What to do if the computer is braking with windows

After installation, some programs are automatically added to the autoload list. Such applications start working immediately after running Windows, regardless of whether you use them or not. They remain always active, and therefore we spend the RAM and processor power.

When programs in the autoload list becomes too much, they take a noticeable part of system resources. As a result, the computer begins to work slower than usual. Especially if it does not boast a powerful hardware stuffing.

Right-click on the Windows 10 panel and select “Task Manager”. Then click “” → “Auto load”.

In the list that opens, find programs, in the constant work of which you do not need. Click on it right-click and choose “Disable“.

Causes of braking and computer lags

Immediately it is necessary to say that the reasons for reducing the performance of the computing machine can only be two.

  • The first reason is a hardware malfunction, failed in the work of “iron”, that is, the computer must be diagnosed, disassembled and repair;
  • The second reason is a program failure. Usually, problems at the program level are reduced to the presence in the operating system of a large number of “trash” and “garbage”, from which it should be rapidly getting rid of.

If you wondered why PC slowly works, it is a reason to start acting and look for the reason for reducing computer performance. Then consider in detail every situation.

High temperature processor

The first thing to be done in such a situation is to remove the side cover of the PC housing and clean it internal components from dust clusters. Regardless of the purity of the room, inside the computer and the laptop will certainly settle dust that impede the normal air exchange.

If there is no efficient cooling of the processor and the video card, inconvenience will occur in the work, the PC braking will appear in games when starting powerful programs. It is possible to understand that the computer simply needs cleaning, in several characteristic features:

  • The noise of coolers is increasing with the launch of resource-intensive programs or toys;
  • The device is significantly heated (applied to the laptop housing).

Dustned ventilation grille prevents hot and fresh air. That is, it is not necessary to talk about the efficient cooling of the computer in this case. Overheating of the processor and video card are dangerous in that with the achievement of critical temperature, these components can be seriously damaged. So that this does not happen, protection is provided, which when triggered turns off the power.

If Windows lags, recommend downloading special applications, with which it is easy to determine the current temperature of the central processor, the graphics processor of the video card and other components. For these purposes, simple and convenient in circulation AIDA64 utility.

Aida64: Why slows down the computer?

The HDD hard disk temperature should be in the area from 30 to 35 degrees, the system board should be heated over 50 degrees, and the normal operating temperature of the central processor is 60-65 degrees Celsius.

Modern video cards are able to withstand heating to 90 and even 100 degrees, but upon reaching 105 degrees Celsius, irreversible consequences usually occur. You should not allow overheating card over 80 degrees. You can find out the normal temperature for the video card in a simple and load on the device manufacturer’s website.

Returning to the PC cleaning theme, we note that the easiest, but at the same time an effective way to remove dust. purging with a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaner must be put into operation mode, since it is possible to clean the coolers and radiators from pollution. If the computer has not changed the thermal passer, then definitely change it.

Lack of RAM

After cleaning, the computer can be started and checking how much its performance has increased. If the speed of work remained at the same low level, follow the reason.

Another probable cause of constant braking is a large number of programs that automatically start with Windows. The user’s task is to exclude from the autoload list those utilities with which it does not use and which are essentially useless. They spend the RAM and processor power, so the reason may be hidden in autoload.

To check the list, press the WINR keyboard key on the keyboard, then write to the msconfig command in the string.EXE and press the Enter key. The system configuration menu opens in which the “Auto-loading” section should be selected.

Make sure all the program downloaded along with the operating system are really necessary. If you see unnecessary applications, simply remove the daw on the left of their name. In Windows 10, it can be done through the “Task Manager”.

We also go to the “Auto-loading” tab, press the PCM on the name of the program and select the “Disable” option. On weak computers, it is best to disable the autoload of applications in which there is only a temporary need. For example, if you sometimes use a torrent client, then start it only if necessary. Permanent working torrent is able to reduce the speed of the system for dozens percent.

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PC check for viruses

What to do if the computer is braking with windows? After completing the two previous steps, be sure to check the system for malicious programs.

Viruses and various spyware are capable of seriously worsening the computer performance. If there is no antivirus program in the system, and in the Windows 10 version and “Windows Defender” is still turned off, then the likelihood is already infected. In advanced cases, the computer is struck by dozens, and sometimes hundreds of different viruses. miners, trojans, spies. Therefore, without installing the antivirus and the subsequent verification here is not to do.

Radical, but effective way to fight. reinstalling Windows. But after reinstallation, you will have to install drivers, programs, games, and these are additional inconvenience, so reinstall the system is not a desire for many.

Currently, DR is considered the most efficient free antivirus.Web Cureit. It is enough to download from the official website of the developer and run. But it should be borne in mind that this antivirus is able to protect only from the existing threats, that is, it is antivirus, which will help “here and now”.

How to remove computer brakes yourself. Manual for a regular user. (part 1). Easy way from computer repair wizard

Good day. My name is Vladimir, I am an outbound master of repair of computers and laptops. experience. 14 years old. Work for myself. I constantly come across the problem of customers, which kind of computer / laptop is powerful (i3-i5), a lot of RAM (4-8GB), and everything works very slowly and bad. Windows starts a couple of minutes, office. Seconds 30,

Browsers stupid. Inteeis Windows slows down when accessing folders and t.D. As my customers say “Chet slows down the PPC as it is necessary to clean”.

Let’s try to figure it out in this post, for what reason everything slows down and what needs to be done, whatever slow down, but flew and pleased. I will try to write extremely available for an ordinary person language, so grammarnazi from the world of computers. Sorry ).

As my practice shows, this state of the computer is made up of several problems:

1) Overheating of the computer / laptop. (after 2-4 years of use of computer / laptop)

Cooling system crashed dust. Thermopaste dried. Everything is sad. The processor is heated, reduces the frequency of work. Performance falls.

2) Mastering of the operating system itself.

Every time we launch our computer, attend some kind of site, edit text. Our system retains data about our actions in several places. Creates temporary files, saves pictures from sites for faster downloads. And here it lies a certain problem: after a pair of years of use of the computer, the storage data is overflowing, the computer starts to spend more and more time when they are processed.

It’s hard to explain in three words. Files are divided into many fragments and scatter on the hard disk. When accessing them, the computer glues a file from 300-800 parts, to what spends a lot of time.

4) brake antivirus / installation of a pair of antiviruses at the same time.

5) Conditional malware is present on the computer

If you have a constituent volcanic advertisement in the boorier, you are sent to strange pages, it is offered to win a million, and 10 new labels with unknown programs appeared on the desktop. Here is one of the causes of braking.

6) There is any software from the manufacturer (ASUS, Acer, Samsung, Lenovo) on the computer (relevant for Asus, Acer, Samsung, Lenovo laptops)

Here’s right now the advice will be, as simple part of the above, not possessing special knowledge of computer repair ! 🙂

1) How to cope with the overheating of the computer.

For general users: in general, if you have a computer. Remove the side cover, inspect the inner space for dusting. Most of all we are interested in the radiator under the central fan (we are referring to its cooler). take a vacuum cleaner (I prejudge it and cleaned that I would succeed as a Vacuuma daemon) and

CAREFULLY. Sweep dust from under the fan. Your motherboard is better not to vacuum, otherwise you have a non-illyorous ability to damage the thread there a sucking tube of vacuum cleaner.

Supplement for bold, deft and skillful: it is necessary to replace the thermal chaser on the processor, if she is more than 3 years old. Thermal Pustomer is better from Alsila and above. KTT-8 do not need.

2) How to cope with a laptop overheating. (I hope there will be a separate big post on this topic, if it is interesting)

For ordinary users: We take off, but not a closed laptop in hand.

I find it the main vent hole (where the air is hot with operation). Usually, at 75% it is located on the side on the side of the case. And sharply there swing my mouth.

If dust flew. You are well done, blurred a dust layer. If not. So the laptop is clean, you are weak or do not blow there.

Supplement for bold, deft and skillful: Be sure to replace the thermal path if the laptop is more than 3 years and it was often used. Thermalcolus must be taken no worse Arctic Cooling MX-2 (my choice for hot processors and laptop video cards).

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3) we remove the mastering of the operating system.

For regular users: We need to download the CCleaner program and consistently press the Analyze keys in it (waiting until it analyzes) and the “RUN CLEANER” program can give the window about the request to close the open current browser for cleaning it. Without thinking, press “OK” Voila and all govnichko removed and computer Zashushl!

This is probably the easiest and fastest way in this reconnaissance

Supplement for bold, deft and skillful: With the help of “svleaner” also cleanse the registry (Registry tab), autoload (Tools tab.Startup). The program can be translated into Russian in the “Options-Settings-Language” tab.

4) For defragmentation, you download the Defraggler program and consistently press “Analyze” and “Defrag”. May ask about cleaning basket. Click OK. It is better to put on the night, may take several hours.

In my practice it was more than once that officially purchased Kaspersky \ node 32 After a couple of years of work, the computer was very braked. Way out. remove them and reinstall.

Also the computer braked the old versions of AVAST (until 2016.), McAfee and Norton Security. In general, brake leaders. Well, if you have two antivirus at once. This is a direct path to the path of the slowness and slightly quality of the computer. I chose the current free antivirus for myself. 360 Total Security. While shows itself with the best side.

6) about viruses and all kinds of programs that have been installed on your computer without your knowledge (all sorts of Amigo / Yac / Regoptimizer / ChineseIPRograms.) I need a separate post.

7) Software from the manufacturer. Also separate post.

The theme is quite complicated and extensive, as well as a separate post. But be sure to do the following:

Go to My Computer. Mouse over the hard disk with:. Press the right key and select “Properties”. In the window that opens, select “Service”. Perform check. After that restart the computer. He will check the hard disk for errors and correct if they are available.

These are simple manipulations allow you to significantly speed up your computer. If any questions are. Write in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев, I will answer as far as possible.

Fuuuh. It turns out posts to write. The case is long. This is my trial first big post.

I will have some Комментарии и мнения владельцев to the author

Internet problems

Now let’s see why sometimes problems with access to the network. First of all, if used, let’s say, Wi-Fi, you should make sure that the corresponding module is on on a computer or laptop (there is a special key combination on the latter (most often this Fn is some kind of functional button, say, F5. it all depends on the model).

If everything is fine here, you need to look into the TCP / IP settings, access to which can be obtained through the Internet properties menu. In most cases, it helps to receive an IP address to automatically and disable the use of a proxy for local addresses if the provider does not provide other. If all parameters are entered manually, you just need to check their correctness.

Finally, it may very well be that the network card has an outdated driver. Therefore, it needs to be updated. To begin with, you can use your own system tools that are in the “Device Manager”, or what is much better to install the driver from the Pak described above. In extreme cases, you can copy DEV and VEN values ​​in the equipment ID list on the description tab, and then access special sites to search for driver for these values, after which it is downloaded from another terminal you have access to the Internet.

After installing Windows 10 began to brake the computer: Possible causes

So, the user made an upgrade to “dozens”. After a successful installation, he immediately noticed that the computer terribly slows down after upgrading to Windows 10. What is it connected with?

The first and most banal cause consists only of the configuration of the computer or laptop simply corresponds to only the minimum, and not recommended the requirements of the system itself, which causes a strong load. In addition, if a 64-bit version was installed, it is much “growing up” in terms of system resources than with 32-bit architecture. But not that is important.

Among the main reasons are the fact that after the update to Windows 10, the computer or laptop slows down, the following is called:

  • weak processor;
  • lack of RAM;
  • a huge number of unnecessary services included;
  • Too small size of the paging file;
  • Fragmented hard disk;
  • Impact of viruses.

Why brakes laptop on windows 10?

Minor braking laptop with Windows 10 is usually caused by natural causes, for example, accumulating with errors that are added to the autoload by new applications and services, disk fragmentation, etc.

Reducing the speed of the laptop can be caused by the appearance of damaged sectors on the hard disk. This is a common problem of laptop computers, which is more than three years. For the search for damaged sectors, third-party software or standard operating system programs can be used.

Why can be braking PC with windows 10

In fact, the reasons why a computer with Windows 10 can slow down, a huge amount. First of all, the user should think and answer the question: when the computer started to slow down? If immediately after installing “dozens”, and before that there was another operating system, and everything worked with a bang. most likely the new OS is not suitable for PC. It is worth noting that Windows 10 is one of the most demanding operating systems at the moment, up to two GB of RAM required for normal operation. For comparison, Windows XP was enough 128 MB.

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Is Windows 10 system suitable for weak PC

In general, the fully operating OS of Windows 10 is not intended for weak and old PC. The orientation of the “dozens” is aimed at the “middle class” of computers, relatively new, which are not older than three or four years. As stated above, the system consumes a lot of computer resources, especially in the plan of RAM.

On the other hand, “cropped” assemblies are created by the authors of distributions, as well as Microsoft Corporation. For example, there is a separate edition of Windows 10 LTSB, with a strongly reduced software composition, in which there is no Windows Store, a standard set of programs and many other things that pulls the RAM. In fact, similarities are only the working core, the shell, which the user himself can already fill. The Edition of LTSB may well work even on a weak computer, especially if you make a small system optimization.

Other Possible Causes PC Brakes

If the computer started to slow down “suddenly” or gradually, there may be a lot of reasons:

  • viruses and malicious software;
  • equipment malfunction;
  • stamped hard drive;
  • Damage to system files.
  • irrelevant drivers and other.

Every few of the above problems can be solved only in several clicks. But if optimization and troubleshooting does not help get rid of brakes and rolling. it is possible to reinstall Windows, extreme, but very effective measure.

Causes of brakes and their elimination

You all worked fine, and suddenly. The computer began to work slowly. First of all, I recommend paying attention to the following:

  • What programs were launched before the computer began to slow down;
  • What exactly is the PC inhibits? For example, when loading OS, when copying files when working in a browser and. All these cases are disassembled in my article below;
  • Check the task manager: see if applications are not specified that load the processor by 30% or more, is it not overloaded if hard disk, RAM, Network. Note: To invoke task manager, press the CTRLALTDEL button combination;

Task Manager. Load on CPU and Disc

This utility will not only help delete garbage and optimize Windows, but also suggest which of the programs most strongly load the system (this will tell you the special. Resource monitor that can be opened after installing SystemCare).

System Care. One Start button. And the computer will become faster!

The resource monitor is presented on the screen below: by clicking on the CPU icon. you can uncover the menu in which all programs loading the CPU by 32% will be presented.

Download bar (Monitor is built into Advanced SystemCare)

In addition to Advanced SystemCare to check and find applications that load your PC, I recommend trying Process Explorer (to download the program and see the description of the work with it. go to the link below).

To help!

1) what to do if the computer slows down and loading the CPU all the time is high (disassembly with Process Explorer). cm. Instruction

2) If you are busy almost all RAM according to the task dispatcher. try it to free it and configure the paging file. more about it here

3) If the reasons for the brakes are associated with a hard disk (for example, its load is 100%), and the closed applications did not help. I recommend this note

If you are unfortunately (at first glance), the PC slows down (or it is loaded strongly system processes). it may well be that you picked up the virus (by the way, if the computer is infected with viruses or advertising on. brakes and slow work can be in any applications).

Therefore, I recommend checking the computer to viruses and delete it (if there are): https: // Ocomp.Info / Esli-Antivirus-Ne-Vidit-Virusov.HTML (by the way, do not return to viruses in this article).


The computer cannot start braking unexpectedly (except for the physical impact on it, after which it can really happen). Any problem begins gradually. In order for the device as long as possible, you do not care for malfunctions, you need to make a number of procedures that will help improve productivity:

  • Follow the volume of free memory.
  • Sort the installed programs, and remove them correctly.
  • Check the registry for errors.
  • Conduct defragmentation.
  • Clean the computer from dust.
  • Listen to unnecessary garbage from the desktop on time, repay the basket and t. D.
  • Watch out for autoload.
  • Scan the system for viruses.

All this does not require high time costs or special knowledge, however, a lot of nerves will save you for the future.