Installing and connecting Metamask to the Binance Smart Chain network and manual adding tokens

Dear user! To get the Marsdao token on the exchange, you need to register and attach Metamask wallet to your personal account and connect Metamask to the Binance Smart Chain network. If you already have a Metamask wallet, but you do not know how to connect the Binance Smart Chain network to it, go to paragraph 12.

1 to download Metamask go to the official website https: // Metamask.Io and click “Download Now”. Be vigilant and download Metamask only through the site provided above. All other (non.official) sites can be related to fraud and can cause personal data theft and loss of funds.

2 Metamask connects to a browser as an extension. Therefore, after pressing the “Download Now” button, the menu will open in which you can choose which browser to attach the wallet to. As an example, we install Metamask for the Chrome browser. Choose a browser and click on the “Install Metamask for Chrome” button:

3 Further in the browser a new page will open and you will be transferred to the Chrome online store. You must click on the “Install” button:

4 Confirm the installation of the wallet by clicking on the “install expansion”:

5 After the successful installation, the next window will open, in which you need to click on the “Start work” button:

6 In the next window, click on “Create a wallet”:

7 next step. agree with the conditions of use:

8 further create a reliable password and confirm it:

9 attention! The most crucial moment of creating the wallet has come, please take it carefully to it! Prepare a sheet of paper and a handle or any other way to preserve the SEED-FRASE to you. Click on “open secret words”, copy the phrase and store it carefully. do not lose, since you can restore access to Metamask wallet only with its help! No service has the right to request this phrase from you, it is needed only to restore access to the account.

10 You will be invited to confirm the secret backup phrase. This is the final step in creating the Metamask wallet:

11 Congratulations! You registered Metamask wallet!

12 default Metamask wallet is connected to the Ethereum network. In order to display Marsdao you will need a Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network. It is added to Metamask very easy. To connect BSC, click on a round element in the upper right corner:

13 The menu will open, it is necessary to select the “Settings” section in it:

14 in the left menu find the “Network” item and click on it:

15 is excellent! Now click on the “Add network” button:

16 Enter all the necessary information in accordance with our instructions in the opened window and click the “Save” button. Please note that extra gaps can cause an error while maintaining:

17 After you save the new network, you must return to the main menu. Metamask will be automatically connected to Binance Smart Chain. The display of the main asset from ETH on BNB will also change. this means that your wallet is ready for further steps.

18 Further it is necessary to add the Mars token to the list of displayed tokens in the Metamask wallet. To do this, make sure you are on the Binance Smart Chain network and click on the “Add Token” button:

19 In the window that opens, select the “User token” section:

20 To fill out the line “Token Address Address” you should enter the Marsdao SMART contract address. Please note that any user can create a token with an identical name, but it is the specific address of the Marsdao Smart contract, which belongs to the Marsdao Defi platform will be the only true. Any transactions with crypto assets are associated with high risk, which is liable for only by the user who performs operations with them. Use the address of the Marsdao Smart contract only from official instructions!

SMART control address Marsdao:


21 copied address insert into the line “Token Address” in your Metamask wallet (the data of the rest of the lines will be pulled automatically) and click “Next”. The screenshot below indicates the incomplete address of the Marsdao Smart contract token. When inserting the address of the Smart contract, you see an incomplete display, but if you get the address, you will make sure that you put the address correctly:

22 Next, click on the “Add tokens” button:

23 is ready! The token is attached! Now in your Metamask wallet, Marsdao is displayed on the Binance Smart Chain (BEP-20) network.

24 After receiving the Marsdao on the exchange, you will see the number of your Marsdao tokens in Metamask wallet, which will be available to send a personal account on the Marsdao platform.

BSC in Metamask: connecting a network and buying tokens

We already know how to create and replenish the Metamask wallet tokens on the ERC20 network. However, due to the high cost of this network, not everyone can afford to carry out transactions of this kind. Since metamask is a universal tool, for convenience you can add and use other networks. In this material, we will analyze how to connect, configure and work with the Binance Smart Chain network in this wallet.

Add BSC to Metamask you can:

  • Manually (occupies from 10 to 60 seconds)
  • Automatically (it is recommended to use only if it is necessary to add a large number of networks)

We will only consider the first option, since it is safe, because it is not provided to access.

Adding BSC to Metamask manually by steps:

Open the extension or application metamask, then click on the Etherreum Mainnet network unit and select “Add the Network”

A page with empty fields will appear, they need to be filled on the model below:

  • Network name: Binance Smart Chain
  • New URL address RPC: https: // BSC-Dataseed.Binance.Org
  • ID chains: 56
  • Currency Symbol: BNB
  • URL-address of the conductor of blocks (optional): https: //

Upon entry of all information, you need to save data, mainly Metamask will change 2 things: the unit of measurement with ETH change to BNB, and the network will automatically switch to BSC.

Since the network has been added, then within the framework of it you can try to translate coins.

How to transfer tokens to metamask to BSC?

As we wrote earlier, the BNB token will appear automatically, but how to add other tokens? It is necessary to go to the block observer. BSCSCAN.COM, you should find the desired coin, and then copy CONTRACT.

Suppose we want to add a Flow coin on the Binance network. To do this, go to the BSCSCAN, we drive Flow in the search line of the site. We see that a wrapped Flow is available if you are satisfied that the token will not be stored on its main network (at the moment the Flow network is not available in metamask), then it is necessary to copy the address of the contract.

As soon as the address of the contract was successfully found, you need to open Metamask, the network should be BSC, then go down to the very bottom and press the “import of tokens”. Then enter the address of the token contract (which was copied earlier), the rest of the data will appear automatically, click on “add user token”, and then import it. That’s all. The coin will be displayed in the wallet. Since we already had Flow coins, they just began to display in the wallet, so they can be hidden, and then returned again.

We have learned to add tokens within the framework of this network, now we need to proceed to replenish.

How is BSC balance replenishment in Metamask?

For example, we will replenish in BNB. This is a Native BSC token, respectively, it will be useful to us when withdrawing funds.

BNB tokens in metamask can appear in 2 ways:

With the first option, everything is extremely simple, since the whole process takes place on the platform of the wallet itself, so we will consider in more detail the process of translation from another crypto account.

You can replenish the BNB wallet with BNB tokens using the most correct and easiest method. Binance translation from the Exchange.

Since our BNB tokens were not stored on our Binance account, we purchased them for USDT. If you have a similar situation, you can follow the above example:

  • The next step will be to fill out the data on the conclusion, where it is necessary to indicate the address of the Metamask wallet, the network-BSC (BEP-20), the number of coins for translation and click on the “conclusion”.
  • Further, their intentions for the withdrawal of funds will need to be confirmed by verification codes, after which the application will go to process.

As you can see, the process is extremely simple and does not take a lot of time, the main thing is to get used to the algorithm, and then everything will go along the rolled.

Adding NFT to the expansion of metamask in a browser

Although you cannot view the object of digital art in expanding the browser, since there is no user intese, you can still add it as a regular token.

Connect Metamask in the browser, select Ethereum. Unlike a mobile wallet, there is no NFTS tab, only Assets (assets) and Activity (activity).

Select Assets and click Import tokens in the bottom of the screen.

Then switch to the Custom Token option (user token).

Connect to the Opensea website.IO, click on the necessary NFT and find the Details option (details).

Follow the link next to the Contract Address parameter to Etherscan observer. Here, copy the NFT SMART control address-it will be in the upper part of the Contract page.

Insert the copied address in the text field in the Token Contract Address metamask. In Token Symbol, a token symbol will automatically appear (if the address is specified correctly).

In the Token Decimal field, indicate 0 (zero), since NFT does not break into fractions.

Then press the blue button Add Custom token. You will see your object in a metamask. If everything works out, click Import tokens.

How to add to the NFT wallet on the BSC blockchain

The Opensea website currently supports only two blockchains: Ethereum and Polygon. What to do with NFT created on BSC (Binance Smart Chain)?

To do this, we will use the BSCSCAN observer.

Copy the address of your Metamask wallet, go to the BSCSCAN and insert the address in the search line:

Now click on the Token tab. In the drop.down list, go down. you will see all your NFT on the BSC blockchain.

Go to any of them, copy the SMART contact address (right Contract).

In Metamask, switch to the Smart Chain network, click Import tokens in the bottom of the screen.

Go to the Custom Token tab (user token) and insert a copied address in the first Token Contract Address Field.

In the Token Decimal field, indicate 0 (zero), since NFT does not break into fractions.

Now press the blue button Add Custom token, then Import tokens.

How to add and transfer USDT to a metamascus wallet?

There is a lot of information on the Internet about how the USDT is translated into Ethereum, and is practically absent about how to translate token in other networks. After all, not everyone can afford to carry out transfers to Ethereum due to high cost, while others simply make diversification on networks.

Before replenishing metamask by USDT coins, you need to decide on the network. You can see in which networks the translation and storage of a certain coin is possible on the Coinmarketcap

  • You need to go to this site, on the right in the search bar Find the Stablecoin USDT.
  • Having clicking on it, a page will open with all the data of the coin desired. We need to find the section “Contracts”, it is below the name.
  • By clicking on the “” “button (more), you can familiarize yourself with the full list of networks. Opposite some addresses will be the Metamask logo (fox head). This means that these networks are supported by a hot wallet and they can be added to work.

From this list, you should choose a network more suitable for you: Ethereum, Heco, BNB Smart Chain, XDAI or Polygon. An example is the Binance Smart Chain.

Replenishment of Metamask USDT tokens on the BSC (BEP20) network

Initially, you need to connect the selected network to metamask. If you have a network required when translating the coins, the next step can be missed. As we wrote earlier, for example, we will add a BSC network, how to add other networks can be read here.

The process of adding a new network to metamask by steps:

New URL address-https: // BSC-Dataseed2.Defibit.Io/

URLs of the conductor of blocks-leave empty

The subsequent action will be authorization on that exchange or in the wallet from where you will send coins. We have it. Binance. Exchanges can be different, the main thing is to understand the essence of the process itself.

  • In the window that opens, it is necessary to apply for the withdrawal of funds: insert the account address in Metamask (how to make it shown in the image below), select the network (we have BSC), write down the amount for the transfer, taking into account the commission and click on the “conclusion”.

note! The amount of commissions varies and depends directly on the selected network.

After the successful completion of the withdrawal, returning to the Metamask wallet, we can find that there are no sent coins on the account. In fact, they must be “imported” or added by using special programs.

For example, on the CoinmarketCap website, tokens can be imported into 1 click.

  • For this case, on the informative page Tether, you need to find the section “Contracts”.
  • From the proposed list of networks, select the right one and on the contrary press the metamask logo.
  • On the right, the extension will open and ask for add token with an already replenished balance.

By confirming the actions by pressing the “Add Token” button, in the list of “Assets” you can see the Baninas sent from Binance 9.71 USDT.

Как добавить в Metamask сеть Binance Smart Chain Bep 20

If you do not want the site of the coinmarket to connect to your wallet, you can add tokens manually:

Manual adding a network to Metamask

Perhaps this method is not the most convenient, but for its implementation it does not have to look for special sites with buttons for connecting networks. It will be enough only to find out the address of the same blockchain that you want to connect to your wallet. I will provide information about the most popular, and now let’s deal with the basic principle of action.

Find the extension with your wallet in the browser and click on its icon to call the control menu.

Press the arrow from above near the name of the current connected network.

In the menu that appears, click on the “Add network” button.

You will be redirected to a separate page with different fields, the filling of which is required to connect a particular network.

Now you have to find out data for connection. You can just use the search engine to find the documentation of a particular blockchain and get the required information. You can also just copy the lines from the list below (under this instructions) by selecting the required blockchain.

Fill the desired fields, make sure of their correctness and press the “Save” button.

You will be notified that the selected network has been successfully added. Switching to it will automatically occur.

If someone has already sent tokens on this network to your wallet (its address for all blockchains will be the same), the number of coins should be automatically displayed.

For your convenience, I provide a list with points for filling out, which must be indicated when connecting the selected blockchains. Find the name of the required on this list and just copy the data in turn (their sequence is exactly the same as on the tab in the metamaic settings).

Binance Smart Chain or BSC:

There are many other blockchains, but they are less popular. If you have not found a suitable network on the list, find its documentation on the Internet. It exists in 100% of cases, as well as developers always provide data for connecting to Metamask in the same format in which all networks were presented above.

Block observers

Almost every blockchain has its own website that acts as a block of blocks. Through it you can track the statuses of transactions and the state of all existing wallets at their addresses. Many of these sites show a button for connecting the network used to your Metamask wallet. Accordingly, it can be used to complete the task.

To search for the required block observer, you can contact the list from the previous list. The last point is precisely the site that plays this role. You can follow this link to find yourself on its main page. On the upper or lower panel you will find the “Add Network” button with the metamask icon nearby. Accordingly, it needs to be pressed to go to add the network.

smart, chain, network

After clicking on the screen, a pop.up window will appear with a resolution on adding a network. In this case, click on “approve”.

It will be immediately proposed to switch to a new network, but take into account that the expectant confirmation will be canceled. Make sure that you have completed the processing of all transactions in the current network.

Next, click “change the network” to switch.

Now you can open the control window with your wallet and make sure that the connection of the new network has passed successfully.

Although the screenshots above the landfill are shown, the principle of actions for other networks will be exactly the same. Therefore, just select the required site, find a button, press it and follow the instructions.

How to add nets to Metamask wallet?

After creating the Metamask wallet, you should think about adding new networks, since the Ethereum Mainnet network charges too high the commission, and for those who are not a large budget. This is not suitable, and in general, the token may simply not support the Ethereum network. At the same time, it is worth considering the fact that this wallet does not support all available networks.

Metamask does not work with all networks, for example, it will not be possible to meet in the wallet: Tron, Solana, Terra, Flow, Algorand, Internet Computer and some others.

The networks that can be connected to the metamask and the data that is appropriate is indicated in the table:


You can add a new network in two ways:

Method 1️⃣ Automatic adding a network to Metamask

There are various sites to automatically add networks to Metamask, they help users connect to networks quickly and without filling out any data. One of them is the Chainlist project, so we will show a phased connection of additional networks by its example.

  • First of all, you need to connect the wallet to the site. To do this, go to the Chainlist website.Org, in the upper right corner, press the Connect Wallet block;
smart, chain, network
  • Next, for connection, in the metamaisk you need to select one or more available accounts (accounts) and confirm. Most will have only 1 account, so you only need to confirm it.
  • Subsequently, you can see a successfully connected Metamask wallet, it is displayed instead of the “Connect your wallet” button.
  • The next step will be the search for the desired network, after which you need to click on the “Add to Metamask”.
  • In the new window, the addition of the selected network should be approved and allow the change of networks inside the wallet. In our case, Ethereum Mainnet on Avalanche C-chain.

Method 2️⃣ Adding a new network to Metamask manually

For manual adding networks, you should adhere to the next algorithm:

The name of the network is how the network will be called in the wallet after adding.

The new RPC URL address is the address of the transaction review in this network.

ID champs-the number of unique blocks containing information about the blockchain.

Currency symbol. a brief designation of the main network token.

All networks, Ethereum Proof-OF-WORK is no exception, are added to the wallet according to the same principle and will differ only in the entered data.

As you can see, everything is extremely simple and does not take a lot of time.

Connect BNB Smart Chain to Metamask

First of all, you need to connect the Binance Smart Chain network to Metamask. Why is it necessary? BINANCE SMART Chain network commission is ten times lower than the Ethereum Commission.

Add the BNB Smart Chain network to Metamask

We go to Metamask, look for a network section and click “Add a network”.

Up to 100 when registering from Binance!

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Add the network

My network has already been added, and you will need to enter data for connection.

Data for the BNB Smart Chain network

  • Network name. BNB Chain
  • New URL RPC-https: //
  • ID chains. 56
  • Currency symbol. BNB
  • URLs of the Block Explorer-https: //

After adding the Binance Smart Chain network to Metamask, you need to copy the network contract for the token that we want to transfer to Metamsk. Also, you will immediately see in which networks you can translate this token.

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Copy the BEP20 contract for Pols token

smart, chain, network

We are looking for Contracts and click we see that the POLS tokene is operating both on the ERC20 network and BEP20. Copy the Binance Smart Chain network contract.

Return to the wallet, click “Import token”. I have already added Pols token, you will not have it when connecting the Binance Smart Chain network.

Import tokens in Metamask

We insert a contract. The symbol of the token and the number of decimal token signs are pulled automatically. Click “Add user token”.

Add user token to Metamask

Please note that when switching the network, the address of the wallet in the metamask does not change. Therefore, the address for transferring tokens to your Metamask wallet will be the same. It will be necessary to monitor the network when translating tokens and make sure that it is connected in a metamaisk.

How to send a Pols and BNB token with Binance to Metamask wallet

We go to a spawn wallet. We buy tokens that need to be sent. In my case, these are Pols tokens. Press the conclusion.

Binance tokens withdrawal

Choose a network. Pay attention to the difference in the commission between the Ether network and the Binance network. If possible, always use the Binance network, it is much cheaper.

Compare the cost of the commission in two networks

Click “confirm”. We are sure that Metamask is accepting the Binance network.

Answer control issues, if necessary.Click “OK” and “Continue”.

Enter the verification code from the phone and email if you have two.factor authentication. I recommend doing this.

Click “Send”. We look at the details of the transaction and click “Complete”.

Below you will see the status and progress of translation.

Transaction status

If you overload the page, you will see changes in real.time translation status.

TXID your translation

You can switch to Transaction ID and see the full information on the transfer to BSC Scan. Make sure it is completed and the translation status is equal to Success.


In BSC Scan, you can see the full information on your transaction. Contract number, execution time, where and from where, the commission and the amount.

How to connect Metamask to Binance Smart Chain

Metamask is an open source Eterum wallet. It allows you to connect to decentralized applications, as well as trade without intermediaries. He has a convenient and understandable intensity, a high level of transparency and security.

It is installed in the form of expansion in the browsers Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Brave. The application is also available for Android and iOS.

The wallet is not a caste. This means that only you have access to a private key and your means.

Detailed instructions for installing Metamask will help you correctly configure and protect it from hacks.

Now you can work with decentralized applications (Dapps) on the Etherum blockchain.

But what to do if you are dealing with the application on Binance Smart Chain (BSC) and you need a wallet that supports the BEP-20 tokens?

You can easily connect your Metamask to the BSC network. To do this, we will perform a number of simple settings.

Connection of Metamask wallet to the Binance Smart Chain network

Click in the upper panel on the avatar, select “Settings” in the drop.down list:

Find the “Network” item, go to the menu. Here, click on the blue button “Add the Network” (it will be below):

On the page you have opened, you need to manually add BSC parameters.

There are two options: test (for testing new functions) and basic (for work). It is recommended to install both.

Below are the parameters that need to be specified for each of them (taken from the Academy

Network name: Smart Chain New RPC URL: https: // 56 Symbol: BNB URL Block-Explorer: https: //

Network name: Smart Chain-Testnet New RPC URL: https: // DATA-SEED-PREBSC-1-S1.Binance.Org: 8545/ID: 97 Symbol: BNB URL block-explorer: https: //

Now in the upper panel near the avatar expand the list of networks. you will see the main and test. And token face value has changed from ETH on BNB.

To check the work of Metamask in BSC and make sure that the settings are made correctly, connect to “Smart Chain. Testnet”.

Copy the address of the wallet into the exchange buffer (bring the mouse on the account 1).

Go to the BSC crane page (https: // and insert a copied address into an empty field of shape:

Click in the drop.down menu “Give Me BNB” and select 1 BNB. After a couple of minutes, the token should appear on your Metamask in the test BSC.

Remember that the network “Smart Chain. Testnet” is designed only for testing transactions. With its help, you can test new functions. All tokens in Testnet are also testing, not with monetary cost.

Do not send real assets (BTC, ETH, BNB, etc. D.) from the main to test. Otherwise they will be lost forever.

Before making transactions, make sure that the address for the translation supports the corresponding network:

Ethereum. ERC20 BSC. BEP20 TRON. TRC20 Matic. Polygon Solana.

That’s all, now you can use the Metamask wallet to work with decentralized applications on the BSC blockchain.

Work with Metamask

After creating an account, you can work with any tokens of the ERC-20 standard and with test networks.

It should be understood that Metamask is prior to a cryptocurrency wallet, therefore, its main functions include replenishment, transfer of funds, exchange of currencies.

Consider the capabilities of Metamask, for this we conditionally divide the wallet into three zones and analyze each of them.

1) In the screenshot you can see “Account1”. This is the name of the account by default, it can be changed by moving into the settings on the right side of the page, clicking on three points and by pressing the “account details”. In the window that appears, in addition to the possibility of changing the name of the account, you can also observe the QR code of your wallet and the code in the alphanumeric format, if necessary, the code can be copied by highlighting the line.

But a more convenient option would be to press the illuminated area (it will appear when you put the name of your account on the main page with the mouse in the area), as shown in the screenshot below.

By clicking the left mouse in this area, the code of your wallet will be automatically copied to the exchange buffer.

Here you can observe more detailed information about all transactions, the condition of your wallet, see the analyst. In the Address line, you can again copy the wallet address or see its QR code.

Mainly Etherscan is used to view the status of specific transactions.

We move to “Connected sites”. By clicking on this button, you will see all the sites to which your wallet is already connected.

At the same time, we will consider the principle of working with all platforms requiring the connection of the wallet to perform any operations. As an example, take DEX aggregator 1inch. Having switched to 1inch website.Exchange in the upper right corner you can see the “Connect Wallet” button.

By pressing the Connect Wallet, a list of wallets for connection will be offered to further work with the site, select Metamask.

Now the wallet will be attached to the site and you can use all the functions of the platform. A similar mechanism applies to all similar sites.

Returning to the page of your wallet and moving to “Connected Sites” you will see a 1inch platform to which you are your wallet. The platform can be deleted at any moment if necessary.

To do this, click on the appropriate icon, confirm the action by pressing on Disconnect.

By default, Metamask is proposed to use the Wyre platform, on which you can purchase ETH tokens using a bank card. You can immediately pay attention to the overstated course (at the time of writing the guide, the course was 1 ETH = 1245) and on the commission equal to 6.82 (6.82%).

Also, when filling out the data of the bank card in the “Payment address” section, there is no option “Federation”, which makes this method of replenishing Metamask not the most suitable and profitable.

A direct replenishment of Ether involves the use of a wallet address on other platforms, exchangers where users will be able to find more suitable conditions for the purchase of Ethereum or other currencies of the network supported by Metamask.

2) the “Send” button allows you to transfer funds.

To transfer funds, it is necessary to indicate the address of the recipient, copying it by handing it manually or scanning the QR code. You also need to indicate the amount of funds and choose the desired transfer speed, for faster transactions you will need to pay a higher commission.

3) The SWAP button allows you to exchange Ethereum network tokens.

than 30 tokens are available by default. To exchange it, it is necessary to specify a token to exchange, token for which an exchange and the amount of exchange are made.

In the lower part of the Metamask account, you can observe the history of all the transactions of the wallet, “Assets” are assets on which operations were performed, “Activity” are actions that were carried out by assets.

Connection Metamask to Binance Smart Chain

Metamask wallet supports more than one network and one of the main events of 2021 was the addition of the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) network, which is now supported by most of the most popular platforms, and the assets of new projects are also regularly released on this network. Among the premises of BSC are a low commission and high transaction speed.

Please note that by default, the BSC network has not been preinstalled by the Metamask. This means that you can lose the funds of the BEP-20 standard when sending them to Metamask if you do not add a network manually.

Go to Metamask settings;

Enter all the BSC networks below and click the “Save” button; Network name: Smart Chain New RPC URL: https: // Network: 56 Symbol: BNB URL Block Explorer: https: //

Ready, you can send the BEP-20 standard to your wallet, which now supports the Binance Smart Chain network. During the use of the BSC network, for the transaction, the commission payment occurs in Binance exchange tokens, which are called BNB.

You can also switch between networks to connect to certain platforms.

Now you know how to use Metamask, one of the most popular browser cryptocurrency wallets.

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