depending on the version of the MacOS operating system.

Connection via AirPlay

AirPlay. Wireless data transmission technology used by Apple.

Before connecting the MacBook to the TV via AirPlay, you need to be sure that TV devices supports technology.

If your TV TV LG, Samsung, Sony, Philips was released after 2018, then AirPlay support is highly probabilities. Moving 100% of the presence of AirPlay function can be in the characteristics of the technique.

The list of such functions is unlikely to be written in the characteristics that are indicated in the documentation for the television receiver. Therefore, you need to find a full table with characteristics on the Internet according to the code of the TV model.

  • Find out the device model. It is written on the packaging from the equipment, in the operating instructions and on the rear panel of the case.
  • Open the Yandex or Google search engine in the browser.
  • In the search line write the request “Characteristics [Model]”.
  • Go to several sites and through the search for the contents of the browser (CTRLF) try to find the presence of the AirPlay option. It is enough to introduce part of the name, for example, “Air” into the searches. If the coincidence is found, then the browser will highlight the desired fragment. In this case, it is possible to display the “MacBook” screen on the television on the air.

If the technology does not work on your television receiver, you will have to use the wired method of connecting MacBook or buy an external console.

Connection instructions

The general principle of synchronization is always the same. You need to find the duplication function and connect to the TV found. But there may be some differences in the name and location of the option on different versions of MacOS.

Before contacting, you must definitely connect both devices to one Wi-Fi access point.

Action plan on MacOS Catalina:

Only the first connection is confirmed. Further, the TV will remember the MacBook and will be connected automatically.

Algorithm for MacOS Big Sur:

After, the picture will simultaneously appear on the TV and on the “apple” laptop.

And the monitor icon (or two) will appear in the menu line, through which you can choose the operating mode of both displays.

AirPlay modes

Mac OS Big Sur invites the user to switch between two modes:

  • Video Retina display. the picture will be completely repeated;
  • Use as a separate monitor. the TV can act as a second space in which it will be able to create its own folders, to control the files. To switch to the second monitor, you need to move the cursor to the edge of the monitor, which is used now. Thus, the cursor will go to another monitor. To return to the previous monitor, the cursor moves in the opposite direction in its original state. In Windows, this mode is called “expand”.

Each mode can be additionally configured.

  • Click on the “display settings” item.The menu will open, which can also be reached through the system parameters, the subsection “Monitors”.
  • Open the Location tab.
  • If a separate monitor mode is currently working, then you can drag the devices relative to each other. Place the monitors so that it is as convenient to switch the cursor between the displays. The monitor on the default MacBook is indicated by a smaller size of a white line from above. This is how the main monitor is denoted. The string can be moved to another monitor, such an overwhelm to make the main TV. If you put the connected TV on the left of the laptop display, then the cursor must be moved to the left side. If the “macbook” is from below, then the mouse pointer will have to move up. Simply put, the TV becomes a continuation of the screen.
  • If the video replacement mode is active, then when opening the display settings, the optimization window with the name of the TV will automatically appear.

Next, you need to decide which monitor will you look at. That is, you still need to assign some display the main one so that it shows the most high quality.

On the MacOS version of Catalina with modes, the situation is almost the same. Setting problems should not arise.

Apple TV prefix

This is a multimedia player, which also allows you to take an Apple AirPlay connection. The prefix is ​​necessary if the functionality of the TV is very limited and there is no support for the “air” connection.

Connects to the TV through the HDMI integer. After turning on, the player connects to the Internet network in which the computer is located. The following steps for the connection are identical to the described above.

Do not forget to turn on AirPlay

On some TV models, including Apple TV Box, you may need to first turn on AirPlay.

Apple TV needs to go to “Settings”, then in “AirPlay and Homekit”. The first setting is responsible for turning on or disconnecting the work of the technology.

On the TVs Samsung Smart TV you need to open “Settings”, go to the “General” section, subsection “Apple AirPlay Settings”.

Inside, the status of the option in the first line is also checked.

Connection via USB

You can connect the iPad via USB if there is an appropriate input on TV.

  • Find the connector, from can be from behind or side of the TV.
  • Purchase an appropriate model iPad USB-shnur.
  • Turn on the equipment.
  • Connect the wire first to the TV, after to iPad.
  • When the inscription on the connection of new equipment appears on the TV, you can transmit information.

But this option is not perfect. Everything will depend on the model directly of the TV. For example, certain Sony televisions have photos and music are played perfectly, and the video does not go at all. One way or another, it is necessary to experiment with Smart-TV settings.

It is also important that, for example, the iPad 2 will not work like that (there are no difficulties with other models of iPades).

How to connect iPad to TV via HDMI

Thanks to HDMI, you can connect the iPad to watch films on a TV screen in excellent quality. This connection option has a number of advantages:

First generation iPads that have an integrated adapter make it possible to transmit a video with a resolution of up to 720 pixels. 2-4 generation devices display a picture with a resolution of 1080 pixels on TV.

To connect, one end of the wire is installed in the port located on the TV, and the second connector is inserted to the iPad. The technology of mirror display makes it possible to duplicate the picture from the tablet to the TV.

For the settings of the iPad 4 connection, you need to purchase an adapter additionally. This equipment has an Lighting integration. Buy Lighting Digitalav adapter. So on the screen you can get the highest quality image.

Enter a mobile device in a gallery, then open any photo. If everything is done correctly, then a photo will appear on TV.

The main drawback is the HDMI wire must be purchased separately, it is not in the main configuration of the iPad and TV.

Image output through HDMI

Many users resort to HDMI intenses. It is necessary to connect a variety of devices among themselves. Cable allows you to transfer the image with high accuracy. It is ideal for watching films, series of maximum resolution. On mobile from Apple there is a unique connector that does not coincide with most devices. To solve the problem, it is recommended to use a special adapter. Now follow the following steps:

  • Insert the wire into the iPhone.
  • The second end of the cable is connected to the adapter and TV. This connector is placed on new TV models.
  • We determine the correct connector in the settings. It will be attentive! There are several identical inputs on the prefix. Indicate the right one.
  • Wait until the mobile screen is duplicated on the TV. Turn on your favorite movie, watch in good quality.

Connection via analog cable

To use this method, you need to connect both devices with a separate cable. This wire is popularly called “tulip”. The only nuance. with this connection, you cannot watch video in high quality, resolution. It is possible to connect to TV using the following cables:

  • Composite. Insert the wire into the TV and smartphone. You will not need to set parameters. It is enough to turn on the AV button and click on the “Mirror” key.
  • Component. Instructions for performing the same with the past option. This method is suitable for users with the operating system above 4 versions.
  • VGA wires. To use this method, buy the appropriate cable. Remember that this option is suitable for all mobile above 5s.

Wending connection

Samsung iphone wired conjugation and TV brand also has its advantages as a connection. But, minus, as the same cable, is always present. Consider the basement using HDMI cable.

A feature and main advantage of wired conjugation on HDMI over Wi-Fi technology is the ability to broadcast a picture in resolution of 8k without interference. If your iPhone is old, then only photos and videos will be displayed on TV. But there is a small snag. To withdraw data from a smartphone, you will need two additional devices:

How To FIX Airplay Not Working On Samsung TV! (2022)

The first is a fairly common cable that can be bought inexpensively in every computer store. The second is a special adapter, which is developed by Apple specifically for broadcasting data from a small screen on a large that by modern standards, a rather large amount, as for an ordinary adapter.

But, unfortunately, saving, and having bought the Chinese analogue, you may encounter the saying “The stingy pays twice”. Chinese adapters are often sold with malfunctions or do not support the work of apple phones. At the same time, the broadcast on a large TV display can be interrupted in any “inappropriate” second. In most cases, the primary and subsequent conjugation of two devices will issue a warning “No support with your device”.

But if you have an original cable or is lucky to get a working copy, the connection process is simple:

  • Create a pair of iPhone-Samsung TV using an adapter and an HDMI cable;
  • Go to the settings and select the desired signal source;
  • After a couple of seconds, the screen of the mobile smartphone will be duplicated.

Mating via USB

If you use the iPhone Lightning cable, you can not only synchronize your iPhone through the iTunes program on PC, but also create a couple of phone. TV. In this case, the TV will determine the connected device as a regular drive and display the information contained on it.

It is important to understand that the iPhone is not Android, and hundreds of folders, access to which is open through the file manager, will not be displayed on the screen on the screen. This method is only designed to display on the large display of Samsung photos and videos taken from the camera or data, which are now stored in the “Files” section. But this may be quite enough, to view home content on a large screen.

It should be understood that the USB connector does not allow you to run the application from the iPhone or watch online video on TV.

It is noteworthy that these restrictions can be circumvented if you install on your iPhone jailbreak. Thanks to the latest Haku, the file system will be unlocked, allowing you to install utilities on the phone from “unknown sources”. The applications you set will allow various kinds of data to the Smart panel via USB.

The only minus Jailbreak is that such a procedure completely deprives the iPhone guarantees and it will not be possible to fix it in the future under the guarantee from Apple.

Connection via USB

The option with “USB” is not suitable if you need to duplicate the screen.

After connecting on the TV screen, access appears to the IPAD directors. It means that you can only open a content.loaded content pre.loaded in memory. Even if the method suits you, remember that the TV is limited by supportive file formats. Most common formats modern Smart TV open. But problems may arise due to unstoppable codecs. So, sometimes there are situations when the video is played, but the sound is inaudible.

The connection principle is similar, you need an adapter suitable under the iPad connector or multimedia cable.

  • Corporate adapter Apple usb-C/usb cable usb-to-USB
  • Cable from third-party manufacturers USB-C to USB-A
  • Corporate Cable Apple Usb To Lightning
  • Adapter with additional ports Type-C and HDMI (or VGA)

The very connection is done in a certain way:

Connection via Wi-Fi (DLNA)

The TV must support DLNA technology. All modern Smart TVs are capable of playing multimedia content via DLNA. On old television receivers before sending content, it may be necessary to enable the DLNA mode. New devices do not require preliminary inclusion of the function. All external connections are available in the background.

The application allows you to send a different content of the content to the TV screen. So, you can convey in memory the devices of multimedia files and content from services (for example, the same YouTube).

  • On the iPad you need to download and install the IMediaShare application. For Apple gadgets, a utility is available in the official App Store store.
  • TV and tablet device will connect to one point wi-fi.
  • The application is launched, the service or file from the gadget’s memory is selected. As soon as the final video (photo or music) on the tablet will be chosen with the found devices on which you can bring content.
  • Find the name TV in the list, click and wait until the connection occurs.
  • If you need to confirm the connection on the television screen, do it.

The application can be used on the Android devices.

According to the developer in the application card, IMediaShare supports Samsung, Sony, Panasonic, LG, Sharp and Philips TVs. A compatible program with multimedia, game consoles and players: Xbox One, Xbox 360, Apple TV, Dish Hopper, Chromecast. In practice, the list is much wider. For example, often users broadcast content through the Sony PlayStation game console.

How to connect iPhone to Samsung TV via cable

Cable compounds are not as convenient as wireless, and require more actions from the user, but they can provide high quality and instant transmission of the picture (when using HDMI ports), and allow you to connect even very old devices that do not have modern connectors.


HDMI connector allows you to broadcast high.quality video (from FullHD to 8K, depending on the capabilities of the screen) without additional settings and special software. An additional plus of such a connection is the stability of the connection that cannot be provided when using wireless technologies.

Since the iPhone does not have an appropriate connector before connecting the iPhone 4, 5, 6 or older to the Samsung TV, you need to purchase an adapter:

During the broadcast process, the phone is quickly discharged, so it is better to buy an adapter with an additional Lightning connector to connect a charger.

Ice televisors are highly contrasting and more realistic color rendering than a LCD.

How to connect the iPhone 11, 12 and younger to the Samsung TV via HDMI:

  • Install the adapter on the phone.
  • Combine HDMI cable with TV and adapter.
  • Turn on the TV and select HDMI as a signal source. If the device has several such ports, you can see its number on the case, or sort through the remote control all possible options.
  • After the synchronization is completed on the TV screen, the iPhone display will be displayed (except for 4S and older models, they will only broadcast shortcuts for playing audio, photo and video from the phone library).

Before inserting the HDMI cable into the TV port, it is recommended to turn it off using the remote control, if you connect “to hot”, you can burn the connector.

Analog cable

Old TVs equipped only by RCA ports (which require a tricolor tulip cable) can also be connected to the iPhone, but for this you will need additional adapters:

On a note. The quality of the signal when transmitting through an analog cable is noticeably inferior to broadcasting by HDMI.

How to connect the iPhone phone to the Samsung TV equipped only by RCA ports:

  • Connect the cable RCA cables with connectors of the corresponding color on the TV.
  • Plue HDMI plug into an adapter HDMI-Lightning/30-PIN.
  • Connect the resulting design to the iPhone charging port.
  • If the adapter has an additional charging connector, connect the phone to power.

If only an audio signal is necessary (for example, listen to music via TVs), then it is enough to use the standard minijack-minijack wire.


When connecting via a USB cable, you can use the iPhone only as a drive (view the photos and videos saved on it or listen to music)-it will not work to broadcast the entire screen with this method.

Any iPhone can be connected to the TV via USB, but if a complete charger cable is suitable for models from 5 and 5s, then for old phones 4 and 4s you need to buy an adapter from a 30-pin connector to USB.

When connected via the iPhone 5, 6, 7 and older USB cable, the device is simultaneously charged from tv power.

How to connect the iPhone 7 (or other models) to the Samsung TV:

  • Combine both devices with cable.
  • In the TV menu select USB as a signal source.
  • After the end of synchronization, a list of folders and files located on the iPhone will appear on the TV screen.

The contents of the mobile device are controlled through TV-conveying.

How to connect to different TV models

In the production of television equipment, the company use different technological chips to establish wireless communication with other devices. For example, Samsung and Philips opened Smart-TV PRO for AirPlay. LG work with Smart Share extensions.

Features of connection to Samsung

To connect to the Samsung TV, you should take weapons previously described options. The most popular method is by means of Wi-Fi (provided that TV is equipped with a special Wi-Fi module). For this, it is recommended to follow the instructions:

  • Create a network or organize an existing.
  • Upload an application called Allshare (present in the automatic Smart-TV Samsung) or Samsung Smart View automatic set.
  • Launch the application and perform Smart View settings.
  • Click on Samsung TV. TVs connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the iPhone will be highlighted on the screen.
  • Allow the use of photo and video on iPhone.
  • Select the required TV. Tap “allow” on TV when using the remote control.
  • Touch the application on the gadget, starting the activation of the program on the TV screen. A list of permissible additional features is opened.

To configure the broadcast from multimedia App, you need to touch the square icon with a Wi-Fi symbol.

Also, in this case, you can use the prefix Google Chromecast. an analogue of Apple TV. To work with such a device, the Google Chrome browser is loaded from the AppStore.

Connection features for LG

To interact with “skiing”, you need to pre.upload an auxiliary application called LG Smart Share to the TV. Then follow every step:

airplay, samsung, connect, iphone, ipad
  • Install a utility called Twonky Beam on a gadget.
  • Tap item in the menu: Show Or Hide the Visual Indicators at the Edge of the Screen.
  • Choose a video file that needs to be reproduced.
  • The video will begin to play after the words “Beaming”.

For ordinary TVs, analogue connection, USB or HDMI cable are suitable. The installation principle is the same as the previously described.


After starting the software, several actions need to be carried out:

  • On the main screen of the phone, slip the tab that you need to open.
  • Select the file on the gadget. Take on the TV screen.
  • Click on a suitable display (Apple or TV). Reply “Yes” to a request for access to media content and its playback.
  • Wait a few seconds and see the picture on the “box”.

Before starting the connection, you should check the three points:

  • Activate Wi-Fi Direct.
  • Leave the screen display with SSD and WPA keys. They need to be entered on the iPhone.
  • Select Wi-Fi in iPhone settings. Turn it on.
  • Tap on the desired network. In the case of the Bravia model-Direct-XX-Bravia. Press the button “join”.
  • After the installed connection, the setup screen will appear. Select the necessary parameters and start reproducing content.

However, not everything is so easy. Often the owners of the gadget complain about the problems with the connection.

If you can’t connect

Before connecting, it is important to check the conditions of uninterrupted communication:

  • small distance between devices;
  • latest updates on technology (both mobile and TV);
  • General Wi-Fi network;
  • Included access for all devices.

There are several problems with AirPlay and their possible solutions.

Turn off other gadgets creating interference.

If nothing works, it remains to contact Support or choose another connection option.

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Smart TV how to synchronize the phone and TV

Device connection options

There are not so many ways to connect the iPhone to the TV from Samsung, so it will not be difficult for the user to understand them, remember how and how to connect an “apple” phone to TV when you need to watch a video on YouTube or simply show a few photos to your friends and relatives.

Perhaps you have a question: “What, can I not watch the filmmakers if I connect the iPhone via a regular USB?””. Unfortunately, this does not work like that, but why and in what way you need to connect the device so that there is maximum functionality, consider below.

There are two types of connection of your gadget to the TV, which in turn are divided into several more ways.

Wending connection

Wending connection is the most ancient way to connect the phone to the TV. Despite its age, new solutions are constantly appearing in this direction (for example, HDMI cables, thanks to which you can watch from the phone, laptop or other video files in the 4K Ultra HD resolution, although there are already HDMI cables to watch video in resolution 8K ). However, older methods are still in demand.

Connecting the “apple” phone to the Samsung TV via HDMI cable is the newest and, therefore, the most technological way. Using this particular wire connection method, the user receives a maximum of functions. For example, synchronizing gadgets through HDMI, the user can consume absolutely different content with TV, starting viewing photos and ending with audio files on social networks, Apple Music.

Before connecting your iPhone to the TV, be prepared to encounter problems, including the fact that you have to buy the missing equipment.

Since Apple has patented its unique Lightning connector, it will not go directly to connect the device through HDMI.

The user will have to buy a special adapter for this type of wire, namely “Apple Digital AV Adapter”.

It contains all the necessary connectors.

In order to synchronize devices in this way, follow the following actions:

  • Firstly, before connecting, the user will have to deactivate the device. Only after that you can connect the cable;
  • HDMI must be connected at one end to a special connector on the adapter, and the other end to the connector on the TV;
  • Now connect the adapter to your iPhone via Lightning connector.

When you performed all the necessary actions, turn on your gadgets. As a rule, a TV without the help of the owner will find a new device. After the new device is detected, the “mirroring” function is activated on the TV, thanks to which the image comes from the phone on TV.

If the device does not automatically determine the device, it will have to be done manually. Follow these actions:

  • Go to the settings and include data transmission through an HDMI cable;
  • The TV will find the HDMI signal source;
  • Wait for about 15 seconds;
  • Make sure that the image has received the image and everything is functioning correctly.

This method is the most popular among everyone else due to the fact that the user does not need any deep knowledge in technology.

Synchronization of your “apple” phone through a USB cable can be called the easiest way. One of the pleasant bonuses will be that as soon as the user connects the phone to the TV, the first will begin to charge.

Unfortunately, you have to pay for ease of use, and in this case, users pay functionality, namely, with this method of synchronization of devices, the consumption of audio and video content is not available. And it does not depend on what kind of iPhone series you have: iPhone 4s or iPhone 11 Pro. The final result will be the same. your phone will be used only as a removable drive (like a flash drive or external hard drive), which means only one thing. duplication of the image from the phone on the TV display and the reproduction of any content is impossible.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that, depending on the model of the phone, one of the three types of wires will be used:

Most often, people use this method for:

  • viewing photos;
  • viewing videos taken to the phone;
  • conducting various presentations;
  • reading books or any other text files.

You can also connect to the TV via a USB cable if the user has a prefix from Apple “Apple TV”. But, by the way, it is much more convenient to synchronize the phone with a wireless way by Wi-Fi with its help.

Analog cable

This method of synchronization is one of the most difficult, since the user needs to understand how this method works and what specific features he has. “Natedly” such a cable is called “tulip”. Since this is a rather old way of connecting a phone to the TV, the user will not be able to play high quality video. This minus is the main one, because in low quality the video you can watch on the iPhone or any other smartphone (although many of them already support 1080p). You will also have to find an adapter.

You can connect the iPhone to the TV using the following wires:

Connection using a VGA cable is considered the most difficult among these three options. First, you should have a minimum of iPhone 5. If you even have an iPhone 4s, then the devices will not work to synchronize. Secondly, you will need to purchase the Lightning Apple VGA-adapter.

For synchronization, you only need to connect the adapter and wires to the devices.

Broadcast using Apple TV (AirPlay)

If the TV does not support AirPlay, then the only way of wireless broadcasting the image from the iPhone screen on TV-Fi will be the Apple TV prefix connected to the TV. In the presence of such a prefix, it will be AirPlay’s “receiver”:

  • On the TV as a signal source, select Apple TV.
  • From the iPhone phone, we start the broadcast, as described above, starting from the second paragraph.

Additional broadcast opportunities

In addition to the methods described above, you can:

  • Use the Lightning adapter. HDMI to transmit the image using HDMI.
  • Connect the iPhone on the USB to the TV (and allow access to the media on the phone) to watch photos and videos from the phone on TV.
  • Use iPhone applications such as TV Assist (available in the App Store) to transmit media (video, photo, auido) from phone to DLNA TV (and this standard supports almost all Smart TV TVs, enough that the phone and TV are connected To one Wi-Fi network).