How I chose VPN on the phone. guide

As a practicing SMM specialist, I have been in a new reality since February: the workflow has changed dramatically. Clients and I continue to work on the most popular platforms and on social networks, which means it was vital to connect the VPN (Virtual Private Network. “Virtual Private Network”).

Today I will share my experience: how safe it is to use such applications, which one to choose, how to install the service on a smartphone (I have 90% of life and work there).

With a sudden disconnection of the VPN service, traffic enters the network through an unprotected (ordinary) connection. Here risks are the same as when using the Internet without VPN generally.

When choosing a service, you should pay attention to the ability to connect two.factor authentication. This will help protect the Fining account, and a special script will turn off the data transfer when losing the connection with the VPN server. Free services may not have such functions.

When connecting to VPN, you transmit traffic to the service owner instead of a provider. Money is spent on servicing servers for VPN, in addition, service owners also want to earn on something, so often the main income of free VPN services is the sale of your data.

Companies providing access by paid subscription cause more trust, as the way of earning is clear. When using services that do not have paid versions, it must be borne in mind that the actions and visits of resources can be recorded and transferred to third parties to advertising or other purposes.

At the same time, no subscription provides 100 % of the guarantee that the service will not monitor or transfer data for commercial purposes or by law. Yes, there will be agreements, but in the case of data leakage it is very difficult to prove what exactly and to whom I transferred the service.

The main conclusion: on the services sites there can be infinitely many documents confirming the inviolability of the transmitted information, but the constant data leaks have long become a reality even for large companies that value image. You must worry about the security and confidentiality of your data yourself.

Despite the VPN shift using the AES-256 algorithm, your connection can still hack. It sounds scary, but it must be borne in mind that the VPN still reduces the risks that you are exposed when using a regular Internet connection.

I use only free, but at the same time verified services with a good rating and a lot of downloads. Here it must be borne in mind that in free applications there will definitely be limiting speeds, advertising (in some there are a lot of advertising!) and other shortcomings. Here is a small selection of free services:

I’ll tell you more about the services that I use myself. All of them are free, but have paid versions that disable advertising (if any) and give a greater connection speed.

NordVPN connectivity troubleshooting on Windows 10

I put this service in the list first, since I myself have been using it for many years. Now everything is “spinning” there around the views of advertising, which has become a lot. However, I have been using the service for several years and I can say with confidence that there were no overlays with my personal data and other information. This service with a pretty rabbit in the form of the “main character” safely recommend.

It should be borne in mind that Turbo significantly inhibits the operation of many applications, so it will often need to be disconnected. In addition, banks’ applications are not loaded with the TURBO VPN (from my experience, at least Sberbank, Home Credit Bank, Tinkoff, Mail Bank are not loaded). Google Play has more than 100 million downloads, rating. 4.7 (above average).

Another free service that now has the highest rating. This is understandable: it works faster than many others, there are few advertising, and what is now becoming especially relevant, until it slows down the work of other applications (WhatsApp, and others.). This service can also be regarded as safe: in Google Play alone it has more than 50 million downloads and a 4.8 rating (high). By a large number of assessments that can be found in the public domain, this is one of the safest free services.

Another more or less safe service having a free version. Now I use this VPN on PC. I don’t see advertising, everything works with normal speeds. Connection to servers in the Netherlands.

Google Play has more than 5 million downloads, 4.2 rating (average). Judging by the reviews, now many users have problems with the connection or at the registration stage.

Very good and rather high.speed service with a free version. Unfortunately, now in many cities it is already blocked in it, but it is still worth trying to install it. If you work for you, you can limit yourself to.

Google Play has more than 50 million downloads of the application, rating 4.1 (average).

One of the most popular VPN applications is in if your friends have a VPN, then most likely Lantern. The application has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play, but not a very high rating (3.6).

There is no advertising here, the work of other applications is inhibited slightly. The low rating, judging by the reviews, is due to the fact that the application often crashes, and you need to connect again. Many are on the contrary: the application is constantly working and does not turn off. Judging by the reviews, users are often annoyed that the application icon constantly hangs in the upper menu of the phone. so that this is not there, just turn off the notifications from the application in the phone settings.

Use any of these services, like other VPNs, is quite simple. To do this, you need to find the application through the search for Google Play and App Store app stores and download it. On average, the application weighs 20-50 MB.

Install and connect the VPN using the example of Proton (one of the longest options, so I take it to explain it).

We find the name in the application store (in my case. on Google Play)

Download and open the application. Further, it is proposed to create an account. You need to come up with the user name (it should start with the letter) and create a password. The screenshots of these stages are impossible due to security policy, but it is easy to figure it out:

Next, you can familiarize yourself with the recommendations for the use of the application or click “Skip” to immediately start using:

At the next stage, you can choose countries where servers available for connecting are free and for a paid version. Or you can click on a “quick connection” at the bottom of the screen. If you use the phone on Android, there will be a notification with a warning from the phone. Click OK:

How to disable VPN on Android smartphones

I’ll start with the VPN shutdown process, since this can be done very quickly. Often further removal is not even required. Suddenly, now one or the other site is blocked.

By the way, everything is also done on iPhones, he said in a separate article.

Method 1. through the icon on the notification panel at the top of the screen

This can be safely called the simplest option to turn off VPN on phones. As a rule, it works at once at once. And if it suddenly does not fit, then see the following options.

Когда подключение по VPN активно, слева вверху экрана (в той области, где расположены различные значки уведомлений) отображается иконка в виде ключа. It is necessary to brush this area down, running a finger from top to bottom. Only first you need to remove the Android lock if installed.

Key icon-Active VPN shift on Android

If the VPN works through a application, then in addition to the “key”, you will also see its logo. The easiest way to click on the key will appear and the window will appear in which press “disable”.

Disconnect VPN through the Android phone notification panel

This elementary action should already turn off the VPN connection on your phone and return the native IP address to the device. If a key disappeared from the top panel, then everything is ok.

For many years of work with different phones, I have met only single unique situations when this method does not work (for example, the disconnection button is not pressed). Then we read on, one of the following options will definitely work.

And remember that you can always ask me a question in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев. I’m glad to help, especially in my favorite area where I understand well! Therefore, do not be shy, write to me below the article

How To Quickly Fix Your Internet Connection (Three Options Explored)

Method 2. using VPN parameters control

We’ll have to delve into the system parameters a little, but everything is also done just in steps. The main thing is to find the right section.

So go to the phone settings. Usually just open the general list of applications and you will see the corresponding button there. And in some models and firmware of the Android OS, you can get into them by brushing the top panel down and pressing the gear button in the upper right corner.

Options on how to go to Android smartphones parameters

Now we see if there is a search line over all categories? If so, enter the VPN there and open the found option. So the easiest way.

Quick search for the VPN control section through android search

However, the search is not always present (if you have an old version of Android) and then go manually along the following path: connecting other VPN settings.

The transition procedure for the section with VPN shifts through the phone settings

In all modern Android assemblies, the location of the necessary options practically does not change.

The window will be displayed all the VPNs that were installed on your smartphone: created through built-in functionality and through programs from VPN services. If you have several connections, then you need to click on the option under which the inscription is “connected” (not on the “gear” nearby, namely the connection itself). Then in the pop.up window, click on the “disable”.

Deactivation of VPN through the Smartphone settings section

By the way, if you want to not only turn off, but also remove the unnecessary VPN service from the phone, then click on the “gear” button and select “Removing the VPN profile”. Ready, business then

Removing the profile of the VPN connection of the Android phone

Method 3. in VPN providers

As a rule, in order to solve all kinds of problems through VPNs on smartphones or PC, for example, go on blocked resources on the Internet, users install special VPN applications from Google Play from third-party developers. It is much easier to connect than to use phone functions for these purposes.

In this case, you can turn off the connection with the VPN directly through the relevant android applications. There are a lot of companies of providers providing such software for smartphones, computers and other devices, for example: Proton VPN, Windscribe, Turbo VPN, ZenMate, etc.D.

The principle of turning on / disconnecting in them is extremely similar: on the main screen of the program there is always a noticeable button to turn off communication. It is used to connect.

Below is an example on 4 applications from different VPN providers.

Disconnection of VPN on Android phones using applications

In them, you can re.enable the connection if necessary.

If you do not know which program is responsible for the VPN activity on your device, then at the top (where the notifications are displayed), the logo of the desired program will be displayed near the key. By clicking on it, you will fall directly onto the main screen where you can turn it off.

How to completely remove VPN from Android phone

And finally, if you need to not just turn off the VPN, but finally remove it, then you can remove it and everything that is connected with it.

  • Open the list of all applications, find the installed VPN there.
  • Hold your finger on it until a small context menu appears with the “Delete” button. Clicking on it, the program will completely delete.

VPN deletion procedure from Android phones

If you connected to the VPN without using the program, then:

  • Go to the settings.
  • If there is a search field, then dial “VPN” and go to the found section.
  • If there is no search line, then we move to sections: Connections Other VPN settings.
  • In the list, click on the “gear” opposite the desired VPN connection and click the “Removal of the VPN profile” button.

Add VPN label to Vista desktop

To create a VPN shortcut, you just need to go to the right Vista settings window.

icon, screen, computer, does, connect

Something annoys Vista: when you set up a new VPN connection (which many people do so that they can enter their office networks from home), you will not get the opportunity to “create a shortcut on the desktop”, as it was in Windows XP.

Fortunately, there is a simple way to bypass. I am going to assume that you already know how to connect to your VPN connection. (If not, leave the comment below, and I will take care of this little self.osis in the future post.) As soon as you are attached to the VPN, perform the following actions to create a shortcut:

Press the start, enter the network, and then press the network control center and total access.

On the left side in the “Tasks” section, click network connections.

You must see your connection specified in the section “Virtual private network”. Click the icon with the right mouse button and select create a shortcut.

Vista will indicate that here you cannot create a shortcut, but whether you want it on the desktop?

Now just twice click the label icon and throne: you can subscribe directly to your VPN.

Add Aero Shake, Aero Peek, show the desktop in Windows Vista using Winshake.

Windows 7 users are aware of Aero Shake. Aero Peek, Functions “Show the desktop” present in Windows 7. If the Vista user wants to, he can now easily add these functions to Windows Vista using Winshake.

How to organize a VPN network with one click in Windows 10

And the spoling of VPN networks is a convenient and effective way to get around the blocking of sites and protect yourself from excessive attention from cybercriminals and monitoring organs. In Windows 7 and 8.1 Connection to a configured VPN network was a click-it was enough to press the connection icon in the system tray and select the necessary connection in the list that opens. In Windows 10, the connection to the VPN server has become less convenient.

Instead of immediately connecting the user to a secure network, the system offers to go to the VPN subsection of the parameters and there to select a connection there.

icon, screen, computer, does, connect

In fact, you have to perform unnecessary actions that do not also carry any sense. But this procedure can be simplified by creating an ordinary shortcut and prescribing a special team in it.

This is done elementary. Click on the desktop with the right mouse button and select in the “Create” menu. “Label”.

In the object of the object, insert the following type of command:

Rasphone.D “The name of your VPN network”

Click “Next”, give the label a suitable name and save it.

The adhering icon can be installed through the properties. That’s all, you can fix the label on the taskbar, in the Start menu or leave on the desktop. Now you can connect with a VPN network with one click.

How to enable a wireless network on a laptop?

Go to the “Start” menu and select “Control Panel”. Click the category of “Network and the Internet”, and then select the “Center for Control of Networks and General Access”. From the options on the left, select change the adapter settings. Click the wireless connection icon with the right mouse button and click “Turn on”.

Banal reasons (provider, power, distance) are not working or not tuned to the router of the problem with the Wi-Fi laptop module are not installed or poor network card drivers

How to add a convenient VPN switch to iPhone

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Many iPhone and iPad users are often forced to use the VPN connection to access the network or open entertainment sites at work.

There is no switch in the system for this function: for the sake of it you need to go into iOS settings. Now the decision has appeared.

How to add a VPN switch to widgets

Install the IPhone command application if we haven’t done it before.

Choosing an application for access to VPN, which supports Siri commands. At the moment, you have to choose between 360 VPN-X and Tunnelbear VPN.

Put your own VPN in a widget, alas.

We go to teams and create a new script.

In the line search line, we enter the name of the application, we get available command options. In the first case, add one button for connection and disconnecting, and in the second-separate buttons for turning on, turning off or connecting to a VPN server in the United States.

We set up the name and appearance of the command button through the menu in the upper right corner.

Everything, we create the resulting widget for the command of the team.

Now you can connect to the VPN using convenient buttons on the iOS widget page, available even with an iPhone or iPad blocked screen.

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Important information

For the column L2TP/IPSEC Windows, Mac, iPhone, Android No Client Required, a checkbox should be noted in the server list that reports supporting the custom protocol L2TP/IPSEC.

You can use the Apply Search Filters server search filter by leaving the L2TP/IPSEC box and by pressing the Refresh Servers List button, as shown in the screenshot above

  • Copy the name of the DDNS node (the identifier that ends on “ “) or IP address (digital value of and enter it in the “server” field on the configuration screen.


It is recommended to use the name DDNS-it can be continued, even if the corresponding DDNS IP address will change in the future. Nevertheless, in some countries you can’t use the name of the DDNS node-in this case, IP address should be used.

  • Then click the authentication settings button.
  • An authentication settings screen will appear. Enter the VPN in the “Password” field and in the field “SHARED Secret” “. After that, press the OK button.
  • Then return to the previous screen, mark the item show the VPN status in the menu line and click the button additionally

Causes and ways of solving

Reasons why the label of Sberpey is not created on the desktop, several. First of all, it is worth remembering that it does not appear on the screen automatically after connecting if you have not agreed after the card is borrowed. Then it should be done manually.

How to add manually

If you do not have a Sberpay shortcut on the phone screen, try to bring it there on your own. For this:

  • Find the icon of the Sberban Confer application and click it with your finger until the menu appears;
  • In the menu that opens, find the name of the payment service and drag it to the place on the screen where the icon needs to be removed;
  • Let him go.

Make sure the sberpay icon is created and everything is starting correctly, so that then there are no surprises.

icon, screen, computer, does, connect

Repeated addition

Another option, what to do if the label of Sberpay is not added to the phone screen is to react the card. So, how to do if the icon is not created in automatic mode:

  • Now add plastic again to the service;
  • After you fill out all the fields, a notification will be displayed with the question whether you want to add the icon to the main screen. Agree and return to check.
  • If Sberpay does not create a shortcut on the desktop, try to restart the smartphone. Often this solves the problem.

But you did everything according to the instructions, but still the label is not installed Sberpay, what to do then?

Resolution in the settings

If you did not have a shortcut Sberis drink on the phone after all the standard steps to bind the card and output the picture manually, you will have to rummage in the settings. In this case, we are interested in applications settings. Find Sberban Kontain on the list and go to the section responsible for adding icons to the desktop. Change the parameters to “allowed”.

Permission to MIUI

The main reason why Sberpay label is not created on Xiaomi Redmi and other models on Miui is the ban on installing icons from programs. To do this in security settings, provide Sberban Conference for a point with the addition of icons to the desktop. After that, reconnect the plastic. And check it is created or not an image.

Software Update

What else can be done if Sberpey icon from the screen is missing and is not created manually? Check the availability of software update. If there is a new version of the software, put it. And after the reboot, check if the icon was created again or not?


Another reason when there is no Sberpay label, why it is not created is the use of a route device. And to create it, you need to turn off the root or hide them from the Sberpay application. Instructions for those who have disappeared the Sberpay icon on the phone, how to restore it, quite simple. Let us give an example of Magisk how to hide Root if the badge is not created:

  • Open Magisk and click on the gear in the upper right corner;
  • Transfer the runner to the “VCL” position at the zygisk items and “activate Denylist”;
  • Sweet up and click on the “Hide Magisk” item;
  • After the Magis was rebuilt and hid, we go to the “Modules” section;
  • Install Safetynet-Fix (you have to download it from the Internet in the right version);
  • Reload the device and again go into the Magis settings;
  • Open the Denylist settings;
  • Find the Sberbian application;
  • And again we return to manual adding the icon either through the menu or by removing and re.approving the card.

If everything worked out, reboot the phone again to make sure that everything works correctly. If the label of Sberpay on Android disappears again, then you will have to turn off the Root completely.

Many users advise, if nothing helps, drop the device to factory parameters. But the problem is that the discharge also implies the removal of all installed applications (in Sberban Kontain PM). And due to sanctions from the Play markete, the Sberbank application was removed. Which means that it will not work to restore it after reset.

How to use?

In order to use the service, you do not need to install a separate software. You only need Sberban Confishes.

  • Open the application and go to the “wallet” section, where all cards are stored;
  • Select the necessary and open the “settings” (a gear icon);
  • Tap on the section “Connect sberpay”;
  • Confirm, by pressing the “connect” again;
  • If you add plastic for the first time, the service will offer to create an icon on the desktop for quick starting. Agree, this will greatly simplify the use of a payment system.

But in principle, you can already proceed to payment. There are two options (though not the most convenient for the user):

  • If you display a separate icon on the screen, start software and bring it to the reader. Confirm the payment by unlocking the phone screen in the method installed on the smartphone;
  • If the Sberpay icon is gone, where the label, you do not know. Or they did not create a separate icon, then open Sberban Confisle and bring the smartphone to the terminal. Unlock the mobile device installed in the way, and check the data on payment. If everything is correct, again bring the smartphone to the reader.

The explicit minus of the system is limited use. You can install the service only on Android and only with the observation of the world of the world. Neither visa nor mastercard will work.

And you have encountered a problem with the application icon? And how do you like the payment service itself? Comfortable or not very? Share your thoughts in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев!

Virtual private network (VPN) for Android phone

What is VPN and why it is needed on the Android phone, it is already clear. this is a technology that provides anonymity and security. Two methods of Android settings are available to users. manually or using the application.

On the Internet you can find paid and free virtual networks, and settings for them. The disadvantage of this method-when the 3G/4G/Wi-Fi transition, the connection with the server can temporarily interrupt, this problem can be avoided using the application.

  • Press the “connect” button and confirm the action. The icon in the form of a key in the upper part of the screen sits about the establishment of a secure connection.

If necessary, it can be turned on and off in the application.

Also, users are available to Opera browser with a pre.installed VPN function, which is turned on in the settings. Firefox and Yandex mobile browsers support the installation of extensions, including with the function of virtual private networks.

To turn on and off the extensions in the browser, the user will need to move to the “Additions Settings” menu and switch the ON/OFF slider as necessary.

Virtual private network (VPN) on the iPhone phone

The answer to the question of what the VPN function is in iPhone (iPhone) and why it is needed does not differ from the answer for Android phones. this is safety and anonymity. You can provide these two advantages with manual settings or by installing the application.

  • Click “Add configuration”. in the window that opens, you can select the type of connection, then you need to fill out the fields (virtual private networks provide customers with this information) and click “Ready”. Now you can not guess what the “VPN” icon on the iPhone means a signal about the installed connection.

Another option is to install an application from the App Store. then the settings will be installed automatically.