How to create a folder on the iPhone desktop

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Computer users are used to using file storage folders. this method allows you to systematize the contents of the hard disk and simplify the search for the desired information. Is it possible to create a folder on the iPhone desktop to make the use of a smartphone more conveniently? Yes, such an opportunity exists, only in the folder on the desktop will not be stored, but the labels with which you launch applications. This simple and convenient way to streamline shortcuts will provide a quick search for the desired application, especially if there are many of them. You can create a separate folder for the applications of social networks, work with photos, videos or documents. applications icons can be collected in a folder according to absolutely any feature.

Before creating an iPhone folder, think about what shortcuts you want to unite. After that, you can safely get down to business:

  • We pinch with your finger you need an application and wait until the icons on the iPhone screen do not start to tremble.
  • We move the necessary shortcuts one on one until all the necessary applications are in one place.
  • Rename the resulting folder if the name does not suit the default.

In this way, an unlimited number of programs can be moved to the created folder. in iOS there are absolutely no restrictions on its contents.

We learned how to create a folder on the iPhone desktop, but how to do if it is not necessary and it needs to be removed? It’s still easier here. we drag the programs back to the desktop from the folder of the program of the programs and when the last shortcut is extracted, the folder will disappear itself.

By the way, by installing applications on your smartphone, it will not hurt to find out how much memory you have. How to see how much space on the iPhone is not at all difficult at all, the main thing is to do it on time so that the lack of free memory does not take you by surprise.

Creating a folder on the main screen

The first thing to is to do, to think about which applications should be combined. We offer several ideas on how to conduct a group:

  • Navigation programs: “Yandex.Maps “, Google.Maps, 2GIS, “navigators”.
  • For social networks:. Odnoklassniki,
  • Messengers: Viber, WhatsApp, Telegram.
  • Games.

However, this is an approximate classification and grouping icons. It all depends on the imagination of the user. Now let’s look at step by step how the process of creating a new folder occurs:

  • We switch the iPhone to the main screen, for which we press the “home” key in the front panel of the device.
  • We choose one of those icons planned for placement in a single directory, and hold a finger on it, until crosses appear in the upper right corner, and the icons themselves will not begin to tremble.
  • Now just drag the desired icon to the one that needs to be grouped. At the same time, use the following capabilities provided by the system: if the second desired icon for combining is on another screen of the device, drag the first to its left or right edge, the system itself will change the desktop. OS independently assigns names on the basis of the type of applications grouped by the user. True, IOS does not always work out correctly.
  • It remains to come up with the directory name. To clean the standard name, press the cross near it. After that, enter your name.
  • If you need to additionally add to the program folder, and in iOS 11 you can “pusage” up to 130 pieces, just drag the icons to the new directory. Please note that it is impossible to create the structures “folder in the folder”.
  • To confirm the changes, shortly press the “home” button at the bottom of the screen.

How to remove the application from the folder

The system allows you to edit the contents of the directory after its creation. To do this, go to the required folder and hold the touch in the application to take it outside the directory. We will wait until crosses appear on the icons, and they characteristically tremble. After that, without tearing your finger from the icon, just pull it out of the folder.

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The program is automatically dragged to the desktop where the directory is located. Please note if you transfer all the contents to the working screens, the recently created folder will be removed.

How to rename the folder

After creating several catalogs on one screen, confusion occurs. Therefore, many seek to give suitable names. You can set any name at the stage of creation. The process of changing the name:

You can change the name in only a few clicks. Editing is carried out similarly through iTunes.

The developers do not limit the use of characters, but at the same time you need to invest in a certain length. Therefore, you need to come up with capacious, but short names.

How to create a folder in a folder

The new catalog on the desktop is created automatically. Many iPhone owners are accustomed to several levels of investment, for example, as on a computer. Unfortunately, the developers of the iOS operating system did not provide for this possibility. But some versions of the OS have bugs that allow such an operation. You need to try to carry out the following procedure:

This is not possible on all versions of the operating system.

In the latest IOS versions, such bugs were resolved. Therefore, creating a folder in the folder will not work. The official store has a large number of applications that act as a file manager. This simplifies the search for the desired software and media.

Step 1: Moving Files from Google Drive to Your Computer

Adding icons to the screen “Home

To create your own folder, first you need to add all the icons of the desired applications to the “home” screen.

Spend on the right on the right on the screen “Home”

In the search bar, write the name of the applications

Press and hold the application icon, transfer it from the list, now you will automatically get to the “home” screen

Creating a folder

Once you add all the icons, you can proceed to the next stage.

Press and hold any icon, select ‘Edit Home Screen’

Now transfer all the remaining applications to each other

iOS will automatically create a folder, click on it

Now you can set the desired name for your folder

How to create folders for iPhone programs

IOS mobile operating system from version 4.0 has the ability to create folders for applications. Would you like to combine programs into one directory according to their type or simply want to remove some rarely used icons from the eyes of it-there is nothing easier!

Many will not remember, but in the ancient times on the iPhone under the control, for example, iOS could be installed no more than 180 applications. The figure is large, but there were such enthusiasts with whom it seemed extremely frivolous. Well, the inability to create folders with these very applications complemented users dissatisfaction. Fortunately, with the advent of iOS 4.0 Any application became possible to place in a cozy daddy, and rename the directory itself into two clicks.

How to create folders for programs on iPhone and iPad

Press and hold the icon of any application until the main screen is transferred to the deletion and movement of applications.

Drag the desired icon on top of another. Such a movement will create a folder in which these two applications will be located.

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Continue to drag the necessary application icons into the already created folder.

Rename the directory at your discretion and click the home button to complete the operation.

This method works on all Apple mobile devices: iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with the installed iOS version 4.0 or higher. It is unlikely that now there are users who use earlier versions, but just in case, they warned.

You can delete programs from folders exactly in the same way: keep the directory icon a few seconds before the start of shaking, open the folder and drag unnecessary applications the desktop.

And a little more about the names. By default, the folders automatically receive names depending on the categories of applications placed in them. This can cause some inconsistency, as, for example, in the case of a screenshot, therefore it is recommended to indicate its own names. This advice will especially help those who use a large number of applications on their iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.

How to create a folder and group applications on the iPhone

Creating folders on your iPhone. A stunning way to reduce the mess on your home screen. Application grouping together also simplifies the use of your phone. If all your applications are in one place, you do not have to look for hunting through folders or look for a pictogram of your phone when you want to use it.

folder, iphone, desktop, remove

How to create folders is not immediately obvious, but as soon as you learn to do it, you will understand that it is very simple. Follow the following steps to create folders on your iPhone.

Creation of folders and a grouping of applications on the iPhone

To create a folder, you will need at least two applications for placement in the folder. Find out what two you want to unite.

Press slightly and hold one of the applications until all applications on the screen begin to tremble (this is the same process that you use to move applications).

Drag one of the applications on top of the other. When the first application will block the second, take your finger from the screen. This step will create a folder.

What you will see further depends on which version of iOS you use. In iOS 7 and above, the folder and its proposed name occupy the entire screen. In iOS 4-6 you will see two applications and a name for a folder in a small strip on the screen.

You can edit the name of the folder by clicking on the name and using the screen keyboard.

If you want to add more applications to the folder, click on another application to drag it into the already created folder. Then drag the applications into the new folder or the same folder of the previously created.

When you added all the necessary applications and edited her name, press the “home” button at the bottom of the iPhone, and your changes will be saved (as with the re.laying of the icons).

To change the contents of the existing folder, press and hold the folder until it starts to move.

Tap her a second time, and the folder will open, and its contents will fill the screen.

Change the name of the folder by clicking on the text.

Add applications by dragging them.

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Click the “Home” button to save changes.

What name will automatically be assigned to the folder

When you first create a folder, the iPhone appropriate her name. This name is selected depending on the category to which applications in the folder. If, for example, applications are loaded from the category of games in the App Store, the proposed folder name. Games. You can use the proposed name or add your own using the instructions at step 5 higher.

Four applications in the lower part of the iPhone live in the so.called dock. If you want, you can add folders to the dock station. For this:

Move one of the applications currently in the dock, dragging it into the main area of ​​the main screen.

Drag the folder to an empty place.

Click the “Home” button to save changes.

Creation of folders on the iPhone 6s, 7, 8 and X

Creating folders on the iPhone 6s and 7 series, as well as the iPhone 8 and iPhone x is a little more complicated. This is because the 3D Touch screen on these devices reacts differently to different presses on the screen. If you have one of these phones, do not press too much at a step 2 higher or it will not work. Easy enough pressing and holding.

If you want to remove the application from the folder on the iPhone or iPod Touch, follow the following actions:

Press and hold the folder from which you want to delete the application.

When applications and folders begin to move, remove your finger from the screen.

Click on the folder from which you want to delete the application.

Drag the application from the folder, to the empty area of ​​the desktop.

Click the “Home” button to maintain a new location.

Removing the folder similarly to removing the application.

Just drag all applications from the folder and to the desktop.

When you do this, the folder will disappear.

Click the “home” button to save the changes, and everything is ready.

We make a folder on the iPhone

When creating the folder, the name will be given automatically, depending on which applications are stored inside. If you are going to change the name, just go to the directory, and then click in the name. The keyboard will open, with which it will be possible to specify any suitable name.

You can remove the application from there. To do this, click on the icon before swaying, and then drag it to the desktop. You can remove the folder, this is done in several movements, just remove all applications from it. When you remove the latter, it will not become. If you have a lot of folders, it is possible to remove all applications from them at once, for this you should visit the Settlement section. There are looking for the “Reset” menu, and in it the column, which is responsible for the grounding of settings for placing the desktop. All catalogs will be deleted, those programs that were in them will be transferred to the desktop, and then will be located in alphabetical order.

We create a folder using iTunes

There is another interesting way to create folders. Connect the iPhone to the computer, select the device on the iTunes panel. Now we click on the “Appendix” tab, where a copy of the smartphone screen is displayed. You can drag and move the programs in the same method as you did on the phone, but now with the help of the mouse. And there is also a search function, from the search results of which you can transfer the applications immediately to a certain place.

Such storage facilities for applications have a certain limit. more than 20 icons cannot be moved there. Now you know how to make folders in iOS, edit their content, rename and perform other actions. Their creation is an excellent method of streamlining information that is contained on the desktop of your device. We hope that our instruction helped you.

How to create a folder on the desktop iPhone eight X XS and XS Max and move applications to it

In order to create a folder on the desktop of the iPhone 8 X XS and XS MAX screen and transfer applications to perform the following procedure:

  • Go to the main screen. To do this, click the “Home” button located under the screen.
  • Press and hold the application icon that must be sent to the folder. Hold the icon until all the icons on the screen begin to tremble.
  • Drag the icon and place it over the icon of another application. Such an application should be an application, the icon of which you want to send to the same folder.
  • Drag the icon to the edge of the screen to go to another screen.
  • If you send the icon of similar applications (for example, the “Reminder” and “Calendar” applications) in one folder, you will streamline applications on the main screen of the iPhone.
  • Add the application to the folder. Click ⓧ on the right side of the text field above the folder to clean it, and then enter the name of the folder.
  • iPhone will offer the name of the folder based on its contents (for example, “navigation” or “game”); If you want, don’t change this name.
  • Add more applications to the folder.To do this, just drag the application icons into the folder.
  • The number of applications that can be stored in one folder depends on the IOS version. In iOS 10, you can store up to 135 applications in the folder.
  • You can not move one folder to another folder.
  • Click the “Home” button. Applications icons will stop trembling, and folders will be displayed on the main screen.

How to create a folder on the desktop iPhone

There is another way that allows you to create catalogs on the iPhone. True, it is a little more complicated and requires the use of PC or laptop.

  • We connect the iPhone to a computer using a cable.
  • Launch iTunes.
  • We go to the device control menu. To do this, click on an icon with an image with a smartphone (on the left side).
  • Further, in the section “Settings” (again on the left), click on the program item.
  • In the “Home Screens” block through a double click, we indicate the page on which we plan to place a new folder.
  • Using a touchpad or mouse (depending on the device), take one of the icons of a of any application and drag it to another.
  • After these simple manipulations, the catalog will be created. We bring the cursor to an empty place and make a click. Thus, you will go out of the editing mode of home screens.
  • At the end, click on the “synchronize” button.

For reference! You can remove the folder through iTunes in the same way as on the gadget. That is, just through the removal of all icons from it.


We create a folder in the iPhone itself

1 hold the icon that you want to move to the folder until it starts to shake.

2 Wipe it over another icon (they will be in one folder), then let go of the finger.

3 created folder should appear on the desktop.

Rename the folder

1 Open the created folder and hold the finger on the name (or any icon in the folder).

2 should appear a “cross” near the name. Click on it, and rename the folder.

3 We go to the desktop, and we see that the folder is already with a different name.

Create a folder on iPhone through iTunes

1 We connect the phone to iTunes and go to the “Program” item.

2 select the screen with the desired icon and click the mouse 2 times for activation.

3 with the mouse we combine the icons to create a folder.

4 in the open folder we change the name, clicking by name.